Nazi Questions and Answers

A.V. Schaerffenberg

Nazi Q A

Publishers Foreword

              This series of articles entitled “Nazi Questions and Answers” originally appeared in the NSDAP/AO’s English-language newspaper over a period of several years. In 2008 it was published as a printed book and in 2016 as an ebook.

Gerhard Lauck
March 2016


              The Great Miracle of Adolf Hitler’s Revolution was its virtually instant transformation of a politically corrupt, culturally decadent, economically gutted, spiritually depleted Germany. He was only able to effect this extreme make-over in so short a time because the previous fourteen years had been dedicated to vigorously training a cadre of leaders deeply imbued with National Socialism.

              By the time he was appointed Chancellor on 30 January 1933, the Fuehrer had surrounded himself with like-minded comrades who knew exactly what they wanted and how to implement their goals as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Thanks to careful ideological preparation, the former Weimar Republic bore as much resemblance to the new Third Reich as does a rat pack to a pride of lions. That such a swift, universal change could have taken place in the same land within literally a few months after the Seizure of Power was chiefly attributable to Hitler’s world-view, which he so successfully imparted to his active followers.

              As his 21st Century activists, we choose those parallels from the past still valid in moving our Idea forward. A firm grounding in its inspiring tenets is no less imperative for us, if we wish to bring the sacred Swastika banner ever closer to victory. Without a heartfelt grasp of this ideology, we can neither achieve power, nor hold on to it, because the Aryan Revolution lies in our world-view. The more its uplifting necessity touches fellow White men and women, the greater our strength.

              This booklet is a small step in that direction. It simply and succinctly addresses some questions and issues most often directed at us by brain-washed, if well-meaning persons. Responses are neither dogmatic nor doctrinaire, but generated by what Heinrich Himmler called, “thinking with the blood.” In other words, the racial well-being of our people is the primary focus from which our ideology springs. The National Socialist approaches everything with the question, “Is this good or bad for my race?”, and draws the proper conclusion from his initial reaction. If we can grasp that attitude, the rationale behind this booklet becomes instantly crystal-clear.

              We National Socialists have an immense legacy of exciting thought, from Mein Kampf to the dozens of Third Reich Era pamphlets so wonderfully republished by the NSDAP-AO. The purpose of Nazi Questions & Answers is to build on this literary bedrock, and provide an updating of our Idea for modern readers. It was written less for a general audience than aimed at fortifying the ideological abilities of fellow National Socialists, particularly new comrades.

              May they find in these pages not only answers to important problems each one of us must confront, but a means to advance our Philosophy of Life!

Nazi Questions and Answers

by A.V. Schaerffenberg

              What is Nazism?

              It is a contraction of “National Socialism”, a world ideology, whose central tenet is the preservation of the White-Aryan Race.

              The struggle for our racial permanence is the most important ever undertaken by mankind, because it is nothing less than a life-or-death fight for our existence. National Socialists believe the Western World can only survive as a white civilization, because only the White Race is capable of creating civilized society. Yet, their first loyalty belongs to White men and women throughout the world, regardless where they may reside. Our race – not a specific piece of geography, and certainly no government – is our nation.

              As the British National Socialist martyr, William Joyce, put it so succinctly, “If you love your Aryan nation, you are a nationalist. If you love your White society, you are a socialist. Be a National Socialist!

              What do you mean by the word Aryan?

              An “Aryan” is a White person of European, non-Jewish descent. We owe our supreme loyalty to our Aryan family, because everything we are, as individuals and as members of a civilized society, we have inherited from our race. The dissolution of Western Civilization is in direct proportion to its infection by non-Aryans.

              Why do you use the Swastika?

              It is the hallmark of the White-Aryan Race. That was why Adolf Hitler chose it as the emblem of his Aryan ideology. Earliest examples have been found in the Caucasus Mountains of Central Asia, where the “Caucasian” peoples dwelt more than 10,000 years ago. It has since been used by ancient Greeks, Romans, Vikings and every Aryan people from early in their history, because all of them belonged to the same race it originally symbolized.

              In the ancient Aryan language, Sanskrit, “Swastika” means “the good luck sign”, and was associated with light. It is fitting, then, that it continues to exemplify the National Socialist worldview of racial enlightenment.

              Do the colors of the Swastika flag mean anything?

              The black Swastika represents the soil of our homelands – those territories where Aryan men and women have connected with the Earth through generations of toil, and impacted it with their unique culture.

              The white disk stands for our mission – eternal preservation of our people’s racial integrity.

              The red field simultaneously signifies the revolutionary character of our National Socialist Movement and the sacrifices made on its behalf – past, present and future.

              Why would anyone want a Nazi dictatorship?

              National Socialism is a racial, not a political idea in the ordinary sense. It holds that the value of any government is determined primarily by its ability to preserve its Aryan citizens against racial and cultural decay.

              Adolf Hitler was voted into office and subsequently achieved power through the overwhelmingly popular support of the German people. Their own traditions demanded that he rule in a particular fashion. For the Germans, his military-style government was in keeping with their traditions of Bismarck or Frederick the Great. The British feel most comfortable with their parliamentary heritage, and the United States was conceived as a Constitutional Republic. All peoples must be free to determine the type of government which best reflects their unique national character and social issues, which vary from land to land. A “one-size-fits-all democracy” is nothing more than a propaganda ruse to veil the real agendas of tyrants posing as elected representatives.

              The goal of the National Socialist Revolution is not to overturn these various governmental forms, but to purge them of all their anti-Aryan elements, and re-direct them to the fundamental purpose each shares in common; namely, the protection and preservation of the Aryan Race. The dissolution of Western Civilization is in direct proportion to its infection by non-Aryans. Government is, therefore, a means to an end – a shield over a people’s continued existence. As Adolf Hitler said, “regimes come and go. Race endures.”

              You call yourselves Socialists. Does that mean you want a state-run economy?

              National Socialists believe in free enterprise and the rights of private property, not government intervention, save only to ensure fair play between capital and labor. We oppose capitalists, because they abuse their power by stifling competition and achieve economic domination at the expense of workers and consumers alike. After the Soviet Union fell, financial wizards, known as oligarchies, typified capitalism. While they became rich, like Jew billionaire, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian people were reduced to squalor.

              In removing the twin evils of capitalist exploitation and communist manipulation, Adolf Hitler allowed the German economy to blossom, while the outside world still wallowed in Depression. The economic miracle he achieved was the chief cause of World War Two, which became inevitable the moment he based the value of money on the productivity of the German worker. When he became Chancellor, Germany was suddenly freed from the international bankers who controlled every other industrial nation, and threatened to destroy their network of worldwide profit through example: As other, non-German peoples began to follow Hitler’s lead, the wealthy wire-pullers were in jeopardy of becoming extinct.

              To save themselves, their newspaper and film industries churned out propaganda to inflame worldwide public opinion against Hitler, while their hired politicians, like Churchill and Roosevelt, schemed for a war that would annihilate competition from the Third Reich. Capitalists have always used their public mouth-pieces and political puppets to stir up artificial patriotism among the uncritical masses of Gentiles, who must pay in money and blood for foreign wars of economic aggression, such as the U.S. invasion of Iraq to steal that country’s rich oil supplies.

              National Socialists are less interested in controlling economic life than in liberating all the inherent creative energies of our people, giving them free reign to manage their own business affairs, and seek out the high potential of their natural productivity.

              Dont you believe in religious freedom?

              In our ranks, devout Christians march side by side with critical atheists, or nature-worshiping pagans with indifferent agnostics. All of them, united in their determination to create a racially united society, respect each other’s fundamental right to seek God, or not to seek him, according to one’s own personal beliefs. We value spiritual freedom as the antidote to religious strife that has claimed millions of lives in stupid wars.

              National Socialists follow America’s Founding Fathers in their mutually respectful separation of Church and State, and according to the words of Jesus himself, who urged his followers to “pay homage to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

              Why do you hate the Jews?

              For the last several thousand years, in every land on Earth, up to the present moment, Jews survive by stealing the wealth of productive peoples. At the same time, the Jews understand that they consistently run the risk of being unmasked as the parasites they are, so long as their host population still has enough racial instinct to recognize its own exploitation. Hence, the Jewish promotion of miscegenation at every level of White society, because a mixed people is no longer capable of understanding what is happening to it.

              The more racially polluted a victimized people becomes, the less it is able to produce, and the greater its social disarray, until civilization utterly collapses in chaos. History is littered with dozens of examples, from ancient Egypt and Rome to modern times. America and the West have already entered into this historical cycle of decline, but may break free only if enough White-Aryans wake up to the Jews before conditions become irreversible.

              What about the six million Jews murdered by Hitler?

              Ask the average Gentile American how many Jews died in World War Two, and he will readily respond, “six million”. Ask him how many Americans or Christians fell in that conflict, and he will not be able to answer. Nor is he sure how many Americans were killed during the Vietnam War, much less the Civil War or War for Independence. Yet, he is quite sure that “six million innocent Jews were murdered by the Nazis”.

              The “Dead Six million” is a propaganda myth invented even before the Second World War, and since used to psychologically condition Aryans against “anti-Semitism” in general and National Socialism in particular. Interestingly, Gentiles who finally realize Jewry’s unsurpassed criminality are often disappointed to discover that the alleged “Holocaust” never took place.

              David Irving, the British historian arrested by Austrian government officers for denying the Holocaust, claims now Hitlers liquidation of six million Jews took place after all. Having learned the error of his ways, how can you continue to believe that the German Nazis never engaged in a deliberate plan to exterminate Gods Chosen People?

              In the early 1600s, an Italian astronomer proved that the Earth orbits the Sun. While taken for granted today (save perhaps by certain African tribes and Evangelical Christians), Galileo Galilei’s observation was condemned as the most heinous crime, because the authorities of his day insisted that the entire universe revolved around themselves. When brought to trial, the scientist declared that it would be “a terrible detriment for the very souls of people if they found themselves convinced by proof of something that it was made a sin to believe.”

              But his judges were unmoved. They condemned Galilei’s book as “false and erroneous” before destroying all copies, instructed him to henceforward neither “hold nor defend” all blasphemous nonsense about the Sun or Earth, and enjoined him from “teaching or discussing these ideas in any way.” Faced with “perpetual imprisonment”, the ailing old man “abjured, cursed and detested” his unpopular findings. Having thus recanted the truth under duress, his sentence was commuted to house arrest. He died a prisoner in his own home, unable to share his paradigm-shattering discovery with the outside world. Galileo’s forced denial did not prevent the Earth from orbiting the Sun anymore than Irving’s recantation killed six million Jews. Although separated by 400 years, both men shared a common fate, because their discoveries struck at the Big Lie upon which the respective tyrannies of their times stood. Their books were destroyed, their findings condemned as the most offensive heresy, and either man was imprisoned for saying what he believed.

              Their common fate makes it difficult to tell the difference between a 17th Century Inquisition and 21st Century democracy. As Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of American National Socialism, was fond of pointing out, “Under phony ‘democracies’ where freedom of expression is supposedly allowed, you are allowed to criticize anyone except the tyrants actually in power. In Cuba, you have freedom to criticize anyone except Castro. In China, you have freedom to criticize anyone except the Communists. In the West, you have freedom to criticize anyone except the Jews. That should show you who and what are the real masters of modern society!”

              Acknowledgment of Galileo’s conclusions would have utterly destroyed the very premise upon which his accusers based their political power. Acknowledgment of Irving’s conclusions would no less destroy the very premise upon which today’s tyrants base their political power. With no “Holocaust”, the many billions of dollars in bogus “reparations” bilked from the German people to prop up the parasitic, antagonistic state of Israel would no longer be justified. With no “Holocaust”, the Jews would be exposed as the greatest liars of all time. With no “Holocaust”, their high moral ground against all forms of criticism and exposure would be forever lost. With no “Holocaust”, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism can no longer be portrayed as the most wicked man and phenomenon of all time, leaving the door open to a positive reassessment of the man and his work for emulation. With no “Holocaust”, all those teachers, historians, preachers, authors, moviemakers, politicians, and judges who have based their careers on it for more than sixty years would be shown up as the biggest fools and liars in history.

              This understood, the similarly harsh treatment meted out to Galileo Galilei and David Irving becomes comprehensible. Moreover, Irving, like Galileo, is a scientist, not a National Socialist. He, too, is an old man threatened with a heavy sentence even a younger man would find challenging. As such, he is not expected to defy his judges, as Hermann Goering or Julius Streicher did at Nuremberg, although they, too, were condemned for telling the truth about the Jews.

              Like them and his Italian predecessor, Irving’s plight shines a spotlight on the mean-spirited, remorseless Jewocracy that runs the world far brighter than any book he could ever hope to write.

              Whats your Final Solution of the Jewish Question, then?

              As used to be said of the Devil, “the power of Satan is that people do not believe in him.” The same is true of the Jew. His power lies primarily in the failure of White Americans to recognize him. They have been skillfully and incessantly propagandized by every level of public information into accepting the Jews only as a “Chosen People” of the bible, persecuted for their pious religious faith. But the role of professional victim is the disguise behind which the Jew sucks the life-blood – economically and racially – of our people. Unmasking his real role in the poisoning of White Civilization is the most effective means of deflating his power. The evil he perpetuates against us must whither away in the harsh light of exposure.

              How can you solve the race problem?

              We advocate the removal of all non-Aryans from White Civilization by every means necessary. National Socialists do not believe in domestic segregation, but total geographical separation. It stands to reason that racial prejudice, bigotry and violence can only exist in multi-racial societies. There can be no racial injustice in an all-White nation. In the future, only members of our race may be citizens of our country. All others must be excluded.

              Sending the Negroes back to their African homeland is a traditional alternative.

              Repatriated blacks resulted in the West African state of Liberia during the 19th Century, and more than nine million them petitioned Congress for the funds necessary to return to the Dark Continent in the early 20th Century. If many millions of White Americans could have been sent overseas to slaughter their European brothers on behalf of International Jewry in World War Two, then the repatriation of as many blacks under peacetime conditions is no less feasible. If American technology can put White men into outer space, it can certainly return negroes to Africa.

              But the blacks are only part of the Western World’s acute racial dilemma. Every Aryan nation must be racially disinfected until our civilization is entirely restored to its White inhabitants. The first and most important step in that direction is to arouse the will of our people on behalf of their own self-preservation as an Aryan race.

              What would life be like in an all-White America?

              A relative paradise! Black and Hispanic areas overflowing with violent crime and putrid squalor would vanish. Americans would actually be able to walk without fear anywhere for the first time in more than fifty years. Murders, rapes and armed robberies would fall off to almost nothing. The urban garbage dumps into which our cities and towns have been transformed by hordes of black and brown sub-humans would be replaced by clean, safe neighborhoods. Gone the gangs, the pimps, the dope peddlers, the muggers. Gone the vandals, the diseased street walkers, the rappers, the hold-up men. Ridding ourselves of all non-Whites is synonymous with removing fear and filth from American society. White people would cease being victims in their own country.

              Education, today dragged down by dim-witted racial inferiors, would unchain the learning potential of our students, who would cease being terrorized at integrated schools. Their psychological conditioning to adopt the repellent “cultures” of Africa or Latin America – to regard themselves as no better than the lowest Hottentot – would come to a screeching halt.

              Epidemics such as AIDS, which was introduced from Africa during our nation’s bicentennial, would be extirpated. If only because of their characteristic lack of personal hygiene, non-Whites are infected with innumerable diseases. Hence, our people invariably runs the risk of contamination through contact with racial undesirables.

              Since narcotics are endemic to non-White societies, particularly Latino, drug addiction would no longer steal the minds and souls of Americans. With work only for White men and women, unemployment would evaporate, and jobs stop draining overseas. The obscene, deeply perverted and psychotic immorality of non-White “artists” would no longer be promoted as a way of life for our youth.

              Best of all, race mixing would come to a dead halt, thereby rescuing our people from racial contamination and extinction.

              Hitler lost World War Two, so what makes you think you can succeed where he failed?

              Adolf Hitler’s chief military goal was saving Western Civilization from a Soviet takeover. In this, he succeeded, although at the cost of his country and his own life. He inflicted so many reversals on Communist forces, they were not strong enough to fulfill Stalin’s dream of over-running Western Europe. As George Lincoln Rockwell often said, “Adolf Hitler fought the Alamo of the White Race.”

              When a man gives his life for something he believes in, his idea outlives him, inspiring successive generations of new followers determined to make his worldview victorious. The Fuehrer’s sacrifice was no less a “defeat” than Christ’s crucifixion. Christians were hated and vilified for nearly four hundred years after the death of their leader, yet they eventually triumphed. Since 1945, National Socialists have become the most falsely hated and vilified persons on the planet. Despite decades of unprecedented lies and suppression, White men and women of all ages around the world are still drawn to Adolf Hitler’s “philosophy of life”. Although born years after his passing, mostly in lands outside Germany, they are willing to work and sacrifice for the National Socialist idea against majority opinion, often risking violence, imprisonment and death. This is the kind of time-tested resilience that always makes for a successful revolution, regardless of the odds against it.

              Beginning in 1776, a third of the American people opposed George Washington in the name of the British Crown. Nearly half were apathetic or hostile to Congress, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Barely one-fifth of the American people approved of the Revolution, and even this minority confined itself mostly to moral support. Far fewer individuals helped the Continental soldiers with food, clothing or shelter, while the actual number of men engaged in the fighting was miniscule. Despised and ignored by most of their fellow countrymen, the badly outnumbered patriots were fanatically inspired by an idea (liberty), with which they defeated the mightiest empire on Earth. We racial patriots see ourselves reflected in that precious historical example, and confidently wield our National Socialist idea against today’s mighty empire, which is no longer British, but Jewish.

              Who was Commander Rockwell?

              Born 9 March 1918, in Bloomington, Illinois, George Lincoln Rockwell grew up in New England, where he attended art college, eventually winning first prize in a national poster contest for the American Cancer Society. Alarmed by government, film industry, network radio and newspaper insistence that Hitler was planning to “conquer the world”, he quit school at Rhode Island’s Brown University to join the U.S. Navy a year before Pearl Harbor. As a ship-board pilot, he participated in the destruction of several German submarines, and later went on to serve in the Korean War. Rockwell was honorably discharged from the Navy as a decorated veteran with the rank of Commander.

              Following his distinguished military service, he resumed his art career as a graphic designer, married a local girl, and raised a family. His otherwise average life was disturbed by disturbing comparisons between prewar promises and postwar realities. He had fought to free countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia, and China. Yet, these and many more lands fell under the shadow of Communist tyranny without a peep of protest from the same sources that had stridently urged him to take up arms against Hitler. Moreover, American society itself was in obvious decline – culturally and racially. During the midst of his growing concerns, Rockwell stumbled upon a copy of Mein Kampf, and was shocked to read of glaring parallels between conditions in Germany after the First World War and America’s decay following World War Two. Years of deep study and reflection convinced him National Socialism was the only antidote, so he founded the American Nazi Party, in fall, 1958.

              Together with a small band of followers, he endured a long period of relentless legal and physical abuse at the hands of his enemies in the courts and in the streets, but became internationally known as the most dynamic opponent to negro agitation and Jewry in all its forms. By the last year of his life, however, he was beginning to show widespread appeal among White workers, youth and home-owners. After demonstrating that grass-roots support through several large rallies and marches in Chicago and Louisville, Rockwell was assassinated near his national headquarters, in Arlington, Virginia. The Commander’s mass-action and popular success had undoubtedly brought about his murder by the powers-that-be, who were afraid his new-found political attraction would eventually lead to their downfall. But his numerous recorded speeches and two published books – This Time The World and White Power – continue to inspire and guide successive generations of followers.

              Commander Rockwell was a brave, eloquent leader who clearly articulated and personally epitomized National Socialism for modern audiences. He will be forever remembered as the tall hero who single-handedly lifted our Swastika from the ashes of war-torn Europe into the skies over America.

              Are National Socialists pro-life or free choice?

              Neither. Life begins at conception, and a woman who extinguishes that life in her womb commits infanticide, unless mitigating circumstances are involved. Abortion is necessary if a mother’s life or health are endangered by her pregnancy; if her pregnancy is the result of rape; if indications are clear that the fetus suffers from acute, irreversible genetic, brain or physical disorders; and especially if the mother has been impregnated by a non-Aryan father.

              A woman who otherwise seeks to abort her unborn baby simply because its existence is inconvenient or undesirable is a child-murderer. Anyone who assists such a criminal is an accomplice equally deserving of the most severe prosecution and punishment. In the coming National Socialist state, healthy infants unwanted by their parents will be made available to qualified persons who would be better parents.

              We believe that the combined non-White populations of the entire planet are not worth the life of a single, healthy Aryan child.

              But dont Nazis look down on women as inferior to men?

              The Third Reich’s greatest cinematographer was Leni Riefenstahl, whose “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia” are still regarded, even by our enemies, as among the finest films ever produced. History’s first helicopter and ram-jet aircraft were flown by the Luftwaffe’s most famous test pilot, Hanna Reitsch. Concert pianist and Bach “specialist”, Li Stadelmann, was not only the world’s most acclaimed harpsichord player, but an outspoken NSDAP member. Referring to the Jewish domination and perversion of Aryan music previous to the Party’s 1933 assumption of power, she declared, “Now our German masters will find German interpreters!” Paintings and sculpture by female artists were well represented at the opening of Munich’s House of German Art, in 1937. Examples of women who found the freedom to excel through National Socialism are numerous.

              Far from assigning them an inferior role, Hitler’s Revolution liberated women from eighteen years of depravation and unhappiness resulting from World War One and its aftermath. During that dark period of Marxist-democratic decay, prevailing economic misery and popularized immorality reduced women to a pitiful condition. Prostitution and pornography were big business; drug abuse was rampant; motherhood and feminine virtue were ridiculed by the entertainment media; family life disintegrated; individual alienation, emotional depression and suicide reached epidemic proportions.

              This social terminal moraine into which German women found themselves was transformed over night when Adolf Hitler seized the drifting helm of state in 1933. Restoring the economy’s health by making it the sole responsibility of the German worker, and by driving out the Jewish money-changers with their corporate immorality, he abolished the fundamental causes of female victimization. No less importantly, his National Socialist idea inspired women by appealing to their deeper instincts of family loyalty and racial community.

              Women who gave birth to healthy babies were now honored with a beautiful Mother’s Cross, and provided with generous state aid in the rearing of their children. Many family services were free to German mothers, and female education stressed, but was not limited to, health, home economics, sport, agriculture, and the arts. With generous grants of assistance and public emphasis on the family as the hub of society, women prospered in a renewal of happy domestic life unknown to generations before or since.

              Far from being restricted in Hitler’s Germany, women were liberated and up-lifted from the humiliation and misery of former democratic times, which resemble ours because the Jews were no less responsible for conditions then as now. Modern woman’s perceived economic independence has been purchased at a steep price. Her stress-related illnesses and suicide rate have reached record proportions. Her home life is in tatters. And more White women are raped and beaten, mostly by black and Latino men, than ever before. In the all-Aryan world we will build, such violence will cease, and she will regain her supremely important position as the fountain-head of mankind’s Master Race, the White Race. As such, she is the embodiment of everything we believe in and fight for.

              Comparing the respective “benefits” of liberal democracy with the Third Reich, it is not surprising then, that many millions of European women were fanatical followers of Adolf Hitler from the earliest days of his Movement until war’s end and beyond. If 21st Century National Socialists can achieve half of what he did for Aryan womanhood, we will have much cause to celebrate.

              You talk of various races, but isnt there really only one human race to which we all belong, Black as well as White?

              Proponents of democracy insist only one race – the human race – exists. Perceived variations between all anthropomorphic creatures able to walk more of less upright on two, hind legs are insignificant. Any alleged “differences” between a blue-eyed Scandinavian blond and a blue-black pygmy may be dismissed as entirely the accidental result of culture and environment. Exchanging locations and traditional societies must result in the Scandinavian eventually becoming a pygmy and the pygmy becoming a Scandinavian. If anything, inter-bred hybrids are stronger, healthier and smarter than specimens of supposedly “pure” peoples.

              Racism is mankind’s (read, “White mankind’s”) Original Sin beyond the pale of forgiveness, although the same faux pas is permissible, even laudable “self-pride” when expressed by non-Aryans. As one of innumerable examples, “For Blacks Only” was a popular television show during the last century, when a comparable program entitled “For Whites Only” would have been abhorred as “racist”. More importantly, there can be no universal peace or harmony until all so-called “races” are blended into a single, one-world humanity.

              Such views are not simply an opinion deemed generally pathological until only the last two decades. They are being embraced by millions of intellectually lazy fools as tenets of a religion with all the fanatic demands and zero tolerance common to close-minded dogmas everywhere. As willing stimulus-response victims, their followers have gladly surrendered themselves to the less demanding artificiality of political correctness. Human lab rats of Pavlovian mass-manipulation such as these have always found conformity easier and safer than thinking for themselves. Their color-blind democracy is the 21st Century equivalent of Medievalism, whose pious advocates burned thousands of dissenters at the stake, along with heretical books, during a period remembered as the Dark Ages.

              Today’s equalitarian zealots boast of their ideological descent from America’s Founding Fathers. Yet, the word “democracy” does not appear once in the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, nor in the constitution of any state in the United States. It is, however, found among the recorded speeches and written statements of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and all early American leaders. They were unanimous in their condemnation of democracy as “mob rule”, a political stage-prop long used by corrupt demagogues to win over uncritical persons with flamboyant, but unfounded promises.

              In the real world, democracy is an Madison Avenue illusion blinding generations of working Gentiles who have been convinced that their individual votes are somehow synonymous with the will of an infallible majority. These thoughtless voting cattle, ridiculed by the Jews as goyim, are herded by the tried-and-true techniques of political advertising into selecting either this democratic Tweedle-Dee-Dee, or that republican Tweedle-Dee-Dum. Both of them are only different agents for the same Plutocracy, or rule by wealth, that actually runs the U.S. And since that huge economic power is entirely at the disposal of Zionist agendas, it is more accurately described as a Jewocracy, the real power that has dominated America and Western Civilization since the death of Adolf Hitler.

              Our Colonial forefathers – most of whom owned black slaves – gave us, not a race-mixed democracy, but a constitutional republic. The mere fact that most Americans can no longer distinguish between the two demonstrates just how utterly cut off they are from their own heritage. Under an alleged “democracy”, one is automatically born a citizen. There are no requirements outside one’s fortuitous birth on U.S. soil, and you don’t even have to speak the same, national language anymore. This means that the vote of a virtually illiterate Hispanic has the same value as that of a White college professor.

              And since there are very many more witless Latinos, indifferent to everything save their own ethnicity, than White college professors, the latter are invariably out-voted by the former. This real-life numerical supremacy over intellectual superiority is rooted in democracy’s rigid denial of any racial differences. Consequently, Aryan Americans are witnessing their steady disenfranchisement at every level of society. Liberals ashamed of their white skin refuse to recognize this obvious injustice resulting from a misplaced zeal for “fairness” through enforced equality at all costs.

              A birth certificate is not the sole requirement for citizenship in a constitutional republic, however. Citizenship is not some right handed out just because someone – anyone – had the good fortune to be born in North America. It is a privilege to be earned only by men and women belonging to the same racially related people who envisioned our country. They were not black, or Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Arabic, or whatever, but White. None of these other peoples ever thought of or expressed sympathy for anything remotely similar to a constitutional republic. It is exclusively the product of the Aryan mind. Left to themselves, non-Whites traditionally form absolute monarchies dominated by bloody tyrants, who, of necessity, impose cruelty on their own people as the best means of keeping the savage masses somewhat in line.

              As the National Socialist contribution to America’s constitutional republic, it will be emphatically stressed in no uncertain terms that members of our race may alone be members of our state. Citizenship will be available to Whites only after their eighteenth birthday, when they will be given the opportunity to prove they understand the fundamental principles of their government, and are gainfully employed, or in the process of education. Only then may they be allowed to participate in the election of our leaders. These restrictions are based on the rational observation that good statesmanship is not possible without an informed, racially related electorate.

              Today’s racial mish-mash of self-centered voting blocks are far from that. They are instead emotionally engineered bean bags the Jews enjoy tossing back and forth between the appropriately symbolized democratic jack ass and the GOP’s financially obese elephant with its grasping, capitalist trunk. It is no wonder, then, that from this pathetic electoral circus, in which White voters are steadily marginalized, emerge mean-spirited mediocrities with Dark Age mentalities like George Bush. They are all alike front-men for the Jewocracy that awarded them their prestigious, if hollow crown. Given the Jews unbridled power, how could it be otherwise?

              Criminal clowns such as their political shills will never again embarrass and betray our race and nation, once the coming National Socialist state has unfurled its Swastika banner over the White House. Only then will qualified White Americans be able to freely choose their own leaders, as they once did when electing George Washington or Andrew Jackson.

              The appalling contrast real men such as these make compared to the moral midgets and Jew stooges who replaced them at the oval office clearly shows just how shamefully far our government has fallen since it was conceived more than two centuries ago. Liberals who shrug their shoulders, “Well, that was then; this is now,” only reveal a total ignorance of the past and inflexible resistance to learn from it when historical parallels threaten to debunk their democratic superstitions. “Racial differences are neither nice nor fair; therefore, we will ignore them as though they don’t exist,” is the liberal mind-set.

              Democracy is today’s version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, in which no one is supposed to notice the naked lie of racial equality. Dressed in the patriotic garb of Uncle Sam, smiling tyrants conceal their hidden agendas of power and money.

              Wasnt Hitler a failed amateur painter who imposed his bad taste on German art?

              The hundreds of oils, water colors and illustrations reproduced in Adolf Hitler, The Unknown Artist (Billy F. Price Publishing Co., Houston, TX, 1984) largely portray cathedrals, landscapes, flowers, street scenes and portraits that most viewers agree only an exceptional talent could have created. These works make it quite clear that had he chosen a different path in life, the world would have remembered Adolf Hitler as an outstanding artist of the early 20th Century.

              In the aftermath of World War One, masses of Jews from around the world descended on a defeated Germany to take advantage of its economic misery. “Buy cheap, sell high” was the same watchword they went by seventy years later, when the likes of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other kosher oligarchs victimized the disenfranchised the Russian people after the collapse of Soviet communism. It was the Jews who degraded art into a mere business, transforming it from creativity into cash. Worse, their anti-White instinct vented itself in hatred for all things Aryan through the art world they now completely dominated. Beloved works of the old masters were ridiculed as quaintly out of date, while the psychotic dabbling of Picasso and his fellow Jews were promoted as the greatest paintings of all time.

