The U.S.A. – A Melting Pot?

Of White Nationalities – Yes!
Of Races – No!

Gen. R. Never


IT IS A FACT and truth of history that the U.S.A. was created by White Racists to be a White Racist society – it was NOT a melting pot of RACES; it became and was a melting pot of WHITE nationalities. There is and must be a total and absolute difference between the U.S.A. as a melting pot of White nationalities and a melting pot of Races. As melting pot of White nationalities, the U.S.A. became great! As a melting pot of Races, the U.S.A. has declined and is falling. Was the U.S.A. created to be a melting pot of Races? – No! To prove the answer to this question, we must review the history of the United States of America, its origin and beginning; who conceived the priceless principles of the Declaration of Independence, and why?

Let us start at the point in the history of the U.S.A, when the Founding Fathers were uniting against the “intolerable acts” levied against the English colonies in America – around 1770. Over ninety percent of the “people” in the colonies were from Great Britain, the others were from Holland, France, Germany, etc., colored slaves were not considered to be people. The colonists considered themselves free Englishmen with the Rights of Englishmen. The colonies and the motherland was in fact and deed, in heritage and culture, a White Racist society peopled by White Racists who owned and condoned the ownership of slaves. There was no integration of the Races! That was unthinkable – there were laws against integration in each colony to prevent the stupid and irresponsible people from integration and cross breeding. But the colonies of that time were all White Racist Societies, settled by White people who lived the White Race’s mores, customs, heritage, and culture. The Declaration of Independence stated to England that all Englishmen were equal, regardless of what colony they lived in, and were born with inalienable Rights which they claimed for themselves. The ten percent of colonists who were of other White nationalities also claimed these Rights of the Englishmen – colonists from Great Britain. The colonists went on to war to win their independence and set up these U.S.A. wherein only White people were citizens.


After fighting a long, terrible, and costly war for their independence as the U.S.A., and winning that war at great sacrifice, which they willingly paid as the price of independence and freedom, the White people of the United States created a new White society – a limited Constitutional Republic wherein all responsible White men were citizens, regardless of the nation of their origin. The Declaration of Independence created a new nationality – that of the U.S.A. – Americans. All White people of all White nationalities in the U.S.A. were Americans. That was the melting pot of the U.S.A. All White people emigrating to the U.S.A. became U.S. citizens – and Americans – when they accepted U.S. citizenship, to abide by the mores, morality, and culture of this White society of the U.S.A. While the different White nationalities loved and cherished some of their old national customs and culture, they readily adapted to their new home with its wondrous new philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and the laws and mores as defined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thus did these U.S.A., a White Racist society, become the “melting pot” of the different White nationalities of Europe. No colored people were “melted” in that pot! The colored people were not considered equal to the White people. The Founding Fathers, and the people they represented, were all White Racists, proudly living their White Racism in their White Racist society of the U.S.A. This is proven by the fact that the Founding Fathers owned slaves and condoned slavery. The Founding Fathers were proud White Racists, and were in fact and deed proud White Supremacists. And they had every right to be proud of their White Race and White Race’s superior heritage of culture.

They also had a right to be proud of their White people’s incomparable Declaration of Independence, their limited Constitutional Republic for their White people. They also had a right to be proud of their Constitution / Bill of Rights, which was and is the most advanced, most fair and just form of government ever conceived, created, and instituted by man – and it was the White man and his White Race’s heritage and culture that did all this, that made all this possible. No Yellow man, or Brown man, or Black man voluntarily and willingly braved great oceans in small sailing ships, and fought the hostile savages to take this land, that is – that was – the greatest nation on earth. Only the White man voluntarily came to the English colonies – White Scotsmen, White Irishmen, White Welshmen, White Englishmen, White Dutchmen, White Frenchmen, White Germans, White Scandinavians, etc. All these White men of different White nationalities who, in the main, voluntarily and for many reasons, came to these shores, became Americans when they got to America. All these White nationalities came to America and “melted” into being Americans – White Americans. There are no other kinds of Americans but White Americans. When White people integrated into the melting pot of the U.S.A., they gave up their allegiance to their White national homeland and pledged allegiance to their new White homeland – the melting pot of White people, the melting pot of White nationalities, obeying and following, most important of all, Natural Law. All of the nationalities of Europe are of the White Race. Thence, when a Scotsman and a Bohemian woman marry / mate, they are mating within their Race as Nature’s (God’s, Allah’s, Thor’s, Odin’s – call it what you will) Natural Laws demand; and their progeny will be white, with the White Race’s Genetic Heritage and Culture – their White nationalities melt together to become Americans – White Americans.


