Oligopoly (rule by a wealthy few)

Major D.V. Clerkin


The Jewish Money Power killed President Abraham Lincoln for two reasons: (1) Lincoln issued and spent into circulation $450 million in “Greenbacks,” U.S. Notes upon which no interest was exacted; (2) Lincoln had proposed repatriating the freed blacks to Africa and the northern coast of South America. Both policies threatened the plans of the Jewish Money Power. “Greenbacks” were inimical to the Engine of Debt, and blacks were required to demoralize the independent White American Staatsvolk by reducing white wages and increasing demands via the ballot for more government.

There is a myth circulating that Capitalism thrives on the least government possible to maintain law and order. But Capitalism loves a monopoly. A monopoly must have a powerful government to protect its interests. Consequently, the natural union is between a business monopoly and big government, the definition of an Oligopoly.

The Oligopoly operates through the Freemasonic Lodge, which includes the B’nai B’rith, founded in 1843 as a Jewish arm of Freemasonry. B’nai B’rith’s Anti-Defamation League is the strike force over the governments of the Western world. Originally the Oligopoly was staffed by American monopolists and Plutocrats. That was before the turn of the twentieth century. Slowly, via the Rothschild fortune abroad and its tentacles in America, the Jewish Money Power came to control the Oligopoly; by insinuations into government and the profession of law, by control of university departments, and by propaganda initiatives from the press, Hollywood, and radio/television, the Oligopoly took on an alien Jewish flavor. Notice the changes in the last fifty years in advertising, once wholesome, now sleazy, and entertainments, where foul language and gratuitous sex and violence are now commonplace.

All large corporations are now multinational. No production job in the United States is secure. At the same time that the Oligopoly exports jobs, it opens the Border to unlimited Third World immigration. This further depresses wages and forms massive non-white voting blocs for the political party that promises unlimited access to the pockets of white workers through welfare. Look at the stink raised by both liberals and neoconservatives when a timorous Republican dared to advocate both welfare reform and a cutoff of welfare benefits to immigrants, not to forget the absolute Jewish howl over the proposed Constitutional Amendment denying automatic citizenship to children born to illegal aliens here.

Both political parties are tools of the Oligopoly. Republicrat “Big Tent” policies insure that Aryans have no commanding voice in that party. The Demicans are unabashedly Marxist. In both parties the Jews are Sacred Cows and Israel must take precedence. Ross Perot is a billionaire owner of a multinational corporation, a Texan who does not mind that the Rio Grande is no barrier to the Mexican invasion. All political roads in the U.S.A lead to the feet of the Colossus, the Oligopoly adorned in a coat of Federal Reserve Notes, and armed with a club with which to beat taxes out of the productive white race,

We Aryans are considered tax farm (the 16th Amendment, which empowered the IRS to collect taxes on incomes, the purpose of which is to fuel the Engine of Debt created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) and cannon fodder when the Jewish Money Power decides that Aryans must die in a war or two which profits the Chosen. But the Engine of Debt is running out of fuel. And the worthless Third World trash are eating up resources and the value of white work faster than Bill Clinton can raise your taxes. The Border remains porous, and as the continent darkens demands for government programs and services increase. Jobs continue to flow overseas via NAFTA and GATT, and fewer white workers each year are required to pay more taxes of all types.

Is this not reality in America today? Yet whites continue to mumble about “our government,” “my country,” and the other fantasies that keep whites in subjection to the Oligopoly. The main problem the white race faces is its own inability to face the fact that – in the words of Wilmot Robertson – we have indeed become “The Dispossessed Majority.” The Oligopoly may think that we are all stupid cattle – Goyim – though all we really have to do to dispel that image is forswear allegiance to the System. This act alone would hasten the demise of the Oligopoly. America died a long time ago. The Aryan race on the North American continent does not have to go quietly. One lesson we must learn: nothing goes backward in history. No form of government once destroyed is ever restored. If we Aryans want to survive what is coming, we ought to be thinking about the Future, not the Past. Leave the Past to the short-wave “patriots,” who prate about restoring the conditions of 1776. They cannot envision anything beyond the worn-out nostrums taught to them as children. All there is for us is Tomorrow, and as the Oligopoly dies, we Aryans breathe new life.


I am reading THE INTERNATIONAL JEW again, a series of four volumes first published in the Dearborn Independent newspaper in the early 1920s. Henry Ford controlled the Dearborn Independent. These books are astounding in their depth of critique of the Jews, explaining how the Jewish Money Power came into being, and further describing the methods used by the Jews to become prominent in many fields that once were dominated by Aryans. Give the Jews this much credit, as Henry Ford did in these articles, they are as a race intelligent and industrious in their struggle to gain the power over us they have been able to amass. Ford describes how the Jews are never satisfied to merely work in a profession or industry. They must come to own or dominate the firm. Jews stick together. When first they came to North America, they did not come as individuals as the Aryans did, or even as nuclear families; no, the Jews came as representatives of the Jewish Kehilla – the Mishpawkha. Once established here, the money of Jewish investors flowed into the Jewish firms from abroad. Little Jews who worked in clothing sewing rooms never complained when the Oberjuden worked them long hours for small wages. They planned to set up their own sewing rooms. Aryans believe in “fair play.” Jews believe in Money. In business the latter cannot be competed against. But Henry Ford said that Gentiles were becoming Jewish in their business methods, which is seen today as the “American way of doing business.” THE INTERNATIONAL JEW is the best introduction into the Jewish Question or Problem ever written and published. Every man and woman in this Movement should read these books, which though published more than seventy years ago, are just as timely as the day they were written. Order from Liberty Bell Publications, Box 21, Reedy, WV 25270. Order No. 09004, $40.00 plus $6.00 in postage. [Four Volumes]

From The Talon, September 1996,
published by Euro-American Alliance,
Box 21776, Milwaukee WI 53221

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, October 1996

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