              After Hitler threw them out, they simply moved on to the United States, where these artistic carpet-baggers debased art in America, just as they had in Europe. He not only liberated German artists from Jewish domination, but inspired them with the new concept of racial destiny. They were now given a mission to express that spirit, to visualize it for their fellow countrymen. The result was a unique, dynamic and vibrant body of art still avidly sought after by collectors around the world.

              So too, the repellent lunacy held up as “art” in today’s world will be replaced by the true masterpieces of race-conscious, Aryan creators able to materialize the soul of our people in stone, paint, words and music.

              But isnt todays American culture enriched by its great black and Jewish artists?

              What passes today as “popular entertainment” is largely anti-White propaganda driven to emotionally engineer whole generations against every aspect of Aryan culture. This is because the film, television, and music industries were long ago captured by and are still dominated by the Jew, who uses them to undermine and ultimately destroy our race. With greater frequency and less subtlety, he never misses an opportunity to insinuate or openly promote race-mixing, or to defame and degrade our people.

              In his movies and t.v. shows packaged for mass consumption, the only White “heroes” are those who gush fulsome love for non-Aryans. More than a century of such deliberate poisoning have eradicated any trace of racial self-respect from millions of our people, who are convinced that embracing the lowest dregs of Africa is not only fashionable, but meritorious. Their racially suicidal transformation would never have been possible without the decades of pervasive brain-washing that scoured away our natural aversion to the Mud peoples of this world.

              In the coming all-White society built by National Socialism, popular entertainment will be thoroughly purged of its ruinous Jewish agendas, and restored to its Aryan artists and performers. No longer will our people be led to their self-destruction by the kosher pied-pipers of Hollywood or MTV, but enjoy instead the images and echoes of their true identity as the world’s greatest race.

              You talk about the Jews as though they were a race of some kind, but arent they just Americans who happen to believe in a religion of their own?

              Among the Jews themselves, their greatest concern, as repeatedly stated in their own newspapers, is what they refer to as “the danger of assimilation” from the same inter-racial melting-pot they have brewed for the rest of us. While the Jews are above criticism or reproach in all things, any Gentiles who might engage in the same kind of discussion about “assimilation” would elicit gasps of “racist!” from shocked and mortally offended liberals.

              If a race may be generally defined as a group of genetically related human beings who share a common set of inherited mental and physical characteristics that distinguish them from other groups, then the Jews are a unquestionably a race. For example, Tay-Sachs is an inherited disease found only in the blood of Jews or persons with at least some Jewish ancestry. It does not occur among Gentiles.

              The facial appearances individual members of a particular race are born with, like those of the Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan, or “entertainers” like Seinfeld, clearly identify such individuals as Jews. These superficial differences are neither good nor bad in themselves, but only help distinguish one race from another. The Jews cannot be faulted just because they might be a different people, however. And even as crazy as their Judaism appears to the outside world, they should be allowed to freely practice their beliefs without interference from anyone.

              Our objection to the Jews has nothing to do with their loony religion, nor even their identification as a race unto themselves. But solely upon their persistent, so far successful attempt to dominate and destroy White civilization. In this, they are racially motivated, and we have not only a fundamental right, but the highest duty to defend our people against them. For more than two thousand years, the Jews have wrapped their felonious behavior in the disguise of “religious persecution”, an effective ploy to cast their own victims, who dare react against Jewish control, as “bigots”. But it is a ploy which must not deter honest men whose racial existence is at stake.

              Criminals are found among every people, so what makes the Jews worse than anyone else?

              No other race comes close to the horrific impact made on our world by this tiny minority of mankind. A catalog of its crimes requires volumes to describe. The death, agony and destruction in Iraq came about through Ariel Sharon’s insistence that U.S. forces neutralize Saddam Hussein’s ability to strike Israel. For obvious reasons, the Jews were determined to destroy Hitler and punish the Germans for supporting him, even if it meant the loss of tens of millions of Gentiles in World War Two. Just twenty years earlier, Zionists dragged Americans against their will into World War One by way of the Balfour Decision that broke England’s promise to her own Arab allies by stealing their Palestinian homeland, which was turned over to the Jews, with dreadful consequences ever since.

              As Gentile men were killing each other on French battlefields to implement Zionist agendas of which they knew nothing, the overwhelmingly Jewish Communist revolution transformed Christian Russia into a Soviet gulag that starved, tortured and murdered countless victims for more than seventy years. Meanwhile, the streets of American cities ran with the blood of men and women murdered by predominantly Jewish organized crime, from “Dutch” Schultz to New York’s “Purple Gang”.

              International Jewish bankers tore up the U.S. Constitution back in 1913, when the Warburg’s Federal Reserve System stole from Congress its right to issue and control our money. In the century before, they engineered the American Civil War when the House of Rothschild in Europe installed its agent, Judah P. Benjamin, as the Confederacy’s Secretary of State.

              Throughout recorded history, as far back as the Ancient World, the Jews have acted with a criminal consistency that defies coincidence, subverting Gentile civilizations, stealing their wealth, and murdering millions. Even mainstream historians now acknowledge that Rome was not burned by Emperor Nero, but Jewish zealots pretending to be Christians. Earlier still, when Cleopatra was Queen of Egypt, she became fluent in Hebrew, all the better to communicate with (and flatter) her wealthy Jewish creditors, who held her throne in pawn, and forced her to turn over tax-farming to their relatives. All tax-collectors in her realm were Jews empowered to arrest and torture tax delinquents, and protected by their own bodyguards from the Egyptians they gouged and impoverished.

              The Jews themselves celebrate the overthrow of ancient Persia in an annual “Purim Festival”, during which they inculcate their own children with immemorial hatred by encouraging them to hysterically run about with “Hammon dolls” (representations of the despised Gentiles), smashing the toy heads and trampling them under foot.

              The unparalleled scope of these monumental offenses, spanning not centuries but millennia, hardly comprise a thumb-nail sketch of the Jews’ crimes against humanity.

              But why should the Jews want to control and eventually destroy civilization?

              Dr. Joseph Goebbels likened them to a swarm of potato bugs, which buzz from one field to another. The insects cannot help themselves from devouring every crop into which they drift. “The Jews similarly destroy the nations and peoples of the world,” the good doctor observed.

              His analogy suggests that Jews are instinctually driven to corrupt and ruin civilization wherever they find it. Trying to turn them into good Christians, as suggested by Shakespeare in “The Merchant of Venice”, only provides them with another cover under which they conceal their uninterrupted villainy. As born parasites, no amount of reprogramming can turn potato-bugs into wonderful butterflies. Even severe legal prosecution against individually powerful Jews, such as that inflicted recently on Martha Stewart’s kosher corrupter, InClone Systems’ founder, Samuel Waksal, or the exploitative oil oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, imprisoned in Russia, amounts to a relatively harmless insecticide. Instead, the Western world needs to be crop-dusted with something far more inclusive. One nationally televised documentary exposing Jewish perfidy will be a thousand times more effective than all baptismal fonts and court convictions combined.

              How the Jews became what they are is perhaps revealed in their ancient origins. They are probably descended from Semitic inhabitants in Palestine, perhaps the Canaanites mentioned by the Old Testament. Every people produces a minority criminal class, and the Canaanites expelled theirs into the desert, where harsh conditions weeded out all but the strongest, shrewdest individuals. From this exiled group of dangerous misfits who formed their own gene pool of survival traits, the Jewish race might have eventually emerged from petty bandits to the transnational corporate bandits of today. They have been a nonnation of exiles ever since. A similar criminal people could be created today if, for example, America’s prison populations of hereditary felons inter-breed exclusively among themselves, thereby combining and passing on their twisted heritage to following generations of malefactors in a new genetic group.

              Demanding desert conditions of 4,000 or more years ago would have similarly forced the Canaanite exiles to combine and adapt, or die. Many, maybe most, did. But enough – the strongest and most resourceful – survived to pass their toughened genetic inheritance down across successive generations, resulting in a race apart. Today’s Jews are perhaps the descendants of this ancient class of exiled Semites, despite inevitable “assimilation” with Gentiles over the centuries, as they wandered from people to people, first ingratiating themselves as the innocent victims of “religious persecution”, then making themselves indispensable through loan-lending, eventually poisoning all potential native opposition that stood in their way of obtaining power, finally devouring the host culture’s wealth before moving on to another people and repeating the process elsewhere. This would help explain their unfortunate reputation as human potato-bugs.

              Complimenting these historical speculations, a metaphysical interpretation argues that the Jews are part of the very force that characterizes existence itself; namely, the eternal confrontation of opposites: light contrasted by darkness, heat versus cold, gravity and matter, life and death throughout the animal kingdom, etc., etc. It is through the process of struggle that life is either made stronger and earns its right to survive, or succumbs and vanishes. So too, the supreme creative race of our planet is opposed by its polar opposite.

              Only in overcoming the Jews can Aryan mankind fulfill its godlike destiny. To lose such a struggle must not only rob us of our yet unfulfilled potential, but condemn us to the same fate that befell all other defunct species before us: extinction. In this, we are no different than the dinosaurs who failed to prevail over their own particular challenges. We differ from them only in that, should we fall, no one will be left in the future to wonder over our fossilized bones.

              How can you claim any superiority for the Aryan Race, when colored persons from America and around the world outnumbered their White competitors and won many gold medals in the last Olympics?

              The Olympics was conceived exclusively by Aryan men in ancient Greece. Blacks, beaners, sand-niggers, gooks or other assorted Mud People had nothing whatsoever to do with the Games in any way, shape or form. While it is entirely possible that the Jews could have been ticket-sellers even way back then, in places like Mexico, the Congo, Arabia or China, the only equivalent spectator sports were cannibalism, tribal warfare, courtly torture, and human sacrifice.

              Given a more than 2,000-year history of the Olympics, the participation of non-Whites is a very recent affair, and then only for political reasons unrelated to sports. For the 1936 Olympics, anti-Hitler zealots in the U.S. deliberately fielded a negro, Jesse Owens, to embarrass the Germans. Nonetheless, the Third Reich came away with the most gold medals. Since then, the Olympics have been reduced by the haters of everything White from a purely Aryan festival celebrating the magnificence of our race to a propaganda spectacle promoting “multi-culturalism” – newspeak for “race-mixing”.

              Whenever non-Aryans are hyped today, whether in the Olympics or anywhere else, the intent is uniformly aimed at conditioning Whites, especially impressionable young people, into embracing colored competitors as superior heroes. This is part of today’s pervasive attempt at every level of society to breed us out of existence and make us feel weaker than more dynamic Afro-Americans or other ape-like primitives.

              Despite the race-pollution agenda of anti-White propagandists, however, the Olympics naturally highlight some of the very racial differences we are supposed to ignore. For example, after trying to escape from hungry lions on the Serengeti Plain for so many generations, blacks typically excel in the sprint. (Although Rudyard Kipling once referred to negroes as “the most ungraceful beasts in the African jungle”.) So too, Asians are good long-distance-runners: it’s always been a long way across China! In competitions requiring more brains and balance than brute strength, such as the javelin-throw or highjump, Aryans usually lead the rest.

              Far more importantly, racial standing cannot be determined by the relatively puny condition of the human body. Mohammed Ali in his prime could not have survived one round with an average gorilla, just as the fastest runner from the Peoples’ Republic would not stand a Chinaman’s chance against an ordinary cheetah. According to arguments for colored superiority based on physical strength, Africans, Vietnamese and all the rest are inferior to most other animals.

              It is the champion Aryan brain that distinguishes us as the only civilizing people on Earth, and confirms White supremacy as a fact of life. Not only was the very notion of an Olympics the exclusive product of that mind, but so was the technology that transmitted its images around the world, the city and stadium in which it was held, even the clothes worn and language spoken (however garbled) by its Afro-American participants. Strip the Games of their Aryan details and competitors, and the only thing left would be a gaggle of naked savages running around in the jungle. On the other hand, an all-White Olympics would restore the Games to their original condition as a worldwide celebration of the unique Aryan spirit.

              Will National Socialists allow or out-law gay marriage, so much in the news these days?

              If America’s Founding Fathers ever imagined in their wildest dreams (nightmares) that homosexual marriage would be a future issue in the republic they created, they would have unanimously endorsed a constitutional amendment criminalizing such an outrage in the strongest possible language. Generally regarded as the most civilized president ever to have occupied the White House, Thomas Jefferson stated that convicted lesbians should lose their ears and noses, while faggots would not have been so “gay” in 18th Century America, where they were lucky to have escaped castration.

              That such behavior is now associated with “holy matrimony”, the most sacred bond between two human beings, is a clear indication how socially unhinged the United States and Western Civilization have become. It is no wonder that our country is known as “the Great Satan” throughout the Islamic World.

              America’s abrupt proliferation of perverts has resulted from too many generations of bad breeding; the lower, defective elements of our population have been allowed to reproduce themselves unchecked. “Gay marriage” is another poison fruit of democracy, whose self-righteous advocates have for so long repeated the lying mantra of human equality. The most monstrous examples of mental retardation, physical deformity or moral degeneracy have been nurtured with misguided sympathy, held up as equals or even superiors, and, worst of all, allowed to reproduce themselves and their serious imperfections on an exponentially burgeoning scale. These self-evident inferiors are fueling a population explosion that threatens to actually out-number sane, healthy Americans before the close of the 21st Century. It is an obvious law of nature that any race which does not breed its best stock upward inevitably succumbs to its lowest common denominators.

              Many, perhaps most homosexuals and lesbians are recognizable because they inherited their insanity as genetically botched flukes. They are not culturally conditioned victims, but unnatural freaks that would have never been born in a society mindful of breeding only its best human stock.

              Marriage is “holy matrimony”, against which the leftist liberals and their perverted ilk have blasphemed in the most despicable fashion. And so it will be again, when National Socialists have elevated love between a man and woman to its highest place in the celebration, preservation and perfection of our Aryan Race. Anyone who seeks to again subvert its sacred vows will be ruthlessly driven back into the so-called “closets” of moral corruption from which they came, and the door bolted shut after them for all time.

              What is the National Socialist take on health care?

              The deplorable condition of health care in the United States is infamous. Less well known is the Jewish stranglehold on America’s pharmaceutical industry, which is responsible for the extravagant cost of medication. Health care is unaffordable in large measure because mostly Jewish lawyers have forced doctors to pay ruinous premiums for ‘no-fault’ insurance. Between the kosher drug companies and attorneys, medical attention is rapidly becoming less and less accessible to everyone but the rich.

              Clearly, radical solutions alone are capable of rectifying an otherwise hopeless situation. In the coming National Socialist future, every citizen will pay a nominal health care tax sufficient to provide lifetime, unlimited health coverage and even provide for medical research. The billions of dollars presently being wasted on federal programs aimed at making civilized human beings out of hopeless colored savages, lost in exorbitant adventures like the Iraq War, or thrown away on foreign aid to Israel, will be used in the service of Aryan Americans. The drug industries will be nationalized, and physicians handsomely salaried by a folkish state motivated solely by its determination to care for our racial well-being. After we have driven the money-changers from the temple of medicine, White people will never again be asked how much care they can afford.

              Public health and medical research, particularly in cancer prevention and treatment, during the Third Reich were the finest on Earth, because Adolf Hitler set a standard of social concern we are determined to revive. Until then, health care in the United States is terminally ill, and will continue to force more and more Americans into misery and death. These are the logical consequences of a Jewized society where money dominates everything. Only in a National Socialist world, where racial health is paramount, may our people live and flourish.

              American National Socialists favored neither the Republican nor Democratic candidates for president in the last election. Have there ever been any presidents you admired?

              U.S. presidents from George Washington to Andrew Johnson mostly epitomized Aryan statesmanship, because our government was headed by race-conscious White men from its inception until the War Between the States. The only exception during that early period was John Adams, who tried to establish a tyranny through his Sedition Acts, late 18th Century versions of today’s insidious ‘Patriot’ Act. The post-Civil War era witnessed a large influx of mostly Eastern European Jews, who lost no time in exerting their financial influence on White House policies. Consequently, a string of utterly forgettable political hacks, like Rutherford B. Hays and Chester Arthur, occupied the oval office as willing pathfinders for the ambitious Jews. They found their first real agent in Woodrow Wilson. He obligingly railroaded America into World War One, as part of a deal with England to turn over Palestine to Zionist thieves.

              Since then, only candidates willing to betray their race by acting as Gentile front-men for Jewish interests have been allowed to run for the presidency. No matter who the masses of American voters elected, their choice was already in the Jews’ pocket. Aware as we are of this political shell-game, the presidents who most represented our worldview naturally belong to an epoch early in American history, before the ascendency of the Jewocracy that has ruled our country since 1913. These men include Thomas Jefferson (who initiated negro repatriation to Africa), Andrew Jackson (an active racist, he defeated attempts by Jewish financiers to take over the United States), James K. Polk (he invaded and defeated Mexico), and Abraham Lincoln (who would have completed black repatriation, had he lived).

              Even some of the Jew stooges chaffed under the kosher yoke into which they voluntarily slipped their necks to become president. In his second volume of the life of Winston Churchill, historian David Irving reports a private statement made during the Second World War, in Casablanca, Morocco, by Franklin D. Roosevelt to the effect that he could not blame the Germans for having turned to the Nazis. ‘Any other people would have done the same,’ he said, ‘had they been so mistreated by the Jews.’

              When Richard Nixon realized he had been betrayed by Henry Kissinger, Herbert Stein and all the other Zionist ‘advisors’ with whom he too long surrounded himself, he lamented to the Rev. Billy Graham that Jewish power was even beyond the reach of presidential control. Only someone outside the system might be strong enough to someday save America from Jewish rapacity, Nixon suggested, and Graham agreed that, if ever such a man should arise, they should both support him.

              Most remarkable of the recalcitrant chiefs-of-state was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last man to achieve the White House with Gentile money. His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was one of the country’s wealthiest men. Something of J.F.K.’s racial instinct apparently broke through his playboy presidency seeing the Berlin wall, which he visited on his first trip to Germany. The ugly Communist barrier prompted him to make some conditional, but nonetheless exceptional comments about Adolf Hitler. He then moved on to see Berchtesgaden and the Fuehrer’s ‘Eagle’s Lair’ on the Obersalzberg.

              After visiting these two places, he declared, ‘You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.’ (Prelude to Leadership, The European Diaries of John F. Kennedy, Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1965, p. 74.) According to the author, Gore Vidal, in his 1997 book, Palimpsest, Kennedy expressed his desire to free Rudolf Hess, then still imprisoned at Berlin’s Spandau fortress. These statements call into question possible motives behind J.F.K.’s assassination. The Jews would have never tolerated a presidential pardon for the former Vice Fuehrer of the Third Reich.

              Aside from these rare exceptions, the White House has not been occupied by a raceconscious Aryan since the late 19th Century. Especially after Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, every chief-of-state was and is nothing more than a Gentile shill acting for the Jewocracy that really rules America.

              Where did the Aryans originate, and how did they become the Master Race of our planet?

              One million years ago, our vegetarian ancestors descended from their arboreal existence onto the plains of South-Central Africa to pick at the remains of meals left by predators. In the process, these proto-humans became meat-eaters. To satisfy their acquired taste, they were forced to learn how to hunt. Developing the necessary skills stimulated their intellectual development, and gave them an upright posture, to look out for predators or prey, as swift bipedal runners.

              After approximately 900,00 years of evolutionary progress, some fundamental environmental change drove game herds hunted by homo erectus out of South-Central Africa. They were pursued by the more courageous, physically dynamic and intellectually capable of these early humans. Following retreating pasture lands toward Northern Europe, the animals led hunting societies into formidable natural surroundings, in which homo erectus must either adapt or die. Most did, but during the struggle for existence, over the course of millennia, a few survivors gained in strength and cunning. With the onset of Ice Age conditions, the interplay of heredity and environment produced a new race of large-brained creators superior in stamina and intellect to any other earlier version of the human species.

              About 40,000 years ago, another natural cataclysm forced them from the Baltic to the Steppes of Central Russia, the Caucasus, from which they derived their identity as ‘Caucasians’. For several more millennia, they honed their skills as successful cattle-barons, until population pressures forced them to migrate across the European Continent. There they responded to new environmental stimuli to become the great cave artists of Lascaux and Trois-Frиres, and Western Civilization was born.

              Meanwhile, descendants of homo erectus who lacked the courage, strength and intelligence to follow animal herds into new, tough surroundings continued to slowly evolve under the less difficult challenges in South-Central Africa. They passed on their less-stimulated traits to their descendants, who evolved dark skin in response to excessive sunlight, and became the negro races of today.

              How can you claim youre for freedom, when the Nazis in Germany burned books?

              During the “Roaring Twenties”, pornography blossomed into a major industry for the first time in Germany. Books defaming and denigrating national heroes like Goethe or Wagner replaced standard school texts condemned as “politically incorrect”, while any contrary information about race or the Jews could not get published. After Adolf Hitler was elected to power on 30 January 1933, a popular wave of nation-wide resentment arose against this formerly shameful state of affairs, and the real story of what happened has been profusely documented in David Irving’s 1996 book, Goebbels, Mastermind of the Third Reich.

              Irving shows that self-organized groups of mostly college students across the country spontaneously delivered huge piles of sexually perverted magazines, Communist tracts and assorted anti-German materials to blazing garbage dumps where these reams of ink-stained toilet paper rightly belonged. No Reich government official had ordered the bonfires or participated in the demonstration, except Dr. Joseph Goebbels, who was invited by the students to make a single, ten-minute, impromptu speech at the University of Berlin after the flames had already been lit. Even so, he was sharply criticized thereafter by both friends and foes alike for his brief participation. Millions of people in the outside world were subsequently misled by newsreel narrator, Lowell Thomas, and other Gentile front-men, to believe that Hitler was burning all books not published by the Nazis. Uninformed observers were given the impression that after the Bible and all the plays of Shakespeare had been reduced to ashes, only Mein Kampf would be left for anyone to read.

              In fact, the Germans, recognized for centuries as the most literate people in Europe, were cleansing themselves of the same published filth with which the United States is currently awash. But no one outside the Third Reich was told that the European equivalents of “Hustler” magazine or Howard Stern’s Private Parts had been purged from German culture to make way for something better. While Hitler-hating hypocrites still deplore his so-called “burning of the books”, any published discussion of racial differences, impartial views of National Socialism, criticism of the Jews or race-mixing is kept from the public at large.

              A case in point was Irving’s Goebbels book mentioned above. Although hostile to his subject, the author dared question claims that six million Jews had been exterminated on Hitler’s order. The manuscript had nonetheless been accepted for publication by a major company (St. Martin’s Press), and was actually in production, when death threats from irate Jews literally stopped the presses and killed the book. There are many numerous other examples, all rather typical. A few years before the Irving case, several thousand copies of Aired Rosenberg’s Myth of the 20th Century were privately printed and stored in a warehouse that was torched by Jewish Defense League arsonists. Every copy was lost.

              Americans are unaware (don’t care?) that every major and mid-sized publisher in their country offers as a standard contract to authors specifically stating that nothing construed by the editors as “racist” or “pro-fascist” will be allowed to be printed. Throughout Europe, National Socialist authors who attempt to publish their views, even in limited press runs, risk arrest, fines and imprisonment. Immediately after World War Two, the Allied “liberators” of conquered Germany banned and burned literally millions of books – most of which had little or nothing to do with “Nazism”.

              As someone once observed, “Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.”

              Because of your racial views, would National Socialists have sided with the South during the American Civil War?

              The Confederacy’s Secretary of State was an international lawyer, Judah P. Benjamin. He was also an agent for the House of Rothschild, the world’s most powerful banking firm. Its directors extended financial support to all European governments and controlled them with high-interest loans. Indebted monarchs were personally unconcerned, because payment could always be left to their successors. But in so doing, they allowed the House of Rothschild to tighten its grip on future generations.

              Seeking to extend their financial domination over America, the bankers lavished money and war supplies on the needy South in the venerable game of Divide and Conquer. They had neither interest in nor sympathy for Southern problems, but saw the Civil War only as an opportunity to economically conquer the New World, just as they had the Old. However, their schemes were seriously threatened immediately after the Confederate collapse by Abraham Lincoln. To heal post-war wounds, he forbade any vindictive action against Southerners, and ordered their amiable reintroduction into the United States as fellow Americans. In “emancipating” the Negroes, he had disenfranchised them, making it possible for him to repatriate the blacks to Africa – specifically, Liberia, which had already been set up by an earlier U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson, for just such a purpose.

              Lincoln was in the process of creating a united, all-White America when he was assassinated by House of Rothschild operatives. His murder was followed by the horrors of “Reconstruction”, when the South was plundered on such a revengeful scale, President Ulysses S. Grant was forced to issue a White House decree specifically aimed against the exploitative excesses of “Jewish carpet-baggers”. As a matter of historical record, he issued a general order on 17 December 1862 forbidding Jews to cross the Union lines. Jews were excluded from 60 miles behind the front. But not even a presidential order was sufficient to prevent their brethren from incrementally gaining dominance over the wealth, politics and culture of the United States. As such, the Civil War, and particularly its aftermath, represented the great turning-point in American history, marking the real beginning of the Jewocracy that runs our country today.

              That conflict set the stage for all subsequent military involvement, wherein Gentiles were and are duped into imagining they fulfill their patriotic duty, when they actual sacrifice themselves to bring about the ulterior goals of low-profile Jews, like today’s Paul Wolfowitz, one of the engineers of our Post-9/11 World. In such wars, both Gentile sides are guaranteed defeat, no matter who is the apparent victor. Southerners suffered for generations under the injustice and poverty of “Reconstruction”, as the North fell into a deep economic depression that caused vast unemployment and disease epidemics, claiming more lives on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line than the recently concluded war.

              While other Confederate leaders languished in jail or stood trial for “crimes against humanity”, Judah P. Benjamin booked first-class passage to England, where he resumed his lucrative law practice, living in luxury for the rest of his days. The real winner of the Civil War had disappeared over the sea.

              After the recent release of a movie about Howard Hughes, some critics described him as a Nazi. If true, were other Hollywood film makers favorably disposed toward National Socialism?

              Howard Hughes is still despised by mostly old Reds who cannot forgive him for testifying at the House Committee on Un-American Activities against Communists, most of them Jews. A truly great American genius, his understanding and hatred of the Chosen Ones has been well-documented ( – 39k).

              A Hollywood artist of the first rank unquestionably sympathetic to our Idea was Walt Disney (Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince, by Marc Eliot, NY: Carol Publishing Corporation, 1993). He often attended Los Angeles meetings of William Dudley Pelley’s National Socialist-style Silver Shirts during the 1930s, was active in the America First Committee to prevent Roosevelt from going to war against Hitler’s Germany, and kept Walt Disney Productions Jew-free, so long as he lived. Pelley had played an important role in Hollywood himself, as the foremost screenwriter of the 1920s. His best-remembered script was for Lon Chaney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

              Charles Higham’s Errol Flynn, the Untold Story (NY: Dell, 1980) describes the silver screen’s dashing Robin Hood as a devoted admirer of Adolf Hitler, although accusations that Flynn was “a Gestapo agent” are more probably wishful thinking (on our part!).

              More certain was the open admiration expressed for the National Socialist Revolution by Vincent Price (Vincent Price, A Daughter’s Biography, by Victoria Price, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1999), even before the Third Reich was born. In 1932, during a visit to Vienna, he observed that the Austrians “are ruled by the Jews, who tax them to excess … Three hundred small boys called the ‘Hitlerknabe’ are marching outside and singing. From the spirit here and the faith in the man (Hitler) and the lack of faith in Austria, which is completely under the control of the Pope and Judea, I feel he must be right, and at least it (National Socialism) is a direct appeal to the right emotion in man, love for his brother.” His daughter recalled, “Vincent liked to tell friends that his visit to Nuremberg had coincided with the famous National Party Day rally immortalized by Leni Riefenstahl in ‘Triumph of the Will’, that he had heard Hitler speak …”. The Fuehrer, she writes, was her father’s “hero”, until it became clear to Vincent that continued admiration for “the greatest man in 2,000 years” would sabotage his career in kosher Hollywood.

              Another famous performer whose independent thinking got him into trouble during the early 1960s was the witty comedian, Jonathan Winters. After ad-libing a hilarious routine ridiculing Negro race-mixers and their shady benefactor, a “Mr. Goldie”, Winters claimed to have suffered a “nervous breakdown”, and ducked into a psychiatric hospital to escape charges of “racism” and “anti-Semitism”, when the privately recorded skit was leaked to the outside world.

              A more recent British performer to suffer the scourge of Juda was Vanessa Redgrave. Despite her efforts on behalf of Soviet Jews, for which she was awarded the Sakharev Medal, effigies of the actress were burned outside CBS studios in both Hollywood and Philadelphia as part of a nationwide campaign to stigmatize Miss Redgrave as “rabidly anti-Semitic”, in 1980. Even when she starred in the role of a concentration camp in-mate in “Playing for Time”, a movie made for television, the studios were ticketed by chanting, menacing thugs of the Jewish Defense League, led by Irv Rudin. “It’s a horrible insult,” he frothed ( – 19K). “Six million Jews will roll over in their graves! We will not cease until nobody will have the guts to hire her ever again!”

              Despite Miss Redgrave’s pleas to the contrary, she was hounded by incensed Yiddles wherever she went. Under pressure, the Boston Symphony Orchestra canceled a performance of Oedipus Rex in which she performed. Her only “crime” in the evil eyes of Rudin and his fellow tribesmen was to have financed and narrated “The Palestinian”, a film sympathetic to the awful plight of Gentiles in the Near East. While the documentary showed Israeli aggression against the sorely victimized Palestinian people (not exactly a secret), it could hardly have been construed as “anti-Jewish”. Nonetheless, in a world where only the Jews are immune from criticism, Vanessa Redgrave’s career had been savaged.

