Arthur’s Sword Shall Sing Again!

Ian Stewart


There is a deep longing within men for the past. Every people have a myth relating to the “Golden Age” when they and their gods were in harmony and blessings of heaven and earth were showered upon them and their children. Who does not know of the Garden of Eden, or, moving forward in time, of King Arthur’s Camelot?

Both may have firm basis in fact. Both may be complete fabrication. It matters not, for they serve the same purpose. They tend to remind us that as things once were, so may they be again. They serve as a shining goal ever ahead, but one we deem to be obtainable as it once existed. Once again we will sit at the round table of King Arthur or eat and drink from Eden’s cornucopia as we frolic on the fertile, green meadows in a warm, bright sunlight.

From deep within our being these images live and come into our conscious thought. It is true of the white man, the black and the yellow. It is a part of those magnificent laws of nature which created the races and will guide them to their destiny. Perhaps, a few centuries in the future, the remnants of our white race, with hushed voice, will speak of the golden age which flourished for but a moment in the 20th Century.

They will remember the will of the people manifested in one man and one cause and for that shining moment the Aryan strove to rise above the mundane. Following the emblem of the sun wheel they sought to re-enter the Garden of Eden of their race.

Their sad laments, sung low and softly in the Celtic manner, will tell of their failure, of the sun wheel – the swastika, lifted high and then dashed to earth – not by those of another race, but by their own people. There the true sorrow. The snake which brought destruction to that promise of paradise wore the Star of David. Though the arm which wielded the death blow was white, it was guided by the guile of the serpent. The knights of the round table were set one against another and the dreams of an Aryan Eden and Camelot sought by the National Socialists were destroyed.

The survivors were beaten away into the darkness, away from that shining place where dreams and honour were bright. Over its ruins the loathsome asp slithered in the slime and dissolution of death. Yet, as the blaze was kindled for that moment of glory, can it not be brought again to flame? The fire was not extinguished. It only lies smouldering beneath the brown turf. A brisk, clean wind can give it life and nourish it to brilliance. It will be those laws of nature which made the Aryan, not the serpent, which will govern his destiny.

The museums of the world are full of the fossilized remains of species which once flourished, declined and ceased to exist. Man, with his ego, attempts to ascribe various causes for the reduction of these species, but it is all speculation. The mighty forces of nature alone bring forth these species and it is the awesome might of nature which lays them back into oblivion. It will be that force of nature, or God, which shall end the white man’s existence, not the serpent.

If, however, the white man, weakened and decimated by mixed breeding, stands before one of the mighty selections of nature and if found wanting and weak, then he, too, will die. The once mighty Cro-Magnon man who held sway in Europe is known today by his fossil remains. No race has a claim to immortality, but, by the indications apparent to us, no other race has the means or desire to destroy another race. Conflict, yes; annihilation, no.

The other races have nothing to fear from the white man. Each race has a sphere on this earth and each has his own means of viewing the world. The oriental seeks his reunion with God in his passivity and acceptance. The black through the blood of the captive, either animal or man. The white through quest. Be it blessing or curse, the Aryan blood is that of the questor – we seek out the challenge and conquer it, be it the continents, the oceans or space.

Why then the conflict raging through the world today? The serpent, the Jew, is the fomentor of the dissension. He does not fall within one of the great races of mankind. He is without, a thing apart. Lacking the natural attributes of other races he has culled from each to suit his own need. What the serpent has chosen is the worst from the others. The lust for blood from the black, the stealth and cunning of the oriental and the quest, unbridled by conscience, from the white, and genes from each. Where these genetic traits are balanced in their natural host, within the breast of the serpent they are not. It becomes a monstrous montage of evil.

Thus the “Jewish” culture is a reflection of its host. The parasite assumes the colouration of that upon which it feeds until the host is sucked of its life’s blood and it turns to yet another victim. The expulsion of the Jew from Germany in the 1930’s and early 1940’s did not alter his character, he simply moved elsewhere to new victims – primarily to the United States. The asp, the decadent force, slithers still, down through the long marches of time, feeding upon the bodies of its victims.

Look back into the history of black-white conflict, and in every instance, the serpent’s presence is felt. Lacking a true race of its own the serpent seeks to destroy those who do. The black man’s culture is different from the white’s, but it is his and he is welcome to it. It is only through the guile of the serpent, the “liberal,” the deceiver, that conflict is flamed. They debauch both the black and white by integration, cross breeding and cultural debasement. The goal – the destruction of both white and black.

From the morass the flame of racial greatness can spring anew. It is not the gods of nature which decrees the white man shall perish, it is the hiss of the serpent. The pendulum is commencing its return swing. We are awakening to the realities of nature’s law. The white man, just as every other race, has a destiny to fulfill. It will not be denied, nor will we again lift our hand against a brother for the gain of the serpent.

It was St. George who slew the dragons of old. The allegory is apt today for we must again take up armour and the sword to slay the dragon, the serpent, which preys upon us and sucks our life blood. When that dragon is destroyed, when its influence is no longer felt, the black man will return to his natural interests, the white to his. Conflict between the races will continue where there is contact and competition, but neither will seek the destruction of the other. We have lived before in racial harmony by natural separation. Only the serpent has attempted to sow the seeds of our mutual destruction.

The mighty gods of the Aryan shall rise again. The flame is not dead. We know the enemy. We see his loathsome form slithering in the scum of dissention and we shall lift again the Singing Sword of Arthur to strike!

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, August 1981

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