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A Negro Solution

Allan Callahan The difference in the thinking of White racialists and equalitarians makes an excellent study in contrasts. For example, the racialist looks upon negro culture as an object of interest, instead of something to “reform” or “make over.” It … Continue reading

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The U.S.A. – A Melting Pot?

Of White Nationalities – Yes! Of Races – No! Gen. R. Never IT IS A FACT and truth of history that the U.S.A. was created by White Racists to be a White Racist society – it was NOT a melting … Continue reading

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Race Transcends All

Janet Douglas When and if the race-conscious white man finally assumes battle positions to fight the enemy, it won’t really matter what his social standing, his religious beliefs, or what his knowledge of every facet of the conspiracy is. One … Continue reading

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