              Another European performer with an international reputation, Bridget Bardot, was convicted by a Paris court in June, 2004 on charges of “incitement of racial hatred” for expressing her personal opinions in a new book. She was fined $6,600 for writing that La Belle France was being dismantled by waves of smelly, crime-prone colored immigrants who knew nothing of European Civilization. Le Rocher, the publisher of A Scream in the Silence, was fined an additional $6,000, and ordered to pay, together with Bardot, for advertisements in two major (and, hence, costly) newspapers announcing their own conviction. Undaunted, she defiantly told the court that France was being miscegenated out of existence, and condemned race-mixing in no uncertain terms. “I was born in 1934,” she explained. “At that time, inter-racial marriage wasn’t approved of.” The verdict was the fourth such judgment against her on similar charges since 1997. (www.amren.comlnews/news04/06/10/bardot.html – 36k)

              Seven years later, Mel Gibson was similarly crucified as “anti-Semitic” because, introducing his film, “The Passion”, he tried to follow the New Testament version of Christ’s execution to the biblical letter. Having done anything less because of outside pressure would have amounted to censoring the Word of God to satisfy Jewish intolerance. Gibson did not write the dialogue for his Jesus character to say, “If my kingdom did belong to this world, my attendants would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews.” (John 18,36). Or have a mob of Jews exclaim, “His blood be upon us and our children!” (Matthew 27, 25). If the Jews are upset by lines such as these, they must protest to their Author, not Mr. Gibson.

              The popular screen actor, Robert Mitchim, assured his place in Hollywood early during his career by starring in a propaganda farce, “Crossfire”, aimed at demonizing the postwar popularity of “anti-Semitism” in America. But people can and do change, and he spoke the truth after appearing in another twisted Jewish version of reality. When interviewed about his performance in Jew Herman Wouk’s “The Winds of War”, Mitchim stated bluntly that the pseudo-documentary was “a travesty on history. There was nothing ‘noble’ about our involvement in World War Two. It was a sham from the beginning”. America entered World War Two, he said, chiefly to stimulate our depression-ridden economy with arms production: “That was the alpha and omega of the whole mess.” Mitchim went on to say that the alleged “extermination” of six million lovable Jews by Hitler was “a political fairy-tale”.

              Before thus committing career-hari-kari, Mitchim was an unabashed racist. He told fellow movie star, Shirley MacLaine, of his younger days on a Georgia chain-gang, when “he was shackled to ‘some nigger’, with whom he became friendly.” (My Lucky Stars, by Shirley MacLaine, NY: Bantam Books, 1995; pgs. 293, 294, 307, 329, 330) Mitchim escaped. “He described ‘feeling like a nigger being chased right before they lynched him’.” Mitchim told her, “They’ll just go after some other poor nigger to fill their quota on the chain-gang.” Years later, he and MacLaine were together in East Africa, “commiserating with the Whites who had been through Uhuru and the Mau-Mau insurgence.”

              She is herself not unaware of the Jews who use Hollywood to engineer public opinion and mold mass behavior. Miss MacLaine went as far as she dared, when she wrote that “perhaps manipulation of Hollywood began around the poker tables in Palm Springs, years ago, with the attendance of Jack Warner (Warner Brothers), Samuel Goldwyn (Samuel Goldwyn Productions), Harry Cohn (Columbia), Barney Balaban (Paramount), Joe Schenck (20th Century Fox), Darryl Zanuck (Fox), and Louis B. Mayer (MGM) … They controlled Hollywood … they desired to manipulate the public. In the main, they were of Eastern European descent [a transparent euphemism for “Jewish”. AVS] and wished to create the reality of the New World as they wanted it to be … They played fast and loose with the truth, and somehow it was acceptable.” That “New World” was the world of lies and terror in which we live today (Neil Gabler, An Empire of their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, NY: Anchor Books, 1988).

              It was hardly surprising then, when Marlon Brando told a national television audience on 5 April 1996, “Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews, and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering. You will see every other kind of race and nationality stereotyped in Hollywood films,” the veteran actor stated on “Larry King Live”, “but we never saw the kike, because they know perfectly well that’s where you draw the wagons around.”

              Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Jews’ own “Gestapo” – the AntiDefamation League – said of Brando’s contention that Hollywood was Jewish, “Even though this may technically be a reality, it is also considered an anti-Semitic statement, because it is perceived to bolster that old canard used by genuine anti-Semites – that of a Jewish conspiracy to run the world (That “New World” of the Hollywood Heebs Shirley MacLaine mentioned? AVS). Mr. Brando owes an apology to the Jewish men and women who work in Hollywood for vilifying them, and to all Jews for his stereotyping and use of an anti-Semitic epithet.”

              While preparing to play the role of George Lincoln Rockwell in an installment of the 1970s anti-White propaganda extravaganza, “Roots”, perhaps the actor’s racial conscience had been awakened by something he may have read by the Commander of the American Nazi Party. In the previous decade, Brando had demonstrated for black “civil rights”. ( – 19K)

              Like the star of “The Godfather”, Charlton Heston was an early activist for Negro “civil rights” who later wised up ( – 7K). Toward the close of the last century, this cinematic Moses told the Free Congress Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala, on 7 December 1997, that “a cultural war is raging across our land, storming our values, assaulting our freedoms, killing our self-confidence in who we are and what we believe, where we come from. Heaven help the God-fearing, law-abiding, Caucasian, or even worse – rural, apparently straight, or – even worse – admittedly heterosexual, gun-owning or – even worse – NRA-card-carrying, average working stiff, or – even worse – male working stiff, because not only don’t you count, you’re a downright obstacle to social progress. Your tax dollars may be just as delightfully green as you hand them over, but your voice requires a lower decibel level, your opinion is less enlightened, your media access is insignificant, and frankly, mister, you need to wake up, wise up and learn a little something about your new America – in fact, why don’t you just sit down and shut up?

              “The Constitution was handed down to guide us by a bunch of those wise old dead White guys who invented this country. Now, some flinch when I say that. Why? It’s true. They were White guys. So were most of the guys who died in Lincoln’s name opposing slavery in the 1860s. So why should I be ashamed of White guys? Why is ‘Hispanic pride’ or ‘Black pride’ a good thing, while ‘White pride’ conjures up shaved heads and white hoods? Now, Chuck Heston can get away with saying I’m proud of those wise old dead White guys, because Jesse Jackson and Louie Farrakhan know I fought in their cultural war. I was one of the first White soldiers in the civil rights movement in 1961, long before it was fashionable in Hollywood – believe me – or in Washington, for that matter.

              “In 1963, I marched on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King to uphold the Bill of Rights. But you don’t see many other Hollywood luminaries speaking out on this one, do you? It’s not because there aren’t any. It’s because they can’t afford the heat. They dare not speak up for fear of CNN or the IRS or SAG or the ATF or NBC or even W.J.C (the World Jewish Congress). It saps the strength of our country when the personal price is simply too high to stand up for what you believe in.

              “Nobody opposed the obscene rapper,” ‘Ice-T’, until I stood at Time-Warner’s stockholders meeting, and was ridiculed by its president for wanting to take the floor to read Ice-T’s lyrics. Since I held several hundred shares of stock, he had no choice, though the media were barred. I read those lyrics to a stunned audience of average American people – the stockholders – who were shocked at the lyrics that advocate killing cops, sexually abusing women, and raping the nieces of our Vice-President.

              “Mainstream America is depending on you – counting on you – to draw your sword and fight for them. These people have precious little time or resources to battle misguided Cinderella attitudes, the fringe propaganda of the blacks who raise a militant fist with one hand while they seek preference with the other. We’ve reached that point in time when our national social policy originates on Oprah. I say it’s time to pull the plug.

              “Americans should not have to go to war every morning for their values. They already go to war for their families. They fight to hold down a job, raise responsible kids, make their payments, keep gas in the car, put food on the table and clothes on their backs, and still save a little for their final days in dignity. They prefer the America they built – where you could be White without feeling guilty, own a gun without shame, and raise your hand without apology. They are the critical masses who find themselves under siege and are longing for you to get some guts, stand on principle, and lead them to victory in this cultural war.

              “In a cultural war, triumph belongs to those who arm themselves with pride in who they are and then do the right thing. Not the most expedient thing, not the politically correct thing, not what’ll sell, but the right thing. Don’t run for cover when the cultural cannons roar! Remember who you are and what you believe, and then raise your hand, stand up, and speak out! Don’t be shamed or startled into lockstep conformity by seemingly powerful people! The maintenance of a free nation is a long, slow, steady process. And it is in your hands. But as leaders you must – we must – do as Lincoln would do, confronted with the stench of cultural war: Do what’s right. As Mr. Lincoln said, ‘With firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us finish the work we are in … and then we shall save our country.’

              “Defeat the criminals and their apologists, oust the biased and bigoted, disavow the selfappointed social engineers whose relentless arrogance fuels this vicious war against so much we hold so dear! Do not yield, do not divide, do not call a truce! Be fair, but fight back!”

              In a recent issue of The New Order, a Rev. Richard Butler was eulogized. Who was this man?

              With the passing of Rev. Butler in September, 2004, National Socialists and White Americans of good will everywhere lost one of their oldest and dearest friends. As the founder and leader of Aryan Nations, he provided a unique umbrella organization for comrades from all over the world.

              Richard G. Butler was born in 1918, in southern California, where he grew up to attend Los Angeles City College, graduating with a degree in aeronautical engineering. Something of an aviation pioneer during the 1930s, he was co-inventor of rapid repair for tubeless tires, a patented process that saved the lives of countless Allied airmen in World War Two. Deeply patriotic, Butler enlisted in the U.S. Air Force after Pearl Harbor, serving as a valued flight instructor. During the postwar era, he organized and operated a machine plant for the production and precision machining of automotive parts and engine assemblies, plus aircraft components. In 1968, he became Senior Manufacturing Engineer for the Lockheed Aircraft Company at its Palmdale, California plant, where he participated in the development of the renowned L-1011 aircraft.

              Throughout his successful career as an aviation executive, he had grown increasingly troubled by the obvious decline of American society, particularly since the Second World War. Using the same kind of scientific research he applied to aviation, Butler concluded that the White Race was in mortal danger of becoming extinct. The only alternative was National Socialism, born from the genius of history’s greatest martyr for truth in two thousand years. Butler resigned from his prestigious position at Lockheed in 1986, and raised our sacred Swastika over his privately owned citadel in Coer d’Alene, Idaho.

              It was a particularly courageous decision for a man in his seventies. “No one is too young or too old to fight for his race,” he bristled whenever anyone pointed out his already advanced age. “Individual human existence is short, and I want to do something of real value with my life before it’s done. Men as old as me and older did not hesitate to fight the Soviet invaders of Eastern Europe in Hitler’s Volksturm. I’ll never be too old to fight the colored invaders of America.”

              Butler was devoutly religious, but rejected mainstream Christianity as antithetical to the principles of its founder, and preached his own version of spirituality. Over the next fifteen years, his nineteen-acre estate served as the world’s most prominent National Socialist headquarters during the late 20th Century. The Pastor’s graciousness and generosity made it a congenial oasis of calm sanity in an outside world gone mad with race mixing degeneracy.

              Beginning in the late 1980s, he mounted a unique, annual demonstration, when hundreds of men and women from across America paraded through the streets of Coer d’Alene, each one carrying the flag of their own nationality. Every mid-summer, this otherwise obscure little Idaho town drew global attention in a colorful display of White unity. It also attracted hysterical opposition orchestrated by the gargoyle-faced boss of the Jewish Defense (sic) League. But local people were hardly charmed by the vociferous Irv Rudin (rhymes with “Juden”) and his fellow loud-mouths, come all the way from New York City looking for trouble, and quite literally foaming at the lips with revenge. They were more favorably impressed with the Gentile marchers’ self-controlled, even dignified demeanor under pressure. From these yearly dramatizations of racial solidarity a new name for Rev. Butler’s struggle naturally arose: Aryan Nations.

              By the late 1990s, it had become the most visible expression of White resistance on earth, serving as common ground for numerous National Socialist and racialist organizations. The Swastika banner flying atop its high tower shone out like a defiant beacon of hope, calling growing numbers of adherents from around the world. But such defiance and growth, however lawful, was intolerable to the kosher powers-that-be, and they exerted the full weight of their monstrous legal system against Pastor Butler. Where physical violence, news-media provocation and government intimidation had failed to stop him, subversion and money – the Jews’ immemorial tactic and weapon – would succeed.

              In 1999, court proceedings were brought against Aryan Nations by Morris Dees, a “civil rights” attorney from Montgomery, Alabama, who makes his living by suing White patriots and impoverishing them. Over the last twenty-five years, he bankrupted half-a-dozen racialist organizations, including the Ku Klux Klan and White Aryan Resistance. Dees’ self-styled “Southern Poverty Law Center” is reportedly bankrolled to the tune of $65 million. It was this well-heeled behemoth that now unleashed its awful financial power on the former U.S. Air Force flight instructor.

              Edgar J. Steele represented Rev. Butler in court, although he did not share his elderly client’s racial views. Steele nevertheless stated honestly, “At trial, I was flabbergasted by the lies told by witnesses who had been bought and paid for by Morris Dees and company. Because of the endless media vilification, and despite our having proven up so many of those lies, the jury chose to slap Pastor Butler with the most ridiculous verdict I have ever seen. Idaho’s bond requirement made it impossible for us to appeal. For what it is worth, I was in the trial and at his side every step of the way. We put up an excellent fight, the best of my career. We beat Dees at every turn. We beat him on the law. We beat him on the facts.

              “What we couldn’t beat was the passion and prejudice of the community, as reflected in the minds of the jurors. Some of them spoke to the press afterwards, recounting how they considered not one shred of evidence, not one factual issue, not one legal principle, in immediately resolving to bankrupt Pastor Butler, so that he would leave north Idaho. For that, the press is largely accountable, as it had been conducting a relentless war of disinformation against Butler and his followers for years.

              ‘Not once did I observe Pastor Butler raise his voice or disparage another who was unjustifiably hounding or maligning him or those he loved. Always, I was struck by the disparity between his public image and the man I knew. I know from personal experience that one cannot believe anything one reads in the media concerning such a man, however. Current reporting, especially from the local Spokane newspaper, which has chosen to boorishly, crudely and falsely mock the man in death, has borne this out with a vengeance.

              Always, the media endeavors to paint Butler as a criminal never jailed because he managed to dance just out of reach of the authorities. In reality, he was never jailed because he never did anything wrong. Unless you view speaking your mind and standing by your principles to be wrong. ’Are you a White supremacist?’, I asked Pastor Butler one day. ‘No,’ he responded, ‘I am a White separatist. I don’t wish harm to befall other races. I just want to be able to live apart from them.’

              “Richard Butler had a large number of followers all around the globe, most of whom genuinely loved him. A much larger number of the local population here in north Idaho thought more well of him than the media would have you believe. I know, because they continually come up to me and say so, though they might not admit such even to their own families.”

              The seizure of Aryan Nations’ Coer d’Alene headquarters proved to be a hollow victory for its enemies. A short time later, Irv Rudin, himself under investigation by the F.B.I., tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. The botched attempt reduced him to a life-long vegetable. The movement he, Morris Dees and all the others who strove with personal violence and financial power to shut down is in far better shape than the moribund Jewish Defense League and its comatose boss. Because they themselves are crass materialists, our enemies are incapable of understanding that our Idea cannot be extinguished by annihilating its physical existence. Nothing they do can exceeds the destruction suffered by the Third Reich. Yet, more than 60 years later, the ideology that created it has survived and spread around the world.

              Richard Butler passed away at the end of a long, productive and ultimately heroic life, content in the awareness that he did everything he could for his race and nation. No man hath greater epitaph.

              How many followers do you have?

              More than yesterday, but less than tomorrow! From the day Adolf Hitler founded National Socialism more than 85 years ago, it has never rested on the dead weight of numbers, but is generated instead by a few White men and women embodying a majority of energy and will-power. Mein Kampf set down that the Movement comprises two fundamental categories of followers: “activists” and “supporters”. The latter are persons favorably disposed to our Idea, who may assist with donations, etc., but are less personally involved in championing it than activists who risk their liberties and lives to promote this “philosophy of life”.

              More is expected of “activists”, who are, consequently, far less numerous than “supporters”, because fewer individuals are willing to put themselves in harm’s way for something greater than themselves. This does not mean that “supporters” are any less important to the success of our struggle. They form the bedrock of the Movement, upon which the activists stand. Together, they form the power-center of National Socialism. And while we are always seeking to broaden our supporter base, the ranks of “activists” will be forever thinned and honed into an ideological elite, not because of any special privileges, but entirely by the difficulty of the struggle in which they voluntarily engage.

              Adolf Hitler began with seven men, including himself. Fifteen years later, he made a clear distinction between “supporters” and “activists”, when he told half-a-million of his followers at their annual congress, “For the masses of our fellow countrymen, it is sufficient for them to say, ‘I believe’. But for us, our watchword has always been: ‘I fight!’”

              Why put off so many potential followers with your radicalism, a choose a conservative path instead?

              Any differences today between liberals and conservatives are entirely academic, because neither place any value on preserving the White Race. When a whole people is pushed toward the edge of extinction, all other issues dwindle to insignificance.

              Both liberals and conservatives are so entirely dominated by Jewish money and influence that they are nothing more than compliant puppets jerking to the least whim of their kosher wire-puller. The “Neo-Cons” are power-mad race-mixers who wrap their intolerance in a religious hysteria that justifies and exonerates any excess, as witness the suicidal war in Iraq; the wholesale torture of defenseless, even innocent captives; and the visible transformation of America’s Constitutional Republic into a fundamentalist tyranny.

              Contrary to the conservatives, whose bank accounts seem more valuable than the racial integrity of their people, National Socialists alone enjoy the intellectual freedom of a rational worldview unfettered by political correctness, and inspired by a realistic idealism for the future of our race.

              But why even bother to lift a finger for National Socialism, when your chances of success seem non-existent?

              If we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Idea would never be victorious, we would fight no less fanatically for it. What must the world think of a father who preferred the safety of a beach to risking his life against impossible odds for the rescue of his daughter drowning out at sea? Far better to perish in the pursuit of a supremely noble cause, than live in a world without it. Surely, some of us will die, as millions before us. But enough of us will live to carry our Blood Banner to absolute triumph over all our enemies. We are utterly indifferent to when this will happen, because, for us, we are as sure of victory as though it has already happened. Why?

              Because men like Adolf Hitler are never born into the world without setting into motion forces which reach ultimate realization long after their deaths. Leonardo di Vinci’s airplane did not fly for another four centuries after he invented it; the electrical power Thomas Edison harnessed for the first time is still reaching heights of development more than one hundred years after he lit the first light bulb; the few thousand persons who appreciated Ludwig van Beethoven’s music during his lifetime have since been multiplied by many millions. So, too, the racial ideology Adolf Hitler invented is being made more valid and relevant with the rapid decline of Western Civilization, precisely as he predicted.

              Trying to cope with a society in which Whites are increasingly marginalized will force them to either embrace Adolf Hitler’s legacy or perish. There is no middle ground for survival. But the great quality of our race is its capacity to rebound, often at the last moment, after long periods of decline. The passing of Ancient Greece was succeeded by the rise of Rome; the European Dark Ages were followed by the Renaissance, etc. All we must do is keep the banner of our Idea flying. Time and the validation of its principles by the deteriorating conditions of a rotting democracy are making and shall make far many more converts to National Socialism.

              The purity of this “philosophy of life” shines ever brighter in comparison to the progressive darkening of American society. Inevitably, it must shine out as the lone beacon in a world of black chaos. That realization is enough to make us consecrate our energies and lives to its perpetual flame.

              Do National Socialists believe in evolution?

              Given the present human condition of Western Civilization, it is far easier to believe these days in de-evolution. Instead of bringing together its most intelligent, brave and creative individuals, the Aryan Race is being deliberately bred out of existence by a universal, unrelenting campaign in American schools and all forms of public information to promote miscegenation. Indiscriminate breeding among cattle devalues the herd into scrub bulls, just as unions between Whites and colored races result in evolutionary backsliding toward genetic decay.

              White people are alone capable of producing civilization. Without it, all humanity would sink into filth, sickness and bloodshed – the very qualities currently over-taking America, as it becomes inundated with burgeoning colored populations. These anthropomorphic races are just wild animals, not true human beings. Left to themselves, without simpering White liberals to care for them, they rapidly decline into squalor and barbarism. Breeding with such low-lifes can only drag down the elite White Race into savagery, as dramatically attested by the deteriorating status of America’s cities, where non-Aryans congregate like flies on putrescence.

              Evolution is not just a theory, but a demonstrable fact of life, Any child can see the relationship between the skeletons of an ape and a man. They both quite obviously share a common evolution, of which the human is the more mentally developed species. So too, homo sapiens-sapiens, or “modern man”, is a decided intellectual improvement over his predecessors – Neanderthal, homo erectus, etc., etc. It is apparent that the “life-force”, as George Bernard Shaw described it, is trying to evolve a smarter being.

              We are mistaken, however, in imagining that Negro pygmies, Indonesian head-hunters, Polynesian cannibals and all the other non-Whites are only just behind us in terms of evolution, and must be given a chance to catch up with us. We do not share the same trail with these primitives, nor are they coming up behind us on the evolutionary trail. Instead, they have been genetically sidetracked as human off-shoots into evolutionary cul-de-sacs. The path they trod is a dead end, just as many other sub-species before them.

              They are mere developmental debris to be brushed aside and discarded like the chips and shavings left over by a master sculptor after having carved and chiseled a magnificent statue from a block of wood. So too, evolutionary forces have hewn Aryan Man as their supreme achievement from the rough material of a broad-ranging species. All other races are nothing more than the flotsam of that process. As Nietzsche declared, “Man is the meaning of the Earth.”

              Some religious persons are troubled by what they perceive as a contradiction between their Christian faith and evolution. But they fail to realize that no such contradiction exists, because evolution is merely the means by which God creates and perfects life. So too, we National Socialists are convinced that we are fulfilling the Creator’s highest command by fighting for His noblest accomplishment – the preservation and evolutionary destiny of the White Race!

              After a B-29 dropped the first operational atomic bomb on Hiroshima, in 1945, U.S. President Harry Truman declared, we won the race of discovery against the Germans. In other words, America was far ahead of the Third Reich in nuclear development, thereby ensuring victory for the Allies. Doesnt this prove that applied science flourishes better in a free democracy than under a Nazi dictatorship?

              In truth, U.S. research into atomic energy was far behind contemporary developments in National Socialist Europe, and the Allies knew it. On 27 February 1943, an alarmed Winston Churchill frantically ordered a British commando raid to destroy the Germans’ “heavy water” plant in southern Norway, before it could be put to use in nuclear arms manufacture. The Norsk Hydro Company was attacked, but work on Hitler’s “Victory Weapon” continued to out-pace similar efforts in the U.S.

              During just the past few years, researchers have established that, contrary to conventional history, the world’s first nuclear bomb was detonated in the Harz Mountains of Germany in March, 1945, five months before the American atomic blast took place in New Mexico (see Black Sun, by Joseph Farrell, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2005, or Hitler’s Miracle Weapons, by Friedrich Georg, MN: Historic Aviation, 2004). While the Harz Mountain test was a success, additional months of development were required before the “Victory Weapon” could have become operational, more time than Germany had left before the capitulation in early May.

              Not long before, a pair of u-boats carrying stores of uranium-235 left Hamburg for Japan. The captain of one submarine aborted his mission after learning from radio intercepts that Karl Doenitz, head of the German Navy and recently appointed Chancellor, commanded the cessation of hostilities, and surrendered the uranium to the Americans. They used it to power not only their New Mexico test device, but the a-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Meanwhile, the second u-boat commander followed his original orders to Tokyo, where Japanese scientists took possession of the uranium to build their own nuclear device. It was successfully exploded in Korea, literally on the day Emperor Hirohito declared peace.

              While still news to the general public, these historical events have been convincingly documented by Farrell, Georg and many other historians (punch in “Nazi a-bomb” or “Japanese a-bomb” in for additional sources). They are cited here to show that both America and (far less generally well known) Japan were indebted to Third Reich scientists, who, contrary to President Truman, did indeed lead the world in nuclear application. They also pioneered jet and rocket propulsion, cancer research, genetics, television, computers, super-highway construction, etc. – all this during just a dozen years, and due entirely to Adolf Hitler’s meritocracy, wherein the best racial elements were fostered.

              Such an ideology is diametrically opposed to the phony equality of all self-defeating democracies, and explains why they played second fiddle to National Socialist science in the last century.

              If Nazi scientists were ahead of their Allied opponents, why did Germany lose the war?

              Its outcome had nothing to do with which side had the better scientists, the larger armies or more skillful generals. In 1931 – when Germany was still a democracy, and two years before Hitler was even elected to power – a man working in the cipher department of the German Army sold its hitherto impenetrable code device, known as “Enigma”, to French government officials for the equivalent of $30,000.00. From that moment on, the Allies were able to read most German military intentions before they were issued. The Germans never knew they had been betrayed by one of their own, low-level functionaries.

              His treason was largely offset, however, by Reinhard Heydrich, chief of national security, and it was due mainly to his counter-espionage activities that the Reich was victorious into 1942. His assassination in June of that year marked the real turning-point of German fortunes. Heydrich’s murder had been engineered by Wilhelm Canaris, a crypto-Jew born Moses Meyerbeer, who managed to become head of German military intelligence. Canaris covertly plotted with Churchill to have a hit-squad parachuted into Czechoslovakia, where Heydrich operated his headquarters. Henceforward, Canaris-Meyerbeer filled in the gaps of information missing from the partially decoded “Enigma” secret, allowing Allied commanders to literally read all Axis classified material before it was dispatched to men in the field.

              Soon after Heydrich’s assassination, u-boat successes in the North Atlantic declined, Rommel lost the decisive Battle of El Alamein, and Stalingrad fell to the Soviets. For the next two years, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were privy to every German military decision long before it was made. Countering all moves made by their enemies was child’s play.

              Canaris-Meyerbeer was found out and arrested during the botched attempt on Hitler’s life in July, 1944. But by that time, the war was already lost. Its outcome has been since blamed on the Fuehrer’s “madness” or “incompetence”. In truth, however, German security had already been mortally breached years before he assumed control of his country’s armed forces, while he was still a young politician struggling for power.

              Who is Colin Jordan?

              He is Britain’s foremost National Socialist. Born l923, in Birmingham, he grew up to win a university scholarship in history at Warwick. During World War Two, he volunteered in the Royal Air Force against the perceived “invasion” of his country. A lying Winston Churchill had convinced most of his fellow countrymen that “England must save the world from Hitler”.

              But an incident in 1941 shocked many people into wondering about the real purpose of the war. On May 10th, Rudolf Hess, the second most powerful man in Germany, parachuted alone to Britain in the desperate hope of ending needless bloodshed between the two Aryan peoples. His valiant offer was spurned, and the Deputy Leader of the Third Reich was imprisoned for the rest of his life, dying in confinement 46 years later as the truest martyr for peace the world has ever known.

              The plight of Rudolf Hess stirred deep reconsideration in the soul of Colin Jordan, so much so the young RAF man told his superiors that he could no longer support Churchill’s war in good faith, and agreed with Hess that hostilities should be brought to a swift end through negotiated settlement. Still, Colin loved his country, and honorably served for the duration as a unit educational instructor in the Royal Army Medical Corps. After the Allies’ self-defeating “victory” that allowed Stalin to enslave millions of Eastern Europeans, Jordan resumed his higher education at Cambridge University, from which he graduated with an Honors Degree in 1949.

              Over the next decade, he was first a school teacher, then the representative of a major company in Scotland, but his over-riding passion was the study of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which clearly laid out the only principles that could rejuvenate the true spirit of Western Civilization. Marxist upheavals and race riots fifteen years after World War Two convinced Jordan that the time for action had come, so he freely sacrificed his lucrative career by creating the White Defense League in 1958. Just two years later, it began flying our imperishable Swastika banner as the openly pro-Hitler National Socialist Movement.

              Attracting a handful of fellow fighters, he struck public awareness like a comet, generating international attention with his public speeches and demonstrations, which were almost invariably physically attacked by England’s numerous Communist thugs. But he and his men fought back, always against overwhelming odds, to survive and gradually win over new followers through the unparalleled bravery of their struggle.

              In July, 1962, Jordan spoke at Trafalgar Square to immense crowds of Londoners come to applaud or kill him. The rally erupted into violence, but he and his comrades fought their way through the mob and into worldwide recognition. Later that same year, Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party, outwitted agents from Scotland Yard determined to prevent his entry into Britain by meeting secretly with Colin Jordan and his men in the remote Cotswold. There they forged a special alliance, the first of its kind since World War Two. Their agreement resulted in the World Union of National Socialists, which laid the groundwork for worldwide communication and cooperation between comrades everywhere. Today’s NSDAP-AO is a living legacy of the Cotswold Agreement made more than forty years ago.

              An early accomplishment of that alliance was the first journal of its kind in nearly four decades, National Socialist World, a quarterly anthology of essays submitted by thoughtful comrades from across the U.S. and overseas. Colin Jordan’s erudite article in the premiere issue took American comrades, who knew him only as a street fighter, by surprise for its depth and clarity. In simple, direct language, he pierced the heart of our ideology and brought it up to date for mid-20th Century readers.

              For years, he had warned his fellow Britons’ of the Jewish tyranny subtly winding its sticky web over their country. The Magan David spider eventually crawled forth from its burrow to weave an insidious “Race Relations Act”, which criminalized any public criticism of non-Whites. Colin Jordan was the first to openly defy this kosher affront to liberty, and was imprisoned for ten months. In 1967, despotic legislation became yet more brazen, when even publishing written opinion differing from the new, race-mixing paradigm was outlawed. This time, he was sentenced to a year-and-a-half behind bars.

              While Jordan was incarcerated for having dared to express his opinions in print, Commander Rockwell fell to an assassin’s bullet. Deprived of its top British and American leaders, the World Union of National Socialists collapsed. After Jordan’s release, he reconstituted the remnants of the dispirited NSM into a new British Movement, which he led into the next decade. Seventeen years of unrelenting struggle eroded his naturally robust health and forced his resignation from the onerous physical demands of personal leadership. In 1975, he retired to his Yorkshire home, where, now in his eighties, he continues to publish a racialist newsletter, Gothic Ripples.

              You mentioned Rudolf Hess. Why?

