1945: Capitalist/Communist Victory; 1995: Fiftieth Anniversary of Aryan Defeat

Colin Jordan


Ritual Sacrifice to “Victory”
Democracy’s Great Pretence
Commemoration’s Propaganda Purpose
A Statement of Intent
The Basic Reason for War: Germany’s Freedom Fight
Concentration Camps
Achievements Unequalled
Socialism of the Folk
Protection and Betterment of the Race
The Immediate Cost of Britain’s “Victory”
The Ultimate Price of “Victory”
Britons on the Way Down and Out
The Bill for Blackening Britain
Jewish Power
Moguls of the Media
The Attack on Freedom
The Thought Police
Jews Seek Even Tighter Gag
Other Signs of “Victory”
The Song of Victory

On May 8, 1995, Britain’s traditional May Day holiday was replaced by a celebration of the defeat of National-Socialist Germany and its European allies. Union Jack flags – normally kept out of sight these days as somewhat jingoistic, if not positively racist and thus offensive to our new, super-tanned black and brown Britons who now so largely decide what we are allowed – were brought out plentifully everywhere, albeit many of them hoisted upside down on flagpoles by the unaccustomed pseudo-patriots.

Reporting the jubilation outside Buckingham Palace, residence of our monarch of multiracialism there displaying herself with others of her renegade royal family, London’s Daily Telegraph (May 9, 1995) recorded an exultant crowd of “Hundreds of thousands, sporting Union flags to a man, woman and child”. Incandescent with self-satisfaction at their monumentally superficial display of a sterile pretence of patriotism, such vacuous exhibitors are characteristically never moved to do anything effective for the survival and revival of our race and nation because this would run contrary to the overriding rules of “political correctness”, conducive to national and racial decline and ruin, conformity to which is their dominant concern.

Next, the newspaper regaled us with a particularly striking revelation of such superficiality from one of royalty’s household retainers. “Miss Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the Prince of Wales’s social secretary, was particularly prominent among this swaying multitude, thanks to a vivid pair of Union flag shorts.” The inner being of Britain may disappear, but, as long as Tiggy’s shorts stay on and up, seemingly for these freaks of makebelieve the old country and its people remain in fine fettle.

Continuing its rhapsodic report of the revelry of a mad multitude, seemingly content to dance at Britain’s funeral and call it a triumph, the Daily Telegraph recorded that “On went the singing, the royal trio joining in to Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory…” Such was the self-congratulatory carnival of commemoration of Britain’s ghastly war of self-mutilation enacted in the mongrelizing metropolis of an island where Britannia no longer rules the waves, and the native Britons no longer fully and finally possess and control the acres: a land with hardly any real cause for hope for the future, and even less evidence of present glory.

As the pages of ecstatic print reached the breakfast tables the next morning, those two paramount, plastic products of the Democratic politics of the West, Messrs. Major and Clinton, were to be found in Moscow in the company of their similarly plastic protégé of the Kremlin, acclaiming and commemorating there the wartime triumph of Democracy’s stable companion, Bolshevist barbarism, with all its outstanding horrors.

The May 1995 festivity over the crushing of Germany has been shortly followed in August of this same year by another bout of blindfold jubilee over the crushing of Japan. The dust having now settled, after all the prancing and postulating marking the two events, we can now proceed to strip away the glutinous gloss given to them, and to survey the realities of World War II.

Ritual Sacrifice to “Victory”

At the outset of the unveiling, attention needs to be paid to a keynote of a happening timed to coincide with the commemoration of victory in Europe half a century ago. This was the arrest here of an alleged war criminal, a worn-out 84-year-old man from Belarussia who made the mistake all that time ago of wanting with the aid of Germany the liberation of his country from Bolshevist barbarism. Known to his neighbours as quiet, gentle and helpful, Siemion Serafinowicz, now resident in Britain as a British citizen, has been selected to figure in this victory anniversary year as a symbolic sacrifice on the altar of victors’ vengeance.

This forthcoming routine of ritual persecution to mark the remembrance of “Victory” and its meaning results from years of persistent pressure by those here and throughout the world who claim it to be a requirement and thus a right of their religion to slaughter animals ritually, despite the suffering. The ritual slaughter of Serafinowicz – who will surely be brought to his death by stress and penury, if not by formal sentencing reeks of the pestiferous exhortations of that evil apostle of Talmudic vengeance, Elie Wiesel. In his book “Legends of our Time” he declared: “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”

Significantly, this oracle of Hebrew race-hatred remains respected not prosecuted in the West where critics of the Jews are persecuted and penalized for racial patriotism. Indeed, such is his arrogance, reflective of the world ascendancy of Jewry as a prime consequence of Allied victory, that he recently urged the German parliament to take the 50th anniversary of German defeat as the occasion for a groveling performance of penitence: to plead in the name of all Germans to all Jews in the world for “forgiveness” (Jewish Chronicle, April 21, 1995). This recommendation matched that of Germany’s Bundestag Speaker, Jewess Rita Süssmuth, who at the end of 1993 urged that “Yiddish should be used in Europe as a bridge to heal the wounds of the past” (Jewish Chronicle, December 3, 1993).

In confronting the demented delusions surrounding and issuing from the capitalist/communist victory of 1945 with the truths of the Aryan defeat which was the reality of that time and event, we are up against a persisting iron curtain of suppression of information. Joined to this is an intensive mental conditioning of the public over decades by a very powerful and thoroughly partisan media.

Democracy’s Great Pretence

Ludicrously the tame citizen of Democracy in a mass of millions believes that he or she is a free person, properly informed of the evils of the war time enemy and the virtues of the opposing system, and thereby the causes, course and consequences of the Second World War in defence of the latter against the former. That conditioned person has no awareness that the British public has never been allowed to learn the truth about National Socialist Germany, only a torrent of distortions at the best, and otherwise downright lies. According to the fantasy implanted in that zombie’s mind, Hitler was an unmitigated monster, a foaming madman without a single redeeming feature, who sought to conquer and enslave the whole world. His system was a complete hell on earth containing nothing good. Above all, he and his bestial accomplices, as their supreme crime, were the persecutors and exterminators of millions of lovable, more or less faultless, god-chosen Jews, an unparalleled enormity which has daily to be remembered and recited for eternity.

Persons imbued with this solidified fantasy are without perception that their ossified state of mind is produced by a purported “free press” which actually is a fettered press responsive to the ruling interests governing from the background, the same being true of the other arms of the controlling media, namely radio and television. They are unaware that their vaunted and cherished system of Democracy is actually nothing but a great pretence, a huge confidence trick, a colossal swindle. They fondly imagine that dictatorship only happens abroad, there feeding falsehood to its fortunate subjects to the extent of creating a dream world. They do not realize that dictatorship operates here incognito, exercising a rigorous censorship to exclude dangerous ideas conducive to a racial awakening and a national resurgence, while moulding the mind to a frame amenable to and beneficial to that dictatorship; a combination effectively making them dwellers in a dream world.

Deluded thus, the citizens of Democracy are unable to recognize their own mental image in the mirror. They are unable to perceive that they have been made thoroughly PPC, meaning Processed Politically Correct. By the communistic influences of contemporary capitalism there has been implanted in their captive craniums, along with all other cerebral concoctions, a completely false view of World War II, cause, course and consequences.

