Afrocentric “Education”

Major D.V. Clerkin


To teach that men have wings and can fly sounds ridiculous to the average white person, but this sort of nonsense is what might be expected of a race of people that never developed a wheel, a sail, an incline plane, a pulley, or a written language. Before you laugh it off, the Milwaukee Schools have black immersion courses which teach just this mythology as FACT. The ancient Egyptians, the story goes, were all black – and they could fly – they were equipped with wings. The Pyramids were built by these flying black Egyptians, the huge blocks of stone lifted up and into place by teams of flying spooks.

Then along came the Europeans from Greece, and seeing the elegant flying spooks, became envious; consequently, the white men shot the flying spooks down with arrows. On top of that, the evil white men proceeded to steal all the knowledge from the black Egyptians concerning the ability to erect a civilization, enslaving them in the process. Where was this knowledge stored? Why of course in the Library of Alexandria. Now the Library of Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great, who lived from 356 B.C. to 323 B.C. So the Library of Alexandria in northern Egypt had to be built after the death of Alexander the Great. After all, it was built in a city named after Alexander, and Alexandria could not have existed before 356 B.C. and in fact was established in 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great himself. Remember now that the Afrocentrics claim that the Greeks stole all the knowledge of black Egypt from the Library of Alexandria, though the first Greek philosopher / scientist was Thales of Miletusin Asia Minor, who died circa 546 B.C. There was Anaximander of the Miletus school and Anaximenes, a younger associate of Anaximander; there was the School of Pythagoras; Heraclitus the Ephesian; Parmenides, Zeno and Empedocles; Anaxagoras and the Atomists. All of these aforementioned WHITE, ARYAN philosophers and scientists were known as Cosmologists because their interest lay in the study of the Cosmos, the earth, what it is made of and they lived and died centuries before the erection of the Library of Alexandria. The Sophists, the pre-Socratic philosophers, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, all lived and died before the founding of the Library of Alexandria.

Here is what Frederick Cop1eston, S.J. says in his A HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, Vol. I, Greece and Rome [The Newman Press, Westminster, Maryland, 1963], pages 14-15: “…the question may be raised whether or not Greek philosophy was due to Oriental influences, whether, for instance, it was borrowed from Babylon or Egypt.” This view has been maintained, but has had to be abandoned. The Greek philosophers and writers knew nothing of it – even Herodotus, who was so eager to run his pet theory as to the Egyptian origins of Greek religion and civilization – and the Oriental-origin theory is due mainly to Alexandrian writers, from whom it was taken over by Christian apologists. The Egyptians of Hellenistic times (the late Classical Age – Editor), for instance, interpreted their myths according to the ideas of Greek philosophy, and then asserted that their myths were the origin of the Greek philosophy. But this is simply an instance of allegorising on the part of the Alexandrians; it has no more objective value than the Jewish notion that Plato drew his wisdom from the Old Testament… That the Egyptians had a philosophy to communicate has never been shown, and it is out of the question to suppose that Greek philosophy came from India or from China.”

So we have it on authority that not only was Greek science and philosophy not borrowed or stolen from the Egyptians, but not stolen from anyone else as well. The fact of history concerning ancient Egypt is that there were Egyptians and their slaves, a sub-Saharan Negroid people whom the Romans identified as the Nubians. The ancient Egyptians were an Hamitic people, sun-bronzed but not black. Egypt today is somewhat black because of miscegenation over the centuries, especially since the rise of Islam, a faith which does not stress race. But it is certain that the people who designed and built the Pyramids were not a black people.

Afrocentrics claim that Cleopatra was a black woman. Also Hannibal [who was a Carthaginian, thus a descendant of the Semitic Phoenicians] is claimed by the Afrocentrics to have been black. Cleopatra was a Ptolemy, a descendant of the Macedonian general whom Alexander the Great left in charge of Egypt. As an Egyptian royal, the line of Cleopatra would not have been permitted to mix with Nubian slaves. Both Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius had affairs with Cleopatra, Caesar giving her a son, Caesarion, and inviting her to come to Rome with their son [which angered the Roman Senate, fearing that Caesar if made a king would have Cleopatra as his queen]; and Antonius fought at her side against Octavian at Actium in 31 B.C. for control of the entire Roman world. Would either of these two foremost men of Rome have risked so much for a colored girl? As for Hannibal, well, there are extant busts of this Carthaginian general sculpted by the Romans at the time of his threat to the Roman state. Certainly Hannibal was no black man. The Egyptians from the Old Kingdom and the building of the Pyramids to the time of Cleopatra were definitely not a Negroid people. No Negroid people anywhere in the world has ever accomplished anything beyond bare racial survival, and in Africa there is nothing below the Sahara Desert denoting any sort of civilization until the coming of either the Arabs or the Europeans later. Yet the Afrocentrics teach black children that once upon a time they could fly. We Aryan racialists, as mean as we are supposed to be, would not ever teach anyone fairy tales as facts. A few months ago I talked over the telephone with a high school class in Ohio. During the symposium a young girl of mixed race challenged me to prove that the prominent men of the ancient world were not all black. I said that we have statues and busts of Caesar, Augustus, Cicero, Cato, Demosthenes, Plato, Aristotle and Socrates; we know what they looked like. Her response to this was ‘Oh, those statues are probably faked!’ Why? I asked her. ‘Because the racists of those times did not want the black people to know their own greatness. Who told you these things? I responded. ‘My church teaches us history lessons in Sunday School.’ The black race is still childlike. It will believe whatever promotes itself, no matter how illogical.

My purpose in doing this article is twofold, (1) to teach a history lesson to young Aryans who have never been taught the history of the world; and (2) to warn young Aryans that mixing with these childlike blacks is a path toward the destruction of the white race and all it has conceived, all it will ever accomplish. Even the best of the blacks are not fit to consort with, for they can only be what they are and have been, a backward race without a history of their own, forced to steal the history of the white man and proclaim such idiocies as their birthright. I would imagine that some black crackheads come to believe in their stupors that indeed they have wings and can fly.

Reprinted from The Talon, January 1997, published by Euro-American Alliance, P.O. Box 21776, Milwaukee WI 53221.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, March 1997

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