              Rudolf Hess was the ideal National Socialist, and, hence, the ideal man. As a young adult, he volunteered for some of the most brutal fighting of World War One, during which he was badly wounded. His quiet, unassuming character contrasted with great personal bravery in the face of murderous odds, qualities that attracted favorable notice in the old Imperial Army, through which he rose to become an officer in the air corps. His courage and skill as a pilot were apparent, but the Armistice went into effect before he could see aerial combat.

              Alarmed at the appalling conditions of the postwar world, he attended the speech of a little-known politician whose glowing genius changed his life. Hess became one of the early Stormtroopers, who made it possible for Adolf Hitler to be heard, in spite of all physical opposition. The same personal daring that won Hess the admiration of his Army superiors now gained a similarly healthy respect from his National Socialist comrades. Time and again, he threw caution to the winds by hurling himself against overwhelming numbers of Red and Jew thugs, invariably thrashing them out of the meetings they had come to disrupt.

              But Hess was more than a brawny street-fighter. The ordinarily soft-spoken young man possessed a profound grasp of National Socialism, which he articulated with fiery oratory or described in clear prose. These natural talents combined with his organizational skills and easy comradeship to ensure his rapid rise through the ranks to become the man second only in authority to Hitler himself. In 1923, both were jailed for about a year following the violent suppression of the Movement. But they put their time to good use by writing a book, Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”), which defined the principles of their “philosophy of life”. While Hess took dictation from its more famous author, he also contributed to some of its fundamental ideas. After release from Landsberg Prison, Hess resumed his duties as a vigorous spokesman and organizer.

              In 1933, with Hitler’s election as Chancellor, his Deputy Fuehrer came to personify the Aryan Revolution itself. He was the standard against which all other comrades measured themselves, because he embodied a balance between ideological purity and tactical compassion. Hess guarded against anything that compromised National Socialist beliefs, in other words, but demonstrated a magnanimity ignored by his detractors. For example, he warned Ernst Roehm, the dissident Stormtroop leader, that the slightest infraction of Party discipline would be severely punished, but restrained more loyal, if over-enthusiastic comrades from rioting against kosher businessmen following the murder of the German ambassador by a Jew assassin in 1938. His reputation for clemency was as deserved as it was well-known. Pleas from family members of former Communists or even Jewish agitators detained in concentration camps often obtained their release through the Deputy Fuehrer, usually on conditions of strict probation.

              As the second most powerful man in Germany, Hess lived with his wife and small son in a modest, downtown apartment, from which he casually walked alone every workday like a common citizen, minus any bodyguards or entourage, to his office at the Party headquarters several blocks away. Although in his forties, he entered several air races, and won an international trophy, competing against skilled pilots almost half his age. His innate sense of humanity, however, could not deter outside agitation for war, though he seized upon every attempt to prevent it. He abhorred the potential for mutual slaughter from which only Stalin could benefit. When, against his best efforts, the conflict erupted in 1939, Hess hoped it might soon end with quick German victories in the West. But Churchill, obedient to his Jewish creditors, preferred the annihilation of the Empire he had sworn to protect over a reasonable peace between Aryan peoples.

              With Hitler’s Continental crusade against communism about to commence, Hess gave up his prestigious career, beloved home and family by flying a one-way mission to Britain on 10 May 1941. Parachuting alone into Scotland, he hoped to liaison with prominent statesmen in Parliament known to oppose Churchill’s war and effect its termination before any more blood on either side could be spilled. Instead, Hess was confined to solitary confinement for the duration, then tried and convicted as a “war criminal”. Over the next forty years, he languished in Berlin’s enormous Spandau Fortress, as the 20th Century’s tragic “Prisoner of Peace”. The Talmudic revenge responsible for his imprisonment was so intense, even the will of a United States president, John F. Kennedy, could not gain his release. The Deputy Leader’s liberation would have to come from another quarter.

              In 1987, Soviet communism was tottering to a fall, and USSR President Gorbachev, seeking to curry favor with the German people, expressed his desire to free Spandau’s lone inmate. Afraid the aged prisoner still knew secrets that, if disclosed, would expose how the English people had been duped against their own best interests into waging war against Germany, cowardly British agents strangled the 90-year-old man to death. In so doing, however, they ensured that the martyrdom he suffered energized a revival of the very ideology he epitomized and they despised. Every year, in commemoration of his assassination, mass-demonstrations on his behalf grow larger and louder. His long life and sacrificial death still comprise a power with which to be reckoned – a historical phenomenon that grows exponentially, as the magnitude of his achievement and example inspires generation after generation.

              In accordance with the straightforward clarity of the man, his tombstone reads simply, “I dared.” It is a motto all comrades touched by and loyal to his memory have taken to heart – to dare and dare again, as Rudolf Hess did, for our race and nation.

              Why is June 22, 1941 commemorated by National Socialists?

              On that day, more than sixty years ago, Adolf Hitler’s decision to invade the USSR saved Western Civilization. Soviet armies were literally weeks away from launching an all-out attack through Poland that would have swept across Europe, then on to America. Stalin was about to fulfill the nightmare concocted by Jew Karl Marx and set in motion by Lenin to impose a bloody tyranny on all mankind. “The way to the Red revolution of the world,” Lenin promised, “leads over Poland and through Germany.” But the Fuehrer beat Stalin to the punch, and would have defeated him, had not America and Britain aided their faltering Communist ally.

              Even so, Hitler inflicted such heavy casualties on Russian forces, they were too weak to carry out the old Marxist scheme of domination. In the climactic Battle of Berlin alone, one million Red Army soldiers were killed. Nothing would have been able to stop them from steam-rolling over the European Continent by the early 1940s, had Hitler never arisen to unite the German people in time. Given American military debacles in relative sideshows like Korea, Vietnam, Mogadishu or even Iraq, our politically and racially divided country would have collapsed before the immense war-machine Stalin built just for that purpose. Instead, his armed forces were ground to a halt amid the ruins of Berlin, “the Alamo of the Aryan Race”, as George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of American National Socialism, characterized it.

              Every White man, woman and child should fall on their knees every June 22nd in gratitude to Adolf Hitler and his incomparably brave soldiers for having prevented their world from becoming a Soviet gulag. As the Fuehrer said of others who gave their lives for his struggle, so it may be said of him: “And you won after all!”

              National Socialists commonly describe non-whites in the U.S. as Americas worst health hazard. Why?

              A report issued by the World Health Organization in June, 2005, stated that more than 1,100,000 persons in the United States have AIDS. Of that number, according to the same source, between 49% and 51% are black. Hispanics comprise an additional 18%, with Asians and other less numerically significant non-White minorities contributing another 5%. Race-mixed offspring – the unfortunate outcome of unnatural relations between colored creatures and degenerate “whites” – were over-looked in the World Health Organization’s otherwise comprehensive study, but must nevertheless be included as a contributing factor of approximately 6%, based on the burgeoning number of racial bastards in America. Most of the remaining percentage was, not surprisingly, made up of white homosexuals. The percentage of heterosexual whites who contracted the virus within their own race was barely 3%.

              In other words, 97% of AIDS-carrying persons in the U.S. are either non-White, race-mixed or homosexual. Half are black, even though Negroes make up less than 14% of the total national population. In Africa, where the disease originated, countless mulattos have been infected, and are spreading it far beyond the appropriately named “Dark Continent” – a powerful reason to avoid race-mixing and shun personal contact with anyone partial to Negroes specifically or non-whites generally.

              While the disease has been so far mostly confined to America’s non-Aryan population, social and sexual relations between whites and non-whites are heavily glamorized by our country’s entertainment celebrities, enthusiastically promoted by education officials, blest by church authorities, and praised by government leaders. This combined, relentless propaganda assault on the impressionable minds of young people is psychologically programming them for race-mixing, thereby moving AIDS into the white community, with frightful consequences for its teenage victims.

              As awful as AIDS may be, however, it is only part of the overall contribution non-Whites are making to civilization in the form of violent crime, urban blight, the dumbing-down of our formerly high educational standards, the poisoning of American culture, and, worst of all, the threat their very presence in society poses to our continued identity and existence as a White Race.

              Whats wrong with the courts in America?

              Nothing more typified the current condition of our country’s legal system than a comparison of two trial verdicts announced during June 2005. In the earlier case, Michael Jackson was found “innocent” of all the notorious charges brought against him, even though jurors later admitted they believed he was a pedophile.

              A few weeks later, Edgar Ray Killen was convicted of murdering three “civil rights” activists in Mississippi during the mid-1960s, despite constitutional provisions against charging the accused a second time for the same offense. Although originally found “not guilty”, he was hauled back into court after 40 years, when his conviction amounted to a life sentence for the 80-year-old defendant. Jurors’ post-trial statements affirmed that evidence against him was slim at best, but the climate of revenge stoked against Mr. Killen by the local press created enough hysteria to generate his conviction.

              In both cases, extra-legal, even illegal forces determined their outcome, due to the putrid political correctness that dominates democratic society. Michael Jackson’s celebrity status as the icon of America’s race-mixed culture had as much bearing on his verdict as Edgar Ray Killen’s former association with the Ku Klux Klan exerted on his. More fundamentally, Michael Jackson personifies the depths to which mass-entertainment have sunk, wherein celebrity status guarantees immunity from justice.

              Parallels may be found in the O.J. Simpson trial of ten years ago. Meanwhile, a White man blest by neither fame nor fortune, but unashamed of his racial identity, is tried and retried until the desired conviction is obtained, regardless how small the proof against him.

              In any healthy society, a freak like Michael Jackson could not exist, while citizens with White self-respect, not the abominations of our race-mixed “pop culture”, would be examples for others to emulate.

              Who was Anton Mussert?

              He was Holland’s foremost National Socialist of the 20th Century. Born on 11 May 1894, in Werkendam, a province of Noord-Brabant, he grew up to become Utrecht’s top civil engineer. During the early 1920s, Mussert organized and led the modernization of irrigation and water systems throughout the Netherlands, a success that won him world recognition as an inspired social innovator. Part of his achievement was wresting control of a vital public utility from privately owned companies, largely Jewish, that charged exorbitant fees for fresh water, creating an especially heavy burden for lower class citizens.

              It was this experience that opened his eyes to the Jewish Question, with its ramifications for every aspect of civilization. After years of study, he concluded that Europe and the West were being torn between the slavery of capitalism and the tyranny of communism, different ideological tools used by the Jews to dismantle civilization. Weakened internally by the ravages of democratic degeneracy, Aryan man would be crushed under Marxism’s military steamroller, as soon as Stalin’s preparations were complete. The only hope lay in something that could unite all White people – regardless of their religious, cultural, or border differences – in the name of racial solidarity.

              That hope arose in Holland during early 1931 with the first Dutch translation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It was the answer that Mussert and millions of his fellow countrymen were searching for, so he founded the Nationaal-Socialistische Besieging (the NSB, “National Socialist Movement”) on 14 December of the same year. Its popular success was instantaneous, and soon multiplied its first dozen members by many thousands. System reaction was predictably repressive, with the arrest of followers on trumped-up or non-existent charges, police beatings of incarcerated supporters, outlawing NSB public demonstrations and selective legislation against free speech for National Socialists. The democratic Establishment’s tyranny was bolstered by open Communist aggression in the form of assassinations and street violence to keep Mussert from being heard.

              Despite everything his enemies thrust at him, he scored big in the national elections of 1935, narrowly losing as president to the same, corrupt non-entities who opposed clean water in Holland ten years before. Political observers both inside and outside Holland agreed that if the contest had any semblance of fairness, he would have won. He was, in fact, recognized throughout the world as the real leader of the Dutch people, as his reception by Pope Pius XI on 16 June 1936 confirmed. Although the electoral process was, for all practical purposes, closed to the NSB, it continued to grow, becoming the largest political organization in the Netherlands by 1940.

              In spring of that year, Hague government officials secretly betrayed their country’s often loudly proclaimed neutrality by a covert agreement with Paris politicians to allow French armies on Dutch soil for the purpose of attacking northern Germany. Learning of their duplicitous dealings in time, Hitler launched a preemptive strike through Holland that saved his country from invasion. Though naturally appalled and deeply saddened by the defeat of their nation, Mussert and his numerous NSB followers understood it had been betrayed by the same political criminals they fought throughout the previous decade.

              More importantly, the German occupation gave Holland a chance to join the panEuropean crusade against Soviet Russia. A year before, Mussert formed the all-Dutch Vrijwilligerslegioen, or “Volunteer Legion”, an adjunct of the NSB itself. During the next two years, more Dutch recruits joined the SS-Freiwilligen-Legion Niederlande and an infantry regiment of the SS Division Viking. This outstanding participation of so many volunteers represented an extraordinarily high number in proportion to the Dutch population. Even the producers of a flagrantly anti-Nazi television series of the mid-1970s, “World at War”, admitted that nearly two-thirds of the Dutch population were actively involved in various NSB organizations until the Allied occupation at the close of 1944. Under Mussert, Holland thus had the highest percentage of popular support for National Socialism outside Germany.

              The Dutch SS men, along with their million other comrades from France, Spain, Scandinavia, even Britain and America, fought like lions on the Eastern Front against Stalin’s Mongolian hordes. Among the SS Vikings’ most legendary triumphs was the defeat they inflicted on Soviet forces at Seelow Heights before the last defense of Berlin.

              On 7 May 1945, Mussert was arrested by the Allies, who handed him over to their revenge-crazed, puppet politicians, the same men who had needlessly dragged their country into war five years earlier. In November, they subjected him to a sham-trial from which no honest patriot could have expected justice, and he was executed in the Hague one year to the day of his arrest.

              But they could not so easily kill off the prophesy Mussert made for the future. Today, just as he predicted, Holland is the cesspool of Europe for its flourishing drug trade, legalized prostitution and rampant homosexuality. Its birthrate has been in a tailspin for the last fifteen years, sounding a death-knell made all the louder by the mass-exodus of its young adults, and an unrelieved suicide epidemic. This is the country lovers of democracy preferred and still prefer over the clean, livable and uplifting Holland millions of proactive Dutch of the NSB and SS built in the 1940s.

              But the Netherlands have just about hit rock bottom degeneracy, as a natural revolt of her people’s healthier natural instinct began to reawaken with the onset of a new century. An overwhelming majority of its citizens is rising up against the sub-human racial sewage that has befouled their civilization. Vibrant sentiments are replacing the self-satisfied apathy of the past, and even the alleged “statesmen” still in control of the Hague have been forced to back-track on uncontrolled immigration of sub-human scum from the dregs of Africa and Indonesia.

              In the early part of the 21st Century ago, a moderate voice for Nordic Holland, Pim Fortune, was murdered by a typical Third World savage to become a victim, as was the NSB leader before him, of the forces arrayed against Aryan mankind everywhere. As such, Anton Adriaan Mussert was not only a martyr and prophet for his own land, but a true hero of White men around the globe.

              A recent issue of Newsweek magazine declared that our times are fast becoming the Chinese Century. If so, how can we survive such a global transformation?

              Two hundred years before Newsweek, Napoleon categorized China as “a sleeping giant” that, if ever awakened, would terrorize and eventually dominate the world through sheer weight of numbers. For the rest of the 19th Century, most statesmen in the West marginalized “the Yellow Peril” through colonization, the opium trade, and Christian missionary work.

              At the turn of the last century, in what may have been the opening shot of a global race war still in the process of spreading, volunteers from Britain, Germany, Italy, France, America and other Aryan lands – prefiguring Hitler’s multi-national SS men by forty years – put down a bloody, native attempt to expel all foreigners in the Boxer Rebellion. Among their allies were the Japanese, who were in a far better position to keep China from ever becoming dangerous. Three decades later, they began carving up the Asian mainland as the only viable means of keeping population pressures down in the restricted living space of their native islands. Such colonization, had it been allowed to continue, would have forever prevented China from becoming the world-threatening giant foreseen by Napoleon.

              Instead, liberal saps in Britain and America derided Japan’s preemptive achievement in the Far East, and stoked the emotional fires of international indignation against “Nip aggression”. But such moralistic posturing was actually propaganda window-dressing for the massive arms production they desperately needed to extricate themselves from the Great Depression through war. In fall, 1941, they imposed an oil embargo that guaranteed industrial Japan would collapse within six months, or be forced to defend herself somehow. Hence, the attack on Pearl Harbor. The ensuing war removed the one power capable of preventing China from fulfilling Napoleon’s dire prediction.

              As long ago as the composition of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler prophesied that without Japanese colonization of Asia, China would go Communist to become a global menace the like of which had not been seen since the days of Ghengis Khan. When he made this forecast in 1924, it elicited only derisive laughter from the political know-it-alls of his day. Yet, they were not laughing just seventy five years later, when Mao Tse Tung united all China in an Oriental despotism that cost the lives of twenty million people.

              In their vindictive destruction of Japan, Americans awoke the “sleeping giant” Napoleon warned against. For the next twenty years, they strove to remedy their mistake by containment. But the consequences of their fateful error became so alarming, that even their enemy, Soviet Premiere Nikita Khruchev, was planning the nuclear annihilation of Red China, just before he was removed from office by Politburo members afraid atomic bombs could not stop a billion Chinese from overwhelming the Russian border.

              International isolation of the now manifestly real “Yellow Peril” at least sealed it behind the so-called “Bamboo Curtain”, until a small-minded American president, hoping to ward off the impeachable consequences of his political indiscretions with a diplomatic diversion, visited Beijing to shake the bloody hands of Mao Tse Tung, thereby personally welcoming Communist China into the community of nations. During the following decade, a democrat president went even further in opening up hitherto unprecedented economic opportunities for the Red Chinese. In this century, the republican side of America’s political shell-game prattled about non-existent “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, while pointedly ignoring Beijing’s nuclear stock-piling of atomic bombs. He winked at Red China’s government leaders, who brutally suppressed any attempt by their own people to remove the shackles of tyranny, as witness massacres like Tianamin Square, or the imprisonment and torture of Falun Gong members desiring a modicum of spiritual freedom.

              President Bush prated loud and often of “liberating” Iraq from a “brutal dictatorship oppressing its own and nearby peoples”, but uttered not a word about contemporary Communist genocide in neighboring Tibet. We heard no calls to “liberate” these peoples from a system immeasurably more powerful and wicked than anything Saddam Hussein could have ever operated. The fearful ramifications of such presidential duplicity are becoming obvious in the relentless absorption of the entire American economy, from WalMart diapers to whole industrial complexes. Economists writing for that same Newsweek issue cited at the beginning of this response projected that by the mid-21st Century, China will have not only surpassed the United States as the world’s most powerful economy, but continue to out-distance us by exponential degrees, leaving American manufacturing at a level parallel with today’s Mexico or below.

              Nixon and Clinton whetted the Red dragon’s taste for petroleum, an appetite that has since grown so voracious it is pushing oil prices past record highs. China’s mushrooming economy will continue driving up such costs, and, with them, everything related, from basics like food transported by a trucking industry dependent on gasoline, to common luxury items, like DVD-players, all made, of course, in China by substance workers or slave laborers, with whom Americans cannot compete and simultaneously expect to feed themselves. Consequently, not just jobs and pay-checks, but our entire economic existence is being out-sourced overseas to the Chinese.

              Coeval with China’s financial conquest is its immense and burgeoning war machine. In early August, 2006, the ambassador of Japan, made impotent by American aggression in the Pacific sixty years before, asked the Chinese why they felt obliged to construct an armada of deep-sea, missile-firing submarines, since no one threatens their over-sized country. Yet, their military systems are in a process of continual computer up-grading, because whatever our government has not freely and stupidly given away or shown them, their spies steal from us. Reporters for Newsweek write that China has been guilty of more cases of industrial espionage in America than any other nation by a factor of ten-to-one. Beijing proclaimed in 2007 that a manned space-mission to the Moon is nearing completion. The clear implications of this announcement were more than scientific. It means that the Chinese military will soon have or already has intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear war-heads to virtually any target on the globe.

              With American and all other Western politicians groveling at the feet of the Chinese giant they awakened, what is behind China’s ambition to become the world’s foremost super-power? The answer: A deeply rooted hatred of Westerners, going back to the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. Travelers to China know that a more deeply in-grained racist people exists no place else on Earth. Revenge against the west has been and continues to be drummed into the consciousness of the Chinese masses from early childhood and beyond by a state-run educational system of uniform indoctrination. Their ultimate goal is to first equal, then surpass, and ultimately crush us economically and/or militarily in this century.

              They must inevitably succeed, unless the presently dying spirit of racial self-defense is re-ignited in the hearts of White men and women everywhere. And National Socialism alone possesses the ideological spark that can inflame our will to resist and slay the dragon like a modern, Aryan Saint George.

              How can National Socialists expect any decent American to support their ideology when Hitler committed historys worst atrocities in World War Two?

              The single most infamous war crime of modern times was committed by an American president more than sixty years ago. On 6 August 1945, an atom bomb exploded over Hiroshima, Japan, killing 80,000 civilians in a single flash of super-heated light. But they were the lucky ones. Another 120,000 people died the slow death of radiation poisoning over the next two decades. The city had no military value, and was, in fact, considered “safe” from enemy attacks by civil defense authorities just for that reason. Consequently, Hiroshima was populated largely by women, children, the elderly, and wounded veterans.

              The decision to destroy these helpless people was arrived at for two reasons: In the post war era just around the corner, President Harry Truman and his advisors knew of Soviet ambition to dominate the world after the annihilation of Europe. The deliberate killing of 200,000 non-combatants was the only kind of language another mass-murderer like Joseph Stalin could understand. Hiroshima demonstrated to him that he did not have the Bomb, and, no less importantly, a U.S. politician was willing to use it. In fact, this cautionary gesture was wasted on the Communist boss. His military had already been catastrophically depleted in fighting Adolf Hitler, and was, therefore, too feeble to carry out the perverted nightmare of one world under Communism.

              Hiroshima’s other purpose was to compel the Japanese to prostrate themselves at the mercy of their enemies. For the previous four months, since Germany’s collapse, they had been trying to reach an armistice with the Americans, who stopped their ears against anything but unconditional surrender. The Japanese chief concern was that Emperor Hirohito, as the personification of their religion, would not be abused, and otherwise agreed to all other Allied stipulations. “Unconditional surrender” of the Axis powers originated with the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, and was so successfully promoted by his propagandist, fellow Jew Nathan Kaufman, that it became American war policy. It needlessly prolonged hostilities throughout both European and Pacific theaters by many months, causing the accumulation of more dead and wounded, many thousands of them American G.I.s.

              In the pathologically twisted reasoning of democracy’s court historians, apologists for Truman have since argued that the deaths of 200,000 guiltless human beings actually saved the lives of at least twice that number of Americans, who would have otherwise fallen trying to invade Japan. In fact, that nation’s military had been reduced to ruins long before August 1945. Outside of a handful of airworthy Kamikaze aircraft low on fuel, and an untrained civilian population of old men, women and children armed with bamboo spears, the Japanese had no home army, no industry of any kind left, virtually no navy, some antiquated artillery, but almost no ammunition. Given these military realities, even Japan’s most spirited defense could not have cost the American invaders half-a-million or more victims or anything remotely approaching that number. Moreover, invasion was not necessary, as the Japanese had been willing to lay down their arms since the previous May.

              In all the abundant published materials documenting Truman’s decision to use the Bomb, not a single word was uttered by any political or military authority about the G.I.s they would be saving by its detonation. That assumption (i.e., lie) has been repeated so often it is taken for granted as historical fact, and still used to ease democracy’s evil conscience. The ghastly images of victims at Hiroshima have haunted every American generation since 1945. What befell the Japanese then could happen to us in a new century where nuclear technology is proliferating throughout the colored “Third World”. Fears that the same terrorists who attacked London with conventional explosives in July, 2005 will inevitably possess atomic bombs in the near future are part of Hiroshima’s living legacy, and a long-lived consequence of our country’s misguided involvement in World War Two.

              As though the obliteration of one defenseless city was not horrific enough, just three days later, another civilian population center was decimated, contributing an additional 20,000 dead with the destruction of Nagasaki. Such atrocities were hardly confined to Asia. Twenty thousand more Eastern European refugees than the first Japanese to die at Hiroshima were burned alive in the Allied fire-storms that engulfed the city of Dresden, famed, not for any arms production, but the manufacture of fine porcelain.

              In a 2005 video (“The Fog of War”), former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert S. MacNamara, quotes General Curtis LaMay, who ordered the fire-bombing of Tokyo, “If we lose this war, we’ll all be prosecuted as war criminals.” MacNamara agreed.

              When it comes to wartime atrocities, nothing compares to the Allies’ mass-murder of civilians around the world. Americans who enjoy boasting of their country’s participation in World War Two like to assume a moral high ground against everyone else. But that place was denied them more than sixty years ago at cities like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and Tokyo.

              Patriotic Americans find it fashionable to denigrate all things French and enjoy ridiculing Frances military history, since that countrys refusal to join Presidents Bushs colonization of Iraq. How do National Socialists view the French, especially after Hitler defeated them in World War Two?

              The U.S. armed forces’ poor track record from Korea and Viet Nam to Lebanon and Mogadishu leaves Americans little room to belittle the military heritage of other peoples. Today’s benighted neo-cons are too puffed up on parlor patriotism to understand that without the help of France, their own nation would have never come into being. It was the French fleet’s blockade of British troops at Yorktown that enabled General Washington’s victory at the Revolutionary War’s most crucial battle. Yokels guffawing at French military history may be shocked to learn that Napoleon was not, after all, an American.

              While insulting a fellow White people is quite correct and even laudable in our society, the merest criticism of Jews or other non-Whites can get you arrested on charges of committing a “hate crime”. That alone is proof enough of who really runs America.

              In 1940, the French were no less misled by their corrupt politicians than other Allied peoples into fighting their German racial kinsmen. Many French realized they had been betrayed by an international pack of Jewish revenge-freaks, and actively joined Adolf Hitler’s fight for a new Europe free from the chauvinistic disputes that kept it divided, and united in a new vision of Aryan solidarity. Most Americans have been brought up to believe that only a few, self-serving “collaborators” had anything to do with the Germans. In fact, pro-Hitler French out-numbered fools and criminals in the Communist-dominated “resistance” movement.

              Their leader was Jacques Doriot, born 26 September 1898, in Bresle, Oise, into a lower middle class family. Like many naive teenagers in the early 20th Century, he was deluded into accepting international communism as the only antidote to the materialist excesses and injustices of its ideological cousin, international capitalism. After serving many years as the mayor of Saint-Denis, a Paris suburb, Doriot became a Communist boss in the chamber of deputies. He could not help notice, however, that all the leadership of the Red movement – not only in France, but throughout the world – was composed mainly of Jews, and wondered why this people dominated not only communism, but capitalism, as well. Both, he eventually realized, were just different ends of the same swindle to victimize Gentiles everywhere. Either claimed to represent “democracy” only to attract ignorant followers, while imposing a Soviet tyranny in the East and a financial oligarchy in the West.

              But a third alternative based on the racial consanguinity of all Aryan peoples, in whatever nation they resided, had arisen to create a global front against these evil twins. In the Third Reich Doriot saw the only hope for the White Race, and organized the Parti Popular Franзais, or French Popular Party, in 1936, on the fundamental principles so clearly spelled out in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. That same year, Doriot traveled to Spain, where he supported the pan-Aryan fight to smash Stalin’s attempted encirclement of Europe, and met the eloquent British Fascist, John Amery.

              They traveled together through Mussolini’s Italy and the Third Reich, closely studying the numerous social and cultural renovations blossoming in those countries, progress they intended to adapt in their own nations. Had they succeeded, the catastrophic war that soon followed would have never taken place. France, Doriot knew, had been railroaded into a suicidal conflict with Germany, and left in the lurch by Winston Churchill, who ordered his troops to abandon the field without informing Britain’s French ally.

              But military humiliation offered France the unique opportunity to shrug off all those evil or out-dated politicians who brought about defeat, and become part of the Aryan community of peoples. Doriot took to the air waves, and his fiery radio broadcasts helped the French transform their depression into the new hope of racial solidarity. He was labeled a traitor by both Marxists and conservatives, who failed to mention that Doriot had joined the French Army in 1917, participated in active combat during World War I, when he was captured by the Germans and remained a Prisoner of War until 1918. For his wartime service, Doriot was awarded the Croix de Guerre.

              With Germany’s crusade against Soviet Russia, he founded the Legion Volontaire Franзaise, (LVF), a unit of French volunteers who fought on the Eastern Front alongside their German kinsmen. Doriot himself served with the LVF and saw active duty, receiving the Iron Cross First Class in 1943 for extreme personal heroism. Even after the LVF was all but destroyed, Doriot joined the regular German Army against the Soviet barbarians raping and murdering their way into Eastern Europe.

              Fighting to the very end for his vision of an Aryan world, Jacques Doriot was killed on 22 February 1945, when his car was strafed by two American fighter planes. With him died one of the greatest French heroes of the 20th Century. But the spirit that transformed him still propels the Cause for which he gave his life toward inevitable victory.

              John Amery was mentioned in the last entry. Who was this man?

              Contrary to official versions of the past, many millions of Britons opposed their government’s declaration of military hostilities against Hitler. Surveys taken in spring, 1940, showed nearly half of the British public opposed “Churchill’s War”, as described in the 2001 book of the same title by David Irving. John Amery was one of his fellow countrymen who earlier recognized the anti-White forces mobilizing not only against England, but the whole of Western Civilization. In 1937, he gave up his privileged lifestyle as the son of a wealthy and politically powerful father, Leopold Stennett Amery, former First Lord of the Admiralty and Colonial Secretary, who later became the Secretary of State for India and Burma under Churchill.

              The 25-year-old son volunteered instead to risk his life running guns on the battlefields of the Spanish Civil War. For his consistent bravery under fire, John would be awarded the medal of honor while serving as an intelligence officer with Italians fighting in General Francisco Franco’s anti-communist crusade. Their struggle and eventual victory convinced the young Amery that Spain represented the first phase in Stalin’s attempt to dominate the globe, a goal only Aryan mankind united through National Socialism with it own world-transforming ideology could successfully oppose. It was at this time that he made personal contacts with many leading Fascists, including Jacques Doriot, while acting as a liaison officer with the Cagoulards, Franco’s French volunteers.

