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Yes, Judaeo-Christian-Islamic is the correct linkage if one is to put the Levantine religion in its proper perspective. Christianity and the Muslim faith are both branches of the same religion. The religion of the Jew, the Christian, and the Muslim, all proceed from a common ground. The Christian has taken the religion of the Jew and adapted it to the coming of a Messiah called Christ, the Muslim has taken part from both its predecessors, Judaism and Christianity, and added its Messiah, Muhammad. They all produce the same irrational world view in that they place man above and apart from nature.

To accept the current practice of linking all that has occurred in Aryan civilization as being Judaeo-Christian, then, by the same logic, all that has occurred in the Muslim world must become Judaeo-Christian-Islamic. The child cannot deny its parentage. And, for the Aryan, it is well to look at the complete trilogy of Judaism, Christianity, and the Islamic faith. The Jew anticipates a savior who is to arrive to place the Jew upon the temporal throne holding dominion over all mankind. The Christian has recognized a Jew named Jesus as this Messiah and abandons any claim to domination in the temporal world as the Christian’s dominion is that land beyond the gate of death. The Muslim, being a bit more practical, proceeds to live in this world, recognizing a particular elevation for those who follow his creed and being assured of an eternity of sensual bliss in the Paradise to come. Each of the three accept their unique status in this life as a gift given to them by their God. God is a superhuman entity in an imagined land in the sky who looks down upon the creatures of this earth and gives special guidance and favors to his chosen ones – being, of course, those who have created this deity in the first place. By placing the followers of this god outside the providence of the natural forces, which guide all other aspects of the universe, the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic trinity has produced a bumper crop of fanatics.

The Jew does not concern himself with a hereafter but concentrates upon triumph in any way possible in this life. There is no Jewish ethic save gain and domination. The Christian, who has adopted the sign of the lamb, the fish, and the cross as the temporal representation of his faith, becomes the ready “fish” to be hooked, the “lamb” to be shorn and his carcass then nailed to the “cross” of Jewish servitude. The Christian accepts this as his God will reward the meek in the world to come. The Muslim, being a bit more realistic, accepts a standard of living for the followers of his particular Messiah, damns all who do not believe as Muhammad dictated, and then proceeds to revel in the sensual pleasures of the spiritual flesh which is the reward given to those who keep the faith in this life. To be a true believer in any of the three is to become divorced from reason by the displacement of one’s life, family, and culture from the realities of the natural world in which we must exist.

One definition of religion is that it is man’s attempt to answer the unanswerable. Once you accept that definition, then you can understand that whatever temporal understanding we are able to come to with the world about us, it is still incomplete. Every door of knowledge, every advancement of science which mankind has achieved has only shown new areas of challenge and wonder beyond the horizon. We live in a universe which is continually unfolding as our ability to understand it increases. The storehouse of man’s knowledge is not some superstitious double-talk handed down in a Bible received from the great God in the sky, but rather the accumulated information, and its interpretation, which is stored in the great libraries of the world and which has guided the advancement of most of mankind.

One must say “most” as the true follower of the Levantine religions does not accept the findings of the scientific community for the holy book or books of his faith have “The Word” just as received from the creator. Fortunately for Aryan man, the practicing scientist has been able to place the dogmatic absurdities of Biblical doctrine on the shelf and proceed with his investigation into the marvels of this universe in which we live, of which we are a part, and in which we will continue as a race only so long as we abide by the rules of nature.

Aryan religions were ones of acceptance and love for the natural world. The Aryans walked hand in hand with the forces of nature, and did so until the alien faith of the Jew was forced upon them. The Aryan faith was not only a higher ethic but also an honest acceptance of man’s role in the universe. The stirrings of the Odinist faith today is, perhaps, an awakening of the Aryan spirit to its ancient values.

No, our Aryan institutions and beliefs are not dependent upon the Jew religion, we owe nothing to the Levantine concepts, save the identification of the entire family. Don’t let the distorters off – insist the entire family be identified – Judaeo-Christian-Islamic, and to use a biblical quote, “by their fruits ye shall know them!”

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, October 1986

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