The Inquisitorial Church

Jarah B. Crawford

christian torture

It may be true that Christianity and the Church no longer exterminate “heretics,” that savage priests no longer hate heretics with every drop of their bestial blood; that these infamous priests and ministers no longer exercise their frenzied joy of leaping upon the helpless victims of their rage; no longer crush their bones in iron boots; tear their quivering flesh with iron hooks; cut off their lips and eyelids; pull out their nails; tear out their tongues; extinguish their eyes; stretch them out on racks; flay them alive; crucify them upside down; burn them at the stake; mock their cries and groans; rob their widows and children; then, pray to God to finish this holy work in hell.

The Inquisition is no longer with us. But only the savagery has been removed. The Christian hatred remains in tact, veiled only by the pious hypocrisy of their insane religion.

In 1829, the Reverend Robert Taylor was twice imprisoned for writing the great scholarly work, The Diegesis. Today, thinking, intelligent, honest intellectual people who see through the fraud and insanity of this Christian monstrosity are still made the enemies of Christianity and the Church.

Those dwindling numbers still in Christianity remain infected by their religion and the cursed Bible with its savage God who teaches in every book of his “Holy Word” to hate the “unbeliever.” The worst crime in the universe is to be an unbeliever. The Church still persecutes anyone, Christian or otherwise, who questions a doctrine, or who looks with honesty at the terrible threat to liberty practiced by those retaining the scar of savagery of the Inquisition.

This insane religion practices the love of its enemy the murderer, the homosexual, the thief, the sex deviate, the wifebeater, the politician, the government, the communist, the Jew. All is forgiven with love, for even the thief on the cross was forgiven. But the unbeliever remains the hated enemy to be scorned, thrown out of the family, dealt with the residual of the Inquisition which remains in every Church, in every heart of every Christian.

Do you not wonder what would happen if just one of these Christians would sit down with one of these unbelievers, these infidels, and hear what he has to say, to listen to some questions of concern and common sense? But the very real possibility of getting an honest Christian to sit down to listen, to learn, just never happens. I could not get a hearing in Bible College. I pleaded for an audience before the pope of the Assemblies of God, G. Raymond Carlson. He lied his way out of it!! My older daughter is a Bible College graduate and the wife of a Christian and Missionary Alliance minister. I have seen her once in 19 years. I believe she is insane. My younger daughter is a born again, pentecostal, devout church goer. There is no way in hell that these two daughters would sit down for a family reunion, much less for a discussion of Christianity, though I have the college degree in Bible and Theology and they are the Christians.

Do you not wonder why these Christians are deathly afraid of discussion? Is it their shallow knowledge of what the Bible actually says that provides the great insecurity of discussion? Is it their greatest fear that they could not answer simple, logical questions without compromising their blind faith? Is it their loss to explain the savagery of the Bible and of Christendom? Are they so imprisoned by their blind, unquestioning faith that they fear the liberty of honest free thought? Is it their God they fear, or is it their fear of Truth? How can their God oppose Truth? Why does Christianity refuse to enter the Laboratory of Truth?

We the unbelievers, the infidels, are hiding from nothing. We seek Truth!!!!! The Laboratory of Truth is our work shop. We are at liberty to study the ruinous effects Christianity has on our loved ones, our nation, and the world. We reject the superstitious, the counting of beads, all the practices and beliefs manufactured by the minds of ignorant priests and theologians whose selfish purpose was to enroll the slaves into the Church and the slaves’ substance into the Church coffers. It is the same today, mingled with the threatening superstition of heaven or hell.

How can any religion, or any Christian, be so utterly dishonest and corrupt as to refuse the use of one’s mind in discussion of itself? Truly, this Christian religion portrays itself as totally a fraud by its very refusal of discussion. Add to this the honest investigation of Christianity, and this religion would disappear as the dew on a summer morning.

The only hope for the survival of Christianity is that its adherents remain ignorant, superstitious, still ingrained with the residue of the Inquisition, and segregated from the thinking, writing, honest people allowed to use their brains in the discovery of Truth. Truth is the greatest enemy of Christianity, that one enemy which cannot be loved and forgiven. If Truth treated Christianity as Christianity treats Truth, it would be Christianity’s turn to be burned at the stake.

This short exhortation has not attempted to touch the many centuries of stagnation and rot created by Christianity. Just let me open this door by pointing out that Christianity is very substantially the same in 1995 America as it was in 1600 Europe. Please compare science and inventions of 1995 to science and inventions of 1600. The contrast is amazing! Your children no longer die of Small Pox. Spanning the Atlantic in six hours. There are men on the moon. Allow me to suggest that if Christianity had followed the progress of science, indeed, we would have the Heaven on Earth today that Christians only hope for in the never-never land of eternity. Does this singular crime of Christianity against humanity and our beloved planet not deserve the most ignominious death possible? Its death would wash away the residuum of the Inquisition. Fathers, mothers, children, relatives, neighbors and friends could relate to one another without the suffocation, misfortune and calamity of a religion born in the evil hearts and minds of madmen to bring control and subservience to mankind.

Christianity is the greatest spiritual, physical, social and economic plague ever to disease our Earth.

As more people come to see the Church for the fraud it is, we can hope that it is destroyed forever, allowing mankind to be led by honest, scrupulous, good men through the progress of human dignity to a truly righteous destiny.

If there is a life on some other plane after our physical death, it will be according to Law established long before Christianity and its savage God invented heaven and hell. When I take my last breath, it will not be the damned Church which decides my fate. Indeed, it is the Christian who should worry about his fate, for surely he is doomed for the hell he wanted to put me in.

Now, Christian, take this to your preacher and let him console you.

Knoxville, Tennessee February 8, 1995

INQUISITORIAL: a trial in which one party acts as both prosecutor and judge. (The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition, 1992.)

PREACHER: 1. One who preaches, especially one who publicly proclaims the gospel for an occupation. 2. Alaska. A fallen tree or log submerged in a river and creating a hazard for boats. (The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition, 1992.)

Adolf Hitler is known as a madman who worked for the betterment of the White Race. Compared to Christian priests, Christian Inquisitions, the Christian Bible and Christian believers, Mr. Hitler was a hallowed saint. How glorious had he prevailed over Christianity.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, January 1996

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