              After the Nationalist victory, Amery stayed on in Spain at San Sebastian to help rebuild that devastated country. With the outbreak of the Second World War, however, he traveled to the Third Reich, where he had a personal meeting with Adolf Hitler. The Fuehrer was favorably impressed with the articulate young man, and allowed him to remain in Germany as a guest. Uncomfortable as a mere spectator to historically unfolding events, Amery requested permission to broadcast appeals for peace on international radio.

              In the first of his numerous transmissions to Allied forces, on 3 November 1942, he said, “Listeners will wonder what an Englishman is doing on the German radio tonight. You can imagine that before taking this step I hoped that someone better qualified than me would come forward. I dared to believe that some ray of common sense, some appreciation of our priceless civilization would guide the counsels of Mr. Churchill’s government. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. It came as a great shock to me when I heard that England and Soviet Russia had become allies. So much so that I thought that the people responsible in London were acting in a manner that no longer coincided with British imperial interests.

              “For two years living in a neutral country, I have been able to see through the haze of propaganda to reach something which my conscience tells me is the truth. That is why I come forward tonight without any political label, without any bias, but just simply as an Englishman to say to you: a crime is being committed against civilization. Not only the priceless heritage of our fathers, of our seamen, of our Empire builders is being thrown away in a war that serves no British interests. But Britain’s alliance-leader, Stalin, dreams of nothing but the destruction of that heritage of our fathers. Morally, this is a stain on our honor. Practically, it can only lead sooner or later to disaster, to a disintegration of all the values we cherish most.

              “Your leaders say Germany seeks world domination. Did it ever enter your mind that this is but another trick of that long-planned strategy of Jewish propaganda? However fantastic it may sound, the German Army is at this moment the only thing that stands between Communism and you! If that rampart collapsed, your liberties would be a vague souvenir of a happy past.”

              Desiring to take a more active role in the fight, Amery established the Legion of St. George, on Hitler’s 54th birthday, 20 April 1943. Its purpose was to enlist British prisoners-of-war against the Soviet threat.

              In his first message to prospective volunteers, he declared, “Thousands of our fellow countrymen are in prison in the home country, because they have declared themselves against this fratricidal war. In violation of the Habeas Corpus Act and the fundamental laws of our constitution, these men have never been brought to trial or even allowed to see a lawyer.

              “Europe and our country, your wives and children at home, are menaced by the invasion of the hordes of Bolshevik barbarity. For this reason, I have approached the German government with the proposal to form a British Legion Against Bolshevism, to be known as the Legion of St. George. I appeal to all Britishers to answer this call to arms for the defense of the principles that we Englishmen have been the first to proclaim in the world. The St. George Legion will fight only against the Communists and on no other front! Within the limits of the military possibilities, the Legion of St George will fight at the junction of the German-Finnish front, beside the troops of the undaunted, liberty-loving Finnish people.

              “Hundreds of soldiers have already volunteered to join this Legion. Three Royal Air Force airplanes have come over to us so far with their arms and equipment. It is up to you civilians to give a hand to show that we intend to take our responsibilities to maintain the integrity of our Empire, by giving the world proof that we have not all sold out to the Jew or plutocrat!”

              Reconstituted under the Waffen-SS as the British Free Corps, 1,100 p.o.w.s volunteered, some seeing action near the west bank of the Oder River against invading Soviet hordes in January, 1945. Later, they drove trucks, directed traffic, and assisted the evacuation of civilians from the Neustrelitz and Reinershagen area.

              “We of the British Free Corps are fighting for you,” Amery stated “We are fighting with the best of Europe’s youth to preserve our European civilization and our common cultural heritage from the menace of Jewish Communism. Make no mistake about it! Europe includes England. Should Soviet Russia ever overcome Germany and the other European countries fighting with her, nothing on this Earth would save the Continent from Communism, and our own country would sooner or later succumb.

              “We are British. We love England and all it stands for. Most of us have fought on the battlefields of France, of Libya, Greece and Italy, and many of our best comrades in arms are lying there – sacrificed in this war of Jewish revenge. We felt then that we were being lied to and betrayed. Now we know it for certain. This conflict between England and Germany is racial suicide. We must unite and take up arms against the common enemy. We ask you to join with us in our struggle. We ask you to come into our ranks and fight shoulder to shoulder with us for Europe and for England.”

              In the final months of the war, Amery made speeches and radio broadcasts on behalf of Benito Mussolini in northern Italy. It was there that he was captured in April 1945 by Communist partisans, who handed him over to British authorities. They charged him with high treason, even though Free Corps volunteers swore never to fight fellow Englishmen, but only Soviet forces. Moreover, Amery, in all his speeches and aired statements, never urged surrender, but only preached against the immorality of Churchill’s War.

              Amery was summarily condemned with a speed that shocked even a writer for The Times: “Within eight minutes of entering the dock, he was sentenced to be hanged. No one may say Mr. Amery was accorded anything approaching a fair trial. Instead, the process more resembled a drumhead court-martial, except, of course, the accused in this case was never in any military. He took the sentence with complete composure. He bowed to Mr. Justice Humphreys when he was brought into Court, and also after sentence had been passed. While the proceedings (such as they were) lasted, he appeared most of the time to have half a smile on his face.”

              His transparently unjust treatment called down bitter criticism on the court throughout the Commonwealth. Jan Smuts, the South African President, sent an urgent message to the British Government, “Please convey to Mr. Attlee (Prime Minister Clement Attlee) a private and personal message from me as soon as possible in connection with the possible execution of Amery’s son. We have had similar cases in South Africa, in none of which execution has been inflicted, as the acts were more of an ideological than of a criminal character. I am deeply moved by consideration for Amery and his wife, both of whom have deserved well of their country.”

              Five days later, on 19 December 1945, John Amery was the victim of legalized murder. In the years since then, the British Empire he warned was in mortal danger has completely unraveled, and England, formerly the most powerful nation on Earth, reduced to a shadow of her former greatness. In far better condition is the National Socialist worldview, for which Amery gave his life, but, in so doing, memorialized his name and sacrifice for us and future generations of White revolutionaries.

              Youve told us about National Socialism in the U.S. and Europe, but has it ever made any impact on Canada?

              Adolf Hitler’s popular mandate from the German people on 30 January 1933 inspired White men around the world to similarly liberate their own homelands from Jewish domination. Like millions of others on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Adrien Arcand found in National Socialism the revolutionary ideology that alone could galvanize the masses of his fellow Canadians for their own racial preservation.

              The Quebec-born journalist began with what he did best – write – and launched several, different newspapers aimed at reaching all levels of society, from young children and college students to working class readers and house wives. The best read among these periodicals were Le Goglu, Le Miroir, and Le Chameau. Beautifully written, ruthlessly truthful and spiced with biting humor, they were widely circulated, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. So influential had the printed word of Adrien Arcand become that he received financial support from Richard Bedford Bennett, the Canadian Prime Minister. In 1934, Arcand sought to transform his huge readership into the Parti national social chrйtien (PNSC), or National Social Christian Party. Through it, he advocated the creation of a race-conscious society, and liquidation of the capitalist-communist swindle by deportation of Canadian Jews to Hudson Bay.

              When Bennett left office, Arcand lost his most powerful friend, but the PNSC continued to expand with followers in the millions. As war clouds gathered over Europe, Arcand warned that the obvious Jewish conspiracy to destroy the Third Reich would unleash evil forces throughout the Western World that would ultimately lead to its own downfall: “The opportunity Adolf Hitler has given all Aryan mankind through the example of his social success in Germany is not only our sole opportunity to avoid the internal collapse of modern civilization. It represents the beginning of an unprecedented golden age of Aryan brotherhood that transcends cultural, class and border differences. It is imperative, therefore, that we prevent ourselves from involvement in murdering the greatest hope humanity has ever been offered, just to satisfy the revenge of a few, powerful Jews who are no longer able to suck the life-blood out of Europe.”

              Despite all his efforts at peace, his country was dragged into war to save Churchill by a Canadian government that had been captured by race-traitors interested only in fulfilling their own Zionist schemes. They arrested Arcand on 30 May 1940 in Montreal for “plotting to overthrow the state”. Of course, he had never advocated nor acted for such a purpose. The opposite was actually happening: The Jewish authorities who arrested him were overthrowing the Gentile government. As some measure of the high-level support Arcand still enjoyed, another future Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and the Conservative leader, George Drew, vigorously protested his arrest, although even these powerful figures had lost their influence to change the destiny of either Arcand or Canada. A law-abiding citizen his whole life long, Arcand was condemned to languish in prison, vilified as “a security threat” to his beloved country for having spoken the truth about Canada’s criminal involvement in World War Two.

              Inside the internment camp, Arcand was so deeply revered by his fellow inmates they constructed a special chair for him, a kind of makeshift throne, from which he could “rule in Hell rather than serve in the ‘Heaven’ of political correctness.” But five years behind bars did not break his spirit.

              Upon his release, with the promise of the Third Reich shattered by militant ignorance and hatred, he twice ran for the Canadian House of Commons, winning second place with nearly a third of the vote in the 1949 federal sections. Four years later, he placed second again, having raised his popular support to almost 40% of the vote. These political showings attested not only to his unbroken will and stated belief in Adolf Hitler, but the continuing appeal of his uncompromised National Socialist beliefs to millions of his fellow countrymen. On 14 November 1965, he addressed a crowd of a thousand enthusiastic followers from all over the nation at the Centre Paul-Sauvй in Montreal. The rally proved that, even at 66 years of age, he could still inspire listeners with his ideal of “the Great White North”.

              Adrien Arcand died two years later on 2 August in the conviction that he had set Canada on the path which would ultimately lead her into a future community of all Aryan peoples.

              Did Canada produce any other notable National Socialists?

              During the 1930s, John Ross Taylor played a key role organizing Adrien Arcand’s National Social Christian Party throughout English Canada. Born into a well-known Toronto family, Taylor later joined the Canadian Union of Fascists, where he was an eloquent opponent of Jewish war-mongers and their Commie-Capitalist conspiracy to destroy Hitler’s Germany. As some measure of his popular impact, he was imprisoned as “a security risk” by the same government authorities who needlessly sent thousands of his fellow countrymen to their deaths on European battlefields.

              Following his release after the tragic conclusion of World War Two, Taylor resumed his racial activism, placing fourth in a field of six candidates for the Canadian House of Commons in 1974’s federal election. Two years later, he founded and led the Western Guard Party, which won nation-wide attention and popular support for its “White Power Hot-Line”. This was a recorded telephone message used to promote the National Socialist world-view and comment on current events from our perspective. Never once did he even suggest violence as an acceptable measure, nor employ any “racial epithets”, however much they were deserved by the anti-Aryan Jews and their colored pawns.

              Although Taylor’s enemies owned, operated, or influenced all of Canada’s newspapers, magazines, radio and television networks, they would not allow a single telephone answering device to challenge their otherwise dominant news media empire. His brief spoken words reached no more than a few hundred listeners daily, against the many millions of persons swamped round-the-clock by a vast public information system at the beckon call of liberal-Marxist propagandists. Nothing could more dramatically unveil the inherent weakness and falsehood of their raceless hate-mongering. What else could explain their fear of a single, two-minute recorded message?

              In 1979, intolerant despots sitting in judgment at the Orwellian “Canadian Human Rights Commission” ordered Taylor to permanently disconnect his “White Power Hot-Line”. His country, like ours, had been founded on the immutable principle of freedom of expression. So, like any self-respecting patriot, he defiantly refused to obey the arrogant tyrants. They twice found him guilty of contempt of court, and sentenced him to prison for half-a-year. After his release in March 1982, he was again jailed under the anti-White “Canadian Human Rights Act”. With the passage of this incredibly suppressive legislation, Canada became a Bolshevik-style dictatorship, in which anything perceived by the authorities as criticism of the Jews or their dark minions was a felony offense. Political correctness had become the law of the land enforced by police and prisons.

              Taylor alone had the guts to challenge this totalitarian state of affairs, taking his fight for freedom to the nation’s highest governing body. In 1990, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the ruling against him, thereby permanently installing a Jewish dictatorship.

              Canada had fallen a long way from a scant 55 years before, when a Canadian Prime Minister funded National Socialism.

              Having tried for six decades to legally struggle for the White Race by working within the corrupt democratic system, Taylor despaired for the future of his people, and crossed the U.S. border into Montana. There, he joined Aryan Nations, a community of racial comrades from all around the world. Finding solace among ideological compatriots, Taylor spent his last few years in personal fulfillment, finally recognized and appreciated for his long-time struggle by fellow revolutionaries who understood and valued him. Ailing at age 84, he asked them to send him home to his beloved Canada, where he died penniless on 6 November 1994 in a Calgary boarding house.

              John Ross Taylor’s life, however, was incomparably rich with heroic self-sacrifice and exemplary honor. It is a legacy we, his followers, have fatefully inherited from one of our Continent’s greatest fighters for truth, liberty, and the preservation of our race.

              What is the Federal Reserve?

              It is no more “federal” than “Federal Express”. The so-called “Federal Reserve” is a group of private businessmen who have been pulling our national purse-strings for more than 90 years. With passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the hitherto exclusive right of Congress to issue and control money in the United States was usurped by a cabal of international banking powers, specifically Kuhn, Loeb and Company, headed by financial wizard Jacob Schiff. Together with other Jewish capitalists – most notably, the Warburg brothers – they literally took over our country’s financial existence, rendering the U.S. Constitution a dead letter. Ever since, most Federal Reserve chairmen have been Jewish, like Alan Greenspan – this in a country where Jews comprise less than 3% of the U.S. population.

              Results of their domination were immediately apparent. To make good on Federal Reserve investment in Britain’s fight with the Kaiser, Americans were dragged into World War One, which left thousands of our men dead and wounded. Other Federal Reserve-sponsored catastrophes followed: the Great Depression, World War Two, progressive weakening of the dollar, Vietnam, Iraq, and a host of related calamities, most recently, the manipulation of gasoline prices.

              Although public discussion of its real nature is one of those taboo subjects, never to be spoken of in the similarly Jewized news media, the Federal Reserve as an evil government-within-the-government has been known since its inception. Henry Ford exposed it in his company newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, throughout the 1920s, and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (MA) tried to stop its passage. Congressman Louis T. McFadden (PA) brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including conspiracy and treason, on 23 May 1933.

              As Chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee for more than ten years, McFadden certainly knew what he was talking about, when he said, “Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. Some people think that the Federal Reserve bankrolls United States government institutions. On the contrary, they are private monopolies, which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money-lenders.

              “Those bankers created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They financed Trotsky’s (Leon Trotsky, real name Lev Bronstein, a New York Jew) passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky’s disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden. Mr. Chairman, the Fed are the agents of the foreign central banks. They use our bank depositors’ money for the benefit of their foreign principals.

              “Mr. Chairman, I believe that the national bank depositors of these United States have a right to know what the Fed are doing with their money. There are millions of national bank depositors in the country who do not know that a percentage of every dollar they deposit in a member bank of the Fed goes automatically to American agents of the foreign banks and that all their deposits can be paid away to foreigners without their knowledge or consent by the crooked machinery of the Fed and the questionable practices of the Fed.

              “The Fed have been International Banks from the beginning, with these United States as their enforced banker and supplier of currency. But it is none the less extraordinary to see these twelve private credit monopolies, buying the debts of foreigners against foreigners, in all parts of the world and asking the government of these United States for new issues of Fed notes in exchange for them.

              “The government and the people of these United States have been swindled by swindlers deluxe to whom the acquisition of American or a parcel of Fed Notes presented no more difficulty than the drawing up of a worthless paper by sharpers with strong banking ‘fence’ on this side of the water, a ‘fence’ acting as a receiver of a worthless paper coming from abroad, endorsing it and getting the currency out of the Fed for it as quickly as possible, exchanging that currency for gold, and in turn transmitting the gold to its foreign confederates. The magnitude of the acceptance racket as it has been developed by the Fed, their foreign correspondents, and the predatory European-born (i.e. Jewish) bankers, who set up the Fed here and taught your own, by and of pirates, how to loot the people.

              “The man who knows or suspects that a crime has been committed and who conceals and covers up that crime is an accessory to it. Mr. Speaker, it is a monstrous thing for this great nation of people to have its destinies presided over by a traitorous government board acting in secret concert with international usurers. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers – but the truth is – the Fed has usurped the Government. It controls everything here and it controls all of our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will. No man and no body of men is more entrenched in power than the arrogant credit monopoly which operated the Fed.

              “We need to destroy the Fed wherein our national reserves are impounded for the benefit of foreigners. The Fed should be repealed, and the Fed Banks, having violated their charters, should be liquidated immediately. Faithless government officials who have violated their oaths of office should be impeached and brought to trial. Unless this is done by us, I predict that the American people, outraged, pillaged, insulted and betrayed as they are in their own land, will rise in their wrath, and will sweep the money changers out of the temple.”

              Congressman McFadden’s eloquent exposure of the Federal Reserve could not restrain its avaricious masterminds from instituting the plutocracy that today runs America. But here, as in every other host-nation where their arrogance got the better of them, they have gone too far. The Jewish instinctual lust for unbridled power through control of Gentile wealth is their undoing, as more Americans are pushed ever closer to the poverty line and toward White Revolution.

              The Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax both became law in the same year. Is there a connection between the two?

              For almost 100 years, Americans prospered while paying very few taxes. From the late 18th to mid-19th centuries, our ancestors were allowed to keep virtually all the income they earned, because the framers of their constitutional republic regarded the rights of private property as inviolable. In opposition to the excessive taxation imposed on their people by foreign tyrants, our Founding Fathers established free enterprise, with strong emphasis on individual liberty. As Thomas Jefferson affirmed, the best government was the least government, and therefore the least costly.

              Federal expenses were adequately covered by taxes on luxury goods, mostly alcohol, carriages, sugar, tobacco, auctioned-off property, corporate bonds, and slaves. During the War of 1812, revenue needed to pay for national defense was raised through collected import duties and sold public lands and by taxing gold, silverware, jewelry and watches. Ever jealous of our liberties, even this form of light taxation was deemed unconstitutional and abolished by what was then an all-Aryan congress after the war. Henceforward, our government was funded only by the collection of tariffs from imports.

              As a result, our national economy flourished, poverty was the lowest on Earth, the U.S. produced more millionaires than any other country in history; the middle class broadened with unprecedented prosperity, absorbing and shrinking the lower classes; and luxury goods became available to a broad spectrum of the American people. Until then, the United States was composed of a predominantly Gentile, unabashedly race-conscious population. But with the beginning of Jewish immigration in the mid-19th century, national attitudes of individual liberty began to change.

              The shift in Aryan consciousness was reflected in Washington, D.C.’s first income tax used to pay for the Civil War. Its lowest tax rate was a flat 3%, applied to workers earning between $600 and $10,000 a year. The next highest tax rate was 5%, levied on income exceeding $10,000. For Americans in the North earning a higher dollar amount, the rates were increased accordingly. Additional sales and excise taxes were added, and an “inheritance” tax also made its debut. An office of “Commissioner of Internal Revenue” was created to assess, levy, and collect taxes, with the right to enforce the tax laws through seizure of property and income, and through prosecution.

              Just two years later, as the cost of fighting the south burgeoned, the federal government raised rates. Now anyone earning $600 to $5000 paid 5%, while persons with an income over $5000 paid 10%. Every taxpayer had to submit a list of their income as well as a list of any taxable property they might have to the tax assessor before the first Monday in May. Fines were imposed on people who failed to abide by the tax laws, which, in turn, generated additional expenses through the growing bureaucracy required to handle records and enforcement.

              By war’s end, internal revenue reached its highest amount in the nation’s 90-year history, when more than $310 million were collected. Americans in the North were suffering under a tax burden far more oppressive than anything imposed on their forefathers by Britain’s King George in the previous century. Our free republic had been swiftly transformed into a tax-gathering corporation only because they had been emotionally swept up in the mindless fervor of patriotism, enthusiastically handing over their liberty to defeat the rebels.

              But congress, still a bastion of Aryan thought, did away with the imposed income tax after the War for Southern Independence, once again taxing luxury goods, tobacco and alcohol for revenue. In sharp contrast to today’s U.S. Supreme Court, in 1895, its nine White men condemned the income tax as unconstitutional. And so it remained until the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on 25 February 1913. It is illegal if only because at least eleven states did not vote on it. More importantly, it struck at the very heart of the U.S. Constitution, which was designed to protect individual sovereignty against government greed. The unconstitutional amendment was nevertheless passed for a secret cause; namely, World War One, which its international planners had scheduled for the following year.

              Accordingly, by the end of that needless conflict, annual internal revenue collections for the first time passed the billion-dollar mark, rising to $5.4 billion by 1920. With the advent of another war for covert, ulterior motives, employment increased, thereby ending the depression, which was the real reason President Franklin D. Roosevelt embroiled our country in overseas conflict. In 1939, he had the federal tax laws codified for the first time as an integral part of the U.S. Code. The Internal Revenue Service became law, and tax collections jumped to an unheard of $7.3 billion. Another nail had been hammered into the coffin of freedom.

              At first, the average American did not notice much of a change, paid his taxes without too much difficulty, and was, therefore, not inclined to protest the evil precedent that had been set against his liberty and that of future generations. Learning from the patriotic emotion that had blurred the common sense of Northerners during the Civil War, Roosevelt used popular chauvinistic sentiments in the midst of the Second World War to thoughtlessly support the kind of income tax tyranny which has oppressed us ever since.

              With the defeat of his forces in North Africa at places like Kassarene Pass and u-boats sinking more ships than he could build off the very coasts of America, his aggression against Germany was not going well. Ostensibly to overcome this dilemma, in 1943, F.D.R. pushed his withholding tax on wages through a congress cowed by fear of appearing less than patriotic. The number of taxpayers suddenly jumped to 60 million and tax collections to $43 billion by 1945. In other words, the Federal Income Tax, as we know it today, is a direct result of America’s attempt to destroy Adolf Hitler, and another evil consequence of our country’s misguided involvement to save the Jews in World War Two.

              During the immediate postwar period, many in congress argued vehemently for the repeal of the federal income tax, and especially its withholding section, which had been supposedly instituted only to raise enough funds to win World War Two. By then, however, the Internal Revenue Service had grown too powerful to be defied, even by congressmen. Popular fear and resentment of the I.R.S. eventually became so widespread that System officials enacted the largest tax cut in U.S. history in 1981, approximately $750 billion over six years. In reality, the apparent generosity was a smoke-screen to disguise a pair of tax acts, in 1982 and 1984, which attempted to raise approximately $265 billion.

              The I.R.S. had grown into a self-sustaining, insatiable monster, ruining the lives of thousands of Americans having difficulty paying or unable to pay what was often an overwhelming tax burden. The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 represented President Bush’s growing stranglehold on middle income taxpayers, who must assume burden for repealed estate tax provisions by now paying capital gains income tax on decedent’s built in gain. The federal government became the precise opposite of the constitutional republic invented by our Founding Fathers – an end in itself.

              The Federal Income Tax and Federal Reserve System need American involvement in war and chaos to survive and grow. Hence, their simultaneous births in 1913 were both part of t World War One that immediately followed as the first in a series of international conflicts fought throughout the last century, including the present quagmire in Iraq. Today, the most serious crime ordinary citizens can commit is failure to cough up demands made by the I.R.S. Tax evaders are doled out more ferocious punishment than murderers or rapists.

              National Socialists believe the Federal Income Tax should be abolished as an illegal, tyrannical burden imposed on our people to pay for their own exploitation and eventual extermination by transnational power-freaks.

              If our colored citizens are a persecuted minority in this country, why are so many of them on television?

              Negroes are the non-Whites most often seen on television, even though they officially comprise only 12% of the U.S. population. Yet, foreign viewers would be led to believe that at least half Americans are black. Televised appearances by Latinos and Asians are likewise disproportionate to their actual share of the population. If all these racial minorities (they out-number Whites in the outside world by nine to one odds) were accurately depicted in terms of their real-life percentages, our television screens would be far less dark.

              By far the most over-represented of all minorities are Jews. While their absolute domination of the media as executives and producers is hardly a secret, their numbers in front the camera are nothing short of prodigious (perhaps 30% or more), compared to their tiny share of the national population. The number of Jews in the United States is approximately six million (Ah, that perennial figure again!), about 3%.

              Nowhere is this insane dichotomy more apparent than in the capital of Minnesota Every front page of its leading newspaper, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, consistently showcases colored people, mostly Negro, invariably depicted as heroic role models or innocent victims aimed at eliciting reader admiration or sympathy. Very often, its front page is devoted exclusively to these sub-human specimens. Anyone seeing a copy of The St. Paul Pioneer Press could be excused for concluding that St. Paul is predominantly black, with huge brown and yellow communities, including a few, numerically insignificant White residents, all of whom are wildly in love with their colored brothers.

              Reality is precisely the opposite, however. Minnesota’s capital and its suburbs are overwhelmingly Nordic, the descendants of families from all over Scandinavia. Its combined colored population (while admittedly growing rapidly) is under 5%. Yet, the impression made by daily issues of The Pioneer Press is of a largely non-White city. Although an illustrative example of the problem, this insidious rag is by no means alone. Identical newspapers are found in every state.

              But how can we explain such an extreme disparity between the images uniformly presented by America’s public information media and real life? The intention of the propagandists who publish our newspapers and produce our television programs is self-evidently clear – to create and sustain a social atmosphere for race-mixing. By repeatedly portraying Negroes and other naturally repulsive species as belonging to a delightful, attractive majority (however non-existent), the goal of miscegenating the Aryan Race to extinction is on its way toward fulfillment.

              This Big Lie technique, if professionally promoted over time, erodes our people’s racial instinct for self-preservation. It has happened before. Civilizations like Egypt, Persia, or Pakistan were, in turn, the super-powers of their day. All have since been consigned to the trash-heap of History, because they are no longer White. The same is in store for us, so long as the anti-Aryan haters who dominate most sources of information are allowed to get away with their unending lies. Their goal is to transform the United States into another Mexico or India.

              That is the America they have in mind for us and our children. And until at least enough of our fellow countrymen recognize this dreadful design for the future, they are riding a fast-tract toward the same kind of oblivion that over-took societies far older and wiser than ours.

              In view of Americas numerous religious holidays, do National Socialists plan on banning any of them?

              National Socialists care about religion only in so far as it affects our Aryan Race. What others choose to believe or how they express their beliefs are entirely up to them.

              In development for the last 2,000 years, Christmas is a genuine tradition. The same holds true for Hanuka, which is even older. Both are rooted in the different races from which they spring, and, therefore, expressions of two, particular peoples with their own cultural identities. While every folk is entitled to solemnize its traditions in a manner that suits it best, the observance of such holidays nevertheless reflects on its participants. As Plato stated, “Show me how a people celebrate, and I’ll show you what they are.”

              Christmas honors the birth of Jesus Christ, but Hanuka is not a religious festival at all, commemorating as it does the overthrow of a despised Gentile in 163 B.C. Less than a century-and-a-half earlier, Alexander the Great had conquered Syria, where he was applauded by resident Jews for allowing them to enjoy the same freedoms accorded others. In similar behavior before and since, the Jews eventually abused the liberties bestowed on them by trying to seize power for themselves. They made their cowardly move only because Alexander’s political descendant, Antiochus IV, was at the moment out of the country, and engaged in a foreign military campaign. With victory in his grasp, he was forced to abort his invasion of Egypt, and wheeled his armies about to put down a rebellion caused by Jewish ingrates in Syria. Personally leading his forces into battle, he vowed to punish kosher treachery, but fell ill, and died before fulfilling his dream.

              This is the so-called “holiday” celebrated by Jews, and for which millions of unknowing Christians feel warm-heartedly disposed toward them for their supposedly kindred spiritual feelings at the same time of year. In reality, Hanuka memorializes perennial hatred for Jew-conscious goyim, as personified by Antiochus IV from his time in the 2nd Century B.C. to ours. During Hanuka, for example, children play with dreidels (ritual tops), inscribed on four sides with the initials of various ancient Gentile peoples – the despised Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Babylonians – all of whom died out long ago, while Israel still lives (

              The obvious intent of this insidious toy is to instill and perpetuate in Jewish young a deep resentment of our Aryan ancestors and of ourselves. As such, Hanuka is opposed to the “peace on earth, good will toward men” of Christmas. Instead, Hanuka means “dedication” to eternal hatred of the wicked Gentile.

              Hardly less mean-spirited, although far more ridiculous and recent, is Kwanzaa. Each December, the entire news-and entertainment-media gushes with saccharine sentiment for the spiritual richness of this ancient holiday, the Afro-American version of Christmas. In fact, its origins go back only to 1966 (A.D., that is), not to Africa, but southern California. There, it was concocted as “the Black antidote to White Christmas” by a self-proclaimed Negro racist, convicted felon and sadist, Ron N. Everett, who changed his name to Maulana Karenga. Five years later, he was found guilty, along with a number of fellow savages, of having tortured two women with soldering iron and vise.

              Apparently, such heinous behavior was not considered a particularly serious offense by the state’s ultra-libel courts, especially if the accused belonged to favored minority status, and Everett, or Karenga (or whatever) was released after only three years. His crimes and incarceration found favor with self-hating white people at the Department of Black Studies, California State University (Long Beach), where he was hired as Chairman, a position he still holds. Everett also runs “The Organization Us”, whose “Amos ‘n Andy”-style motto proudly asserts, “Anywhere we are, Us is.”

              He claims the origins of Kwanzaa lie in “the first harvest celebrations of Africa.” These, he says, are “recorded in African history as far back as ancient Egypt and Nubia.” In reality, Egyptian and Nubian harvest festivals took place according to the rise and fall of the Nile River, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Winter Solstice. Karenga (a.k.a. Everett) includes two ears of maize for Kwanzaa celebrations. Yet, maize is a New World plant, unknown to Africans until White people returned with it to the Old World from America 500 years ago.

              In Kwanzaa celebrations, maize is referred to as muhindi, a Swahili word, because, according to Everett, Swahili is “a Pan-African language”, and “the most widely spoken African language.” Actually, Swahili is hardly a representative African language, as it includes so many Arabic, Persian, and Hindu words, it would be unintelligible without them. Moreover, Swahili is known to only 7% of the African population. Its vast majority does not even have a language of its own, but mostly speaks Arabic. So much for any “Pan-African language”. And for Kwanzaa – an outlandish, transparently artificial, historically baseless hoax, if there ever was one. It is just the sort of ludicrous monstrosity one might expect from the primitive brains of sub-humans trying to ape the White man’s culture.