Commemoration’s Propaganda Purpose

Anyone who believes that the prime objective of the power-wielders of Democracy in promoting their victory commemoration has been simply and purely to honour the Allied dead, and to pay tribute to all the exertions in the name of country and supposedly for the sake of nation by those who survived that conflict, is PPC indeed. For the rulers in the background the prime purpose of the exercise has been to take up and exploit the occasion as a peg for propaganda. It has been assessed as a glorious opportunity for a refurbishment of all the old wartime and post-war denigration of National-Socialism. Within that it has afforded a wonderfully convenient occasion for an extravaganza of yet more Hebrew holocaust indoctrination. Altogether it has served as a splendid pretext for freshly vaccinating the domesticated dupes of Democracy against contamination with the emancipating beliefs of National-Socialism even in the first and incipient forms of some vague racial awareness, some hazy yearning for national elevation, some disconnected dissatisfaction with the party game. In summary, the prime objective has been prophylactic against the possibility of any National-Socialist revival which even now, after all they have done, haunts the promoters of Aryan destruction.

So it is that the belching chimneys of the atrocity manufactories of the Spielbergs of this world have been working full blast to mark the year, gassing the public with an immunising dose of holocaust horror day in and day out. In these feverish endeavours they have amply responded to the clarion call of Edgar Bronfman, President of the World Jewish Congress. One of the richest Jews in the world, recent purchaser of the mind-formative MCA Films company in the U.S.A., Bronfman has warned the world multitude of the Chosen Ones: “We must use every resource to stop revisionism now before it’s too late.” “Revisionism” is his label for any and all questioning of the approved (kosher) version of the war and his enemy in it.

A Statement of Intent

Before beginning this survey of the truth about that war, which certainly will amount to revisionism of a strength liable to send Mr. Bronfman reaching for the relief in a bottle of the booze (Seagram Whisky etc.) on which his fortune has been based, this writer places on record a statement of intent.

He stands opposed to all atrocities by whoever and whenever committed. He stands no less opposed to all atrocity fabricators whoever they are and whenever and wherever they occur. In pursuit of truth he is not motivated by racial hatred of non-Aryans, but by a concern for his own Aryan Folk. This encompasses only a hatred of the renegades and traitors of his own race who alone have enabled non-Aryans to contribute to Aryan decline and defeat. He stands for free speech and open discussion on matters discussed in Gothic Ripples, rejecting the Jewish campaign for suppression of criticism, including the Jewish demand for the outlawing of all questioning of the alleged Jewish “holocaust”, holding that this campaign can prove a potent cause of the very anti-Jewish feeling it is supposed to prevent.

This survey respects and honours the memory of all those British and Allied servicemen who died or were mutilated, honestly believing the lies their misleaders and their misleaders’ media told them about the necessity to fight for freedom, nation and homeland against a force seeking to invade that homeland and take away that nation’s freedom and other assets. This survey fully as much upholds and reveres the memory of all those German servicemen and their allies of so many nationalities who also died and also were mutilated in the conviction that they too were of necessity fighting for the same things.

The Basic Reason for War: Germany’s Freedom Fight

During and since World War II the British people have never been allowed to know the truth about National-Socialist Germany as a freedom fight against the dishonesty, the exploitation, and the sickly and deadly decadence of the Democracy of the Weimar Republic in Germany. Under that Democracy, millions of unemployed rotted in poverty while a plutocratic minority wallowed in luxury, and every kind of vice and degeneracy prevailed.

The power of the Jews was enormous. This racial and religious minority owned or controlled Germany’s largest and most influential newspapers such as the Berliner Tageblatt, the Vossische Zeitung, and the Frankfurter Zeitung. The Ullstein press empire, Jewish, alone owned the Berliner Morgenpost, the Berliner Allgemeine Zeitung, BZ am Mittag, Das Tempo, the Montagspost, the Grüne Post, the Berliner Ilustrierte Zeitung, and dozens of other newspapers and magazines. Thus was German opinion shaped by a racially alien minority.

Jewish ascendancy in other fields included nearly half of all the lawyers in Berlin in 1933, and a similar disproportion in the medical and the teaching professions, along with a massive prominence in the entertainment world and great power in industry. The political parties reflected in composition and conduct this Jewish power and prominence.

From a humble background, his own experience of poverty, and the testing time of a twice decorated frontline soldier in World War I, Adolf Hitler rose by the merit of sheer brillance to become leader of the strongest party in Germany, the NSDAP, and on January 30, 1933, Chancellor of Germany. Then and thereafter he was beyond question the most popular, the most fervently acclaimed statesman Germany has ever had, and the whole world has ever seen. The rapturous support of tens of millions was a unique phenomenon of government by public approval which the pygmy politicians of Democracy never come remotely near rivaling. By this measure of the extent and intensity of public support, National-Socialism in Germany under Hitler far, far exceeded the Democracy of the West as a government of the people, for the people, and by the will of the people; and thus a manifestation of a nation’s freedom. Let this always be remembered and replied when the subjects and supporters of the veiled dictatorship under Democracy denigrate Hitler’s Germany as a tyrannical dictatorship!

As a youngster, this writer saw something for himself at first-hand of the impetus and euphoria of a resurgent Germany lifted from the depths of decline, disunity and despondency, and dedicated to drastic reform, as never before or since in the history of the world, under this man of magic and his vast force of ardent colleagues and comrades. Before staying with a German family in Cologne in 1937, he had been told by the then warmongering, pro-Jewish News Chronicle of a downcast, downtrodden people, deprived of milk in a drive for guns before food and drink – a deficiency which struck him sadly, being a keen 14-year-old consumer of the commodity. On the banks of the Rhine he found instead milk available everywhere in plenty, and everywhere the happy faces of a people vibrant with the sense and the satisfaction of participation in a great purpose. Never again did he imbibe with belief the beverage of mendacity furnished by the likes of the News Chronicle. Then, in the Hitler’s Germany, he saw the world was young and fresh, and a golden age was truly unfolding: a world the war killed as it was intended to by its instigators, now engaged in ruining Britain and the rest of the Aryan world in the name of “Victory.”

Concentration Camps

But what of the concentration camps, interject the lovers of liberal liberty, obsessed with concern for the inviolability of the isolated, self-centred individual as a far more important form of freedom than that of the corporate Folk and the benefiting citizen within that community?

The German concentration camps pre-war – and we are here considering the background to the war, not its course – were a type of open prison which at their peak held 26,789 persons, many of them for only a matter of weeks.

The idea that the inmates were all political dissidents and persecuted Jews is absurdly untrue. Besides some subversive opponents, including many militant communists who sought an armed seizure of power on behalf of Moscow, they were a variety of habitual criminals, drug dealers and addicts, pimps, sexual perverts, disorderly drunkards and work-shy parasites. They were, in other words, the dross on which Democracy typically lavishes care and comfort in its appeal to and cultivation of the masses at their lowest level of debasement for the ulterior motive of gainful power. Yet by prison standards an adequate diet and reasonable accomodation were provided for them.

These pre-war German concentration camps, which the warmongering Western press and politicians made such a fuss about, massively distorting daily into a summarizing and eclipsing horror worth fighting a far more horrible war against, were markedly superior in their conditions to those which the hypocritical British and their Allies had themselves introduced beforehand.

America, during its civil war 1861-1865 had established concentration camps for civilian populations considered hostile to the Federal government; and during its war to acquire the Philippines, 1899-1902, set up concentration camps which caused the deaths of more than 200,000 Philippine civilians.

Britain, in the course of its war against the tiny Boer nation in South Africa, 1899-1902, burnt the Boer homesteads while the men were away soldiering, and put 116,572 people, almost all of them women and children, into what they themselves designated as “concentration camps”. There, due to inadequate food, exposure and disease, particularly typhus, mass death took place – just as it did in the final days of World War II in Germany when Allied bombing disrupted supplies to camps swollen with transfers from the east. In the British concentration camps 27,927 Boers died according to an official report, this including 26,251 women and children, 22,074 of this last total being children under 16 (Journal of Historical Review, Vol. 1 No. 3).