Every colony in America had laws prohibiting integration of the colored people into the White society of the U.S.A. It was unthinkable for a White person to marry / mate with a colored person. The separation of the Races was as natural as breathing and sleeping – one does it without conscious thought. It is instinctive! Thence, in the melting pot of America, it was the different White nationalities that melted together to make Americans, and only White people were citizens, only White people of different nationalities melted together – just as the Laws of Nature demand.


The greatest teacher – history – proves that every society / civilization is created by the people of one Race. So, too, was the U.S.A. created by the people of one Race – the White Race. Every society lives that founding Race’s heritage and culture. Our White people in our U.S.A. White society, living our White Race’s mores, morality, common law, customs, and culture, did not have locks on doors, nor were our White womenfolk worried, when shopping or in their homes, about rape, mugging, assault, etc. But in an integrated society, a society wherein different races, with different racial cultures and heritage, are integrated, the White society – being no longer White – no longer lives the White heritage and culture of its founders. In the U.S.A. integrated society, all doors are double locked, fearful people put bars on their windows, and the womenfolk are so fearful and terrified of being mugged, raped, assaulted, etc., that they don’t go out of their homes at night. Why? Because the mongrel culture of an integrated society is not the White heritage and culture, with its high morality, wherein the White individual self-restrains his acts and respects his fellow citizens’ rights. The colored’s racial heritage and culture is much more primitive than the White Race’s heritage and culture. The White Race is far more advanced than the colored Race. You can tell how advanced a Race is in its development, by its culture, by its societies, and how it treats its women. Has any colored Race ever conceived, created, instilled, and lived an advanced society as a democracy or a republic? No. Not in all their history. But the White man has – many, many times. And each time the White man has created and instituted those highly moral advanced societies, in time they permitted integration, and this integration destroyed these advanced White societies. Every time the White man permits integration of the inferior colored races, with their primitive heritage and cultures, into his White man’s superior societies and cultures, the integrated society declines and falls! There are no exceptions – this is the Law of Nature! There can be no exception! Nature’s Laws prohibit the integration of the Races! Remember – Nature’s Laws are absolute, immutable, irrefutable, uncompromisable; transgressors will be punished.

A White Society may permit integration, but if it does, it will decline and fall. Integration means disintegration of the White Race. Integration of the Races means disintegration of the White Race’s heritage and culture and the end of their society.

Mongrel people have never created an advanced society, nor will they ever, because an advancing society requires a stable Racial heritage and culture to survive, and a stable Racial heritage and culture is what the mongrels are lacking, and will never have, simply because they are mongrels. History’s paths are strewn with advanced White societies which tolerated integration of the Races – and died: Egypt, India, Rome, and the greatest society of all – the once-great U.S.A.

The U.S.A. were, in accordance with Natural Law, created a White Racist society, by White Racists for White Racists, to live and enjoy the White Race’s heritage and culture, and so long as these U.S.A. remained a melting pot of White nationalities – a nation of White people only – the U.S.A. progressed and advanced until it became the greatest society in history, thanks wholly and solely to the fact that they obeyed and followed Natural Law, and did not integrate other Races into its White Racial society. Then our White society and its religions changed their principles and dogma to accept and promote integration. Why would the greatest society on earth suddenly reverse its thinking? Why would this great White society of White Racists suddenly permit integration of the Races when they had laws prohibiting such a crime? And integration is a crime! Why is integration a crime? Because every person has inalienable rights to have the Racial heritage and culture of a pure Race to help them survive and pursue happiness. But mongrels are denied this right! Integration is a crime against humanity because integration is Genocide. Societies have the right to survive if they have the innate ability, and they can, if they remain a pure single Race society that they were created.

Today, our declining, integrated society knows a lot about Nature’s Laws of genetics. We do know that integration breeds mongrels, and that every mongrelized society declines and eventually falls. Armed with this knowledge, it is up to our White men to reverse this integration and return to the separation of the Races that our Founding Fathers practiced, and that our ancestors practiced, and that made our U.S.A. possible.