              Even so, we do not begrudge them their Kwanzaa, or Hanuka or any other goofy festivals in which they strive to work out their own ethnic psychoses. These ceremonial lunacies are innocuous affairs, more worthy of laughter than alarm, unless they are used by the haters of everything White to promote their not-so-subtle agendas for culturally and psychologically undermining our own racial identity.

              But, for all its imperfections, isnt living in a democracy wonderful?

              Actually, many persons find it quite difficult to live at all in a democracy which demands equality at any cost between civilized White people and colored savages. For example, on 15 December 2005, the National Center for Health Statistics (Washington, D.C.) revealed just how hazardous living can be in a multi-racial state where reluctance to gush with admiration for Negro or Latino sub-humans is equivalent to spitting on the Bible.

              It revealed that the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States is murder. For infants and toddlers up to 3 years old, and children between 8 and 15 years, homicide is fourth among the ten major causes of death, surpassing lethal drug abuse, cancer, influenza, pneumonia and heart disease. If the young American is lucky enough to survive into adulthood, his chances of being murdered jump to third place, between 25 and 34 years of age. Our phony equalitarian society is so materialistic, depressing and unfulfilling, the study continues, suicide has become the third greatest cause of death among grammar school children, high school students and young adults. For Americans between 25 and 34 years old, it climbs to second place, ranking just beneath traffic accidents.

              NCHS conclusions are complimented by the latest Uniform Crime Reports published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They show that blacks are responsible for more than 80% of violent crime in the U.S., even though they officially comprise just 12% of its national population. The remaining 20%, particularly those involving narcotics, are largely committed by Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and other non-Whites, mostly Hispanic. The report goes on to reveal that over 90% of America’s racial violence is “black on white”.

              These appalling statistics clearly define a civilization in free-fall toward oblivion. Persons ignorant of the past may shrug off such news, claiming there have always been problems of this kind and always will be, so long as “social injustice” and “inequality” are allowed to exist. But it was precisely when America was strictly segregated and race-conscious, from its inception more than two hundred years ago until the onslaught of liberalism in the early 1960s, that crime and suicide nowhere nearly approached the epidemic proportions we suffer.

              Children growing up in the pre-war Third Reich and Fascist Italy did not have to face the grim statistics of murder, drug addiction, and suicide taking their toll of young Americans during the early 21st century. Since their destruction, these lands have been inundated by the same colored hordes that afflict our country, with precisely the same, homicidal consequences. To the liberal mentality, of course, it is invariably the failure of wicked Whites, whether in Europe or the U.S., to appreciate the sterling qualities of mud peoples from the cesspools of Africa or India. This is an old trick, for the criminal to assume victim status, the strategy of every sub-human envious of Aryan greatness. Racial inequalities and their attendant violence are inherent in all multi-racial societies. But they cannot exist in an all-White society, our ultimate goal.

              Why is January 30th so important to National Socialists?

              On that day, in 1933, the German people voted Adolf Hitler into power. The popular mandate they gave him was unlike any election before or since. It signified the first, national triumph of an ideology that cleared away all barriers to the preservation of Aryan man’s existence, while leading him toward the fulfillment of his natural, godlike potential.

              To put 30 January 1933 into perspective, if Adolf Hitler had never been elected to office, his Communist nemesis would have launched a bid for world dictatorship just eight years later. Since the internal collapse of the USSR, thousands of period source materials never before available to Western historians have come to light. They abundantly document Joseph Stalin’s readiness to embark on a planet-wide operation to subdue Europe and America by military force, beginning no later than mid-summer, 1941. Over the preceding two decades, he had harnessed Russian industry exclusively toward realizing the old Talmudic dream of an “international workers’ paradise”.

              If Hitler had not beaten him to the punch, the Soviet tyrant would have sent his Red Armies – the largest on earth – crashing across Poland and into Central Europe. Without the frantic German rearmament inaugurated by the Fuehrer, the Marxist hordes would have flooded across the continent unopposed and easily parachuted into a hopelessly overwhelmed Britain before year’s end. The United States, already weakened by the Great Depression, would have stood alone against an outside world dominated by Stalin.

              What could we have expected from such a global catastrophe? Forty million Gentiles, from the Ukraine to the Baltic, were in fact murdered by the Soviets, while tens of millions more were enslaved behind the Iron Curtain for half a century after World War Two. But the self-sacrificing struggle National Socialist heroes carried out so bloodied Stalin’s armed forces, he was unable to pursue his plan for global subjugation. As such, every Aryan man, woman and child on Earth should fall to their knees every January 30th in heartfelt thanks to Adolf Hitler for having saved their lives and prevented their country from having become a Soviet gulag. He gave us instead his purifying vision of an all-White world, free from the forces he retarded, though could not entirely exterminate, a task left to us, his ideological descendants.

              But wasnt Hitlers biggest blunder attacking Russia?

              Nikolai Lenin predicted that the moment it took hold in any country, Communism would spread like global wildfire, resulting in “a world dictatorship of the proletariat”. When he seized Russia in 1917, his prediction seemed to be coming true, as Lenin’s fellow rat-faced geeks took over many parts of Europe and ran international mass-movements of social misfits, duped fools and arrogant power-freaks. There were the Jewish leaders Bela Kuhn in Hungary, Karl Liebknecht in Germany, Leon Blum in France, and Bernstein in Italy, together with Jewesses Anna Pauker in Romania and Emma Golden in the United States.

              But their criminal revolution was stopped dead in its tracks when Benito Mussolini triumphed first with Fascism in Italy and Adolf Hitler rescued Germany thereafter with National Socialism. Communist hopes were further dashed as both men teamed up in Spain to crush all hopes for the Soviet capture of Western Europe through Iberia. It was then that Joseph Stalin and his ilk publicly renounced international revolution as the means of achieving their goals as “no longer practical”. Privately, however, they had been planning another, more direct method to impose a “workers paradise” on humanity: military take-over.

              By 1939, Stalin commanded the largest armed forces, in both manpower and machines, on Earth. His tank army alone was larger than all of Europe’s combined armored divisions, and the Red Air Force outnumbered Germany’s Luftwaffe by twelve-to-one odds. He planned to smash through the Polish frontier during the early 1940s in his bid for Lenin’s old dream of One World Under Communism.

              A prescient Adolf Hitler had foreseen this rising threat to Western Civilization from the very beginning of his National Socialist Movement, which aimed at the racial unification of first the German people, then all Aryan mankind to save themselves before it was too late. But the Jews in France, England and America would not have it, so they agitated for war against him. To prevent his country from being surrounded, he concluded a temporary “non-aggression pact” with the Soviets, which suited them just fine. While they continued to stockpile their already prodigious military establishment, their intended victims in Europe fought each other, softening themselves up for Stalin’s intended invasion of the West.

              By 1941, when Germany and Italy were distracted by their life-and-death struggle with Britain, he decided that the moment to strike was rapidly approaching. Because of its optimum dry conditions allowing the movement of ground forces, particularly tanks, he chose early August for the start of his Communist crusade. But his scheme dissolved in chaos when Hitler jumped the gun on June 22nd.

              Over the next year and a half, the Soviet colossus was battered to its knees by Wehrmacht soldiers and their comrades from Italy, Finland, Spain, France, Latvia, Holland, Croatia and numerous other European allies, including the Russian people themselves. The Fuehrer wanted to end the Campaign after advancing as far as the Ural Mountains, where he would leave behind a strong garrison against any future Mongolian threat, then swing his armies around to confront the Anglo-Americans with a peace offer they would have found hard to decline.

              Fully aware that his numerically limited forces were unable to occupy all of Russia’s vast territories, he planned to allow the various Baltic and Eastern peoples to sort themselves out into independent, nationalistic states, much as they have since the collapse of the USSR during the 1990s. Hitler’s goals had always been the destruction of Communism and opening the Ukraine to European settlement. These priorities were grounded in historical fact, because Germans had for centuries contributed to Russian development. Known as the Wolgadeutsche, they were invited to settle along that famous river by Czar Peter the Great, since he highly valued their agricultural and technological skills. In his war-time “Table Talk”, Hitler preferred the Dutch over his own people as ideal colonizers, who would better transform the Ukraine from a dismal Soviet gulag into the new bread-basket of Europe.

              This eminently sensible dream was sabotaged by traitors in his own military intelligence (the Abwehr), who funneled Wehrmacht battle plans to the Soviets. They were thus able to inflict a crippling defeat on Axis forces at Stalingrad in late January 1943. The losses in men and materiel were so great, everyone realized that Germany did not have the industrial capacity to make up for them and regain the initiative, especially with Britain and America fighting to save their Communist allies.

              In February, the Third Reich’s ambassador, Joachim von Ribbentrop, met covertly with his opposite from Moscow, Dimitri Molotov, in a no-man’s-land between the lines to discuss an armistice. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt had solemnly pledged to one another that they would conduct no separate negotiations with the Axis for individual peace terms. “Unconditional surrender” was the ultimatum concocted by Henry Morgenthau, the revenge-crazed Jewish head of the U.S. Treasury Department. Now, in utmost secrecy, Stalin had no qualms about betraying both Britain and America by sending Molotov to Germany’s chief diplomat.

              Hitler, it seemed, offered to withdraw his forces from Russia to the Polish border in exchange for the Ukraine and the Baltic, with its old German port at Memel. Molotov agreed to a mutual frontier at Poland and Baltic freedom, but denied the Ukraine. Undercover negotiations continued over the next several months, while Wehrmacht strategists planned a final effort to regain the initiative on the Eastern Front. If they could score a significant victory against the Red Army, Hitler would have the bargaining chip he needed to wheedle the Ukraine from Stalin.

              But by the time Operation Citadel got under way in July, at Kursk, treason and espionage had succeeded in handing over all German plans to STAVKA, Soviet military intelligence, before the offensive even began. A secret meeting to coincide with the anticipated Wehrmacht success had been arranged at the Italian border-town of Feltre between Hitler, Mussolini and Molotov. With the sabotage of Operation Citadel, however, the Soviet ambassador did not even bother to show up. The Axis, he believed, was already doomed.

              One year later, when the Germans and their allies were pushed back upon the former Polish border with Russia, Stalin sent Hitler another offer, and, as a show of good faith, even suspended all military operations until he received a reply. He wanted to stop the fighting were it was, but Hitler re-stated his demands for Memel and the Ukraine, both of which, by then, had been lost. Once again, the mustachioed Marshall promised the Baltic port and refused the Ukraine, although now hinting that he would be willing to reconsider German access to the Ukraine after all – again, behind the backs of Churchill and Roosevelt. But Hitler saw through the cunning Georgian’s apparent generosity. An armistice would only allow Stalin’s ravaged armed forces time to rebuild themselves, while the Europeans and Americans, in fighting one another, made themselves weak for a resumption of the Soviet onslaught. It would be 1941 all over again.

              In view of their horrific losses suffered thus far, the Russians knew that their conquest of the Third Reich would cost their military dear, so much so, any hope of taking the Western world by force would have to be abandoned. Worse, if Communism, like any infectious disease, did not have the strength to spread, it would turn in on itself and die. That is precisely what happened. Ground to a halt in the ashes of Berlin, the USSR was no longer strong enough for further conquest.

              Over the following decades, its internal rot spread through every level of Soviet society, until the giant with feet of clay fragmented and crashed in a thousand pieces. Consequences of the Axis struggle had reverberated up the domestic spinal column of the Soviet Union, eventually smashing it to pieces. As Adolf Hitler often said of others who gave their lives for his Cause, so it might be said of him: “Und Ihr habt’ doch gesiegt!” – “And yet you have won!”

              Why is March 9th important to National Socialists?

              On that date, in 1918, Lincoln Rockwell was born in Bloomington, Illinois. Regarded as the founder of post-war National Socialism and its foremost leader during the 1960s, he is still revered by old comrades and new adherents alike as the Great American Hero of our Movement.

              The Commander just completed writing his last book, when he was assassinated on 25 August 1967. The first edition was actually in publication at the time of his death, and released only weeks later. As such, White Power was his last word on the Cause for which he gave his life, and today represents a fitting testimonial to his sacrifice, as the following excerpts prove.

              He might have been writing of himself and the fate planned for him by his enemies, when he wrote, “The Jewish masters of world revolution never take any chances on attacks behind their lines. They know that most people don’t move without leadership of the elite of their group – the natural leaders – just as your hands won’t move without the leadership of your head. So, the Jewish revolutionists systematically, coldly, smash the ‘head’”.

              It was Rockwell who first put the Fuehrer’s struggle into a global perspective: “Adolf Hitler fought the Alamo of the White Race. He held off the colored forces of racial suicide, the forces of Communism, the forces of arrogant Zionism, and the forces of international money-manipulation long enough for a few men like myself to wipe the Jewish cobwebs out of our brains and start the long battle to awaken our people and free them from the menacing specter of Jewish and colored world tyranny.”

              His statements about war are particularly cogent to current events in Iraq: “For a hundred years, the Jewish agitators have doubled and re-doubled the rate at which we are killing off our best, by pitting brother against brother in endless, silly wars we always lose and they always win. The Jewish aim is and remains the wiping out of the ‘best of the goyim’, as the Talmud puts it. They keep getting us killed, now by the millions, while they increase and grow stronger.”

              His words regarding the “Yellow Peril” ominously describe its contemporary threat to America: “The same, Asiatic strain in the Jews which produces such a love of slaughter and cruelty is found in its pure, original form in the savage Mongol. When this yellow beast of Asia rises up and stalks the Earth, the Great Writer of History dips his pen in blood and prepares to write chapters of death, suffering and destruction. But that was hundreds of years ago. What could Ghengis Khan have done with a hydrogen bomb today? Unless you, White man, can muster the will to make yourself think that chilling thought, and do something about the approaching time when it will happen, you will find out, and your children will learn the ancient meaning of the ‘Yellow Peril’, the colored peril.

              ‘The Jews have gathered up the colored peoples of the Earth, armed them with the ultimate weapons of atomic energy, and agitated them to unlimited dreams of world conquest. As I write, our experts keep expressing more and more surprise at the speed with which Red China is progressing with a deliverable H-bomb. Only a fool could fail to see that the world is rapidly approaching a terrible climax in which the most historic decision in all human history will be made: the long-awaited Armageddon, or Ragnarok.”

              Rockwell concluded his book and his life with this clarion call: “Stop rationalizing a situation you know to be deadly serious! Stop temporizing with half-way measures in a situation that screams for decisive action! Stop using business, social etiquette, family and security as an excuse for downright cowardly behavior! If you hesitate very much longer, the fight will be over, and the White man will have lost. Stand up and fight!”

              Immediately after the tragic end of World War Two, all expressions of National Socialism were criminalized in democratically occupied Germany, so SS veterans, when meeting each other in public, were forbidden from saying, “Heil Hitler!” As a consequence, they used the covert greeting, “88!”, signifying repetition of H, the eighth word of the alphabet. In 2006, the founder of American National Socialism would have been 88 years of age. It is only fitting, then, that we honor his memory at this time with our old salute: 88, Commander Rockwell!

              What does the salute, 88!, mean?

              During spring, 1946, Lieutenant-Colonel Piemoeller secretly organized several hundred of his fellow SS men for attacks against the occupying Allied authorities in the Ruhr. The National Socialist partisans originated the covert greeting, “88!”, used ever since. It signifies the eighth letter of the alphabet repeated twice – HH, for “Heil Hitler!”, which was, and still is banned in Germany and the rest of Europe. Piemoeller’s followers called themselves the “Blue Falcons”, because they wore blue shirts and trousers. But it was their penchant for uniforms, no matter how apparently inconspicuous, that was their undoing, and they became the victims of mass-arrest before any operations could be launched.

              In 2005, some U.S. clothing manufacturer was blasted in the national news media for making white headgear emblazoned with “88!” in red or black numbers, mostly because the politically incorrect field caps proved wildly popular with many thousands of teenagers across America. Like every manifestation of National Socialism, “88!” is vividly alive after more than sixty years of relentless suppression and psychological conditioning. Such an impressive survival record is incontrovertible proof of our Revolution’s resilience, invincibility and perennial appeal to the Aryan soul – as it was in the past, still is, and will be forever.

              Everybody knows about the French, American and Russian Revolutions, but what was the German Revolution?

              The French Revolution was the first time the masses of common people overthrew a reigning government. The American Revolution introduced constitutional liberty. The Russian Revolution was the first Jewish capture of a gentile nation. The German Revolution created the first modern state based on racial self-awareness. Each one of these upheavals impacted the rest of the world far beyond the lands in which they began, and signified the most important transformations to shake industrialized civilization.

              The success of the French Revolution encouraged people around the globe to throw off similarly oppressive regimes. The success of the American Revolution showed them the proper form of self-rule they needed after having won their freedom. The success of the Russian Revolution prompted Jews to take control of all other gentile peoples. In response to this lethal threat, the success of the German Revolution continues to inspire Aryan men and women – regardless of any cultural, religious, economic, or national differences – to unite in the common cause of their racial survival.

              The German Revolution is the historical inheritor and organic synthesis of the French and American Revolutions, because it combines the will-to-power of the former and the political freedom of the latter. The German Revolution is rooted in these predecessors, but transcends them as the Wave of the Future, when constitutional republics preserving the liberties and racial identity of Aryan humanity will blossom on the burial-mound of Jewish tyranny.

              Every April 20th, National Socialists around the world celebrate Hitlers birthday, but do they know what kind of a man he really was?

              No individual has been as demonized as Adolf Hitler. But his actual character does not fit the monstrous reputation manufactured for him by his enemies for more than eighty years. Just a few facts about the man’s personal life serve to illustrate.

              He is still portrayed as a humorless egomaniac, yet at least two humorous caricatures he drew of himself appeared, along with a number of his other amusing sketches lampooning close friends and stuffy judges. He even assigned one of his secretaries the job of assembling cartoons from enemy newspapers in which he himself was often horribly depicted, and would rock with laughter at these collections. In other words, he had the ability to laugh at himself. For example, when an admiral in the German Navy praised him as “the bravest hero who ever walked the Earth”, Hitler quipped, “you may think so, but at sea I’m a coward!”

              Luxuries never appealed to him, and he always ate very modestly, sticking to his sparse, vegetarian diet. When once some army general threw a lavish banquet for him, he left the room before sitting down.

              Hitler was an irrepressible wanderer, and guests to his Berghof, high in the mountains, had best bring their hiking shoes. In his personal habits, he never drank, smoked, or used obscene language, and rarely lost his temper, contrary to enemy portrayals. As such, Hitler was in stark contrast to our foul-mouthed George W. Bush or his adulterous predecessor, Bill Clinton.

              In his private “table talk”, Hitler told of his retirement plans, which included resigning the Chancellorship as soon as the war was over and a constitutional republic based on the American model was up and running in Germany. Unlike Churchill, Hitler was not interested in writing any self-serving memoirs to make himself rich and seem like a hero in the eyes of posterity. Instead, he planned to write biographies of Frederick the Great and Martin Luther. Churchill, in fact, was fond of repeating, “I will be well treated by history, because I shall write it.” Churchill, too, was obsessed with his wealth, much of it squandered by his gambling, ne’er-do-well son, Randolf. Hitler, on the other hand, donated all royalties from his book, Mein Kampf – the international sales of which totaled many million of dollars – to charitable institutions, an act of generosity that went unrecognized until nearly half a century after his death.

              In a candid moment, he admitted, “Now that I know men, I prefer dogs,” and clearly spent his happiest hours in the company of Blondie, his beloved German Shepherd. When an ignorant but well-meaning hunter presented him with the carcass of a freshly shot eagle, Hitler was noticeably depressed, thanked the man as best he could, but admonished him never to kill such a bird again. After the National Socialist Seizure of Power in 1933, the Fuehrer outlawed vivisection, kosher slaughter (which requires the slow-death torture of butchered animals), and even ordained that lobsters be cooked in water already boiling, so they would die instantly and relatively painlessly, instead of the until then lingering process favored by restaurants.

              When Hitler was shown photographs of women and children killed by the tens of thousands in the U.S. and British air raids on Dresden, near war’s end, he wept uncontrollably. In earlier, happier days, his favorite pastime was playing host to his closest companions, like the Belgian SS leader, Leon Degrelle, who remembered that Hitler liked to wait on his friends, personally serving them drinks (invariably non-alcoholic) and treats, while conversation often turned to the latest cars or movies. He also loved reminiscing about “the Old Days”, particularly where a humorous memory was involved. For relaxation, he preferred watching Hollywood movies and listening to his record collection of mostly classical music. Mozart, Beethoven, Bruckner, and, of course, Wagner were his favorite composers.

              His real passion was not the military or politics, but city planning and architecture. As he once said of himself, “I am a reluctant war-lord, but an enthusiastic builder.” His most impassioned speeches were made when he was taking about reconstruction.

              Clearly, the real Adolf Hitler was an entirely different man than the fantastic creature conjured by generations of lying Jew movies and no less hateful books aimed at separating the masses of Aryan mankind from their greatest leader.

              Didnt Hitler admit he was guilty by taking his own life, rather than defending himself at the Nuremberg trials?

              In Churchill’s War, historian David Irving reproduces original source materials to show that both the British Prime Minister and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed on the murder of all Third Reich leaders immediately after their capture. Both men were eventually dissuaded by Soviet Marshal Joseph Stalin, who argued that show-trials would be far more useful politically. He spoke from experience, having brought to court many thousands of his own followers, who, after sufficiently softened up by physical torture and mental anguish, invariably confessed to whatever crimes they were accused of committing, whether or not they were actually guilty. A few victims were set free, but only to make the courts seem less contrived than they actually were.

              These proceedings, which Stalin felt lent an air of legitimacy to his bloody tyranny, were his chief joy in life, and comprised the kind of “justice” all National Socialists faced at war’s end. In truth, the Nuremberg trials were nothing more than legalized revenge, and a first step on the road to world government, today’s so-called “globalization”, with all its lamentable consequences for America’s political and racial survival.

              But these considerations never factored into Hitler’s final decision. Like any national leader, he was the living symbol and personification of his people, and therefore could not allow himself to be disgraced in any way. He died in the noblest tradition of all Aryan heroes. Shakespeare has Brutus explain in Julius Caesar, “Our enemies have beaten us to the pit. It is better for us to leap in ourselves, than tarry til we are pushed.” It was in this Roman spirit that Hitler cheated the Allied hangmen at Nuremberg, and set a personal example of Victory or Death all the best National Socialists embrace.

              With his passing on 30 April 1945 died the last hope of Western Civilization to save itself from those forces which continue to rot out its very existence. Since then, our race and nation have been caught in a downward spiral of non-White violence, social decay and government tyranny which can only result in their extinction.

              In an irony of history, exactly thirty years to the day of the Fuehrer’s death, the powerful country that brought about his defeat was run out of Saigon. America’s humiliation by racially inferior gook gangs of Vietnamese Reds demonstrated how far America had already fallen in just one generation since the racially fratricidal war Adolf Hitler died trying to prevent.

              Mainstream historians insist that mankind would have been partially exterminated, the rest enslaved, if Hitler had won World War Two. But what would have really happened?

              Each May 10th, National Socialists commemorate an attempt made by Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s right-hand man, to end the Second World War when he flew to England. But his effort, however valiant, was foredoomed by Churchill, who prevented the “uninvited envoy” from negotiating an armistice with Britain’s peace party.

              Until a year after the Deputy Fuehrer’s self-sacrificing gesture, the Third Reich was winning the war on all fronts, and would have almost certainly ended that fratricidal tragedy in victory, had its security chief escaped assassination. With Reinhard Heydrich’s murder by British-trained Czech partisans in June, 1942, all Wehrmacht plans were known in advance of their execution by the Allies, who were then able to defeat virtually every German attack. Thus, the greatest conflict in history turned on a single hand-grenade that exploded in Heydrich’s car. His survival would have radically altered the course of events. By August, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s Egyptian offensive would have rolled into Cairo (a month before, the British were already burning all their top secret papers in anticipation of its capture), thus effectively putting an end to the North African Campaign.

              Operation Torch, the U.S. invasion of Morocco slated for the following November, would not have taken place, and combined Axis forces would transfer from the Mediterranean area to concentrate entirely on England. While u-boats continued to keep the Americans at bay, Italo-German naval and air power would have reduced life in the British Isles to bare survival. Deteriorating conditions would have had dire political consequences for Churchill, who would have flown off to Washington, D.C. Since Hitler never wanted war with the English, whom he valued as fellow Aryans, he would have offered a generous armistice aimed at incorporating them into the new Europe of racially related peoples. In the East, Stalingrad’s capture in December, 1942, and Britain’s defeat perhaps three months later, would have signaled the end of the campaign against Communism.

              The Soviet empire would have become the new breadbasket of Europe and homeland for the continent’s over-population. The vast distances separating Hitler from his last enemy, Franklin Roosevelt, would have prevented any meaningful military clashes, leading to a stalemate the Fuehrer would have been only too happy for ending all hostilities. He was never interested in the United States, only in so far as his fleeting hope that “the best blood in North America will come over to us one day.” Like Churchill’s downfall, F.D.R. would have suffered a political crisis that would replace him with a more sensible regime.

              Such an armistice would have had a deeply salubrious impact on the U.S., not only for the countless casualties spared. It would have made Americans mindful of the degenerative forces that pushed them against their own best interests into war and corrupted their Constitutional values. Thus awakened, we would have avoided all the decay, lies and horror into which our country have sunk and continues to sink.

              Washington, D.C.s Jefferson Memorial quotes our third president, There is no greater truth than that these people (black slaves) are to be free. Doesnt that show that the Founding Fathers loved Afro-Americans?

              The Jefferson Memorial is concrete proof that American history has been twisted by the enemies of the White Race to promote miscegenation. The President’s quote has been deliberately taken out of context to imply that he was a race-mixing hero. In fact, the complete statement reveals a polar-opposite view. Numerous biographies (see especially Richard Cantrell’s widely respected Presidential Speeches [NY: Doubleday, 1952]) carry the full quotation: “There is no greater truth than that these people (black slaves) are to be free. Nor is it less true that they and we cannot live together in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have forever created a divide between us we best respect by obeying.”

              Far from having been some proto-liberal, Thomas Jefferson was one of the founders of the “Back-to-Africa” movement. With the support of some of early America’s most prominent minds, it was aimed at repatriating all U.S. Negroes to West Africa, and had already gone far in sending back thousands of them to Liberia. Today, its inhabitants are the descendants of those same deported blacks. Their flag is a variation of ours, and their capital city, Monrovia, is named after another U.S. president, James Monroe, who was likewise dedicated to creating an all-White America. Efforts in that direction began on the first day of American history, when Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution specified that blacks residing in the states “shall be considered three-fifths of a person.”

              Most of America’s Founding Fathers owned slaves, especially George Washington. His enormous plantations were worked by more indentured Negroes than just about any other estates in the Colonies. John Pillsbury’s authoritative History of the New World (Volume 2, NY: Crofts Publishers, 1909) reproduces a letter in which Washington admonishes his wife, Martha, to exert greater physical discipline on their uppity blacks by having them “severely caned, as that is all they are able to understand.”

              Far from overflowing with heartfelt angst for their pet Negroes, our country’s Founding Fathers were race-conscious White men engaged in building an all-White America. As such, they would be appalled by the inter-racial drivel and purposeful falsification of their heritage so actively promoted in our time. Being Aryan revolutionaries who never hesitated to oppose the enemies of freedom, we know how they would answer today’s defilers of liberty and truth.

              If the Jefferson Memorial misrepresents Americas Founding Fathers, do any other such monuments exist?

              Another infamous example may be seen in downtown Chicago, at Wacker Drive, where a statue of George Washington is shown fervently clasping the hand of Haym Salomon in revolutionary comradeship. While most Americans are unfamiliar with him, Salomon was known only to historians as a footnote in American history until his name was hyped just seventy years ago in an effort to counter claims that Jews were never noted for their patriotism unless it served their own interests.

              Haym Salomon suddenly became “the Financier of the American Revolution”, who saved the cause of liberty from going bankrupt at the last moment by underwriting it. In fact, his motives for joining the colonists were far from idealistic. He lived comfortably under British rule, until arrested on charges of having torched his own business building to collect on the insurance – even back then, an old, shyster trick. Skipping out on bail, he had no other option but to seek refuge among the rebels. He did arrange some loans for their fight, but the House of Rothschild banking family to which he belonged simultaneously funded both the Americans and the English during the War for Independence. As so often before and since, the Jews profited from the mutual slaughter of Gentile peoples.

              Salomon’s Chicago statue portrays him as a close confidant of George Washington, but historians tell us the two men never met. It is yet one more specimen of deliberate distortion by the inveterate enemies of the White Race to appropriate our history for their own, anti-American purposes. According to an historical pamphlet published in 1931 by the Jewish scholar, Dr. Max J. Kohler, “Haym Salomon never made a loan to the American Republic, and never stated that he did, though that is the foundation of his fame today.”

              In fact, the Father of our country experienced his own “Vienna Period” shortly after becoming president. The Jewish community in South Carolina invited him to speak at the Charleston synagogue in answer to their plea for an amendment to the Constitution outlawing anti-Semitism in the United States. His brief speech, which has survived word for word, was not the fawning drivel we have come to expect from subservient U.S. presidents donning sheeny-beanies around election time.

              Instead, Washington told his kosher listeners point-blank that no such amendment would be considered, and implied that its implementation would undermine freedom of speech. The Constitution as it stood, he affirmed, guaranteed freedom of religion for all Americans, not just special interest groups like themselves. The Jews were disappointed, but the first Chief Executive seems to have been at least miffed by their arrogance in demanding special rights for themselves, especially since their participation in the Revolution, like Haym Salomon’s dubious contribution, had been questionable, at best. In his Maxims of Washington, he was recorded as having spoken out against the Jews, when some cogent example of their exploitation was brought to his attention: “It is a pity they have not been hunted down as the pests to society that they are.”

              Of the several geniuses with which the American Revolution was blest, Benjamin Franklin was among the most knowledgeable about the Jewish Question. It is only fitting then, in this, the 300th anniversary of his birth, that his prophetic words spoken at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787 are made known and embraced as the dire warning they represent. If nothing else, Franklin proved that exposing the Jews is not un-American. In fact, it’s downright patriotic!

