Speech to Aryan Nations Youth Conference, Hayden Lake, Idaho, April 1995

David & Katja Lane


Hello. For those of you who don’t already know me, I am Mrs. David Lane. My friends call me Katja. If you thought David married himself a Hillary Rodham Clinton, well, I am not. This talk was written by David for me to address you here today, you the brave young people who are our hope for the future.

For the veterans of AN conferences, I brought along this .357 revolver, for old time sake. Some of you may recall how fiery mad David can get, and in 1982 threw a .357 down on this lectern to make a point. I am not a preacher, and I am not a speaker. I am a wife and a mother… but I don’t want that fact to make David’s message for you today any less powerful.

In case any of you are not aware of it, my husband, David Lane, is a member of the Order of the Brüder Schweigen, who in the early 80’s were so effective in the resistance that they were targeted for extinction by ZOG. As a result, nine of our finest White warriors have all spent the last ten years in ZOG’s dungeons, including David.

David and I exchanged holy vows on October ninth last year. I have five children from a previous marriage, who love their new dad as dearly as David loves them.

My father was born Notley Maddox. He was a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force and was shot down by enemy fire over North Vietnam in 1967. Despite evidence that he did not die in the crash, the criminal regime in Washington has yet to give an account of his fate that squares with what appear to be the facts. At any rate, I have been an MIA daughter for 28 years.

I have been a supporter of our holy cause for about 20 years. I have suffered for David and for all the brüder these past ten years for their sacrifice. Shortly after our marriage we began an enterprise known as 14 WORD PRESS, which is dedicated to the principle now well-known in those 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” Through 14 WORD PRESS we also disseminate the political and religious philosophy of my husband.

I would naturally prefer, almost beyond words, that David were free from the Gulags of ZOG and here to speak to you himself. But in these strange times a woman must fill roles which we don’t normally perform or covet. But, of course, she will do as her man requests. David told me he wanted me to come here today on his behalf, and as usual, I responded with an exaggerated “Yes, Dear!”

David has sent the following thoughts and asked me to share them with you today.

First, we would like to thank our host, Pastor Butler. As many of you know, Pastor Butler is one of the few who has not betrayed the memory of our kinsmen who fought so valiantly against this genocidal tyranny in Europe a half century ago. A movement that betrays the memory of its heroes are doomed, as is a race that does not honor the memory of those who fought for racial survival. It is a shame and disgrace to its adherents and will never succeed. Which brings me to the first topic I’d like to address.

Over a decade ago I began to write that our struggle would have a generation gap. That is now evidenced and I would like to show why. It really boils down to just two reasons. One is emotional attachment to an executioner’ institution, and the other is financial attachment to the executioner’s institutions.

It is almost impossible to talk to a generation who were teenagers during the 1950’s and 60’s, like my wife and me. While the selfsame communities in which they grew up, attended proms, walked the streets in safety and enjoyed civilized life are now jungles where no White person can safely walk. They cling to a dream world of the past. Their religion and their government told them that every race is exactly the same and their minds simply refuse to accept that their gods were false. Undoubtedly, much is just human nature. Nobody wants to admit to his own children that he was ignorant and criminally negligent. It reminds me of the Germans who were executed by America after the second World War for running a death camp at Dachau. Even ZOG now admits that Dachau was no death camp. But, the GI’s who told war tales about the existence of gas chambers at Dachau still tell the stories, because once a war story is told, a man must either hold on to it or admit that he is a liar. Of course, it is far too late to bring justice for the innocent Germans whom America executed.

Nature’s laws deny inter-specie and inter-racial compassion. The wolf does not feed the coyote, or the coyote feed the fox. In fact, the stronger drives the weaker out of the territorial imperative needed for survival of his own breed. Yet the Judeo-Christian teaches that, “Black or Yellow, Red or White, all are precious in his sight”. And the Judeo-Christian preacher does not want to hear that that denies natural law and is suicidal. If Jesus loves every rainbow creature, then there is no good reason for your White daughter not to love and produce some more rainbow creatures for Jesus to love. If other races are in your churches, they will soon be in your bedrooms. It is as inevitable over time as the rising sun. So the Judeo-Christian preacher counterattacks with ever louder choruses of “Believe and have faith!”, which are the staples of tyrannical priestcraft and statecraft. He cannot survive as a deceiver when people understand HOW to think and no longer listen to those who teach WHAT to think.

So, my friends, you can, by and large, forget much support from that generation which has emotional attachments to the executioner’s institutions. To be sure, there are a few exceptions. Bob Mathews would have been over 40 now, if he had survived. Your host cares about a future for White children. The Brüder Schweigen sacrificed all for your future. But, unfortunately, the number motivated by causes greater than self interest are few and far between. Your generation, the generation that has been dispossessed, will largely have to fight the oncoming battle by yourselves.

The treason and deception practiced by those with financial interests in our executioner’s institutions is at least as dangerous, for men “believe” what they perceive as beneficial to themselves. And that is exactly what they choose to do, “believe”. No more destructive concept has ever been devised than “belief”. It is the exact antithesis of fact and reason. Frenchmen, Germans, Americans, Catholics, Protestants and a hundred other religious and political divisions have slaughtered each other by the hundreds of millions over the last seventeen centuries, because each had been taught to “believe” a different, totally irrational, fairy tale. The essential and logical basis for any religion has to be that the Creator is the Author of Nature and Nature’s laws. Therefore, Nature’s laws are God’s laws. And the first and highest law of Nature is self-evidently the preservation of one’s own kind. If your religion or holy book runs counter to the evidence of the Creator’s own work, then your religion or holy book is false. Books are written by men, but Nature’s laws were written by the Creator, no matter what your perceptions of God may be. In their natural state, every specie breeds true. Lions do not breed with tigers, or the fox with the coyote, even though they can, because nature gives each the instinct to preserve its own kind.

