Verbal Ammunition for White Nationalists


The Anti-Jew Spew Antidote
to the Communist Planet of the Apes


Katrina Vanderpool

This paper is dedicated to the task of dismantling some of the most widely used Jewish establishment arguments against White racialists. The technique involved here is actually more important than the content of the arguments presented. Since the public possesses such a short attention span, we will jolt them with NS sound bites. Specific examples will be given to demonstrate this two-step verbal blitzkrieg.

It should be clearly evident to all White nationalists that there is a string of cliché labels used against us by the Jewish press and their collaborators. These word weapons have been far too effective in paralyzing racialists and frightening away our sympathizers. Our task is to very quickly neutralize these emotionally charged terms and have them boomerang back on the opposition. We must never allow ourselves to be left on the defensive.

The Jewish media has trained the sheep-like public to respond to words such as “racism” or “discrimination” in a predetermined way. This conditioned response was created in much the same way that Pavlov trained his dog. However, this conditioned response can be weakened or even broken by refusing to play by their rules.

Remember that the Jews expect everyone to play within their carefully controlled parameters such as the phony Democratic party vs. the GOP political spectrum. So the first task is to blow down their borders and gore their sacred cow immediately. Do this quickly and then move on to where you want to position yourself before you launch your offensive.

The second step is, take control of the argument and to aggressively attack their ideas. Quickly put them on the defensive. The key to success is for the nationalist to take the offensive against our enemies and to drive them off the field. Use facts, observable truths, and connect the dots for people so that they may see the Jewish pattern of control.

Submitted for your approval are most of the shopworn labels that are used against us by the media. Brain-dead TV tabloid audiences are especially fond of regurgitating them. The most commonly used cliché terms are: racist, hate group, anti-Semitic, Fascist or Nazi, ignorance, equality of man, White supremacist, etc. I intend to show how to take these terms and ram them down the Jewish attack dog’s throat.

1. Racism: How many times have you witnessed a thoughtful objective White person squirm uncomfortably when denounced as a “racist?” The accuser assumes this pious mantle of righteousness, while denouncing the evils of racism. Serious objective discussion is often terminated at this point. The accused White person will then unconvincingly spend most of his or her time trying to evade this onerous label, instead of delving into the serious issues at hand. The accuser will appear to stand triumphantly on the alleged high moral ground. This scenario is played out daily with always the same outcome. The reason being that the unsuspecting White did not contest the basic rules of morality imposed on him. The premise that racism is bad went unchallenged.

Now lets replay this scenario using our rules. The first thing to do is knock the opponent off their high moral pedestal. This will invariably disorient your foe. They are often left stammering and confused since you have deviated from their script. In other words, you have pulled the rug out from under them. The second step involves dragging your hapless foe through the mud.

Here is my response to being labeled a racist. Racism and xenophobia are nothing more than survival tools of a species. Every healthy species or subspecies must protect its gene pool at all cost. Preventing me and my race from expressing healthy racist tendencies is tantamount to advocating genocide against my people.

Notice that not only did I quickly demonstrate that racism is good, but that I have also soiled my accuser with the charge of genocide! This is the two-step Jew Spew Antidote Program in a nutshell. After this is delivered, you are free to pursue many of your own related NS arguments against race mixing (i.e., the L.A. nightmare or Brazil’s out of control mulatto street population etc.).

2. Hate Group: Did you ever notice that all White nationalist groups are always labeled as “hate groups” by the media? Of course the Jewish created ANC [African National Congress] is never designated as a hate group. The ANC has viciously murdered more victims than all the White nationalist groups combined, we all know about this double standard.

This is probably one of the most subjective labels used by the Jews. The accuser obviously hates you but somehow thinks the label doesn’t apply to himself. The bottom line is that there is no objective definition of what a hate group even is.