              Anti-Aryan haters insist the quotation attributed to him was faked by admittedly unknown persons, but they are contradicted by its appearance in The Collected Works of Benjamin Franklin (NY: Macmillan, 1932), and, more importantly, by the validity of its prediction: “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and, when opposed, have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

              “For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But, gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

              “If you do not exclude them from these United States, in the Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, and jeopardized our liberty. If you do not exclude them, in less than two hundred years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves. Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not, even though they live among us ten generations.

              “A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should he excluded by this Constitutional Convention.”

              You mentioned that George Washington went through his own Vienna Period. What does that mean?

              While it may come as a surprise to most people, Adolf Hitler was not always a so-called “anti-Semite”. He says in his book, Mein Kampf, that he was disposed to personally sympathize with the Jews for all the persecution they suffered through the centuries until, as a young man, he arrived in Vienna. Previously, as a small-town country boy, he had never met any, and heard only that they had been sorely abused by numerous peoples throughout their long history solely on account of their different religion.

              But after living as an impoverished art student and poorly-paid free-lance painter in the Austrian capital for several years, he got to know the Jews at street level, first hand, minus their disguise as an unjustly persecuted religious minority. He saw that most of the Communist agitators and organizers were Jewish, and wondered why. So were the pornographers and pimps. They seemed to own almost all the department stores, where hard-working Gentiles with little to spend were sold shoddy, over-priced merchandise. The leaders of criminal gangs were largely Jewish. At art school, the painters promoting Picasso and his insane ilk were predominantly Jews. Gradually, even against his own sense of justice, he got to know them for what they really were. And while his experiences did not make him an “anti-Semite”, they did prompt his interest in a subject previously unknown to him. Only after years of study in the old city’s great libraries, combined with personal observations, was he transformed from an innocent goy into an awakened Jew-knower.

              Unfortunately, most Gentiles, whether in Austria or any part of the world, assume, as did the young Adolf Hitler, that Jews are a decent people unfairly victimized by bigotry, only because our people know nothing about them, save what they see on television or in the movies. In real life, Jews are entirely different from their portrayals as charming sophisticates, funny comedians, kindly rabbis, brilliant musicians, compassionate geniuses, or pitiful victims.

              Although it would be merely egotistical to become a National Socialist just because of a bad run-in with one of “God’s Chosen People”, we may study encyclopedias on the Jewish Question, and not understand what they truly are, unless we have seen for ourselves how they behave in the wild, as it were, where they reveal themselves in the depth of their cunning deceit and the scope of their perennial animosities.

              It is therefore necessary for anyone who wishes to fully appreciate our inveterate opposition to the Jews to personally experience them, especially in their own environment, when their usually raised defenses are down, and their blood-seated hatred of all Gentiles, particularly Aryan peoples, shows through like a perpetual flame behind a thin veil. It might seem strange for us to say so, but it’s a shame there aren’t enough Jews to go around, so every White man, woman and child could see for themselves the nightmarish extent of their evil! Even Adolf Hitler needed his “Vienna Period” to actually comprehend the magnitude of their danger to society.

              We are comforted, at least, in that the Jews are becoming more brazen, more willing to let down their traditional facades, the more they scent the historic culmination of their schemes. In this, they always make the same mistake, just as they are about to snatch total power. In revealing themselves, they undo themselves. When everyday people finally awake to the kosher wolf in goyische sheep’s clothing, a reflex wave of revulsion sweeps the Jews toward annihilation. They cannot help themselves; it is in their egocentric nature, and has happened in many, many countries long before ours. It is happening here, too.

              And when the masses of our people are fully awake to the Jews’ perfidy, they will naturally think of the man of all men and his Movement that most opposed them: Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Revolution!

              If Hitler was all for the Aryan race, why did he ally himself with the Japanese against White Americans?

              He was not wrong in referring to the Japanese as the “Aryans of the East”. The original inhabitants of their islands were Caucasians who invented mankind’s earliest pottery around 10,000 years ago. Known to archaeologists as the Jomon, they still exist today as the Ainu, a mixed Neolithic people residing mostly in Hokkaido.

              Some twenty-two centuries ago, Chinese intellectuals fled en masse from a civil upheaval during the so-called “Period of Warring States”, eventually settling in Japan, where they inter-bred with the Caucasoid Jomon natives. Today’s Japanese are the offspring of ancient China’s cultural elite and indigenous Whites. Every people is composed of intellectually low, average and high strata. Wedding China’s top thinkers to a White population produced the Orient’s master race.

              Hitler not only admired the Japanese for their inherent greatness, but recognized that they alone stood against the Communist take-over of Asia. Here, too, he was more than correct: In destroying the Japanese Empire during World War Two, American G.I.s ensured that their sons would perish stale-mated on the frigid plains of Korea and their grandsons die defeated amid the jungles of Vietnam. In both wars, White men from the U.S. were certainly not fighting for their race, but against it in the cause of World Jewry.

              Even today, with North Korean Communists about to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to California, we turn to Japan for help. This threat, and the hundreds of thousands of Americans killed or wounded by Oriental Communists, would all have been avoided, had our sadly misled country allowed the Japanese to roll up the Reds in Asia.

              As historians now know, Japan never had any ambitions against the United States, preoccupied as she was in China. Only when President Franklin D. Roosevelt imposed an oil embargo on the Japanese for his own, warmongering agenda, forcing their hand, did they quite naturally try to free themselves from his stranglehold by attacking Pearl Harbor. In siding with Japan, Adolf Hitler joined the forces of light against the neo-Dark Age that has since cast its shadow over the world.

              According to scientists featured on several nationally televised specials, they have proved that race does not exist, except in the sense of a “human race. If so, doesnt National Socialism collapse as an ideology, because it is based on an alleged racial hierarchy of mankind?

              Scientists, more than most modern Americans, are hardly immune from social pressure to tow the line of political correctness. Any researcher who so much as hints his evidence tends to differ from the inviolable principle of Racial Equality will have his funding cut off, his reputation ruined as a “racist”, and put his professional career in jeopardy.

              A case in point was William Shockley. For his invention of the transistor during the 1950s, he was praised around the world as one of the most important scientists of the 20th Century. But just ten years later, the same media-moguls vilified him as a despicable racist, because he published a small booklet, I.Q, and Racial Differences, in which he clearly demonstrated White intellectual superiority. Henceforward, Shockley was persona non grata in the scientific community he had done so much to embellish with his discovery, all his further contributions shunned or deprecated.

              More recently, certain academics sensitive to the requirements of what is expected from them have declared that DNA testing has at last “proved” that there are absolutely no differences, other than color, whatsoever between all the so-called “races” of man. Naturally, equality propagandists in the public entertainment industry, education, churches and government are anxious to spread the good news: “‘Race’ has been scientifically disproved, so now there is no longer the slightest cause to prevent the wholesale miscegenation of the planet as soon and as thoroughly as possible!” But what the “scholars” refrain from mentioning in public they continue to discuss among themselves.

              In the September, 2005 issue of Science, Dr. Robert Waterston, a genetics professor at the University School of Medicine, in Seattle, presented the newly deciphered sequence of chimpanzee genome, in which virtually all of the animal’s roughly 3 million building blocks were identified. His work and conclusions are supported by the National Human Genome Research Institute, and geneticists at the University of Chicago. Dr. Waterston found that DNA resemblance between humans and chimps is “98% identical”.

              Svante Paabo, director of the genetics department at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in Leipzig, Germany, exclaimed, “I’m still sort of taken aback by how similar humans and chimps are in their DNA. I’m still amazed that we don’t find stronger evidence for a huge difference in our genomes.” In other words, the same DNA tests that are unable to detect much significant difference between human beings and chimpanzees can hardly be expected to differentiate between a Viking and a pygmy. From a DNA perspective, a black man (or any man, for than matter) and a chimp are practically identical! DNA cannot detect racial differences in humanity, because it has great difficulty finding any between men and apes.

              DNA does not, therefore, “disprove race”, as fools would believe. Obviously, no amount of scientific evidence would ever convince them otherwise, because for such persons, race-mixing is a religion, not influenced by reason.

              A recent television program stated that Mussolini and Hitler were criminal psychopaths who together tried to conquer the world. How much of this is true?

              Benito Mussolini is pilloried by court historians as Adolf Hitler’s accomplice in waging war. Yet, like the German leader, he lacked both personal and ideological motivation for foreign aggression. He, too, suffered horribly during the First World War, when a mortar exploded in his face. Mussolini had to undergo surgery at a field hospital without anesthetic, and almost died of his wounds on the operating table.

              After he became Italy’s Premiere, he took little interest in military matters, and the popularity of his Fascism in other countries made him hope for an ideological Pax Romana. For example, a Gallop Poll of United States voters in 1930 showed that they considered Il Duce (from Dux belorum, Latin for a Roman “war chief’) the most brilliant and desirable statesman on Earth. Even the ordinarily hostile Encyclopedia Britannica had to admit that “Mussolini remained a hero to his own people and was profoundly respected around the world. The American Cardinal O’Connell of Boston said that Mussolini was a genius given to Italy by God; Winston Churchill declared that he himself would have donned the Fascist black shirt, had he been an Italian.” Until 1939, Fascist movements were growing in every industrialized nation, from the British Fascist Union and Ireland’s Blue Shirts to the Russian Fascist Union and America’s Silver Shirts.

              But Mussolini’s hopes for international cooperation through general empathy for Fascism began to wane during the late 1930s, with outside agitation for war. In the words of the Encyclopedia Britannica, “Mussolini understood that peace was essential to Italy’s well-being, that a long war might prove disastrous” for Western Civilization. Accordingly, he arranged a conference between himself, Hitler, England’s Prime Minister (Neville Chamberlain) and the French Premiere (Eduard Deladier). Their so-called “Munich Agreement” frustrated and outraged all agitators for war, particularly in the world press, although Mussolini was popularly hailed at home and overseas for having saved the peace. His impression of the British and French leaders, however, was a poor one, and he felt sure their inveterate hatred of Fascism prevented any real international accord. For them, peace was only a preparation for war.

              When it came, in 1939, Mussolini endeavored to secretly negotiate an armistice, while he upheld Italian neutrality. As Germany’s uncommitted ally, he felt he was in the best position to broker an end to the fighting during the so-called “Sitzkrieg” of inactivity that lasted from Poland’s defeat until the Western Campaign, the following spring. While Hitler gave the nod to Mussolini’s behind-the-scenes peace efforts, they were consistently rebuffed by British and French politicians, who saw in war the only means by which their Depression-wracked economies might be rebuilt.

              Having exhausted every avenue for an end to the conflict, the Duce concluded that the Western Allies were the same liberal-conservative enemies he had faced twenty years before during his struggle for power in Italy. The fight against them had not ended with his March on Rome, in 1922, but broadened into a world war, which he viewed fundamentally as a life-and-death contest between diametrically opposed world-views. “From that day, world liberalism, democracy and plutocracy declared and waged war against us with press campaigns,” he said, “spreading libelous reports, financial sabotage, attempts and plots even when we were intent upon the work of international reconstruction which is and will remain for centuries the indestructible documentation of our creative will.” Capitalism, the old doctrine of international financial domination, and Marxism’s bid for world tyranny stood against the new spirit of national self-reliance of Fascism.

              When the war Mussolini tried so vigorously to prevent erupted across Europe, he became Italy’s foremost commander. He personally revamped the Navy’s heavy cruisers by incremental decreases in their armor, which gave them a performance edge over their British opponents. And his strategic abilities in the North African campaign, as long as they were allowed to prevail, brought success. But the Duce’s up-hill battle against the predominantly aristocratic, non-Fascist, even anti-Fascist elements in the Italian aristocracy sabotaged his armed forces.

              The true story of their performance during World War II has been no less twisted than the German Wehrmacht’s by conventional historians. Italy’s cavalry triumph on the Eastern Front before Stalingrad, General Babini’s rout of the British in North Africa, blowing up the Royal Navy’s capital ships at Alexandria, and numerous other Fascist victories are either ignored or downplayed in false portrayals of the Italians as cowards ill-equipped and unenthusiastic for “Mussolini’s war”.

              Contrary to his long-suffering, fruitless efforts on behalf of peace, even long after the outbreak of hostilities, the Duce is still characterized as recklessly determined to involve his reluctant countrymen in the fighting. Similarly, he was supposed to have invaded Greece to distract world attention from his military humiliations in Libya, when in fact, his Aegean Campaign was a trap set to take British pressure off his North African forces. Churchill obliged him by falling into it.

              Today, Mussolini’s reputation is undergoing a nation-wide resurgence among 21st Century Italians, who cannot help compare the deplorable condition of their degenerate democracy with the health, vigor and popular joy of his eternal Fascism.

              Since Jesus was a Jew, how could any Christian ever be associated with an anti-Semitic movement like National Socialism?

              The Germans were overwhelming Christian when they elected Adolf Hitler to power in 1933. The vast majority of his supporters throughout Europe were Christian, and, with only very few exceptions, both Catholic and Lutheran churchmen were sympathetic to his Revolution. Early in his regime, he reached an accord with the Vatican, where Pious XII never preached against nor opposed either National Socialism or Fascism. On the contrary, the Pope often gave his public blessing to Axis troops, spoke out against atheistic Communism, and criticized the Western “democracies” for their aid to the Soviet nun-rapists and cathedral-burners. The German Navy, Army and Air Force all had Christian chaplains.

              How was it possible, then, to reconcile Christian support for National Socialism with the supposedly Jewish identity of Jesus? The answer has been known for centuries, but, like the fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes, never mentioned in polite society, where nothing must be allowed to disturb the Jewish world-view that dominates American thought.

              Ernest Renan, a 19th Century French scholar who wrote the first non-religious biography of Jesus, concluded he was not Jewish for at least three, fundamental reasons: 1) Jesus was not a resident of Judea, but Galilee, its name meaning “Circle of Gentiles”, where he spent most of his life. According to the New Testament (John 7:1), “After this Jesus stayed in Galilee; for he could not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.” 2) He was not a descendant of the Tribe of Judah. 3) Most significantly, had Jesus been a Jew, his accusers would not have had him tried by a Gentile, the Roman Pontius Pilate, but by the Jewish authorities. His epitaph as “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” was equivalent to “Queen Victoria of England, the Empress of India.” In other words, he was no more Jewish than she was Hindu.

              Jesus clearly distinguished himself racially from the Jews when he told them, “You do not believe, because you are not of my sheep” (John 10:24-27), and described them as “of their father the devil” (John 8: 31,44). He condemned Jewish leaders as “hypocrites” (Matthew 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 15, 23, 25, 27-27), characterizing them as “serpents, the offspring of vipers” (Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33). He told them point-blank, “You are of your father the devil, and lust for what is forbidden. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him … as he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:31-44).

              Jesus said the Jews belonged to “the synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9), against which his followers were reluctant to tell the truth “for fear of the Jews” (John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19).Then there was the famous incident where Jesus stormed into the Temple, where he beat the Jews with a whip, driving them out with the famous words, “You have turned my father’s house into a den of thieves!” It is hardly surprising that they crucified him.

              The evidence clearly shows that Jesus never thought of himself as a Jew, but was, in fact, anti-Jewish, even violently so. As such, he would have been very favorably disposed to National Socialism, although, admittedly, some of the churches which usurped his name (“Beware false prophets!,” he warned) contradict his life and struggle “for fear of the Jews”.

              Lincoln Rockwell sometimes referred to National Socialism as the Holy Grail of the White Race. What did he mean by this?

              The Commander’s analogy was insightfully appropriate. In medieval legends of the Holy Grail, it was mankind’s supremely valuable object, able to transfigure anyone exposed to it with spiritual power. Sometimes portrayed as the cup that caught Christ’s blood on the Cross, it was depicted in earlier, pre-Christian versions as the Keltic “cauldron of eternal abundance”, or a precious jewel, the Germanic “Perfection of Paradise”. As some indication of its ancient origins, the term derived from the Gallic word for “power”, gral.

              In the so-called “romances” of Britain’s Walter Map, Germany’s Wolfram von Eschenbach, or France’s Cretien de Troyes, the Grail represented the highest ideal, sought for by many. Most were discouraged by the overwhelming difficulties and life-threatening dangers of the quest, and gave up. Few caught so much as a glimpse of the sacred object. To some, it was invisible; though they looked straight at it, they could not see it. Others hated it more than anything else in their lives, and were bent on its destruction. They invariably failed, even when they imagined they succeeded.

              Some who saw the Grail went blind, became ill, were driven mad, or died in its presence. Only a numerically small elite of individuals outstanding for their courage and perseverance, together with their purity of blood and intention, actually won the quest. The Grail empowered these heroes to save civilization by ennobling it. Mere mention of their names, even after the passage of many centuries, still evokes a feeling of the high mission they undertook – King Arthur, Galahad, Gwain, Parzifal, Lohengrin, etc. So the names of 20th Century knights, such as Adolf Hitler, William Joyce, Leon DeGrelle, or Lincoln Rockwell are associated with their incomparable heroism.

              Like the Grail, National Socialism is deeply detested by some, because it reflects their own wickedness or inadequacy. As the Grail was invisible to others, so our Ideal is incomprehensible to persons who think only in terms of egotism or crass materialism. The quest for the Holy Grail was fraught with hazards and suffering, thereby ensuring only the best – the most relentless of will and pure in heart – would be worthy of achieving it. So too, our struggle is hard. It weeds out all but the most determined.

              The Grail did grant at least one benefit to everyone who searched for it, regardless of his degree of success or failure: All possessed something of the “Perfection of Paradise” they sought. So long as they continued in their quest, the Grail lent its greatness to every knight. Similarly, by fighting for National Socialism, each one of us is imbued with its greatness. That alone is the victory Lincoln Rockwell meant when he described Aryan man’s quest for the Holy Grail as our National Socialist mission on this earth.

              Who was really responsible for the events of 11 September 2001?

              More than sixty American structural engineers, architects, and other building professionals have gone on public record arguing against official versions of the alleged attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. Doubtless, many more university-trained skeptics keep similar conclusions to themselves for fear of the authorities. But a general consensus of opinion finds the collapse of the World Trade Center inconsistent with basic physics, (

              For example, the Twin Towers could not have collapsed as a result of burning jet fuel, because it was largely consumed on impact. Most of the fuel spilled outside the South Tower after the collision. Also, heat caused by burning jet fuel does not reach temperatures high enough to melt steel. By means of a revealing comparison, after the Second World War, a twin-engined B-25 “Mitchell” medium-bomber crashed straight into the upper stories of New York’s Empire State Building. The resultant conflagration was quickly extinguished with conventional fire-hoses, and the old sky-scraper remained structurally sound into the 21st Century. By contrast, the collapse of the World Trade Center closely followed the implosion pattern of large buildings during controlled demolitions, convincing many experts in such matters that explosives must have been placed on structural supports in the towers previous to the so-called “attack”. Radio communications from fire-fighters on the upper floors of the Trade Center related that the fires were under control, and that neither structure was in danger of falling. In fact, a famous amateur video made immediately prior to the Twin Towers’ collapse clearly shows puffs of smoke ejecting from their exterior identical to standard demolition practices.

              Several airline pilots have pointed out that the flight performance of the terrorists who deliberately flew their planes into the Twin Towers could only have been executed by highly skilled airmen, not by novices with virtually no training. Maneuvering lumbering Boeing 767s to score two, perfect hits on extremely narrow targets (without going into a stall) could only have been achieved by extraordinary aviators. Remarkably, a third structure (“Building Seven”) suddenly collapsed all on its own, for no apparent cause, independently of the other two!

              Simultaneous incidents at Washington, D.C. and over Pennsylvania like wise call into question official explanations. Damage to the Pentagon building was far out of proportion to the size of the blast hole and curious absence of debris from the airliner allegedly responsible. At the supposed point of impact, an entire bank of windows remained unbroken, and there were no scorch marks on the front lawn. No aircraft parts nor human remains were ever recovered. Moreover, the angle of attack (at the base of the building) was impossible for a large airliner to have accomplished. Many independent investigators of the Pentagon Building attack believe it was the result of a surface-to-ground missile of the kind carried by USAF fight-jets.

              Hijackers of the fourth 767, contrary to official versions, were not overpowered by passengers, causing its crash into the Pennsylvania countryside. Numerous eyewitnesses saw debris falling from the sky, accounts which compliment the aircraft wreckage, spread as it was over a six-mile area. The plane was doubtless shot down and broke apart in midair. Cell-phone calls cannot be made from airliners in flight that are not close to the ground. One of Canada’s leading mathematicians, Dr. A. K. Dewdney (Professor of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario), demonstrated that the emotional conversations between hijacked passengers and loved ones on the ground never took place, because they were technically impossible.

              Another scientist, Brigham Young University physics professor, Steven Jones, “began last year to research the physics behind the way the World Trade Center towers fell,” according to The Desert News (Provo, UT, September 14, 2006). “Disturbed by the remarkable speed with which they fell and emboldened by his own experiments on ground zero materials, he developed a hypothesis that the collapse of the towers was aided by prepositioned demolition charges. He later began to say the charges must have been set by a group inside the U.S. government.

              ‘I can be proven wrong,’ Jones said. T accept that. But whoever does it will have to explain this molten metal to me, and especially all the barium found. (Barium is a chemical component in high-intensity explosives. AVS) That’s nasty stuff that’s not going to be used in a building.’ Jones contends measurements he took of a sample of the molten metal found under all three buildings show it is not aluminum from the planes nor structural steel.”

              A recent nationwide poll disclosed that nearly 60 per cent of the American people believe the truth concerning the events of 11 September 2001 has been deliberately obscured.

              If, as Professor Jones and his colleagues insist, persons in our own government were actually responsible for the incidents of that day, the World Trade Center destruction was an old method, tired and true, used to emotionally stampede artificially aroused public opinion for an obvious reason: to confiscate Mideast oil from its rightful owners; namely, the Iraqis and Iranians.

              To justify increased American participation in the Vietnam War, President Johnson blamed the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, in which innocent U.S. Navy vessels on peaceful patrol were fired on by Viet Cong worships. American indignation rose to fever pitch, Congress allotted billions of dollars for military investment, and hundreds of thousands of troops filed into Southeast Asia. Thirty years later, after the useless deaths and meaningless suffering of U.S. soldiers, compounded by their country’s humiliating defeat, a Congressional investigation revealed no shots had been fired in the Gulf of Tonkin.

              President Franklin Roosevelt’s responsibility for Pearl Harbor has been profusely documented, but nevertheless succeeded in transforming overwhelmingly noninterventionist Americans into enthusiastic dupes of Jewish revenge against the Third Reich.

              In the previous European conflict, President Woodrow Wilson’s minions loaded an ocean-liner with contraband explosives and civilian passengers, then sent them careening into the middle of a war one. The Lusitania’s inevitable loss emotionally engineered the hitherto reluctant American people to kill and get themselves killed for Zionist agendas they never suspected by transforming an otherwise isolated European conflict into the First World War.

              Earlier still, the American battleship Maine was blown up by U.S. government agents as a pretext for seizing Spanish holdings in Cuba and the Philippines.

              Whether or not the World Trade Center’s destruction was actually the work of U.S. government operatives, they certainly have historical precedents for such an action.

              How can you claim that the Aryan Race is alone capable of creating and sustaining civilization, when non-White Indians throughout Mexico and Peru built great city-states long before modern Europeans arrived in the Americas?

              When Spanish explorers landed on the east coast of Mexico during the early 16th Century, they were surprised by the appearance of Moctezuma II, because the Aztec Emperor was so unlike the masses of his swarthy subjects. His complexion was much lighter than theirs, he had grey, not black eyes, and wore facial hair in sharp contrast to the naturally beardless Indians. The Conquistadors noted that he was similar to other members of the Aztec ruling class, whose women commonly had soft, light-brown hair, and possessed graceful features, unlike the coarse, jet-black hair and Mongoloid faces of the common people.

              The Spaniards were at first welcomed by Moctezuma as the “Children of Quetzalcoatl”, descendants of the “Feathered Serpent”. This was the title of a mythic-historical figure, according to Mesoamerican tradition, of a blond, bearded White man, who long before sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from a splendid kingdom. Arriving near present-day Veracruz, he was said to have introduced medicine, law, agriculture, irrigation, mathematics, astronomy, pyramid-building, and all civilized arts to the natives. The same story was repeated by the Mayas, who called him Kukulcan, and among the Incas of Peru and Bolivia he was Kon-Tiki-Viracocha, “Sea Foam”, after the bow-wave of his ship. Remarkably, the Quiche inhabitants of the Lowland Yucatan actually revered his name as Votan, the same king of the gods in Germanic myth, Wotan; both the Quiche Votan and the Old World Wotan were known to their respective peoples as “Wanderers”.

              Aztec and Maya portrait sculpture often depicted monarchs and aristocrats with distinctly un-Indian facial features. These representations were complimented by many dozens of pre-Inca mummies unearthed from the Peruvian Desert with well-preserved red and blond hair. The Mayas’ city of Mutul was founded, they affirmed, by an overseas’ foreigner, Zacmutul, whose name means, literally, the “White Man”. Their most important goddess, likewise a transatlantic arrival, was Ixchel, the “White Fady”. Skeletal remains of the Maya elite, remembered as the Pilli, show that their aristocrats were substantially taller and possessed larger skulls than the native masses.

              An abundance of physical and folkloric evidence confirms that pre-Columbian civilizations throughout the Americas were sparked by fair-skinned visitors from the Old World centuries and even millennia previous to the arrival of modern-era Spaniards. Mainstream scholars refuse to admit the obvious, insisting that all the great Mesoamerican and Andean cultures were entirely indigenous, and arose with no assistance from any outside influences. To conclude otherwise is considered “racist”, the kiss of death to scientists and teachers in our anti-White society. The facts are nonetheless undeniable. They prove that Aryan culture-bearers from not one but various Old World lands put in at American shores for different causes over time. They immediately established themselves as the ruling elite, a tiny minority in control of a numerically overwhelming populace.

              These masses of colored natives performed manual labor at the behest of the civilization-building vision inspired by the White aristocracy. For centuries, the high cultures arose over deserts, in valleys and on mountain-tops, achieving great feats of material magnificence, until the “Feathered Serpent” god-kings made the fatal error of interbreeding with their dark-skinned subjects. The original White ruling class eventually died out through genetic pollution, leaving behind a mestizo aristocracy that found governing millions of savages increasingly difficult until the once powerful Mesoamerican and Andean societies descended into barbarism and vanished, leaving behind only ruins of a former greatness.

              This, in a nutshell, is the prehistory of the Americas. It is also a reflection of and warning to our times. The continued existence of America’s White professional and working class elite is similarly threatened by dissolution through racial contamination with a ground-swell of non-White populations surging through our country.

              Civilization, whenever and wherever it has arisen, is now and always exclusively the product of White genius. Claiming only Indians built Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun is like insisting today’s Space Shuttle was made by Negroes because some of them were janitors or food caterers. While non-Whites in both examples may have contributed some physical labor, the conception, sophisticated science and engineering that went into these pre-Columbian civilizations were entirely Aryan.

              On March 9th, you celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Lincoln Rockwell. But other than the post-World War Two resurrection of your Movement, why should he be remembered?

              Lincoln Rockwell’s achievements during his leadership of the American Nazi Party, which he founded in October, 1958, until his assassination in August, 1967, far out-strip the limitations of this booklet to describe. Alone, with no outside support, he single-handedly raised the Swastika banner of our White Race against the hostility of the entire world. Just surviving such opposition was a stupendous accomplishment of raw guts and unbreakable nerve. Gradually, his solitary courage won the respect of like-minded racial patriots, not many, but enough to make many millions of fellow Americans acquainted with at least the most basic fundamentals of his Aryan alternative to race-mixing decay. Only after years of arrests, imprisonments, financially draining fines and court cases, relentless incitement against him by America’s Jew-controlled sources of information, and bloody hand-to-hand street-combat with numerically superior mobs, did the Commander and his small band of followers finally achieve the Holy Grail of their early quest.

              In summer, 1966, the Aryan masses of our country turned to him for leadership, first in Chicago, where 3,000 homeowners, factory workers, students, housewives, and even clergy acclaimed his brazen stand for “White Power”. Thousands more marched behind him a few weeks later through a nearby neighborhood partially occupied by hordes of black sub-humans. When confronted by the rising tide of resentment, Martin Luther King, Jr. raised his eyes and hands to heaven, wailing before a battery of television cameras, “I’ze nebber seeeeeen so much hate!”

              But the groundswell of open, mass-support for Commander Rockwell swept throughout the Middle West, especially in Kentucky. There, enraged crowds of White people literally ran off federal marshals trying to forcibly integrate Louisville with anthropoid apes. Lincoln Rockwell had at last achieved the goal for which he strove during the previous eight years: mass-action. “It is now our purpose to transmute that patriotic violence,” he said, “into political action.” He declared his intention to run for president of the United States in the next election under the campaign slogan, “The Jews are through in ’72!”

              Apparently, he was not alone in his belief, because Rockwell was assassinated one year after his popular success by the same haters of our race still pushing for its dissolution. Their murder of the Commander in the midst of his triumph proved how deeply they feared a White uprising that could only end in their total overthrow and extirpation. Until he demonstrated that average persons can in fact be convinced to support and fight for our Cause, few, even in the Movement, believed that we would ever win the hearts and minds of our sorely betrayed people. But Lincoln Rockwell showed that the spark of National Socialism, contrary to all the mean-spirited propaganda of our enemies and the pessimism of the faint-hearted among us, can indeed ignite the racial instincts of White Americans. Thanks to the proof he provided and the example he set, we have taken up his banner to march with iron confidence toward the final victory he envisioned.

              National Socialists talk in ideological terms about the so-called decline of U.S. society caused by the proliferation of non-White races and the disaffection of Aryan Americans, but what are the facts to back up such a view?

              Crime: Until the mid-20th Century, Florida was known worldwide as an ideal place to retire, not only because of its warm climate and beaches, but for the state’s friendliness and tranquility. With President Lyndon Johnson’s abolition of America’s immigration laws in 1964, waves of racial low-life from Latin America and the Caribbean poured into our country, with especially deleterious effects in Florida. Crime statistics publicized in early March, 2007 by USA Today show that physical assaults – including armed robbery, mugging and murder – have increased 44% in Fort Lauderdale, with a whopping 123% in Orlando.