Poland, Britain’s final excuse for going to war in 1939 to crush the German fight for freedom, had set up its concentration camps a few years earlier under Pilsudski as a way of disposing of political opponents.

Communist Russia had had long previously the biggest and most barbarous concentration camp network of all time. This sombre fact did not for a moment deter the capitalist West from fervently embracing the monster they termed “our glorious Soviet ally”, acclaiming the “new democracy” in partnership with the old. When one gets down to it, the precise reason why Germany was damned as an outcast while Russia was welcomed as a friend was the fact that National-Socialism in the former had demoted the Jews from ascendancy while communism in the latter had elevated them to it.

Achievements Unequalled

National self-determination, expressed in the demotion of the Jews, was only one aspect of the multi-facetted fight for freedom of Hitler’s Germany. Let us now take a short look at some of the other aspects of National-Socialism’s comprehensive conception of freedom in contrast to the delusions of Democracy where a façade of ineffective rights masks dictatorial denial of positive benefits. Let us see what the New Germany was accomplishing in the practical expansion of people’s freedom in the economic, social and cultural fields in which it is to be seen as no less a value than in the political; voicing and voting only becoming meaningful in resulting benefits. And doing so at a time when in Britain her disabled ex-servicemen were having to beg in the streets, and her unemployed having to go on hunger marches to try and stir the cold consciences of party politicians who combined neglecting their own people and country with railing endlessly against a regime giving practical expression to a far higher morality.

Data is here mostly drawn from the highly informative book Hitler Cermany by Cesare Santoro (Internationaler Verlag, Berlin, 1938) with a few additions from Robert Ley by Ronald Smelser (Berg, 1988).

When Hitler came to power at the start of 1933, German unemployment stood at 6,014,000. With a Four Years Plan for industry immediately set in motion, the number of workers employed rapidly rose by millions, so that by 1938, one year before the Allies of Democracy made war on Germany instead of on their own unemployment, unemployment in Germany had been reduced to 338,000.

Many years before Britain sought to copy it, Hitler in his very first year in office inaugurated a gigantic motorway system which stands today as a monument to his pioneering initiative. This, among other huge public works, helped to provide work, and in so doing increased purchasing power, this in turn generating more employment in industry and commerce, and consequently more purchasing power still and commensurate demand for goods and services in a rotating stimulus to production and prosperity.

In the preceding years of 1929-1932 the German peasantry, veritably the backbone of the nation, had lived on the edge of ruin, enmeshed in debt and despised as impoverished yokels: as did the farmers and land-workers of Britain, criminally disregarded by the mammonite capitalists with their worship of “free trade” for their personal aggrandizement in a milieu of purely monetary values, above and beyond the freedom of the Folk by way of prosperity and security. Hitler quickly put a stop to this malaise. Within a few months of attaining power, a law concerning Hereditary Homesteads came into force on October 1, 1933, whereby peasant farms were to remain for all time in the hands of one peasant family. Other measures increasing agricultural productivity and prosperity followed, bringing greater selfsufficiency in food.

By the autumn of National-Socialist Year No. 1, 1933, the foundation had been begun for a national labour service (Arbeitsdienst) which became in 1935 obligatory for every young German between leaving school and doing military service. 70% of this corps became engaged in the reclamation of moorland and wasteland. This work for the homeland, in addition to its economic value, gave young Germans a splendid experience of socially responsible citizenship, national unity above class division, and corporate pride; amounting to a unique form of higher education.

Prior to the Arbeitsdienst, a wonderful introduction to folk patriotism was provided by a magnificent youth movement, the Hitler Jugend, creating a joyously purposeful union of German boys and girls in contrast to the abandoned youth of Britain then, and the bewitched and bedraggled rabble of British youth today.

Socialism of the Folk

The German Labour Front (DAF = Deutsche Arbeitsfront) was formed to unite all German brain and manual workers, including all members of the former trade unions of Democracy based on class warfare. It began with an enormous rally on May 1, 1933, when over a million workers gathered at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin to hear with tremendous enthusiasm the inspiring words of Adolf Hitler.

Under the auspices of the Labour Front, and in other ways too, the National-Socialist government lost no time in initiating a vast housing project to remedy the deficiencies and defects of the homes of its people, erecting dwellings with a rent adapted to the means of the working masses. These were not the soul-destroying, herd-conditioning, huge tenements put up in other lands, but homes with a large garden, and some with a smallholding or attached farm. By the end of 1939 the Labour Front had itself built 46,331 dwellings, and had participated in the construction of a further 40,000; and was engaged in planning 20,000 more.

Measures of social insurance, unemployment relief and protection of labour, excelling those of all other countries where anything of the sort even existed, were swiftly introduced in the onward surging momentum of reform which distinguished National-Socialist Germany par excellence. The NSDAP’s People’s Welfare Organization leapt into practice, providing generous help wherever emergent schemes temporarily left a lack. No more properly caring regime has so far emerged on this earth.

As an adjunct of the Labour Front, the workers’ leisure movement, Strength through Joy (KdF = Kraft durch Freude) came into being, benefiting the workers of Germany far beyond anything of this nature anywhere else any time, Britain either then or now having nothing in comparison. Here are a few details of the achievements in this expansion of positive freedom, brought about in the field of folk socialism; details which our thought-controllers seek to keep from the brainwashed British public.

Activities of the KdF encompassed adult educational and handicraft courses of all sorts, and cultural lectures. By 1939 325 adult education centres were functioning. It arranged concerts, operas, dramatic performances, visits, land excursions and tours, boat trips on river and sea. It built recreational centres, community halls and holiday accomodation, even ocean-going liners including the Robert Ley with a theatre, library and reading rooms aboard; having 12 ships by the outbreak of war. Its People’s Theatre had no seat costing more than a pre-war sixpence. Fine orchestras, the best drama by the best actors, ballets by the best dancers were all available at prices within everyone’s reach. Country holidays cost next to nothing, and sea cruises cost no more than four guineas for a fortnight.

Through the KdF, by 1938, 22,100,000 had been able to visit theatres, 18,600,000 to attend film performances, 5,600,000 to attend concerts, and 50,000,000 to take part in cultural events of one sort or another. Over 60,000 had gone on land excursions. 384 sea voyages had been enjoyed by 490,000 holiday-makers, including 18,000 who had gone on voyages to Norway, Madeira and Italy. A gigantic seaside resort for 20,000 had been constructed. In the year 1938 alone, the last complete year of peace, 9,200,000 used its vacation and travel facilities, 8,100,000 went to theatre performances and concerts, 8,300,000 took part in sports activities, 6,300,000 in adult education, and 50,000,000 in some aspect of recreation. Where stood Democracy in Britain in comparison then, or stands it now?

Protection and Betterment of the Race

Simultaneously, radical steps were taken to protect the racial character and improve the racial quality of the German Folk; this unique work standing in stark contrast to the racial neglect and injury which characterizes the death system of Democracy. As early as April 7 of the year of Hitler’s accession to power, a law was brought in to place on the retired list non-Aryan public officials. The Civic Law of the Reich of September 15, 1935, withdrew from Jews the status of German citizens, and on this basis excluded them from all participation in German political life. The Law for the Protection of German Race and Honour of the same date prohibited marriages and extramarital, sexual relations between Jews and Aryans.

A Law for the Preservation from Hereditarily Diseased Posterity on July 14 of that year had provided for the possibility of sterilizing persons with specific, hereditary diseases, and on October 18, 1935, in line with this, a Law relating to Matrimonial Hygiene prohibited marriage between persons of such infirmities, a medical certificate of biological fitness being henceforth required for marriage. The birth rate of healthy German stock was encouraged by interest-free loans to couples thus attested fit to reproduce, and with the birth of each child 25% of that loan was reckoned as redeemed, thus a 4-child family got the money as a gift from the folk state.

