What It Will Take to Save the White Race From Extinction

Gerhard Hauptmann

Media Club Circle of Jews

Amid the oceans of Jewish anti-Nazi/anti-German propaganda vitriol and the just plain poor programming of Jewish-controlled television, there occasionally will appear a show of thinly disguised fiction that will approximate the hidden truth and reality, One such show currently running is called ‘Prey” (ABC, Thursday, 9 PM Eastern) and the plot of the show is that a superior species of humans has arisen and dwells among us in great numbers and in secrecy, as they appear the same as us externally, but they are all engaged secretly in genocidal warfare against all of us normal humans. The show gets its name from the fact that these superior “humans” or super humans consider normal humans to be their prey. The show tonight ended with the words “There can never be coexistence!” In other words: it is a genocidal race war to the death and extinction of one race or the other. Only a Jew could have thought up such a plot as this, and he couldn’t have if he didn’t have the real thing to use as a model. All of this is a true picture of reality, and the only disguised part is that it is the Jews who consider themselves to be the superior species of super humans. The genocidal race war to the extinction of one race or the other actually does exist, declared upon the Caucasian race by the entire Jewish race. If that were not bad enough, the Jews also use the other races to help them in their genocidal destruction of the Caucasian race. All of this is neither theory nor opinion, but rather, documented fact supported by an abundance of documentation, for anyone willing to investigate the evidence.

For well over two thousand years, the entire Jewish race has worked unceasingly toward its two-pronged goal of total world conquest and rule and total genocide against the Caucasian race. The Jew’s world conquest and domination over the entire planet is virtually complete for all intents and purposes, and all of the Caucasian nations lie in defeat under the jackboot control of the Jews, their masses brainwashed and manipulated to the Jewish will and their morale and fighting spirit broken and subdued, just waiting for the executioner’s final axe to fall across their necks. Due to absolute Jewish control over all major means of communication, most Caucasians don’t even realize that their nation has fallen under Jewish control. Most Americans don’t even know that their so-called “Federal Reserve Bank System” is privately owned exclusively by Jews and that the Jews receive every bit of all currency ever issued by the U. S. Treasury free of charge except for the printing cost and that the Jews then loan that money back to our federal government for both principle and a high interest rate and that it is through this criminal procedure that our national debt of unrepayable proportions has become “owed” to the Jews and that federal bankruptcy of our nation was the Jewish purpose all along. With this bottomless pit of taxpayers’ money at their disposal, the Jews have bought up everything of value in America, especially all of our industry and production facilities. Whether we know it or not, our very livelihood is in the hands of the Jews.

As if the theft of the national treasury was not enough money to use against us, the Jews have established for themselves a monopoly in the illicit drug trade, using our legal system, our police, and even our armed forces to eliminate their competition, thereby keeping their illicit drug profits astronomically high. With these two windfall operations and many more not enumerated, the Jews have had plenty of money with which to bribe all of our politicians, and Jewish control over all of the major media has meant that no politician can resist the will of the Jews and survive in the political arena. The result is that the Jews have gained absolute control over our government. Democracy is dead and nothing but a sham, and the truth of the matter is that we live under the tyrannical dictatorship of the conquering Jews. The Jews allow us to delude ourselves into believing that we are still self-governing, while they get together the few last things that they need to hold absolute power over us. One of those things is to get our nuclear weapons and military forces under their control in the Jewish-controlled United Nations. The other thing is to confiscate all of the firearms out of the hands of the American public. When these things are done, America, the last bastion of hope for freedom and the Caucasian race, will fall completely to Jewish tyranny.

At this juncture, seeing how fully the Jewish race has come to dominate our race and our country and all of the other races and countries, it is easy to see how the Jews could come to view themselves as a race of super humans superior to all other humans, and indeed they are so in this one respect of dominating others. The new episode of “Prey” ran tonight on television and the superior species was officially named as “Homo Dominace” which was quite apropos to both the show and to reality. However, on the show the major news media is used to warn the public about the existence of “the new species,” but in reality the Jews own and control all of the major news media and no such warnings are allowed. Another discrepancy is that the group resisting the superior species on the show get the full cooperation of the public of normal humans, while in reality the Jews have used their control over the media to brainwash the public of Caucasian humans against listening to anyone who speaks against the Jews. The people on the show freak out to learn that there are one hundred thousand of “the new species” among us, but in reality there are more than twenty million Jews either already in America or invading our shores through prejudicial immigration. Another strange and out-of-place correlation on the show is that the race war of species is depicted as being between Caucasians and a superior species which looks exactly like Caucasian, which is indeed the case in reality.

Although the contrary is the case on the television show, resistance to “Homo Dominace” in the real world is quite pathetic, revealing our true inferior nature in such matters, which just happen to be the most important of all matters, like: survival of the species. Although there are a goodly number of resisters out there who work hard at publishing newspapers and magazines and newsletters and pamphlets and flyers and sell books on the subject, this surface-scratching micro-media work falls woefully short of the substantial amount of news coverage needed to reach a significant percentage of the public to allow us to have a fair chance against our tyrannical adversary. Something much more drastic and dynamic is required to even the “playing’’ field. Our biggest problem is one of mass-communications. That is the pivotal point. We either have to find our way around this problem or find a way of breaking down their doors and taking our major media back from them and using it against them, as they have done to us. There may be one easy way around this problem. A whispering campaign. Word of mouth is a much more powerful weapon, potentially, than anyone ever imagined. If people would take it seriously enough and were motivated enough to apply themselves diligently and energetically to the task, we already have enough strategically placed people in the know about the Jewish conspiracy to get the word about it to every American, if our patriotic publications would just help out and get the news of the plan to their own readers. But if we can’t get this simple job done, there will be no other option than for armed patriots to commandeer television stations and broadcast the news about the Jewish conspiracy for as long as they can hold their positions. Some computer genius or electronic specialist might find a way to overlay television and radio signals with signals of our own, or a band of mobile high-powered radio broadcast units in large cities might reach a lot of people with our message, but that seems to be the least likely of prospective events.

The purpose of our efforts to obtain some form of mass communication is to inform the public of the existence of our “Homo Dominace” enemies and their conspiracy against us, and then the goal is to remove the hands of the enemy from the levers of control in this country. If we have to remove their cold, dead fingers from those levers and drag them off feet first with a bullet hole between their eyes, so be it. If we have to kill every last one of them to stop this and make sure that it never happens again, then it simply must be done. We must find the courage to do it. After all, it was them who declared a race war to the death upon our race. We are only responding, as we simply must respond. Anyway, that is what is required of us if we are to avoid genocide, racial extinction and permanent loss of all of our rights and freedoms. If we do not have the stomach for the battle, then we are all doomed to the fate prepared for us at the hands of our mortal enemies. Such cowardice would make us deserving of our fate. But even if some miracle should happen and we should even wipe every last Jew of the face of planet, ending that threat forever, we would still have major racial problems to overcome. To insure our racial integrity, we would have to force all other races back to their homelands, then take our military and force all Hispanics to the south past Panama. That is what it would take to win this war.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, September 1998

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