A Choice of Plans to Save the White Race (or Part of It)

Allan Callahan

A CHOICE OF PLANS  Aryan-Negro kids.jpg

Some of our kind think it is too late to save ourselves, considering that our race went from about 1/3 of the world’s population in 1900 to only 1/10 in less than a century, and is projected to he only 1% by the end of the 21st century; and taking into account the number of coloreds already in some of the white nations, plus the miscegenation that has already taken place, they say we might as well give up, accept the idea of extinction, and admit that we are finished.

The facts are grim enough, alright, but there are others among our race who are not ready to give up yet. There is still a chance to turn it around. There are only two options regarding the physical makeup of future generations: purity or mongrelization, which means, in starkest terms, preservation or destruction! We choose the first option.

To achieve it, we must have geographic separation of the races. This means that coloreds must either leave the majority white nations entirely, or some territories must be split off from these nations, to give these peoples territories of their own, from which they could form their own countries, and have their own sovereignty. They could then be called “ethnostates.”

Any plan to preserve our people is not going to start all over the planet, at once; it will have to begin in one particular nation, somewhere. If it it succeeds there, maybe other white nations can take heart and pick up on some variation of it, to fit their own particular circumstances.

The idea of geographical separation is not new, but has not been discussed much. The following two proposals regarding it should be looked at and reflected upon: one was made by Tom Metzger of W.A.R. (White Aryan Resistance); the other was made by Wilmot Robertson, who has written extensively on the race problem.

Let’s take Metzger’s plan first. He says we should consider a referendum to split the U.S. into three independent republics: (1) A colored, intolerant nation; (2) A white, intolerant nation. (3) A nation in which tolerance of every diversity or perversity would be absolutely mandated.

This would include street people, pornographers, drug addicts, homos and child molesters. No discrimination would be allowed in either public or private education, housing or employment. All groups living there would have to accept all other groups. Metzger says the Jews quite naturally belong here.

Those whites who wanted to live among their “colored brothers” would belong here, too. Plus all those married to, or living with, coloreds. The coloreds themselves would decide if they wanted any types of subdivisions; and, if so, what types? They might want quite a few, or none; or might, say, only want to split the Jews off and have them live to themselves. At any rate, Metzger’s plan would give a pick of choices which should please just about everybody.

Then we have Wilmot Robertson’s plan, which he laid out in his book, Ventilations. He advocates Hawaii as a homeland for Orientals, plus other enclaves on the mainland. Whites would leave these enclaves, and Hawaii itself, except for those working for the defense establishment.

The majority of Mexicans now reside in the West and Southwest. To give them enough territory for an independent nation, Robertson proposes giving them a strip of U.S. territory 40 miles wide, just north of the Mexican borderland extending the full length of it.

It would be sort of a tit-for-tat exchange; Mexicans would replace the whites that moved north, while whites replaced Mexicans that moved south. Whites would have to vacate cities such as El Paso, San Diego, Brownsville and Yuma, but it would be worth it. Not only would it do away with the strife and confrontation between the two peoples; but, more importantly, it would help whites in their goal of avoiding extinction through miscegenation. One California white girl said that, in her highschool graduation class, all her female friends but one or two later married Mexicans. Without separation, this will be repeated millions and millions of times in the future.

A dispensation might be made for the quarter million or so Hispanos who have lived in New Mexico for around 300 years, largely around the Santa Fe region. They have little or nothing to do with the Mexican-American elsewhere.

Far more than half the negroes now live in urban areas, and more and more they are congregating in large cities. For those living outside the South, Robertson suggests enlarging the areas of the 20 biggest black communities to make room for more people to come in from smaller cities where the black population is relatively low. There would be no all-black cities, but their communities would be self-governing cities within cities, and their relationship with other ethnic groups mostly of an economic nature. In the rural South, certain counties in each state could be set aside for negroes, where they could manage their own affairs. Many are already congregated in their own areas in numerous towns and localities. At any rate, instead of having thousands of pockets of negroes scattered all over the U.S., there would be far less of them.

