The Shape of Things To Come

Winston Smith


I have been asked by a reader: “What, specifically, do you believe the future holds for America and where does the NSWPP fit in?” That’s a tough one because there are in fact several possible scenarios, depending on many variables and uncertain factors, but her letter made it clear that I am not being asked to outline them all, I am being asked to gaze into my crystal ball and say what I think will happen. That’s something I normally avoid, but what the heck?

The first thing that needs to be very clearly understood is this: the present world order of liberal democracy and capitalism is doomed. It cannot correct or repair itself. Things have been let slide for too long with a patch job here, a lick and a promise there, every hard or politically incorrect decision avoided or postponed, and so now conventional society has broken down far beyond the point of no return. The economic resources and the political will to take the steps which would have to be taken in order to salvage the traditional “America” in some recognizable form simply don’t exist. For example, the only way to stop the overwhelming drug crisis would be mandatory, swift and public execution of anyone caught trafficking in narcotics, preferably by hanging from lamp posts or some other very visible way. We have a few cowboy yahoo type politicians who may propose such measures for home consumption, knowing full well they will fail, but the government we have will never do it. Ergo, we will not stop the drug epidemic and America will continue to be an increasingly stoned madhouse.

Black and Hispanic gang members can only be stopped by rounding them up and interning them permanently, in camps where they will be compelled to live under a stringent set of behavioral rules involving capital punishment for infractions, a system which quite frankly amounts to looking for an excuse to go ahead and execute them. They are utterly useless to society, human detritus, and need to be thrown away. Black “juvenile” offenders in the pre-teen age range would have to be flogged, publicly and by a White man, to re-instill respect in the only way the negroid can assimilate the concept, through force. Martial law would have to be declared in the inner cities, South African-style influx control laws passed to prevent blacks and mud people from fleeing into the suburbs or the countryside, and non-Whites who misbehaved shot immediately without trial. Is any of this likely to happen under our present limp setup?

The Federal Reserve system would have to be abolished and the country returned to the gold standard immediately. Jews and liberals would have to be banned from Congress and purged from government. The media would have to be ruthlessly purged of liberals. All affirmative action employees would have to be fired or returned to levels of employment commensurate with their actual abilities: blacks in three piece suits would have to be thrown back onto the loading dock or handed a broom and Yuppie Barbie dolls would have to be booted out of the boardrooms back to the typing pool or waiting tables at the diner. Millions of working mothers would have to be ordered to go home and take care of their kids so they don’t grow up into brainless Beavis and Buttheads or the Menendez brothers. The death penalty would have to be imposed for sexual perversion and a number of highly visible executions of faggots and dykes carried out to drive these perverts so far back into the closet that they can never again threaten our children. Massive deportation of millions of Third World immigrants would have to take place as a matter of urgent priority. You get the picture. Let’s get real: is any president of the United States or government elected under liberal democracy going to do these things? No.

So that’s my first prediction. Things will continue to get worse. I do not believe there will be any sharp, definite, high-profile event of the kind right-wingers traditionally refer to as “the balloon going up”. I could, of course, be dead wrong about that. I think the hebes running the economy are sharp enough to keep the patient on life-support and prevent any sudden October 1929-style collapses and outright depressions; what we will see is just many more years of the same slow death of our world, TV getting trashier, politics getting more corrupt and coarse, the rich getting richer, the White getting poorer, and the gradual extinction of the middle class.

Manufacturing will continue to flee from this country to Third World lands where peons will work for thirty cents an hour; within ten years we will manufacture virtually nothing in America. Living standards will continue to decline, as will educational standards. White kids will go to college in fewer and fewer numbers because not only will they be excluded by racial quotas but both their parents will be working their tails off for six or seven dollars an hour just to survive and there will be no money for tuition.

Racially, the deterioration will be most visible as the Third World hordes continue to flood in and overheard English in the supermarket becomes a rarity. Black criminal violence against Whites will become accepted as a daily threat one lives with, something like the weather which no one can do anything about, and it will attract less and less attention. Every day will be a mini-war for survival for the aging White population. One of the few slightly encouraging predictions I will make is that the various Schumer-style gun control measures will be ineffective; eventually even the stupidest White will realize that you either own and carry firearms or you and your family die, end of story.

There will also be increasing violence between the blacks and the other racial minorities over the welfare checks and state benefits which used to be solely for Affikin-Amerkins. The blacks will lose, being less intelligent and with the exception of the Nation of Island completely disorganized and undisciplined. Within twenty years they will be almost completely replaced by Hispanics in low-level and service industry jobs; outside of the artificial affirmative action-created black managerial class, a black male with a job of any kind will become unknown. Blue-collar Whites will not fare much better. Within a generation most technical and infrastructure jobs will be automated or taken over by Asians. Management and the civil service will become almost exclusively female and male homosexual. Young sexually normal White men will be faced with the choice of a lifetime of marginal, minimum wage no-benefit “temp” employment or enlisting in the military or the police as mercenaries to suppress and control their own people.