Freemasonic activity, operating in ritualistic secret a{nd} favouritism for a few in the course of promoting cosmopolitan ends, was brought to an end in Germany in 1935. The abominable Jewish practice of ritually slaughtering animals for food, bleeding them to death without pre-stunning, was also put a stop to.

While all this was proceeding, Hitler was increasing German national freedom by reuniting in liberation from foreign rule such territory as the Sudetenland, placed under such rule by the Treaty of Versailles. At the same time, he was freeing Germany from the restrictive practices of public usury. He was liberating his land from servitude to the trading system of International Finance with its devotion to the liberality of “free trade” as a façade for a dependence on the flow of money and the computing of credit under the control of the moneylenders and the credit controllers. Barter deals, directly reciprocal, were negotiated instead by Germany.

This rebellion against the financial practices of capitalism, cutting out the parasitical middlemen of money, infuriated the conceited lords of the counting houses. Their raging resentment combined with the burning anxiety of the politicians and their patrons over the New Germany’s spectacular programme of reform which could be dangerously attractive to the neglected and exploited subjects of Democracy, if perchance they became aware of it. Both combined with the seething hatred of Germany’s emancipation from Jewish ascendancy to give the real rulers of Democracy reason enough to wish to conspire to bring about the destruction of National-Socialist Germany through war, and this they set about to do. How they contrived to cause the war will be shown in Part Two of this series.

The Immediate Cost of Britain’s “Victory”

The immediate cost to Britain of her demented war for Democracy was of crippling magnitude. Apart from her 264,443 servicemen and 92,673 civilians killed in the course of it, along with all the massive material damage resulting from war operations, Britain so exhausted her strength and assets that she was reduced to being a begging borrower at America’s door, sunk in indebtedness. Had she instead remained at peace, and in place of devoting herself and her vast resources to destruction had devoted herself and those resources to reform and construction similar to that of her proclaimed enemy, she would in 1995 surely have been able to show a “Land of Hope and Glory”, not sing about it in its absence.

She entered the war with the mightiest navy of all times. Then Britannia truly ruled the waves, guardian of the greatest empire the world had ever seen, encompassing a quarter of the world’s surface and a quarter of the world’s population, and containing virtually every required raw material, potentially an entirely self-sufficient bloc. She ended that war deprived of that naval supremacy, and on the way to being shortly deprived of that empire.

She entered the war with overseas assets of no less than £3,500,000,000, and at the end of it had had to sell off about a third of them, and in place of them had acquired debts totaling £2,000,000,000. While her foreign debts had thus increased by 600%, largely on account of her borrowings from America, her exports had declined by nearly 70%. Within a few days of VJ Day, American “Lend-Lease” aid was terminated so that a loan of $3.75 billion had to be negotiated with that country, a condition of it being that Britain had to accept a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade committing her to “liberalization” of world trade in American interests, and to making the pound a convertible currency within 12 months. Thus did she surrender at the command of her ally her ability to protect her manufactured goods against foreign competition both within her own shores and within the bounds of her empire.

President Roosevelt’s foreign economic policy had all along had the design of taking advantage of the impoverishment of Britain in war to oblige her to dismantle her system of Imperial Preference as a condition for American aid. Viewed against this war aim of global, dollar imperialism, the following foolish words of Britain’s King George VI, broadcast on May 24, 1940, take on an exceedingly bitter irony: “It is no mere territorial conquest that our enemies are seeking. It is the overthrow, complete and final, of this Empire and of everything for which it stands – and after that the conquest of the world.” Hitler, in contrast to Roosevelt, had always spoken with appreciation of the value of the British Empire in Aryan affairs, and had been prepared to give tangible support to its defence. So Britain made a disastrously wrong choice of both “enemy” and “friend”.

The Ultimate Price of “Victory”

The immediate cost of the war, just indicated, provides reason enough for the conclusion that its avoidance would have been much more justification for rejoicing in 1995 than our engagement in that thoroughly unnecessary and tremendously injurious conflict. When, however, we additionally take into account all that has followed from Britain’s victory in it, as the maturation of Democracy’s innate tendencies in the course of the fulfiment of Democracy’s real war purposes, the case for condemnation becomes shattering. But if we take up the proclaimed aims of the politicians in going to war, how far have they been attained as the measure of their conception of victory?

Let us begin with Victory Illusion No. 1: the argument that Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939 was necessary to remove the threat of foreign invasion, and thereby, by implication, to keep Britain for the British. The utter falsity of this argument is shown by the fact that, apart from there being no reliable evidence that Germany pre-war had any desire to attack and invade Britain, no sooner had the war ended and the propaganda served its purpose than precisely the people who had put forward this argument began to prompt, promote and patronize an alien invasion of Britain mounting to millions strong.

Those who told us we had to fight to keep the Germans out are precisely the ones, or the direct political descendants of the ones, who ever since the war have been telling us to welcome the Afro-Asian invader and fraternize with him. These are the people who in furtherance of their volte-face have been progressively prohibiting and punishing all disparaging criticism of and any other opposition to the invaders in the manner of an auxiliary arm of collaborators in support of an occupying force.

Thus let us not forget for a second, whenever the enemy in our midst, the renegade politicians of Democracy, sing the praises of their “victory”, that it was not Adolf Hitler who sought to flood Britain with Africans and Asians, and to enforce multiracial integration leading to miscegenation and thus the destruction of our greatest national treasure, our racial heritage. Hitler stood instead for Anglo-German unity and White supremacy in the world. It is the politicians of Democracy who, having given the Empire to the Coloureds, are now giving the motherland to them also.

The compères and cheerleaders of Democracy’s victory commemoration have proved to be the aiders and abettors of genocidal mongrelization, ranking as the Final Solution for the extinction of the Aryan within this island, because miscegenation is an inherent principle and inevitable product of Democracy. It is the natural outcome of the egalitarian creed it presents as deluding disguise for minority rule, and is the means for the debasement of humanity to a condition most amenable to the secure operation of that minority rule. This sinister purpose was a hidden factor leading to war, an underlying thrust during that war, and is now a most visible derivative of Democracy’s success in that war.

Lied to regarding the purposes in going to war, we have been lied to regarding the extent of the Coloured Invasion following from it. Peter Tomkins, head immigration official 1981-1991, has revealed that the true figure for permanent immigration in the 5 years to 1993 was more than double that stated by the government, namely 625,000, not 264,500 (Daily Mail, February 8, 1995). This vast most recent increase – numerically equivalent to very many German divisions – has come on top of all the influx over some 50 years the extent of which has likewise been lied about. Beyond the true figures for “legitimate” immigration, the Daily Star (May 29, 1991) estimated that a million illegal immigrants were here by then.

On top of all this, when Britain’s lease of Hong Kong expires in two years in 1997, all of the colony’s 250,000 Chinese will be free to come here, and you can rely on many of them wanting to come and our renegades letting them come, whatever fresh lies and tricks they have to use to mask and sweeten the situation. At the same time the EEC – that extension of the apparatus of Democracy conceived as the piecemeal, insidious transition to a super-state of global, multiracial regimentation – aspires to abolish border controls so that Coloureds can more freely circulate and come here.

