The History of American National Socialism

Martin Kerr



Part I: 1924-1936

Introduction •  The Movement’s Beginnings: Teutonia •  Heinz Spanknoebel and Gau-USA • Friends Of The New Germany

Part II: 1936-1941

German-American Bund • The Bund’s 1936 Trip to Germany • What Hitler and the NSDAP Wanted from German-Americans • The Madison Square Garden Rally • Bund Ideology and Outreach • Decline and End of the Bund • Other National Socialist and Pro-NS Groups

Part III: Critical Assessment of the Pre-War Movement

Strategic Overview • The Moral Failings of Spanknoebel and Kuhn • A Chink in Our Armor • Tactical Successes • August Klapprott’s Critique • Summing Up

Part IV: 1942-1945 (The War Years)

The Persecution of the Bund • Operations “Pastorius” and “Elster” • The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 • The National Worker’s League • The Citizens Protective League • Other Movements

Part V: The Pre-Rockwell Years (1946-1958)

Introduction • The Columbians • National Renaissance Party • United White Party/National States Rights Party • The Advent of George Lincoln Rockwell

Part VI: The Rockwell Years (1959-1967)

“The Rockwell Years” • Getting Started • Rockwell’s Strategic Plan • Phase One Operations • Proof of Concept: The Advent of William Pierce • Development of N.S. Theory under Rockwell • World Union of National Socialists • The Precedent of Mass Action in Chicago • Rockwell’s Final Year and the Transition to “Phase Two” • “Black Friday”: August 25, 1967 • The Carto Connection • Other Groups • Summing Up the Sixties

Part VII: The National Socialist White People’s Party (1967-1982)

Transition and Survival • Koehl as a Leader • The NSWPP in the 1970’s • Theoretical Development • The World Union of National Socialists • Decline of the NSWPP • Transition to the New Order • Summing Up the NSWPP

Part VIII: The National Alliance and Smaller Organizations (1970-1985)

William Pierce and the National Youth Alliance • The National Alliance • National Socialist Party of America • NSDAP/AO • National Socialist Movement and the National Socialist White Workers Party • National Socialist Liberation Front • National Socialist League

SOURCE: The New Order

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