Aryan Eugenics

Maj. D. V. Clerkin


An absolute requirement in the formulation of the Aryan Republic to come is a well-planned Eugenics program; that is, the improvement of the Aryan race through selective breeding. The historical downfall of prior Aryan civilizations – Rome and India – can be laid at the door of racial devolution via direct mongrelization and the over-production of offspring by the lowest ranks in intelligence. The quality of a population is at the heart of any attempt to build and advance a society. The poorer the quality, the less chance any society has to take root and prosper.

National Socialist Germany had such a Eugenics program. At its base lay the Lebensborn program, the method by which the healthy genetic traits of the Schutzstaffel (SS) could be advanced. Adolf Hitler’s plan was to build a stronger, purer German folk. From this improved stock he hoped to bring forth a new Germany that would bow to no power on earth. The Law For the Protection of German Blood and Honour of 1935 assured that the blood of “others” would forever be barred from the German genetic code.

Of course the Jews, being legally barred from intermarriage with Aryans, became insane with hatred of this Aryan plan for improvement. International Jewry has declared economic warfare against Germany in 1933, but it was the 1935 Nuremberg racial laws that drove them absolutely mad with rage. How dare the Germans, they wailed, deny the Jews sex with the German girls they lusted after! We hear this same demand in America today among blacks, who have been taught by ZOG that they can take from a white anything they want.

What is not generally known is that the National Socialist Eugenics program was loosely based on the American practice of sterilizing the genetic failures, the insane, the hopelessy physically marred from birth, the congenital criminals, the incorrigible sexual deviates, etc. America before the Warren Court of the 1960s forbade the intermarriage of the races in many states. That court and all succeeding courts have permitted the terrible racial onslaught we see every day in black-white miscegenation. No one who claims to care about the future of the Aryan race will refuse to back a solid program of Eugenic improvement in the Aryan Republic, together with a strict policy of immigration, weeding out the unfit.

Study of recent statistics on I.Q. and other tests of natural intelligence demonstrates a slow downward spiral among American whites. Look into the eyes of the next white youth you meet. Is there a light, something behind the skull? There once was a light in the eyes of most white children. But the System has succeeded in drawing white Americans into the lowest common denominator. Whites now idolize dunces, skinny, tall blacks that play professional basketball, cretins zonked on drugs who make cacophony and call it “music,” or phony “movie starlets / stars.” How different were the German youth of sixty years ago who had the Schutzstaffel or the Luftwaffe or the men of the U-boats to emulate; and yes, the German athletes of the Berlin Olympics of 1936. Something has lowered the sight of the American white, downward into the mud.

Now you know why the Jew overlords of this crazy society demonize the Third Reich every chance they get: Hitler wanted improvement of the Aryan race through Eugenics. The Oberjuden created an antithesis, which is race mongrelization, and raised it to a pinnacle for all to see. We must have more mutts, more imbeciles; more sheep, say the Oberjuden. Mix the races until we, the Oberjuden, are the Herrenvolk, the Master Race. Let everyone but us be melted down to nothing.

This present state of affairs has almost run out of time. What is to come will shock even the Oberjuden who thought their plan for domination was foolproof. The traitors to our race, the fools and the weaklings will be winnowed out of the Aryan population by the coming events. What will remain will be fashioned into a stronger folk, an Aryan race in North America tempered by struggle and privation. Then will the Aryan Republic be created out of the minds and the Race-Soul of the Aryan folk. These hardy Aryans will improve in their succeeding generations. Nothing will stand in their path to the Future.

There are probably some who read this and wonder what I am talking about. Is not America a going concern still? Are not whites just whites? America is DEAD. The American Republic died at Appomattox. All semblance of self-government went under after 1945. Whites are allowed only to be taxed in this oligopoly. They must not complain too loud about anything, including the bastardization of their children with non-whites. Test your “white rights” against any non-white in a court of “law.” If it is a Federal court, you will be told right away that you are not covered by the Fourteenth Amendment; that the non-white you are against is a ward of the Federal government with special protections under the “Civil Rights” laws.

From The Talon, August 1995,
published by the Euro-American Alliance,
PO Box 21776, Milwaukee WI 53221

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, October 1995

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