Britons on the Way Down and Out

A recent Policy Studies Institute report has shown that the Pakistani population of Britain trebles every generation. A London Daily Telegraph (January 20, 1994) report has predicted that the number of Blacks and Asians will double in 40 years. The same newspaper (December 28, 1994) has estimated that already around 40% ob young West Indians here have White partners; and with the headline “Motherhood going out of Fashion for Young Women” has quoted (April 10, 1995) a current report of the Family Policy Studies concerning the abstention from procreation by Britons. Thus under victorious Democracy not only is the massive increase of Coloureds in our midst and our mixing with them mightily promoted, but, added to that as the devilish brew in the diabolical cauldron of debasement which is Democracy, we have all manner of inducements and constraints to deter and diminish the reproduction of our own kind. Thereby the rise of the Coloureds is facilitated and hastened to our coming subordination and ultimate extinction.

So it is that rapidly darkening Britain celebrated “victory” against a background of such rewarding features as here follows. Britain’s largest trade union, the Transport & General Workers’ Union, now has a Negro as its General Secretary (Bill Morris). An Asian bishop is pressing the government to encourage yet more Asian immigration. A Negro (Herman Ouseley) heads the Commission for Racial Equality, enforcing compulsory integration. The Chairwoman of the Equal Opportunities Commission is an Asian (Kamlesh Bahl) appointed by our Prime Minister of Treachery, John Major, who has announced he wants more Afro-Asians in local government, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The so-called “British Broadcasting Corporation”, with a Bangladeshi (Shahwar Sadeque) on its Board of Governors, now reserves trainee jobs for non-Whites, and vets potential participants in programmes so as to increase the proportion from ethnic minorities. Similar “positive discrimination” is resulting in White doctors being passed by for positions given to less competent and less suitable Coloureds, while our renegade Secretary of State for Health, Virginia Bottomley, has ordered health authorities to boost ethnic minority staff numbers in areas where they are “under-represented.”

Illegal immigrants are even being openly offered free homes by one of the semi-soviet London boroughs (Hackney). The Department of Social Security – and thereby in turn the taxpayer – has of late been swindled out of £9,000,000 by gangs from Nigeria. In inner London ethnically alien children now make up most of the pupils in schools there, and in Sheffield there are now no less than 62 different languages in use among school children. Prime Minister John Major, wedded to a Jewess as proof of his commitment to causes other than our own, not so very long ago, as a change from his regular performances at Jewish events and his regular reception of Jewish delegations, was to be found hosting a Downing Street dinner for Britain’s Asian multimillionaires, together worth £1.5 billion. Understandably, he considers the coffers of his Conservative Party, zealously engaged in making Britain Coloured, well deserving of thanksgiving donations for its record of betrayal of the British people.

The Bill for Blackening Britain

When one now stops to consider the total financial cost to the British people, let alone the total biological cost as well, of this completely unnecessary and wholly undesirable Coloured Invasion of Britain, the magnitude is horrifying. It includes, as just some of the items in the bill, all the millions spent on social security and welfare, housing aid, special educational measures, medical services, the imposition of “non-discrimination”, the curtailment of free speech, special expenditure on improving areas where Coloureds riot, plus the cost of those riots – such as £91,000,000 in 4 years on Handsworth, Brixton and Toxteth where the riots have cost £20,000,000; special grants for ethnic minorities under Section 11 of the Local Government Act 1966 which have amounted to £100,000,000 annually; and £180,000,000 a year extracted from the social security system by bogus asylum seekers.

The same expenditure on our own people by a government dedicated to a Britain for the British, comparable to Hitler’s regime dedicated to a Germany for the Germans, would have wiped out workers’ poverty and bad housing, the deprivation of the elderly, much of disease, ugly and unhealthy features of the environment, and brought a real people’s victory in the form of a finer, healthier, more equitable and more beautiful Britain.

Not that that is the entire story of the misuse of Britain’s wealth for the benefit of racially alien Coloured people. In addition, “victory” has brought a gigantic expenditure every year on those Coloureds throughout the world who have not yet decided to come and live here and squeeze us out. Standing at £2.18 billion for the year 1994, overseas aid is to rise by an extra £146 million in 1997.

The Coloured Invasion not only refutes Victory Illusion No. 1. It also refutes Victory Illusion No. 2: the argument that we have thereby had preserved for us our own government responsive to the will of the people. As journalist Bruce Anderson recorded in the Sunday Telegraph (March 29, 1987), “The voters were never consulted: if they had been we would have had no large-scale coloured immigration.” Throughout the earlier decades of this Coloured Invasion, immediately following the supposed war for the will of the people, every public opinion poll on the issue showed overwhelming opposition to the invasion. Yet all the governments of the day, supported by the overwhelming majority of the parliamentary politicians, refused to or failed to respond and to stop it. Under Democracy it was to be forced on the people against their will.

Jewish Power

The Coloured Invasion is not the only form of alien intrusion into Britain and alien influence on British affairs in the wake of Democracy’s victory and in fulfillment of its intended purposes. There is also the resultant position and power of Jewry.

The degree of deference thereby derived and manifest in preferential treatment can well be gauged from the news that northwest London is now to see the creation of an “eruv” there, sanctioned by the ministerial Environment Secretary. What on earth is that, you may well ask, and the answer is that it is a matter of 85 poles, 20 feet high, linked by wire on an 11-mile perimeter, enclosing 6 square miles of our capital. The purpose of this eyesore is to provide orthodox Jews there with the pretence that when they are outside on their Sabbath they are actually still inside in terms of the prohibitions of their religion on such activities as pushing prams outdoors on that special day of the week.

Ever since the war Jewish influence in and upon our Parliament has been huge and increasing. Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson was surrounded by a retinue of Jewish advisers and court favourites, including Defence specialist Solly Zuckerman, business adviser Lewis Cohen, chain store magnate Isaac Wolfson, entertainment controller Sidney Bernstein, and publishers Victor Gollancz and Robert Maxwell: altogether very much an unofficial, shadow cabinet. Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan had a minor measure of Jewish blood (his paternal grandmother being an Elizabeth Bernstein, see The Sun, April 6, 1976), and a major measure of Jewish association. Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher openly identified the Jew Keith Joseph as her moulding mentor, and at every opportunity identified herself with Jews and Jewish interests.

Today, under the frontal figure of John Major with his Jewish wife, the same pro-Jewish dispensation prevails with the Jew Michael Howard as Home Secretary and the Jew Malcolm Rifkind as Foreign Secretary together having a twin control of our home and foreign affairs. Well over half of Conservative Members of Parliament are members of the “Conservative Friends of Israel”, this including Major himself and most of his Cabinet. Conservative Central Office’s Director of Research is a Danny Finkelstein.

The Labour Party’s new shining light, Tony Blair, is no less a dutiful servant of Jewish causes than John Major. His avowed adherence to those causes has been the essential price for his endorsement as kosher by a Jewish political force which can make or break. The stamp of approval was signified when he was invited to be guest speaker at a dinner laid on by the Board of Deputies, the Jews’ own parliament in Britain, The Liberal-Democrat leader, Paddy Ashdown, has gained a similar stamp of approval through his obtrusive dedication to the same Jewish causes, and his indicative choice of entourage such as his adviser, the Jewess Zerbanoo Gifford, who may or may not have advised him to include Asian publishing and property boss, Ramesh Dewan, on his party’s colourful national executive. Thus the Democracy of the victors offers the citizen the liberty of a threefold appearance of diversification on the outside, which inside is a confinement to a single, common cause inimical to race and nation.

Readers should note that the pinpointing here and elsewhere in this issue of Jews and their role, as with Coloureds and theirs, is most certainly not to incite and to direct hostility towards these racial aliens who merely take understandable advantage of the corruption and subservience of our own racial traitors to pursue the interests of their own folk. To do so would be wrongly to shift blame from the principals. Instead, in line with the statement of intent earlier in this issue, the purpose is and should be only and specifically to arouse and direct hostility towards the renegades responsible.

