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our coolie society

By now you have certainly read or heard via the national news media that we in North America can no longer expect an ever higher standard of living from one generation to the next. In fact, we are told, many of our Aryan children will have to be content with far less than their parents were able to achieve. They are going to have to be content in the “service” section of the economy.

Remember these points as you read: capital chases cheap labor; capital knows no national boundaries, its sole allegiance is to profit; the flight of capital from a country means the closing of factories, the loss of jobs, and the displacement of the work force into other less skilled jobs; and the profit gleaned from capital goes not to the folk but to the industrialists and bankers who violently oppose the folk concept.

Translated, “reduced expectations” means the internationalists are turning North America into a society of coolie consumers. Unless you are completely isolated you have already felt the press of the engulfing flow of the mud races permitted limitless access into the United States and Canada. You have seen the manufacturing base of the two once-Aryan nations eroded as production is shifted to other countries where cheap labor abounds.

To insure the complete downfall of American industry, President Ronald Reagan has forced a policy of “free trade” which insures domestic industries can not, and shall not, compete with the subsidized foreign producers of steel, automobiles, ships, clothing, electronics, and farm products – and this is only a partial, illustrative list. American workers are displaced from the once mighty industries which set the standards of excellence for the world. American and European factories stand idle as Asian, Israeli, African, and Third World products replace Aryan produced goods.

The reason is simple. It is more profitable for the international corporations to produce in other lands. Therefore, a coolie class is being introduced into North America to bring the living standards of the continent down to a lower level. In the short run this will, of course, bring financial gain to the corporations. The American treasury has already been bled dry to support these global schemes perpetrated by international business and finance. But, soon, as the creative genius of the Aryan mind is more and more displaced from the marketplace, the rot will commence.

There is nothing of any major value in the world which is not the product of the Aryan mind. The reason there is not, and never has been, a Jew, a black, an American Indian, or any other civilization of lasting value, is that these people do not have the creative genius of the Aryan. The Aryan has created the world as we see it today and has shared the bounties of his creativity. Now there are others who seek to control the output of that civilization and change it.

Soon, unless the process is stopped, the world economy and the world production of all goods and services will grind to a halt. It will be a global Cuba. Once cut off from the United States base of supplies and new equipment, Cuba deteriorated, Cuban economy has virtually ground to a halt and is supported only by the largess of the misdirected Aryans who work under the Communist collective of the Soviet Union. As Aryan influence fades, so too will the world standard of living.

Protectionism for North American industries does not mean a lessening of world trade. It means the jobs of Aryan workers will be protected from imports created by manipulation of the world economy. It means the Aryan workers of North America will be free to further develop and advance their skills for the benefit of all mankind. It will be a re-establishment of the natural order in that those best qualified for a given task will be the ones to perform that task.

What is at work is an attempt to overthrow and set aside the laws of natural selection. We Aryans must train and direct our youth into the world of tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a world of diminishing natural resources. It will be a world requiring a superior intellect to adjust the mode of living to fit the resources available. It will be a world dominated by the “Superman” of Nietzsche’s vision. It will be a world led and directed by the finest genetic material available within our Aryan gene pool. It is our duty to prevent the deterioration of the Aryan stock by this dilution of our natural potential through down-breeding with other races and the control of our resources by non-Aryans. The Jew-led cult of equality and democracy must be exposed as the sham which it is. The Aryan workers are the finest in the world, they have no reason to be content in a coolie role and we have only ourselves to blame if that is our fate.

Remember that crackpot Adolf Hitler? The fellow with the funny little moustache who insisted the German people be allowed to control their own lives and resources, free of Jew manipulators? Well, we all know what happened to him and his evil followers! The yoke of the Jew is so firmly about the neck of the Federal Republic of Germany it is doubtful whether the remaining Aryans in that once proud land can ever throw it off. Their sad fate after the military defeat of National Socialism will soon be ours – only more so. For, once the Aryan might of North America has been squelched, after the productive gene pool has been desecrated by the mud races, the civilized world will enter into a darkness from which it may not emerge.

It needn’t happen, but then, only Aryans can prevent it. Each Aryan must stop the process. Our destruction is only inevitable if we permit it. After all, Hitler’s only “crime” was his attempt to save the Aryan people from the cesspool of miscegenation – we are past the brink, we have at least one foot already immersed. Aryans must again control Aryan destiny. Time has nearly run out. We must raise again the fallen banner of National Socialism and live again the precepts of its leader.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, November 1986

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