When accused of being in a “hate group” or of being a “hater,” I would reply as follows. You are right, I am in a group that hates the moral hypocrisy that you subscribe to. We hate your system’s crime, degeneracy, industrial and chemical pollution, and your usury banking system. What of it? Your group hates responsibility, expressions of love for the White race, beauty, intelligence, and of course Natural Law. The real question is, are you in a White racialist hate group or a Jew spew collaborator hate group?

This is a case of playing off the label and making sure that it sticks to the Jews as much as it does to us. The key is to not even attempt to deny it. Simply show that the label itself is beyond useless and completely absurd.

3. Anti-Semitism: Most nationalist and populist oriented people will own up to being anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic. I propose yet another twist to this major fear inducing label.

Are you anti-Semitic? No, I have nothing against Arabs per se. However, I am anti-Jewish as are most Arabs. I simply recognize that Judaism is a destructive force used against all productive, healthy nations. By the way, Jews are obviously anti-Aryan yet they are never labeled as such.

This method shows that this label is imprecise and that other Semites feel as strongly as we do about the Jews. This also shows the notorious double standard which operates in favor of the Jews.

4. Fascist or Nazi: These terms are supposed to be used as pejoratives. However, I enthusiastically embrace both words when applied to myself. This is of course not what the opposition is expecting.

I am a Fascist, or more precisely, a National Socialist. National Socialists believe in loyalty based on the genetic bonds of race, not loyalty to the dollar that Jewish capitalism advocates. We recognize the fact that you can only have a better society by populating it with better people. This is in direct contrast to the lowest common denominator type people that democracy forever subsidizes.

This statement illustrates the pride and courage that we feel toward our cause. Never compromise our NS principles or try to hide them. Always force the opposition to confront reality. The above gambit can easily lead to a major airing of democracy’s dirty laundry.

5. Ignorance: This is the label that is not used as frequently as it once was. However, it is occasionally brought up by moronic blacks, so let’s deal with it.

The argument starts out by some claim that racism is caused by ignorance. My reply would be that ignorance is essentially caused by a lack of knowledge. Since I can easily cite both scientific facts and quote many authoritative sources, I would like you to do the same. For instance, what study have you seen that contradicts Dr. Vint’s Black vs. White brain morphology study, or Dr. Shockley’s findings on intelligence differences between Blacks and Whites? This will probably silence your foe immediately. However, if he is dull-witted enough to continue, then unbridled sarcasm can be used to finish him off. For instance, persist in making him divulge his sources. Ask him what is his primary source of information, TV sitcoms or MTV videos?

The ignorance label can quickly be used to boomerang back on your foe as shown above. If your foe is ill-informed he will be made to look stupid as well as ignorant. At any rate, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the ignorant label does not apply to you.

6. Equality: We hear that “we are all equal” ad nauseam, especially from brainwashed Whites. Jew spew religions of course really promulgate this idea. In fact, the doctrine of equality is a very powerful superstition in our society. However, I will simply use reality to evaporate this mirage.

The statement “We are all equal” means that each of us is completely interchangeable with one another. There would be no such thing as talent or differences in intelligence. This, of course, flies in the face of all observable fact. Since this position is untenable, they will then assert that “all races are equal.” My reply is that we were all given dirt, rocks, and trees. Now what did each race do with its set of dirt, rocks, and trees? The Negroes never came up with a written language, the wheel, or anything resembling a true civilization. If natural resources are key factors in human development, then why isn’t resource-rich Angola giving foreign aid to resource-poor Iceland?

I am constantly amazed how this equality argument goes unchallenged. In many ways it is the easiest to debunk. It should not only be disproved by a cogent argument but should actually be heavily ridiculed. There are many pathways that can be pursued to attack the equality argument.

7. Discrimination: Remember when a well-bred person was said to have discriminating taste and that this was meant as a compliment? Now, of course, we are supposed to have the powers of observation and judgment of amoebas. After all, intelligent discernment of racial differences might hurt someone’s feelings. Therefore the Jews and Judeo-Christians want us to abandon all reason and intelligence and embrace their idiotic belief in equality (see above).