Selecting a few examples of Jews in positions of power thanks to our renegades we have as senior EC commissioner Leon Brittan, descended from Jews from Lithuania originally named “Brittanischki”. We have a Lord Chief Justice Taylor with 33 rabbis among his ancestors. He tops a legal profession so packed with Jews that the Jewish Chronicle itself has used the words “Trial by Jewry” in this connection. We have as current Sheriff of London, with responsibility for Law and order there, the Jew Peter Levene, chairman of the gigantic Canary Wharf property development, and a special adviser to Prime Minister Major on “efficiency and effectiveness”. The Canary Wharf £1.5 billion development has come into being through a firm founded by Jews Paul and Albert Reichmann, expanded into the world’s largest property developer. It stands as a fitting memorial in Britain’s capital to Democracy’s victory and all it stands for.

It would take a whole book to try and cover the amplitude of Jewish power in British industry and commerce today. Here it must suffice just to mention a few instances as follows. Dixons, the electrical goods network, under Stanley Kalms. The General Electric Corporation under managing director Lord Weinstock. The Berger family controlling 400 property leasing companies with a fortune of over £200,000,000. The Tesco supermarket chain founded by Jack Cohen, whose wife left over £17,000,000 to her two daughters, one of them Lady Porter, the London local government leader. The Kwik Save supermarket chain founded by Albert Gubay. The Sainsbury supermarket chain controlled by the Sainsbury family with David Sainsbury reputed to have a fortune of £1.3 billion. Amstrad headed by Alan Sugar with a personal fortune set by the Jewish Chronicle at £130,000,000. Marks & Spencer, chairman Lord Rayner: Britain’s most profitable retailer. Great Universal Stores founded by Isaac Wolfson. Lewis Trust Group of David Lewis and family with estimated wealth of £310,000,000.

Benzion Freshwater property empire: £189,000,000. Ladbroke: chairman Cyril Stein. Chelsfield property group under Elliott Bernerd. Betterware: chief executive Andrew Cohen with a fortune of £90,000,000. Reebok footwear under Stephen Rubin with a fortune of £230,000,000. Saatchi brothers with a personal fortune of £80,000,000. Gerald Ratner who became the largest jeweller in the world. Lord Rothschild, banker, £160,000,000. Tony Tabatznik, pharmaceuticals: personal fortune £250,000,000. George Soros, financial speculator, personal fortune £715,000,000. A Sunday Times estimate of Britain’s top plutocrats included more than 50 Jews with a combined wealth of £4.5 billion.

Moguls of the Media

Power is of course manifested and exerted fully as much in media influence as in political position and in the possession and exercise of business wealth; and in and over the media of Britain Jewish influence has been spectacularly victorious.

With Television Channel 4, for instance, we have the Jew Michael Grade as chief executive. Scion of the Jewish family of Winogradsky from Russia, his father being the Lord Grade and his uncle the Lord Delfont who between them exercised a wide grip on the British entertainment world of recent decades, Michael Grade has just gained a 20% pay rise, making his yearly salary £450,000. Compared with the earnings of really useful workers such as nurses, firemen, farmers and refuse collectors, this exhibits the fraudulent values of capitalist Democracy for which Britain fought the war. For this fortune this man functions as a magnificent maker of muck, de-Grading the channel in question to that of a prime purveyor of the downright degeneracy which is the ultimate reach of Democracy.

The journalist Paul Johnson has aptly described him in the Sunday Telegraph (July 30, 1995) as “Britain’s pornographer-in-chief” by virtue of such programmes as “Hookers”, “Hustlers”, “Pimps and their Johns”, “Dusky Sapphos,” “Young and Queer”, “Finishing School” (for transvestites), “Pull your Finger out” (for Lesbians), “Red Light Zone,” and “Dyke TV.”

Controller of BBC Television 1 is the Jew Alan Yentob, Chairman of the Grenada Group of Companies is the Jew Alex Berstein. Head of the Carlton company and thereby one of the most powerful figures in British broadcasting is the Jewish multimillionaire Michael Green.

As a sample of the plethora of Jews among programme personalities, as with television technicians, to the extent of making television and radio preeminently a club for the “Chosen”, we have the Jewess Esther Rantzen, the BBC’s highest-paid performer (1991 salary £325,000), described by the Independent newspaper (December 21, 1991) as “the most powerful woman on television.”

When we turn to the “British” press, and pass over as a feature of past decades the publishing empire of the late Robert Maxwell, the Jew from Czechoslovakia who survived the Jewish holocaust to change his name from Jan Ludwig Hoch, the better to pretend to be “British”, and who proceeded to swindle the pension funds of Britons on a massive scale; we come face to face with today’s monarch of the media, Rupert Murdoch. His father married an Elisabeth Joy Greene, the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family in Australia, this making Murdoch by the Jewish law of maternal determination one of the “Chosen.” He now runs the Sun, Today, News of the World, Times and Sunday Times newspapers. In fact his News International combine now controls 36% of the whole “British” newspaper press, along with publishers William Collins; while he has a growing share of commercial television here, including the Sky satellite tv network, along with other communication interests.

At the moment his acumen as ruler by remote control is leading him to select, court and groom Tony Blair as his political nominee for the future when played-out Major is ousted by the swing of the prompted pendulum. He has sized up this laughing boy of Labour as a fitting frontman for the kind of Britain he seeks to promote.

This is a Britain wherein the public is kept titillated with triviality, seduced with sentimentality, reduced to racial indiscrimination, rendered reverential to Jewry, kept hooked on all the hedonistic lures of crass materialism, including ubiquitous sex devoid of eugenic purpose and thus no more than crude lust. The reason behind and for this degrading mind and conduct moulding is that it produces people in a state most responsive to the continued manipulation of the backstage masters of Democracy. The trumpeted “freedom of the press” under Democracy is but the freedom for the likes of Murdoch to misrepresent, mislead and massively exploit for personal power and profit. For such it seems did Britons fight their German brothers 50 years ago, and generously give their lives.

The Attack on Freedom

Victory Illusion No. 3 is that we had to go to war against Germany in order to preserve our cherished freedom, and that this worthy objective has been magnificently achieved. In illustration of this proclaimed war aim, there is reproduced at the top of the next page (with acknowledgement to the Public Record Office, Ref. INFO 13/213) a government poster which adorned hoardings during the war. John Charnley – who along with some thousand other Britons was interned during the war without trial under Regulation 18B to silence him from opposing that war – records in his book Blackshirts and Roses (p. 100) that, when on June 7, 1940, he was put into Walton Gaol, he saw, ironically, at the gates on his arrival a similar poster worded “Lend to Defend the Right to be Free.”

Contrary to the illusion, firstly our civil liberty, violated by Regulation 18B, was in no way menaced before the war by Hitler who had no desire to invade and harm and interfere with our self-government and national freedom. What he sought was Anglo-German friendship and alliance, conducive to that form of freedom which comes from security. Secondly, our said civil liberty has indeed been severely curtailed not only during the war but increasingly since our supposed victory, but not by Hitler, instead by the betrayers of the British people in our midst. This has come about as a consequence of the war because the system of social control which they have now imposed on us figured on the hidden agenda of their war from the start.

Speaking on VE Day itself, May 8, 1995, Prime Minister Major declared “…we must build a world of open minds, or individual freedom …” (Daily Telegraph May 9, 1995). This hypocritical liar knows full well that his falsely titled “Conservative Party”, far from being concerned to conserve our freedom of expression or any other significant part of our national heritage, is engaged and has been engaged along with the other parties of renegades in whittling away and desecrating that heritage.

Way back in 1965 Jewish Home Secretary Frank Soskice of the Labour Party brought in a Race Relations Act containing the first step in the suppression of British patriotism. It then became an imprisonable offence to utter anything which could be construed to be an insult or threat or abuse regarding racial aliens in our midst, capable of causing what could be made out to be “racial hatred” against such intruders.