One thing which might cause “the balloon to go up” would be a foreign war wherein Bill Clinton or some similar idiot made the mistake of picking on someone who actually fights back. Another is the liberals becoming so buoyed and overconfident by Clinton’s re-election that they go totally berserk and do something that finally ignites White anger and resentment and hatred of blacks and perverts and the government into a conflagration, such as mandatory sodomy as “diversity training” for schoolboys or acceding to the demand for “slavery reparations” and handing every black man, woman, and child a $200,000 tax-free check. Something like that just might make the White man boil over and take his gun collection into the streets instead of just cleaning it at night and fantasizing. Unlikely, I agree, but however lazy and cowed people are still people, and everybody has a breaking point. The White male has been regarded with patronizing contempt for so long by the Establishment that a revolt might catch them by surprise.

I am convinced that when Clinton gets re-elected in November (the fix appears to be in) the libs will institute homosexual “marriage”. That might do it, or at least produce some sporadic outbreaks of guerrilla war against sodomites, but I don’t think so.

NSWPP: Joker In The Deck

So what will the Party be doing while all this is going on? I don’t know. That’s your department, isn’t it? Would you care to let me in on the secret? I admit, I’m quite curious. No, I’m not being facetious or sarcastic. You will decide what role the Party plays based on the level of support and activity you give us. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out. The Party will do as much as you give us the manpower and the resources to do.

Obviously, the first thing we have to accomplish is make White America aware of our existence and where to find the Party when, at long last, they have had enough. I do as much as I can, especially now that I have Internet access, and I’m toying with several possible Rockwell-style publicity stunts, although I’d rather go the adult route. Essentially, though, all this is your job. You must find within yourself the strength of will to take the energy and the time and the resources which you would normally devote to the White man’s usual response of complaining, and transmute it all into action which involves getting the Party’s message and address before White people.

The next step once we get the people in is to try and break the White man of his many bad mental and spiritual habits, but most especially his cursed laziness and his pervasive, ingrained pathology of complaint, the “write your Congressman, call a radio talk show and bitch” syndrome which allows White males to let off steam while not actually accomplishing anything or affecting events or policies in any way. There is no point in activity which simply generates more complaint, as opposed to genuine propaganda and agitation aimed at generating action. Always remember that complaint is not the same thing as action. Learn to differentiate between the two. A simple rule of thumb is that action involves you doing something (other than complaining of course). Complaint involves you demanding that someone else do something.

The White American male has been conditioned by liberal democracy and materialism to complain rather than to act, to buy things rather than do things, and this is a very hard behavioral pattern to re-program. When White people first come into contact with the Party and believe they have found a sympathetic ear, they immediately start doing what White people do best: they complain. They moan. They bitch. They whine. They tell me in great detail how bad things are, apparently under the odd impression that I don’t know far better than they how bad things are. They passionately demand that somebody else [i.e. the myself and/or the Party] do something, and being Americans they want it done now! Now! Now! The challenge for the Party is to develop a way of de-programming White Americans from the habits of a lifetime; in other words, we must change the White man’s thinking and help him recover his ancient courage. We must perform what amounts to a religious conversion, a spiritual rebirth. We must make our people understand one simple concept: Hitler was right! Simple, straightforward, no mystery, all the rest is just commentary, and pounding that one simple, beautiful, mind-cleansing, race-saving idea into the head of an American White male is the hardest job anyone can attempt. But we have to do it, because when one of our brothers or sisters finally grasps in their mind, their heart, and their soul that Hitler was right, they become truly free. The chains of Zion fall from them and they can never be refastened.

For this we need propaganda, resources, dedicated fulltime National Socialists to act as missionaries and professional revolutionaries, and a sufficiently conducive material and physical environment adequately equipped to provide moral and logistic support while we re-wire the heads and awaken the souls of our racial brothers and sisters. The pace at which this occurs is entirely in your hands.

Before a revolution can occur, you have to have revolutionaries. That is our task for the foreseeable future: to identify, contact, indoctrinate, and motivate to action the tiny fraction of the Aryan population which is capable of recovering its long-atrophied character traits such as idealism, self-sacrifice, dedication, and physical courage. This is what we will be doing while the world around us is going to hell in a handbasket.

The tactical goal is simple: to create a revolutionary political party composed of dedicated National Socialists in sufficient numbers and of sufficient fortitude so that the National Socialist White People’s Party will become publicly recognized as the one and only spokesman for the White people of North America. Once that is achieved, once we are clearly accepted as the leaders of our people, we will take whatever route appears to be the quickest and surest to the seizure of state power and the creation of a sovereign Aryan Republic which will implement the programs and policies of National Socialism.

From Resistance, published by NSWPP,
P.O. Box 9444, Chapel Hill NC 27515-9444

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, October 1996

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