Discrimination is applying one’s acquired knowledge to everyday decision making. For instance, choosing gold over lead or celery instead of hemlock are important decisions that would be impossible without the power of discrimination. In much the same way, I prefer the company of intelligent, creative Whites to graffiti-scrawling criminal blacks. It’s called reality, look into it.

The idea that discrimination is bad is another ludicrous notion that can bring grievous harm to anyone who practises non-discrimination. This is another very soft target so don’t hesitate to sink it.

8. Prejudice or Bigotry: These terms get hurled at us by inferiors who want something for nothing. Giving them a chance means giving them unfair advantage over Whites (e.g., quotas). This is another big con to separate productive White people from their hard-earned money.

Aren’t you prejudiced against racists? Didn’t you come here with a bigoted notion of what a “Nazi” is? Why is it considered bad to practice prejudice and bigotry in favor of the White Race, while your use of prejudice and bigotry in favor of dysgenic bottom feeders is considered good? This difference between your brand of prejudice and bigotry and mine is this: I am open and honest about mine, while you are disingenuous and hypocritical about yours.

Once again I have demonstrated that these labels apply to everyone. They are purely diversionary. Remember that whatever benefits the White Race is good, while anything that hinders it is evil. We follow our ethical code not theirs.

9. White Superiority vs. The Human Race: Obviously some of these labels have overlapping meanings. These poorly defined terms often creep up in racial discussions. My recommendation is to destroy all credibility in the notion of the “nobility of the human race” before anything else.

In contrast to White supremacists, Human supremacists believe that all Homo Sapience are completely above the laws of nature that govern all other life on earth. White supremacists do not recognize the significance of the so-called “human race” which is nothing more than an arbitrary grouping of talking bipeds. We simply acknowledge that the majority of “humanity” could be easily classified as worthless, resource-depleting food-tubes.

This is a very harsh rebuke to anyone that believes that human life is somehow more precious than other species. The truth of the matter is that most of us prefer the company of dogs and cats to that of blacks and Jews. Do people actually enjoy the crush of humanity or do they try to avoid the crowds?

10. Open-Mindedness vs. Closed-Mindedness: As racialists, we are often chastised by race mixers to “open our minds.” What they really mean is for us to turn off our minds so that they can brainwash and manipulate us.

I keep an open mind on an issue until I have enough information from all opposing viewpoints to make a decision pro or con. At that point the issue is closed unless further data presents itself. With regards to miscegenation, my mind is now closed because the preponderance of evidence is against it, while there is nothing substantial to support it. Miscegenation practiced in both ancient Aryan India and the Spanish colony of Mexico destroyed their peoples’ genetic ability to maintain or advance civilization. The White people in these lands degenerated into the mongrel over-breeding hordes of today. Are you open minded enough to consider these conclusions? If not, then show me a nation were race mixing actually improved its status.

This is a case where I lucidly explain why I do not reject the label. However, the establishment dupes once again find themselves hopelessly ensnared in a trap that was set for me. Within this argument, I also destroyed all credibility in miscegenation.

11. The Myths of America: Several pernicious myths are constantly promoted by the Establishment to keep patriots in line. Once again they are trying to ensure unquestioning loyalty to the flag, the Constitution, and democracy. Let’s knock them down like a row of dominoes.

A. The Flag: Americans are supposed to get all misty over the hoisting of “Old Glory.” However, the history of the flag during this century is nothing to marvel at.

To the charge of being anti-American or disloyal to the flag I must reply that my loyalty is unquestionably to my race. I can not pledge allegiance to a red, white, and blue rag that represents genocide of the White Race as it most certainly does now.

B. The Constitution: Gee, don’t we just love those constitutional republicans whining about how unconstitutional our government is? One would think that this magical document is good under class.

Once again I must reaffirm my loyalty to my race and not to a piece of paper. Unscrupulous politicians that have sold out their race and nation are not going to have pains of conscience over violating any constitution. The revered system of checks and balances is nothing more than foxes guarding the hen house.