Another Race Relations Act in 1976 continued the attack on free speech, while also making it an offence in a wide field of life to discriminate in favour of our own kind in our own country.

Another Jewish Home Secretary, Leon Brittan of the Conservative Party, brought in a new Public Order Act in 1986 as a further step in the reduction of freedom, making it an offence even to possess prohibited literature, if it could be made out that the possessor might pass it on to others.

Yet another new law, the 1994 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act sponsored by the Conservatives, has brought in (Section 155) the power to arrest anyone seen distributing anything looking like racial literature. The great value of an arrest is that it automatically carries with it the power to search the person’s home and inspect and seize that person’s property, taking it away for further examination whether any of it and whatever part of it is ultimately selected as “evidence”; confiscating in the process all the literature which might seem to have racial content.

A future Labour government is set to extend suppression substantially. Shadow Home Secretary Jack Straw, a self-identified Jew (Jewish Chronicle, June 3, 1994), has promised the Jewish Board of Deputies that Labour will strengthen laws against “racism” and speed up prosecution of “extremist groups inciting racial hatred.”

The Thought Police

The position we have now reached, as “victory” cheers ring in our ears, is that a police force nominally British has been suborned to serve an invasion by racial aliens brought about by the despicable renegades running Britain to ruin. This enforcement force of alien occupation can heavily harass and intimidate by the overhanging threat of all this legislative power, and can severely persecute by its exercise. With or without arresting someone beforehand, the police force of alien control can raid his home (pre-war “the Englishman’s castle”), ransack it from top to bottom, look into all his affairs in a complete invasion of privacy, take away anything and everything interesting them, and at the very least greatly embarrass and conceivably much deter the citizen, if not prepare the way for his appearance in court and his sojourn in gaol. Such is the price today of real patriotism in contrast to the few pence expended in the pretended patriotism of waving paper or cotton Union Jacks in commemoration of a “victory” resulting in freedom’s defeat.

This writer has had recent and personal experience of what this “Victory” has brought in the way of denial of freedom. He has had his home violated by the thought police acting on the signal of Jewish M.P. Gerald Kaufman. He has had 7 of these mercenaries spending 3 hours searching everywhere from the fridge to the waste bin, and in the outcome packing a police van with items, almost all of them of no conceivable relevance to any conceivable offence, property only regained many months later after the case collapsed on judicial review, despite having been sanctioned by the country’s top law officer.

Lady Jane Birdwood, along with many others, has had similar experience of the denial of freedom which “Victory” in a war supposedly for its defence has brought. The judge in her 1991 trial, also in her 1994 trial and also in her 1995 appeal has on each occasion declared that the truth of statements is no defence to charges of “racial hatred.” So war on truth is now waged under the auspices of “victory.” Lady Birdwood has also recently experienced another of the fruits of that “Victory”, having in her eighties joined the large and growing band of Britons “mugged” by Blacks.

The Police under Jewish Home Secretary Howard, and the judges under Jewish Lord Chief Justice Taylor are now receiving “racial awareness” training to ensure that they are adequately imbued with the “political correctness” of favouring the racial alien at the expense of the native Briton. At the same time the native Briton who dares to discriminate on racial grounds when selling his house, thus failing to comply with the code of conditions laid down by the racial aliens of the dictatorial Commission for Racial Equality, an enemy overseer of commerce and industry, faces a fine and possible imprisonment and a claim for compensation of up to £10,000 for “injured feelings” by some racial alien.

Should you have “injured feelings” about this monstrous Coloured Invasion, and entertain the notion of, say, holding a meeting in London’s Trafalgar Square to protest about it, forget about it. This venue has been denied to radical, racial patriots ever since the National Socialist Movement’s rally there in 1962; though ever since any and every Afro-Asian and anti-nationalist cause under the sun has been able readily to obtain the necessary governmental permission. This particular exclusion is but one notable example of the multitude of methods and occasions used to supplement the repressive legislation by denying the facilities of freedom, without which facilities its invocation is a hollow and hypocritical husk of rhetoric. Halls for indoor meetings and locations for outdoor events are systematically denied.

While Aryans become demoted and deprived in the Britain of “victory”, non-Aryans enjoy privileges and exemptions, preferences and priorities. The “Talmud” is venerated by Jews as their holy book of the laws of life. It contains some most abominable defamation of non-Jews which most certainly puts it in the category of “hate literature”, and the writer of this article has on this score made formal complaint to the relevant authorities about its distribution as an offence under the Public Order Act of 1986. However, those authorities have explicitly refused to act, whereas, if this writer had said similar things about Jews, he would undoubtedly be gaoled under that legislation. We thus have a dichotomy of in effect one law for the Jews and a much different one for their opponents, resulting from the difference between official disregard in the one case and official enforcement in the other.

A second example of dual standards, elevating racial aliens above the law affecting true-born Britons, occurs in respect of the legislation we very rightly have stipulating humane conditions in the slaughter of animals for food, including the requirement under Section 36 of the Slaughterhouses Act of 1974 of pre-stunning before artery cutting. Very wrongly in that same Section an exemption is given to Jews and Moslems in their ritual slaughter of animals for their own food. Thereby Jews, who claim that it is a requirement of their religion, and thus a higher law than ours, that they kill animals by cutting their throats and allowing them to bleed to death, are allowed to do so. Not only that. The Jews also make it a matter of their religion to reject as unfit for their consumption the rear portions of the poor creatures so slaughtered, and to relegate those rear portions for consumption by Aryans. They are allowed to do so without any labeling to let the Aryans know they are consuming meat from animals the Jews have ritually slaughtered, and furthermore despite the fact that the exemption from pre-stunning is supposed to be confined to slaughter for their consumption only. Thus, as a matter of a Jewish victory, we have foisted on our people without their knowledge meat the Jews discard, produced by a method of slaughter our people are prohibited from practising themselves.

This disgusting discrimination continues despite, this summer, a report by the National Farmers’ Union and a booklet by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals both condemning the exemption allowed to Jews and Moslems from the law applying to Aryan Britons; following a report in 1985 by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, an investigative body appointed by the government, recommending the prohibition of ritual slaughter by Jews and Moslems. To conclude the point, we have it from none other than the Jewish Chief Rabbi (Daily Telegraph, July 14, 1990) that “One of the first pieces of legislation introduced by the Nazis in Germany in 1933 was the prohibition of the Jewish method of slaughter, because the Nazis said they cared deeply about animals.”

Jews Seek Even Tighter Gag

The Jewish community, as a self-conceived elite with special warranty, is still not satisfied with the advanced stage of suppression of criticism resulting from victory. Eldred Tabachnik QC is one of its many members crowding the legal profession and striving to ensure that our laws are completely kosher, meaning in accordance with Jewish requirements. As current President of the Jewish Board of Deputies, he is vociferously heading the wolfpack in his community which is continually clamouring for more and yet more suppression of unfavourable mention of that community; continually lobbying ministers and others for this gross mischief against our nation.

He wants the latest Public Order Act extended beyond a matter of contended “threat” or “abuse” or “insult”, so that for conviction and punishment it is only necessary to show that a speech or writing just might, hypothetically, cause “ill-will, hostility, prejudice or contempt”. That just about covers anything and everything uncomplimentary to the specially protected species. At the same time, as a second string to his anti-British bow, he is campaigning for a new law of “group defamation” to provide even further immunity from free speech.