Endowed by Nature with an instinct for survival, every form of life fights to survive. Yet, our White people are not fighting to survive! Why? Why are our White people permitting the colored hordes to invade their White homelands, to integrate and destroy their White societies? Why? Because their leaders are Racial Traitors – for whatever reason. Racial Treason is Racial Treason, whatever the reason. It makes no difference that our leaders may have good intentions. The destruction, extermination, and genocide of our White societies and our White Race is just as final, whether this integration was done for good or evil intentions. In fact and results, the Racial traitor with good intentions is more to be feared than the enemy who deliberately attempts to integrate the Races to destroy the society – we recognize the enemy for what he really is. But the Racial traitor with good intentions is accepted as one of us, and he is permitted, by our own people who are stricken with blindness, to destroy our White society and our White Race because he is supposed to be one of us, and is supposed to be doing what is best for us. Our White men are disarmed by these “good intentions,” but the betrayal isn’t any less real because it is being done with “good intentions,” nor are these good-intentioned traitors any lesser traitors for their “good intentions” – integrationists are traitors!


With the vast knowledge of genetics and history available today, there is no excuse for our leaders, who are supposed to be the most knowledgeable and wisest of our people, not to know about the fact that integration is genocide, racial and societal treason. There is also no excuse for our White men (?) to idly stand by and permit colored hordes to infiltrate our White societies, to mate with our White people, and thus to destroy our White Race and society. Every White leader and every man of our White Race knows instinctively that integration is wrong and that colored men must not mate with our White Women, and White men must not mate with colored women. Every such integrated mating is racial treason! Those who integrate or promote integration are racial and societal traitors!

The enemies among us claim that it is a right of the individual to integrate. Is it a right for you to deny your progeny a Racial heritage and culture? No! Is it your right to integrate and destroy our society? No! Is it your right to integrate and destroy your Race and your Race’s genetic heritage that tens of thousands of White people before you worked and fought so hard to maintain and keep pure, so that you might survive and have a White Racial heritage and culture? No! The inalienable rights you were guaranteed by our Founding Fathers and their priceless Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, were based solely and wholly upon the genetic heritage and culture of our superior White Race.

When you, men and women of the White Race, permit integration of our White society, you are permitting its destruction, totally and absolutely, as history proves. Your slavish permissiveness and slavish acceptance is societal as well as Racial treason. Your meek permissiveness makes you an enemy to our White Race and society. Instead of you fighting against this deadly, insidious enemy integration, you permit it to happen and your permissiveness makes you an accessory to this crime. Permissiveness signals approval. Your permissiveness means your approval.

We White people are in a total war for survival. If this treasonous act of integration is not stopped soon, we White people, our White Race, and our White societies will not survive. In a war of survival, there is and can be no neutrality or compromise! Either we, the White Race, win, or, we, the White Race, die. Either we patriotic White people separate the Races in accordance with Natural Law, and survive, or we integrate in defiance of Natural Law, and die. That is the issue our White people – You – must face up to now. If our White societies are to survive, then our White Race must survive – you can’t have one without the other! If you love our White people’s U.S.A. and our White people’s Declaration of Independence, if you love our White people’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, you will rise up and fight our deadly enemies – those who integrate and those who promote integration. In this war for survival, our enemies are not playing games; they mean business every step of the way – and so must we! Nature will not help us. Nature neither loves nor hates any specific form of life. Nature creates the different forms of life and gives them the ever changing environment to adapt to. If a life form is fit – it survives; if a life form dies, it was obviously not the fittest, unfit to live and procreate and survive. So it is with our White Race – either we prove our fitness to survive by fighting for our survival, by preventing and eliminating integration with the colored Races, in accordance with Natural Law, or we die! In this war for survival, there can be no neutrality, no compromise. Either our White Race remains pure and our societies return to being White societies, and survives – or our White Race and our superior White societies permit integration and mongrelization – and dies! We White Americans must return to the White heritage and culture of White Racism that our Founding Fathers created and left us in trust. It takes but common sense to understand that our White society can only exist if it is peopled by White people. We White people have been covertly betrayed by our leaders into a melting pot of integration of the Races. But we can denounce and execute these societal and Racial traitors, and fight to regain our White heritage and culture. We White people and our White societies can survive and we will survive if we fight to survive, and put a lid on the melting pot of integration. Whatever the cost to survive, all White people owe it to their White progeny and posterity to pay that cost!

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, August 1982

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