The pure-blooded Spanish Cubans are of course white, and could live with American whites. Most Cubans, however, are mixed bloods, of all hues, going down to some pure-blooded negroes who are as black as coal. The largest Cuban elements are already living in Miami and other parts of southeast Florida, so this would be the most logical place for a homeland for them.

No people need a land of their own more than Jews. From ancient Egypt up to the present, they have not been able to develop lasting, peaceful relations with other peoples. Since a large percentage live in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami Beach, there is no reason why their present enclaves there couldn’t be enlarged enough for all of them.

As aforementioned, the idea of geographical separation is not new, and has been done many times in the past, in many places. For a few examples, consider what happened in Asia Minor after WW I. After four wars fought between 1912 and 1922, the Allied Powers brokered an exchange of populations between certain peoples. Over two million Greeks, Turks and Bulgarians were repatriated. It was a population exchange, a trading of homes and lands, a giving up of abodes and properties in one place for new ones elsewhere. While most naturally did not want to move, the Allies said that they must, to lessen the danger of war. This took place from 1923 to 1926.

In 1792, Russia put most of her Jews – around five million – in an area stretching from Ukraine to Poland. This was called the Pale of Settlement.” An exception was made for some 300,000. They could live beyond the Pale.”

And we put many Indians on reservations in the 19th century. In the case of the Georgia Indians, the Supreme Court said that they couldn’t be moved. President Andrew Jackson said: The Supreme Court has made its decision; now let them enforce it.” Jackson simply called out the army, moved the Indians, and that was that.

If America opts for resettlement of colored population groups, it should be done orderly and humanely, maybe taking up to a decade or so. Of course, there will be many whites who will not want to give up any territory for homelands for racial aliens, and it is possible that this can indeed be avoided. Many coloreds might be repatriated back to their traditional homelands, with aid provided to help them get resettled. Those of child bearing age could opt for sterilization, at government expense, with maybe bonuses given out also. And other ways might also be found to help solve the problem.

But if some territory is to be eventually turned over to coloreds, the two foregoing plans should be considered. Robertson’s plan goes into more detail, while Metzger simply calls for splitting the U.S. up into three independent republics. However, it is unlikely that Metzger would expect them to all be the same size.

It is said that coloreds make up 25% of our population, but a lot of them are illegals, and deserve no territory. What percent are illegal? No one knows for sure, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it would be 10% or more. So, under anyone’s plan, it appears that coloreds shouldn’t have more than 15% of American territory, at the most.

Under Metzger’s plan, the amount of territory allotted under Category No. (1) might be about the same as Robertson’s; the big question would be how much to allot under Category No. (3)? There is no need to speculate too much on it now; it could be decided in the fullness of time.”

Although Robertson’s is a good plan, personally I lean towards Metzger’s, chiefly because of the way it would address negroes. Robertson would keep them somewhat tied to whites economically, at least for a while, whereas Metzger made no such stipulation, and would presumably give them full sovereignty, just as soon as the plan could be fully implemented. For years they’ve complained that whites have been “holding them down;” so, let them show their staff, and sink or swim on their own. They claim to be equal; so, if they are, they certainly don’t need us. In fact, all coloreds would be cut loose, under the Metzger plan. Although he hasn’t gone much into details yet, presumably the three independent republics could engage in trade, allow tourism, and have cultural contacts.

This is a choice of plans to save the white race, but we realize that, with the decades of brainwashing that our people have undergone, not all of the race can be saved. But a large percentage can be, and if we can turn things around in America, maybe our example will encourage other nations in the white world to take action, too.

Some time back, someone stated that our people talk about geographic separation of the races, but never submit any plans. Well, here are two. Take your choice, or maybe you, dear reader, can come up with a better one. If so, then lay it on us!

At any rate, we need to start debating this issue. Nothing is going to happen until a lot more white people realize that we are heading toward extinction unless we change our ways. There is more than a little likelihood that this will happen when all those with the rudiments of a brain realize that “Amereeka” is coming apart at the seams, and something needs to be done.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, October 1997

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