Concomitant agitation comes from his community for higher penalties for the existing Public Order Act and for all offences where it can be made out that some racial motivation lurks. Some Jews even want gatherings of racial patriots in private homes to be subjected to censorship, if not entirely banned; and some want all organizations for racial patriotism, such as the British National Party, to be made illegal. This interminable, intumescent and insatiable lust for the suppression of our freedom in the aftermath of a war fought with their benefit in mind occurs in a community which happens to consist of the most practising racists in the world, and which in terms of the still extant law of expulsion of 1290 ranks in Britain today as one of illegal immigrants.

The full flavour of racial hate fueling this onslaught on our freedom, which is more in peril today in 1995 than ever before, came from Jewish Chronicle columnist Tony Mallerman, April 28, 1995, on the brink of the VE commemoration; “There are about 5,000 paid-up anti-Semites in the UK, according to a special report on Radio 4’s Today programme. – These are the animals for whom there should be no rights.” If this writer said the same or similar of Jews, Mr. Attorney General, do please tell us just how long it would be before you moved and sanctioned his prosecution. But then Mr. Mallerman’s “Talmud” calls all non-Jews “cattle”, and that from your abstention from action is evidently permissible. So maybe, eventually, this hateful Mr. Mallerman will be found advocating the ritual slaughter of anti-Semites as well, without pre-stunning, while you stand by undisturbed by such progression from demanded deprivation of liberty to demanded deprivation of life.

With people like Kaufmann, Tabachnik and Mallerman around and active, the wartime poster exhorting us to rise up and defend our imperiled freedom has a cogency now which it rightly never had when it appeared, and when the beholders would never have believed that in the wake of victory Britain would end up with its freedom so diminished and so further threatened as it is now. This writer, for one, is resolved come what may to respond today to that wartime poster in what is now a real fight for our race and nation against a real enemy of British freedom. If that real enemy wants to come banging on his door to take him away and silence him, he can here promise that enemy in advance that in his seventies, with not so much of life left to be spoiled by those who have well nigh ruined his country in his lifetime, he will give them a fight to the finish.

When tyrants in the garb of Democracy take away your freedom, they take away with it all obligation to conform to their illegitimate, anti-Aryan laws, and make rebellion not only a right but a duty. The ongoing drive within the Jewish community and the ranks of its non-Jewish adherents to deprive us of the very freedom they told us to fight for, when it suited them over 50 years ago, constitutes Public Mischief on the grandest scale conceivable in terms of the ancient offence of this name. Of this crime against the nation this writer here accuses all those engaged in it, holding that they should be so charged and arraigned. He calls on the Attorney General and Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute Eldred Tabachnik, President of the Jewish Board of Deputies and thereby head of the Jewish community, as a principal maker of Public Mischief.

Other Signs of “Victory”

Other illusions of a victory leading to a better Britain can speedily be dispelled by one, long, hard look at life in the Britain of today where our cities have become cesspools of corruption, crime, vice, graft, deformity and decadence, refuting any notion of fighting and winning for morality and decency.

Illustrative of this perversion of freedom is the press report that “Glasgow is Europe’s drug capital, with more injecting addicts per head of the population than any other city on the Continent. An estimated 10,000 intravenous drug abusers…” (Independent, December 1, 1994). The UK as a whole is reputed to have at least 100,000 heroin addicts. Predictably, the weak elements who proliferate in the vacuous, self-indulgent society which is Democracy turn to drugs in their dissatisfaction with life, the resort to narcotics as an escape being the indication of a mortally sick system and diseased way of life.

In this gay land of victory, wherein revels the likes of Tiggy Legge-Bourke in her Union Jack shorts, the very month of the VE festivities found the Daily Telegraph with the typifying headline “Police Advertise for Gay Recruits”. This was followed the very next month by the news of a parade of 140,000 homosexuals in London’s Victoria Park with one of the leaders of these queers jubilating that “London is becoming the gay centre of the world”. How queer indeed have been the consequences of “victory”!

What of safety in the Britain of today which in 1939 reckoned to go to war for security from Hitler? The Daily Telegraph over 8 years ago reported that “Some parts of London and other major cities have become too dangerous for milkmen, postmen, rent-collectors, maintenance men, police and emergency services to work without special precautions.” Our old folk, who were beguiled into fighting Hitler for their safety, are now terrified to go out because of “muggings” which in London in the first half of 1995 reached the record level of 20,000, and which even the race-mixing Metropolitan Police Commissioner has had just recently to admit are in his area the virtual monopoly of Blacks.

What of ensuring through victory the safeguard of our children and thereby the future of our nation? A few minutes outside any school at finishing time will provide proof of defeat in this purported cause. Out they come as a multiracial rabble, clad in their slovenly jeans, waddling along in their ungainly “trainers,” stuffing crisps and other eatable junk into themselves, washed down with cans of Coca-Cola which they afterwards deposit on the pavement with other litter. Homewards they wend their way to luxuriate before the household deity, the television set, absorbing by the hour its infernal blend of entertainment and indoctrination.

Predominantly fat and flabby, devoid of idealism and discipline, this lost generation from “victory” and its far-reaching contradiction is coached in its deplorable condition by a mob of race-mixing, largely Marxist teachers of decadence totally unfit to have anything to do with the upbringing of youth. In the folklore of old evil spirits were liable to invade and possess unguarded infants. In present times the evil spirits are to be found placed in charge of our children in school, and their entertainment out of school. What a contrast to youth care in Hitler’s Germany!

What about war and victory for Britain’s preservation from alien ideology? Whereas Hitler’s Germany fought communism at home and abroad in defence of its people’s freedom, Britain, after aligning herself with communism during the war, has proceeded in the aftermath of victory to absorb a kind of creeping communism. This has been manifest in such as measures against “racism”, “sexism”, “homophobia” and “élitism”, measures commonly congregated under the designation of “political correctness” as a euphemism for this outreach of the Marxist pestilence, lethal to Aryan freedom in all its forms.

What of protecting by the war and victory our industry and trade from German competition? Well, our overlords of victory have by now abandoned great parts of our industry and trade to foreign and especially Asian competition. National-Socialism, in contrast, would never have allowed such abandonment of the means of national freedom.

If the dupes of 1939-1945 were excusable, considering what they were then told and were then able to see, the revellers of 1995, with all they have seen since, and all that is apparent now, must be deemed inexcusable, blind buffoons, cavorting in the twilight on the corpse of our greatness.

As Siemion Serafinowicz is set up for show trial as a war criminal, Gothic Ripples answers in advance this projected spectacle of propaganda with the exposure and denunciation in this and succeeding parts of its World War II series of our own supreme war criminals. These are the makers of war who drove Britain into disastrous conflict with Germany, sending the servicemen of Britain, stuffed with lies, to fight their German brothers and destroy their National-Socialist achievements for the sake of the decrepit Britain they have brought about; and by virtue of which peacetime havoc they are also peace criminals supreme. These are the people we should have fought in 1939-1945, and it is they, the enemy within, and their whole system of national and racial ruin on which we must now declare war, total war.

The Song of Victory

Victory they call it
As Coloureds roam the street,
Daily demonstrating
The White man’s defeat.

We were saved from Hitler,
The brainwashed fools proclaim,
Taking racial mixture
As their peacetime aim.

Six million Jews were slaughtered,
Survivors now all say,
Coming from extinction
To tell their tale today.

Thank goodness for Democracy,
All the benefit it’s brought,
To push your Tesco trolley
Full of guaranteed good thought.

If Hitler had succeeded,
This would not have been allowed.
Ours would be a White man’s land,
Strong, upright and unbowed.

So sing a song for victory
And the freedom we now find.
Hebrew Howard is our censor,
While the media moulds the mind.

It won’t be long before we
Are full purged of racial hate,
As multiracial zombies
Of the kosher New World State.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, November 1995

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