C. Democracy: We are constantly told that as imperfect as democracy is, it is still the best system possible. Like Plato, who rated democracy as the second to the worst type of government, I find it hard to believe that wallowing in ever new lows of depravity is the best we can do. Democracy is a bloated sacred cow that needs to be put out to pasture permanently.

Democracy promotes ideas such as every human carcass has inalienable rights, that the Jews are above all criticism, and that the White Race must foot the bill for every miscreant on the planet. Democracy creates hopeless pyramid schemes to fund its social programs and is administered by corrupt, irresponsible bureaucracies. Democracy is nothing but a sham run by an internationalist slave master that is forcing all of us to work ourselves to death on its global plantation. Democracy proves the Orwellian slogan that “freedom is slavery.”

D. Nation of Immigrants: This lame excuse is used to hold open the immigration floodgate to the Third World. Do we really need such “cultural contributions” as disease, poverty, and crime from these Third World rock-kickers?

America was built by White immigrants in a span of about one hundred years. This is something that the New World aborigines failed to do in over ten thousand years of their occupation of this same land. Early White immigrants had to risk both life and limb in order to build this nation from scratch. In contrast to the hardships faced by the White immigrants, the non-White immigrants of today enjoy free education, free medical care, and of course welfare.

Note the stunning contrast drawn between yesterday’s White immigrants and today’s mud race freeloaders. Once again, I have allowed reality to overtake the myth.

E. The Melting Pot & Multiculturalism: These ideas are fine when they are applied to various White ethnic groups, but it is a disaster when other races are introduced. The following allegory demonstrates the folly of race mixing that these notions promote.

Imagine if a chef made a stew by randomly tossing in such incongruous ingredients as strawberries, cottage cheese, lemons, bagels, chocolate, and liver. The result would be a pail full of slop fit only to be eaten by pigs. The government uses this same haphazard approach in its current integration policies. The notion of the melting pot and multiculturalism will inevitably degenerate Americans into an unsavory race of nondescript mongrel.

Obviously, I am engaging in a scorched-earth policy with regards to the American myths. White European blood is the factor most responsible for the past success and prosperity of America. As Western (White) Civilization is rapidly being mongrelized and looted by the Judeo-Christian axis, we must fight to keep our blood pure and our vision clear.

12. Christianity: The Jews adopted a ruthless racist religion for themselves, while palming off a sickly, defeatist, sucker religion on all of us Gentiles.

Christianity is an imbecilic fraud at best and a Jewish weapon of White genocide at worst. In the past, Christianity rotted out and destroyed the great Roman Empire. Presently, it is casting White Civilization down into a new dark age. Most of us think that only immature children believe in Santa Claus who rewards good girls and boys; yet straight-faced adults claim that they will be similarly rewarded by another unsubstantiated super-being in the “afterlife.” Christianity is just more Jew spew that dupes its believers into betraying their own race and destroying their own civilization for the sake of gaining a personal cushy spot in “Heaven.” What kind of god is going to reward such a despicable lot of traitors with eternal life?

Even when racialists try to make over the Bible into their own image, they are still left with suicidal doctrines such as “love your enemies” (Jews), “the last shall be first” (morons and degenerates), blessed are the poor in spirit; blessed are the meek” (praising vile criminals and cowards), and “think not of tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself (instructing us to never plan ahead or set goals). Christianity is mental AIDS which becomes more virulent with each passing year. Christianity is the bastion of race treason and race mixing. Racialists can no longer afford to be charitable toward it.

Some of you readers might be surprised to know that such a fanatical article was written by a woman. However, feminists will be disappointed to hear that I submitted this paper strictly for the cause of White Revolution, not for gender equality. I simply synthesized many of the ideas that I have gleaned from my own National Alliance comrades, as well as from such luminaries as Adolf Hitler, Leon Degrelle, Revilo Oliver, George Lincoln Rockwell, and many others. It is my fervent hope that this article will further aid our great cause.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, May 1994

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