A Battle Plan

Let’s get serious

N.B. Forrest

battle plan

Clearly the American Majority is under a concerted assault by the liberal-minority coalition. The entire gaggle is guided by Jews in strategic positions in government, the legal system, the media and elsewhere. Although each group has an agenda with subtle differences that distinguish it from the others, they all have one common goal: Weaken the American Majority in preparation for its complete dispossession.

Until now the Majority has fought back in the manner of a giant swatting at millions of biting ants or stinging bees. It writhes, turns, but never deals a lethal blow at any one enemy. Always, every day, it grows weaker and more distracted. It is the death of a thousand cuts.

Every conscious Majority member knows that we have the strength to utterly crush any number of our swarthy foes. Indeed, it is partly the contempt we feel for the Untermenschen in our midst that has prevented us from developing an effective plan for dealing with them. Our own rank-splitters are always in there pitching, wringing their hands and crying piteously for the little brown brothers, moaning about our “guilt” and what we should be doing for them and how terrible it is for us to think of our interests.

I sign my articles with the name of one of the most brilliant cavalry generals the Confederacy produced, Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The key to his amazing success in the War Between the States was careful planning. We would do well to carry on the tradition.

Let us analyze our situation as if we were in a shooting war against an alliance of enemies. Our strategic position is one of overwhelming strength compared to that of our enemies. In absolute numbers we can roll over them any time we choose. Further, we still have at least theoretical control of our territory, our military forces and our civil administration. Our most dedicated enemies are literally the dregs of humanity. We have the financial resources for a war and we need fear no external intervention. Why, then, are we getting our tails kicked!

The answers are relatively simple. First, we have allowed the enemy to take the initiative. Second, we have allowed our enemies to form an unwieldy and unnatural alliance and have made no real effort to split up that alliance. Third, we have tolerated treason, weakness and ranksplitting among our own people. Unfortunately most of our people do not even understand that we are in a mortal struggle. Others have only a vague and imperfect understanding of the conflict. Fourth, we have actually allowed a few of the most dynamic and dangerous of our foes to insinuate themselves into our camp.

How do we regain the initiative, destroy the enemy alliance, clean up our own act and give the boot to the non-whites and Jews who have crept into our tent!

The first step is to declare openly, loudly and without hairsplitting our identity as a separate ethnic unity. Pointedly excluded must be all obvious non-whites and any “near white, questionable cases” who put the interests of their own ethnic group ahead of ours. While one test of a white man is in his face, a better test is in his heart. I have known Tex-Mex gents who are better “white men” than any upper-crust New York liberal lawyer who ever walked the unswept streets of Zoo City. As for Jews, it goes without saying that they simply cannot be trusted, no matter what their personal qualities. The race pull is too strong.

The second urgent step is to destroy the lib-min alliance. This may be easier than we think. Many of the so-called “minority leaders” speak for nobody but themselves. So-called Hispanics are the most notorious examples. Most “Hispanic leaders” are resentful mestizo loudmouths. All of their supporters could be crowbarred into a telephone booth. Middle-class white Latins are especially eager to avoid being lumped in with Puerto Rican mulattos and Mexican peons. As for many of the other minority groups, they often consist of no more than one “leader” and a mailing list. The numbers of almost all of these groups are likely to be grossly exaggerated for political purposes.

Enter the blacks. This is the one indisputably genuine minority group in the U.S., a looming threat to the future health of the Republic, not to mention its current health. If we do nothing about all the others, this group must be dealt with and fast. If we fail, we will have written our death warrant.

I recognize the blacks as the only legitimate, historical ethnic minority in the U.S. As a Southerner, I am perhaps more aware of this group than some of our Northern readers. They can pretend the blacks are invaders from outer space who dropped in on the industrial cities of the North just a few decades ago. We Southerners know better. It is essential that the blacks, or at least a substantial number of them, be separated from the lib-min coalition. The blacks give the lib/mins their fraudulent air of moral superiority. Entice any significant chunk of the blacks from that coalition and the whole structure will collapse.

But how to do it! And is it worth the cost! Well, it will not be done by offering any Jack Kemp “free enterprise zones,” or any other tacky, half-baked gimmick ginned up by some Beltway Bandit consultant. As for the cost, I would say that regaining our country would be cheap at any price. After all, once we are in the saddle you can bet that there will be massive expropriations of ill-gotten wealth. That will help defray at least some of the costs.

Let us start from one firm principle. No sweet talk and no double talk with the blacks. They will not be fooled and any serious discussion with them is beneath our dignity. We must lay the cards on the table. We are not haters or race-baiters, but we are determined to preserve our nation, white America, Majority America. That is a point that will not be negotiated. We are willing to work with the blacks, provide support and make an honest effort to develop a workable plan that will allow us to either live together, with us running the show but protecting their rights, or to live separately. There are plenty of blacks who might respond to a serious, straightforward deal, as long as they are pretty sure we will win in the end in any case. We must make that clear from the start. We must let them understand that we will stop at nothing to ensure the survival of our people. That is a message that must penetrate the thickest skulls.

It goes without saying that the instant that an Instaurationist government is in charge there will be no further miscegenation sexual, cultural or political between blacks and whites. Those whites who do not like this will be forced to leave.

The third essential point is the cleansing of our own ranks. Our most dangerous enemies have white faces and names like Smith and Jones. They are the ones who support affirmative action and race-mixing because that is the easy path to take. We must deal with these vermin with pitiless severity. The thinning-out process has already started, albeit in mild form. Outright liberals are becoming hard to find outside of Massachusetts. But this is not enough. As the Majority movement picks up steam, we must begin to target these shameless creatures relentlessly. When they speak up at a school board meeting, they must be shouted down. They must be made unwelcome in churches, clubs and sport leagues. You wouldn’t invite a child molester to your house for a barbeque, so why stay on friendly terms with a man or woman who is working to wreck your country and your race, and in so doing leave your children without a future! If these backsliders repent and get with the program, fine. With rare exceptions, all can be and should be forgiven. In the meantime they must be made odious in the eyes of their neighbors.

The fourth point, but maybe the most important, is the rooting out of Jewish influence. No easy task, but one which must be accomplished if we are to win the war. How to do it! Well, stop reading Jewish-controlled magazines and newspapers, watching Jewish-confected TV and movies. Pretty tough assignment, right? That is why they call war hell, folks. Believe it or not, there are some non-Jewish movies, magazines and books. Go out of your way to look for them.

After your mind has started to clear, look around you. Start drawing away from those Jews who have influence over your life. Nothing nasty or rude, just cut off contacts. This, repeated millions of times, would soon reduce them to parasites without a host.

One person can’t write the grand plan that will turn the tide. This is the job of millions upon millions of people, talking, lending books and magazines, slowly bringing people around to our way of thinking, taking risks, standing up for what we believe in, living life like it should be lived, every minute full of meaning. Let’s hear from others out there. Time is awasting.

From Instauration, July 1996,
published by Howard Allen Enterprises,
PO Box 76, Cape Canaveral FL 32920.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, October 1996

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