What has been called the “Right Wing” has not only been largely run by our enemies over the decades past, but there has been deliberate attempt to mix it with the “White Wing”. The two are not compatible. The so-called right wing conservatives know all about color, every color but White, that is. Conservatives like black and red, for example. Once I spoke to a group of Nebraska farmers who called themselves “conservatives”. I asked them, “Is there a man in Nebraska who wouldn’t strip his own White daughter naked and give her to the fastest Black running back in the land in exchange for one more touchdown for Nebraska’s Big Red football team?” In reality they do worse. They send their daughters to Nebraska U. to be programmed with Jewish propaganda and to be seduced by the glamour of dating the Black running backs. Yes, they love black and red.

But, green is their favorite color, as in the kosher green of Greenspan’s Federal Reserve Notes. I once asked a conservative real estate broker why he committed race treason by selling homes to Blacks in White neighborhoods. Didn’t he know the Black boys would soon be with White girls? He answered, “A Black man’s money is just as green as another’s.” The relationship of kosher green and Negro black is the life blood of a conservative. Yes, they love green and black. Did you ever listen to conservatives cry about bilingual education? A conservative obviously hates cultural barriers. He wants the entire 3rd world to learn English so they can take White men’s jobs, chase White women and become “good Americans”. There is only one way to place a conservative in the proper position in the planetary hierarchy and to discern his true color. Feed him to an African cannibal and transform him into Zulu doo-doo. A conservative will give his son to Michael Jackson, his daughter to O.J. Simpson and his ass to Uncle Samuel Hymie Fudgepacker for just a few more Federal Reserve Notes. We will get no help from conservatives.

The Right Wing has been largely run, sometimes secretly and sometimes openly, by retired military officers. Despite lukewarm statements for racial life from a few of them, they are by and large our worst enemies. Let’s get one thing straight, “nothing but countries exclusively our own will ensure our racial survival.” This is the last thing a retired ZOG military officer wants. Those of us who have stood for the life of our people and been reduced to minimum wage jobs would find the retirement checks of these folks beyond our dreams. But, when we create the territorial imperatives necessary for the survival of our people, their privileged lifestyle comes to an end. Now, I won’t say that every single Right Winger has deliberately thought this out. But, that is the bottom line why we have been led around in circles. It is, also, why we hear the never-ending character assassination against those Germanic heroes who fought so desperately for the life of our kind a little over 50 years ago. It is far more satisfying to imagine oneself a hero and present oneself that way to friends and others, than to admit you fought to destroy your own kind. Do these Right Wingers tell you that the population of Germany was 1/l0th that of the British, French, American and Soviet empires? Do they tell you that the Germanic peoples of Central Europe defended our race against Mongols and Moors, or our kind would long ago have ceased to exist! Do they tell you that England and France declared war on Germany first? Do they tell you that the British, French, American and Soviet empires had over 140 times the land area of Germany, and probably thousands of times the natural resources? Do they tell you that Eisenhower mass murdered a million German prisoners of war after the war was over, or about the mass murders of Dresden and Hamburg? Do they tell you that America’s colored troops have been doing the same thing to the gene pool of Europe that they did in towns close to military bases all over America?

Hardly. How, then, could they strut about the VFW halls, swill their booze and brag about what heroes they were when they slaughtered the Krauts. And the last thing they will tell you is how they obtained the favors of starving German girls after the war for candy bars. And they will continue with their hypocrisy and their murder of our race as long as they live, because they profit, both in financial ways and false esteem. Expect no help from that generation. While American military and police exterminate our race, while American military and police murder men, women and children here and abroad, as per Waco, Ainsworth, Kahl, Mathews, Kirk, Weavers, and on, and on and on, these treasonous self-serving Devils will forever use terms like Gestapo, Nazi and Stormtrooper as examples of tyranny, just EXACTLY as their Jewish masters dictate. May all the plagues and curses of all history come upon them.

It is going to be up to a younger generation to accomplish the 14 WORDS. We all know that breaking through the media curtain and reaching large numbers of our young people is absolutely necessary. That’s why it is good to have a youth conference. I am overjoyed at the success we are seeing with the White Power bands. I must confess that I don’t understand the phenomenon, since my preference runs to Wagner and Tchaikovsky, but the musical enjoyment of us dinosaurs is of no importance. White Rock seems to reach and unify our Young folk, and that is the first good news in decades. Besides, I remember as a young man how the older generation of that time condemned the first rock music. Every generation, it seems, evolves its own cultural phenomena, and every specie adapts as necessary for survival. So, congratulations are in order for those who are successfully using White Noise. This generation, which must now stand alone against overwhelming odds, is going to develop methods to bypass the controlled jewsmedia that will surprise us all, because it is necessary and because, after all, we are Aryans. Here in prison, I watch in fascination as this new phase of the never-ending cycle unfolds. But, I would suggest that this time around, the score must be permanently settled with our ancient foe.                                                                                                      

I remain yours for the 14,
David Lane

FOCUS FOURTEEN is a free subscription to the supporters of 14 WORD PRESS. If you have the good fortune to be reading this pamphlet and you have not made a contribution to 14 WORLD PRESS, then your dues have been paid by another. If you support the holy cause of the 14 WORDS, please consider supporting this volunteer effort to make 14 WORDS the sacred battle cry of the remaining White world. (Katja Lane can be reached c/o 14 WORD PRESS, Route 1, Box 268K, St. Maries ID 83861)

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, January 1996

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