The People of Thule

Lee Norris


I was thinking last night before I went to sleep – just what went wrong with the People of Thule? And the answer came in just three words: We got over-civilized.

Back in the days when we were striding along the rim of the world – (those were the days when the world was flat, you know) and threatening to push anybody off that got in our way, we never questioned our Destiny. Our Destiny was to rule, of course. Those miserable little beetles that scurried around under foot thought of nothing but collecting MONEY, disgusting creatures. They lived in a world completely foreign to us. Their methods were devious; their instincts were cruel. Their laws were not our laws. The lusts behind their curling lips and mocking eyes were sly and obscene.

Oh yes, we people of Thule, we were individualists. We had our well defended castles, and we defied the outside world, and woe to him who dared to bridge that moat or lower that portcullis. We were handy with the mace, the battle axe and the saber. We preferred fighting to eating, though we indulged liberally in both. Money was useful to make war with, and therefore, the sneaking, sniveling, handrubbing little beetles served their purpose, though the money often had to be extracted by unorthodox means.

But we had two fatal qualities: curiosity and idealism. We itched to know what made things work and discovered that those firey bolts the gods hurled at us from the heavens were ELECTRICITY, useful in countless ways.

We couldnt resist exploring the unknown, so we became explorers as well as inventors. And with our drive, our courage, our ability to organize and rule, we became Masters of the whole known world. And at last the universe opened out to us and beckoned us into the infinite.

And as we ruled, we found that the creative gift was strong in us, not only in science and invention, but in the higher arts of a great civilization: painting, music, drama, literature and poetry.

And the beetles continued to burrow under our feet, and went their secret ways and made their secret plans.

We flourished. We grew rich. Our basic qualities of idealism, chivalry, tolerance, and fair play, expressed themselves in government and law, and for the first time in the history of mankind, the individual could reach his full potential regardless of who or what he was.

But our lives were changing rapidly. We had discovered the exhilaration of developing industries, flinging railroads across a continent, establishing trade routes and manufacturing the products of our fertile minds. Cities grew and flourished and claimed our young people who traded life on the farms and ranches for what they called the “real world”. In this, too, we were expressing our inborn creative urge, the joy of taming nature, of turning her precious wealth into gadgets that made life easier. It was a frenzy of invention and development, in which wealth multiplied and MONEY became increasingly important.

But the beetles burrowed deeper and watched their ancient enemies with sly and knowing smiles. For they saw their prey weakening and they knew how easy it was to appeal to the baser instincts of man. They hated the People of Thule with a black and bitter passion, because they craved for themselves the possession of the very qualities that made those fair-haired, blue-eyed people what they were.

They also knew how to manipulate and control through the gold that they spent their time amassing and hoarding. And they said, “We will buy the things they read, the newspapers, magazines and books. They shall read nothing but our propaganda. We shall use the television to brainwash them into mental zombies. We will bribe the politicians and rulers to do our bidding. We will find other ways to convince those who resist. We will corrupt their government and judicial systems and produce financial chaos. We will foment revolutions and wars, all in the name of Democracy.

We will flood their schools with unteachables of the lesser breeds. We will poison their religion with doubt and false values.

We will encourage intermarriage with blacks, coloureds and alien races and produce a degenerate, mongrelized population, a slave people unable to think for themselves. Liberalism will become their ruling passion, not only of the masses but of the intelligentsia.

We will use their so-called virtues of tolerance and fair play to contribute to their own downfall. Our final triumph will be to herd them like cattle into the “protective custody” of a Totalitarian World Government, owned and controlled by us.”

And so it transpired. We, the People of Thule, woke up one day to realize that something was very wrong, that we were prisoners in a debased system, economic slaves in our own country. We saw that our creative gifts had atrophied. Our music was discordant noise, our painting and sculpture the celebration of the ugly and our literature stank of pornography. And we, the People of Thule, saw clearly at last that those whose warnings we had not heeded, had been right. And we asked our God for forgiveness, and we rose in our wrath and smote those beetles. We stamped them into the ground, and used their carcasses for fertilizer, and thus we cleansed ourselves of them FOREVER.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could happen like that, my friends?

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, November 1996

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