              The vast majority of this violence is perpetuated by “refugees” from Haiti, Mexico, Colombia and other unhappy lands. Although mainstream media pundits refrain from revealing everything the new reports document, the crime studies demonstrate a perfect correlation between the spike in violence and non-White population increase across Florida and the rest of the U.S. Uniform Crimes Reports of the F.B.I. have consistently demonstrated since the early 1960s that America’s 12% black minority commits more than 80% of our country’s violent crime. When we factor in burgeoning Hispanic and Asian populations in the U.S., almost 90% of violent crime today is perpetrated by non-Whites.

              The Jewish Question: In February, 2007, Jeff Zucker took over General Electric’s NBC Universal entertainment unit, described by The Week (vol. 7, # 297) as “a media giant with cable channels, a film studio, and theme parks.” Zucker joins his fellow tribesmen in their Zionist monopoly of all sources of public information. But they have largely failed, because most Americans believe “the press is biased”, according to a nationwide poll taken by The Week (vol. 6, #291/292).

              Positive popular feeling in our direction: Despite the unrelenting efforts of Zucker and his kosher ilk to brain-wash White Americans with race-mixing and tales of a bogus “Holocaust”, The Week (vol. 6, #291/292) reports that 69% of our people supported actor/director Mel Gibson after he declared the obvious truth that “the Jews are responsible for all modern wars”. The same issue (page 24) showed that most Americans “feel more positively than negatively about comedian Michael Richards” when he publicly referred to a gaggle of dusky hecklers during a live stage performance as “nigger loudmouths”.

              The failure of “democracy”: According to a “Poll Watch” section of The Week (vol. 6, #291/292), less than a quarter of the American people believe President Bush is trustworthy, and 97% regard Congress as deceitful. Regarding Jew-instigated aggression in Iraq, “62% say the war has not been worth the loss of American lives” (USA Today/Gallup). As White Americans grow increasingly disillusioned with so-called “democracy”, fewer of them participate in its self-evidently corrupt process. Beginning in the late 20th Century, far less than half of all eligible voters go to the polls, with good reason. Limited to untrustworthy front-men for kosher causes like Huckabee or McCaine, most Americans are too sensible to play the Zionist political shell game. In 2004’s presidential contest, only 36% of eligible White Americans bothered to waste their vote and their time on the Jews’ pre-packaged candidates.

              Dont you agree that firing radio talk-show host, Don Imus, after he uttered his racist slurs, was the only decent thing to do?

              In 2005, a member of the comedy team, “Penn and Teller”, referred to nuns who worked with Mother Teresa as “f***ing c**ts” on the nationally broadcast “Showtime”. Penn Jillette went on to call her “Mother F***ing Teresa”. A year later, Jillette said the Catholic saint, who she compared to Charles Manson, “had this weird kink that I think was sexual,” and “got her [sexual] kicks watching people suffer and die”. Sumner Redstone, the chief of Viacom that owns “Showtime”, insisted Jillette’s repeated characterizations of Mother Teresa were examples of “artistic freedom” and “tolerance”.

              Also in 2005, Bill Maher said on HBO just after Pope John Paul II died, “For those who could not make the funeral, the Vatican has asked that in lieu of flowers, just stop touching your d**k.” He added that the whole story of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and the resurrection were all “grafted from paganism”, and concluded by mocking the death of the Catholic pontiff. Maher’s boss, Shelley Silverstein, fluffed off criticism of his goyische front-man by saying, “it’s a free country, and people are free to say silly things, even on HBO.”

              For Easter-2007, an effigy of Jesus in chocolate with his genitals exposed was exhibited to worldwide acclaim in a midtown Manhattan art gallery. A sign at the Roger Smith Hotel where the anthropomorphic confection was displayed invited visitors to “eat him”. When some Gentile New Yorkers dared to question this latest sample of modern art, “Air America” radio co-host, Hank Uygur, blasted them in The Huffington Post, writing, “So, is the argument that Jesus didn’t have a d**k? Or were people offended because it was too big? Too small? Too immaculate? Not immaculate enough?” Although Uygur extolled the “chocolate Jesus” as freedom of expression, he castigated Don Imus for comedic comments about a black women’s basketball team as “derogatory and insulting”.

              Rising calls for Imus to be fired were echoed by Joan Walsh on, who added that the controversial depiction of Christ was not “a big deal”, advising people not to go see it if they didn’t like it. Mayor Michael Bloomberg similarly told fellow New Yorkers, “don’t pay any attention” to the harmless exhibit, while branding Imus as “repugnant”.

              Jews Bloomberg, Redstone, Uygur, Silverstein, et al, and their common, Gentile shills – Jillette, Maher, etc. – are praised for denigrating White American religious beliefs in the most depraved manner, but are mortally offended by Imus for using the same language with which blacks describe their own women as “nappy-headed ho’es”. Moreover, blatantly anti-White “rap music” – some of its vocalists extolling the murder of police officers and the rape of White women – is sold by the millions of c.d.s and videos around the world with no hint of offense taken by its intended victims.

              In other words, extreme insults of White Christians are protected, even lauded in our society, but the merest suggestion of “racism” or, worse yet, “anti-Semitism”, is the worst, conceivable offense, the Kiss of Death for any Gentile slip-of-the-tongue. Imus, for all his repeated genuflections before the throne of Political Correctness, is beyond the pale of forgiveness. And the strident calls for his dismissal are not unlike the demand of the Jewish mob, “Crucify him!”, at Christ’s trial.

              For National Socialists, however, none of this comes as any surprise. We understand the Jews, whose nature is to bring about the decomposition of other peoples. As Ignatius Donnelly, Minnesota’s Civil War governor, said of them more than 100 years ago, “what they cannot destroy, they poison.” As such, the Jews are only being true to their intrinsic parasitism when they vilify Mother Teresa, applaud a chocolate Jesus, or crucify Don Imus.

              The real culprits in this hypocritical dilemma of Imus-contra-Maher, et al, are White Americans. If they are too intimidated and frightened to stand up against a profoundly humiliating, sub-human minority, they have no one to blame but themselves. It is not the Jews and their dusky minions, but White American apathy and cowardice that is at fault.

              The Jews, Blacks and Hispanics react violently to the slightest whiff of perceived criticism, however innocuous, while our people, indoctrinated with self-guilt by the same media-Jews, lower their eyes in silent humility and suffer deep insult to everything they are and hold sacred without comment. White Americans are being bullied into submission by the maniacs of Political Correctness. The time is coming, however, when the fate that inevitably overtakes all bullies will purge our trashy society, and sweep our country clean once and for all.

              But if the statement made by Don Imus was as harmless as you claim, then why has he become the focus of so much media attention?

              The intense, unrelenting coverage showered on Imus by all television networks and every national newspaper has only one aim; namely, to make an example of him. “No matter how famous or influential you may be, if you make a single, racist comment, albeit ever so innocuous, your career will be utterly destroyed, and your reputation ruined forever. Henceforth, you will be a social pariah shunned with disgust by your fellow humans for fear of being contaminated by such bigotry. You might as well go kill yourself.”

              This is the message implicit but repeatedly hammered home by news media moguls as a dire warning to any and all White Americans. It is part of the psychological conditioning aimed at coercing our people and eradicating their racial self-respect. Even Congoleesa Rice, one of the most powerful persons in the Bush administration, weighed in publicly to browbeat Imus during a nationally telecast interview over NBC. When the U.S. Secretary of State takes time out from her foreign diplomacy agenda to castigate a mere radio talk-show host for his light-hearted, passing remark, she has elevated a piece of racist trivia to the level of national policy: “If we can crucify somebody like Don Imus, imagine what we could do to you!”

              None of this well-orchestrated intimidation has anything whatsoever to do with “fairness”, “equality”, “justice”, or the other, shop-worn excuses piously spouted by the purveyors of “cultural diversity” (a.k.a., miscegenation). Instead, the example made of Don Imus is part of an ongoing process to intimidate White Americans by fanatical race-mixers who self-evidently dominate all of our country’s sources of public information.

              Several television programs took advantage of the 70th anniversary of the destruction of the German dirigible, Hindenburg, to bash Hitler. But what really happened?

              The zeppelin, LZ 129 Hindenburg, was the largest aircraft ever built. At 804 feet from nose to tail, it was longer than three Boeing 747s placed end-to-end, and shorter than the Titanic by just 78 feet. This awesome milestone in aviation history was but one of numerous aeronautical advances credited to National Socialism, which overnight transformed an impoverished Germany into the most technologically advanced society of its time. Such an all-encompassing change was achieved by first removing the anti-science of Marxism, “equality”, liberalism, “economic determinism”, and all the other, Jewish clap-trap that had previously befogged the academic world. And secondly, by cultivating the German people’s best racial stock to raise their overall intellectual performance, and inspire them with the ideal of Aryan greatness.

              Three years after Adolf Hitler achieved power, the magnificent Hindenburg was launched, followed by the world’s first jet plane (the Heinkel 178); the world’s first helicopter (the Focke-Wulf Angelis), both in 1939; the world’s first “cruise missile” (the V-l); the world’s first ballistic missile (the V-2), both in 1944; etc., etc.

              Tragically, the Hindenburg is better remembered for its fiery destruction while landing at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, in Manchester, New Jersey, on 6 May 1937. Naturally, our enemies regard anything connected with National Socialism as an opportunity to undermine it. They have even gone so far in one of their recently televised pseudodocumentaries to claim that Hitler himself ordered the zeppelin destroyed, because its manufacturer had named it after the former Reich President instead of himself! Less hysterical explanations cite the Hindenburg’s potentially inflammable duraluminum frame covered by cotton varnished in iron oxide and cellulose acetate butyrate, then impregnated with aluminum powder, and the combustible hydrogen gas used to lift it as probable causes.

              While these factors undoubtedly acted as accelerants, they did not set off the blaze. Max Pruss, the surviving captain, told Kenneth Leish in a 1960 interview for Columbia University’s Oral History Research Office that his airship was the victim of sabotage. Two years later, the German, but very anti-Nazi researcher, A. Hoehling, published Who Destroyed the Hindenburg ?, in which he showed how the dirigible had been the target of a female Communist agent operating out of Rumania. She seduced Eric Spehl, a rigger aboard the zeppelin, and an avid amateur photographer with access to a variety of equipment, including high-intensity flash-bulbs, one of which he used to ignite the gas. This is no mere speculation. Just prior to the explosion, fellow rigger Hans Freund and Number 2 helmsman Helmut Lau saw a bright burst of what they took for a flash-bulb going off between cells 4 and 5, just where Spehl’s duty station had been assigned, and also the place where the fire began. In fact, a dry-cell battery able to power a flash-bulb was recovered by U.S. government investigators from the wreckage.

              Two weeks before the disaster, Wisconsinite Kathie Rauch, published a letter in The Milwaukee Herald, writing that the Hindenburg would be sabotaged and explode. Her possible connection with Spehl was investigated by the Gestapo into the following year, although both American and German authorities examining the crash publicly concluded that it was an accident. Actually, neither wanted to exacerbate the already bad relations between their diametrically opposed regimes. Indeed, President Franklin Roosevelt was at least indirectly responsible for the crash that took 36 lives, Spehl among them, when F.D.R. refused to allow the export of non-flammable helium to the Third Reich, forcing the owners of the doomed dirigible to use the more inflammable hydrogen.

              Hoehling’s conclusions were corroborated in 1972 by the American investigative reporter, Michael MacDonald Mooney, in his own book, The Hindenburg.

              The magnificent airship was a microcosm of the far greater conflagration to come just two years later, when the same, anti-Aryan arsonists incinerated tens of millions of victims in World War Two. Even so, LZ 129 Hindenburg sails on through the pages of aviation history, where it is enshrined as an incomparable monument to the genius of our race and the imperishable pride of every National Socialist.

              Does the appearance of so many Afro-Americans on television prove they are a wonderfully talented people?

              In response to a poll taken in early 2007 by Newsweek Magazine, White Americans believe that Negroes comprise 35 to 50% of the current U.S. population. According to the federal government’s census bureau, however, just 12% of the U.S. population is black. Our people’s overestimation is understandable in view of blacks’ disproportionate representation on television, in films, newspapers, magazines, advertising – in short, every form of public information. Their actual numbers are grossly out of proportion to their ubiquitous appearance throughout the nation’s news and entertainment media, where they are invariably featured on a parity, at least, with White people.

              How can we account for such a persistent, uniform illusion, in which a 12% minority is consistently depicted as an almost numerically equal part of our population? If, by way of comparison, Swedish-Americans or Armenian-Americans were identically portrayed, the result would be ludicrous and incredible. A visitor from another planet shown the blacks’ population percentage compared to their overblown presentation in every form of mainstream information would have to conclude that human society is crazy.

              This insane imbalance between population reality and public portrayal is utterly incomprehensible outside a single fact; namely, that the powers behind such a deliberate discrepancy are converts to the Church of Miscegenation, the religion of race-mixing, with all the single-minded intolerance of history’s most fanatical faith. No other cause can explain who is responsible for the implicit lie that blacks are equal to Whites in every way. It is an equality camouflaged with the trappings of “justice” and “fairness” – propaganda window-dressing concealing a lethal poison offered to our people by the deceptive, driven subverters of the truth.

              Isnt it true that the Jews were innocent scape-goats for Germanys problems before the Nazis came to power?

              In 1924, with Hitler jailed and his movement disbanded, the anti-Nazi, liberal chancellor of Germany, Gustav Stresemann, told the British ambassador, Viscount D’Abernon, “The mass of people are disconcerted, because they find that they themselves are poor, while the Jews are rich, and, they ask, why has the government allowed this?”

              Popular anti-Semitism was never an excuse for social problems, but sprouted directly from the facts of life in post-war Europe. The renowned British historian, Sir Arthur Bryant, knighted for his scholarly work, pointed out that Jews comprised just 1% of the German population at the time of Stresemann’s observation, yet they made up one quarter of the Chancellor’s fellow social democrats. At that time, according to Bryant, Jews controlled 22% of Germany’s grain trade, 39% of her textile trade, and 57% of the country’s metal trade. More than half of the members of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce were Jewish, as were 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the stock exchange. Of the 29 theaters in Berlin, 23 were directed and/or owned by Jews.

              Even the anti-Nazi author, Edward Mowrer, admitted that “a telephone connection between two or three Jews in the ministerial offices could effect the suppression of any newspaper in the state.” Bryant went on to show that of 144 scripts written in 1931, 119 were authored by Jews. 42% of Berlin doctors were Jewish, and 48% of the lawyers. Another British historian, Francis Yeats Brown, reveals that 432 out of 659 lawyers in Frankfurt were Jews. In that same city, 15 Jewish bankers held 718 directorships. In Vienna, 85% of the lawyers, 70% of the dentists, and more than half of the physicians were Jewish. Newspapers were 85% owned by Jews; banks, 75%; the cinema, 70%; etc., etc.

              When confronted by these unimpeachable facts, Judeophiles typically claim they simply demonstrate the Jews’ superior abilities and diligence. But our chief objection against the Jews is their terrible abuse of power. As Bryant observed in 1920s Germany, “Every year, it became harder for a Gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation.” Another British author of the period, Peter Gay, writing of the Ulstein publishing empire, stated “that for a writer without a private income, the favor of Ulstein meant luxury; its disfavor, near-starvation.” Jew Leopold Jessner, described by Gay as “the most powerful man in the Weimar theater”, staged a lavish production of William Tell, in which Schiller’s original text was refashioned, cut and edited to utterly transform the stage-play from a nationalist drama into a Marxist up-rising. The leading actors, Albert Bassermann and Fritz Kortner, were Jews.

              Further examples of Jewish monopoly and distortion far exceed the pages of this booklet. They nonetheless explain why average Germans, who were daily confronted by the reality of Jewish power, finally turned to Adolf Hitler for their liberation. The only difference between them and 21st Century Americans is that our fellow countrymen have not yet awakened to the same, silent tyranny tightening its coils around the United States.

              If, as you claim, Hitlers SS united Aryan Europe in his struggle against Communism, why did some countries such as Portugal refrain from the fighting?

              Actually, an unknown number of Portuguese volunteers fought on the Eastern Front and even amid the ruins of Berlin from 1941 to the last day of hostilities in May, 1945, although they were never allowed to form their own legion, for reasons made clear below. They were attached first to the Spanish Blue Division, then, after 1943, transferred to various Waffen-SS (or “Armed SS”) units.

              Historians now generally regard Portugal as the Third Reich’s “secret ally”, providing the Wehrmacht with industrial materials vital for its military operations. Earlier, during the Spanish Civil War, the Portuguese government of Dr. Antonio de Olivier Salazar supported the Nationalists in their valiant struggle against Communist aggression. He sealed off Portugal’s border to the Red murderers, then arrested as many as he could lay his hands on. Many Portuguese heroes fought and fell on Spanish battlefields to prevent Joe Stalin from gaining a toehold in Western Europe. To them, subsequent generations of not only Europeans, but White people everywhere, owe eternal gratitude.

              With the outbreak of World War Two, Portugal found herself in a particularly awkward position, geo-politically. Although Salazar and his people were kindred spirits to Fascist Italy and National Socialist Germany, Portuguese colonies spread around the world, to say nothing of Portugal’s long, virtually indefensible coast, were literally under the guns of Britain’s Royal Navy, and especially vulnerable to seizure by the Anglo-Americans. To have joined the Pact of Steel would have invited an Allied invasion. Both the Duce and the Fuehrer immediately grasped Portugal’s dilemma, and supported Salazar decision to uphold his country’s neutrality. It was a difficult course made all the more hard to steer, because Salazar was determined to do his utmost for the cause of the Aryan freedom-struggle.

              Although his nation could not function without the petroleum, coal, ammonium sulfate, and wheat imported from the U.S., he risked President Roosevelt’s displeasure by supplying the German Armed Forces with tungsten. The Third Reich was totally dependent upon Portugal and Spain for this invaluable mineral, which gave Wehrmacht munitions an armor-piercing superiority unmatched by any of its enemies in the field. The Anglo-Americans had to content themselves with inferior molybdenum-tipped shells. Equipping the Axis with tungsten was a huge contribution to Adolf Hitler’s struggle against the evil twins of Jewish plutocracy attacking from the west and Jewish Communism from the east.

              Germany’s minimum requirements for tungsten were 3,500 tons per year, a need fulfilled by Dr. Salazar. In January 1942, he concluded a secret trade pact with the Reich that allowed for up to 2,800 tons of tungsten. This figure, combined with shipments from Franco’s Spain, more than adequately met German demand. For Salazar’s invaluable assistance, he received an abundance of coal, steel, and fertilizer from a grateful Germany. A year later, after having been blasted by the Wehrmacht’s armor-piercing shells, care of Portugal, the Anglo-Americans tried to cut a tungsten deal of their own with Salazar. He turned his back on them to complete a new agreement with the Germans.

              Roosevelt and Churchill then pressured him to cede the Azore Islands owned by Portugal as an airbase for attacking u-boats. The wily doctor dragged out negotiations until late November, 1944, when the Azores had lost their strategic value to the Western Allies. In April that year, they applied economic sanctions against Salazar to cut off tungsten shipments to Germany. Three months later, he ostensibly bowed to this coercion, but simultaneously made sure that covert supplies continued to the Wehrmacht under other businesses acting as fronts for tungsten imports.

              History makes clear that Salazar went as far as he dared go, and even well beyond, to significantly participate in the Axis campaign for freedom, while upholding the sovereignty of his people. Although not generally known to the outside world, he and they will someday be venerated by a new generation of our race as silent partners in Adolf Hitler’s crusade to liberate and ennoble White humanity. Until then, our Portuguese comrades, conscious of their proud legacy, take up the struggle begun on their Continent.

              What real evidence do you have to support your claim that Americas news media is biased against Whites?

              Serious were charges levelled against Duke University students accused of gang-raping an innocent, black girl earlier this year. Months before the high-profile case collapsed because their ultra-liberal prosecutor was disbarred for falsifying the evidence against them, and the accuser turned out to be a lying half-wit, they were tried and found guilty by every major newspaper and television network. The young White men were simultaneously and universally castigated as racists of the most awful kind, meriting the severest punishment. Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson made daily telecasts deploring “the climate of intolerance” and “sick racism” that pervades America. F.B.I. spokesmen speculated that the alleged “gang-rape” as a “hate crime”. Social services liberals swung into action to provide counselling and financial assistance for the “victim” and her family..

              While the falsely accused White students were being vilified across the nation, week after week, Americans were pointedly not informed of another, this time authentic atrocity that was absolutely boycotted, deliberately ignored, hushed up, even censored from public knowledge.

              In a successful effort to contain all outside knowledge of the story, no network “anchorman” or mainstream reporter announced the arrest in Kentucky of four Black men and one female for perpetrating some of the most ghastly crimes ever committed. Lemaricus Davidson, 25, Letalvis Cobbins, 24, George Thomas, 24, Eric Boyd, 24, and Vanessa Colman, 18, were accused of abducting and murdering a young, White couple. While his girlfriend looked on, they castrated Christopher Newsom, 24, then burned him alive, and fired several shots into him. Over the next several days, the satanic savages beat and raped Channon Christian, 23, and took turns urinating on her. On the fourth day, they cut off her breast, stuffed a large variety of toxic chemicals, including floor cleaner, into her mouth, then stabbed her to death.

              Not a word about this unspeakable crime was heard on the nightly news, because NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, FOX, and all the rest of the alphabetical deceivers were obsessed at the time with the bogus Duke University rape case. There was no appeal to the sensitivities of millions of regular viewers. No social services liberals thought to comfort the families of the victims. The torture and murder of two, White people by five Blacks is not a “hate crime” in the F.B.I.’s book, and Reverends Sharpton and Jackson have nothing to say. Their silence is part of the deliberate censorship of any information harmful to the artificial, false image of Blacks perpetrated by America’s news media masters. They realize that such censorship of the truth is vital to their race-mixing agenda. They know that if the actual extent of African savagery was fully disclosed, the docile masses of White America would throw off their apathy to purge their nation as no society has ever been purged before. Make it so!

              Will liberals ever be converted to National Socialism?

              We do not have to “convert” anyone. Paraphrasing Adolf Hitler in his 1934 Party Day speech, “All decent White people are National Socialists. It is up to us to make them realize what they are.” Most of our fellow countrymen and women have been misled away from their God-given racial instinct. It is up to us to awaken in them their slumbering sense of Aryan identity. In this there is no “conversion” in the normal sense from one belief-system to another, but a kind of ideological disenchantment, in which a people psychologically conditioned by anti-White propagandists are made to recognize themselves in the images, culture and truths of National Socialism.

              Even so, some persons have been converted from other political world-views, though far less by our words, than through personal experience in the modern world. For example, a few National Socialists are former liberals, honest White men and women who were sold on the suicidal scam of race-mixing and Judaeophilia. They found that these liberal superstitions incessantly promoted from the classroom to the television screen were conclusively debunked by the real world – in other words, by the consistent, killer-gorilla behavior of the same Afro-savages held up for worshipful emulation, or blatant Zionist genocide in places like Lebanon. Not Mein Kampf or a recording of a speech by Commander Rockwell convinced these honest if duped persons to throw off their blinders. Instead, the Jews and other non-Aryans themselves made liberals into National Socialists.

              A case in point is, surprisingly, Tony Blair, until recently, the British Prime Minister! Just two years ago, he was doing his utmost for “Aid to Africa”. But just before Blair left office, he astounded England by publicly stating that blacks were responsible for most violent crimes in the country, not economically deprived unfortunates with no other options in life, the standard liberal apology for inferior races.

              The Guardian newspaper reported breathlessly for 2 July 2007, “Tony Blair yesterday claimed the spate of knife and gun murders in London was not being caused by poverty, but a distinctive black culture. Black community leaders reacted after Mr. Blair said the recent violence should not be treated as part of a general crime wave, but as specific to black youth. He said people had to drop their political correctness and recognize that the violence would not be stopped ‘by pretending it is not young black kids doing it’. Giving the Callaghan lecture in Cardiff, the Prime Minister admitted he had been “lurching into total frankness” in the final weeks of his premiership. Answering questions later, Mr. Blair said: ‘Economic inequality is a factor and we should deal with that, but I don’t think it’s the thing that is producing the most violent expression of this social alienation. I think that is to do with the fact that particular youngsters are being brought up in a setting that has no rules, no discipline, no proper framework around them.”

              Before England opened the flood-gates of colored immigration fifty years ago, London, with its seven million Aryan residents, averaged five homicides a year. Today, although the city’s population has decreased since 1960, 800 known murders take place in London annually. The vast majority are committed by non-Whites, mostly from Africa.

              Another prominent liberal who eventually saw the light was Joseph Campbell, one of the most brilliant and influential American scholars of the 20th Century and darling of the liberal set. His popular television series, “The Power of Myth”, and numerous books, such as The Hero With a Thousand Faces and The Masks of God, made him the best-known intellectual of his time and for long after his death in 1987. But now the man’s name and achievement are being consigned to a 21” Century Memory Hole, due to disclosures about his racial awakening. As one of numerous examples, when teaching at the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College, in 1969, one of his students asked Campbell the mythical significance of the first lunar landing, in July that year. “The best thing about it,” he said, “was that we can finally evacuate all the Jews to the moon.”

              He later referred to Yahweh, the god of the Jewish people, as “that divine collector of foreskins”. Campbell’s admiration for Adolf Hitler was so outspoken toward the end of his life, his remarks about the Fuehrer as the archetypical mythic hero were reworked by the producers of “The Power of Myth” to imply precisely the opposite. In Campbell’s numerous lectures, he never shied away from naming and describing the Aryan peoples as the uniquely dynamic culture-creators and culture-bearers of the world.

              He and Blair are two examples illustrating the White man’s irrepressible racial instinct, which, no matter how suppressed and maligned, possesses within itself the Phoenix-fire of rebirth.

              Why do National Socialists associate the month of August with Lincoln Rockwell, who was born in March?

On 21 August 1966, Commander Rockwell addressed a mass-rally of Chicagoans on the city’s southwest side in Marquette Park. His speech was absolutely historic, because it was the first time since the pre-World War Two era that everyday White people – homeowners, students, factory workers, businessmen, housewives – openly applauded a National Socialist revolutionary standing before the sacred Swastika banner of our race.

              Throughout the previous weeks and months, their streets had been targeted by Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dusky minions for take-over. The Aryan residents were outraged, because they had only a few months before escaped Negro terror and blight that totally destroyed their traditional neighborhoods. Rockwell was the only public figure with the courage to openly defy “Marxist Lucifer Coon”, as the hyped agitator was then despised, and the Commander’s rousing call to action on that summer day found unprecedented support from his listeners.

              Their applause was not the passionate excitement of a moment, but showed how deeply he had touched their racial consciousness, when they followed him a few days later through black-occupied territory, in the nearby Gage Park area. September lOth’s “White Power March” was the largest, public demonstration of its kind since the Second World War. The high significance of that event, together with the Marquette Park rally, for the first time proved that open National Socialists had the power to attract and win over the masses of White America.

              From 1941, when the U.S. was betrayed into a fratricidal war against our German-Aryan brethren, until 1966, majority hatred for our “philosophy of life” seemed impenetrable and imperishable. For a quarter-century, the Jewish brain-washers who control every avenue of public information seemed to have forever blinded our own people to the truth. But the repulsive antics of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fellow ape-men began to convince a rapidly broadening segment of White Americans that – despite decades of pro-black propaganda – Rockwell was right.

              The anti-Aryan powers-that-be realized that the entire fabric of their plan to race-mix our people out of existence was being torn to shreds by the Commander’s new-found popularity. Faced with the inevitable collapse of all their evil schemes, they resorted to the final argument used by every gangster-mentality, and had him assassinated on 25 August 1967, little more than a year following his first triumphs.

              During his heroic passage through life, perhaps Lincoln Rockwell’s greatest achievement was to demonstrate that National Socialism could still find acceptance among the broad masses of our people. By doing so, he gave self-confidence and new hope to all National Socialists since his generation.

              How do you answer charges made by a recent television documentary that Hitler’s campaign against the Jews began with his institution of the Nuremberg Laws?

              Just six months following the National Socialist Seizure of power on 30 January 1933, an international boycott was launched against the Third Reich to “undermine the Hitler regime” and “bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.” These words were part of a worldwide radio broadcast made by Samuel J. Untermeyer, a prominent Zionist leader, to a large, mostly Jewish audience in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Until then, no hostile actions had been taken against Jews in Germany by the new regime, concerned as it was with foreign relations.

              Two years after Untermeyer’s economic sanctions began to strangle the German economy, The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor and The Reich Citizenship Law were announced at Nuremberg’s annual Party Day to prove that worldwide Jewish economic pressure and intimidation had failed. “Entirely convinced that the purity of German blood is essential to the further existence of the German people,” their Preamble stated, “and inspired by the uncompromising determination to safeguard the future of the German nation, the Reichstag has unanimously resolved” to forbid marriage or sexual intercourse between Germans and Jews (and all other non-Aryans).

              Since National Socialism’s first principle states that only members of our race may belong to our society, the Jews lost their citizenship. The so-called Nuremberg Laws affirmed that “Jews are forbidden to display the Reich and national flag or the national colors. On the other hand, they are permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.”

              The ulterior motive of such legislation was not to make life miserable for Jews in Germany, but to prompt them to migrate abroad. Hitler’s real Final Solution was to facilitate their removal to Madagascar. While these measures may seem harsh and unjust to modern Americans unaware of the deplorable impact made by the Jews on Germany before he was elected to power, any nation which fails to defend itself from the Jewish parasite will inevitably find itself sucked dry and left for dead.

              The Jews’ insatiable lust for revenge was demonstrated after the war at Nuremberg, scene of their vindictive show trials against German leaders. The old, medieval city had, during hostilities, been the special target of Allied bombers, because of its location for yearly Party rallies. So too, the passage of laws to preserve the racial integrity of a valuable Aryan people had taken place inside its old gates, thereby warranting the special hatred of the same, blood-sucking tribe against which such hygienic legislation had been passed with the wholehearted support of the German people.

              The Nuremberg Laws, though twisted today into a grotesque caricature of intolerance by the very race they were designed to protect against, will serve in the White Man’s future as immutable guidelines based on the higher law of his self-preservation.

              Who is the worst enemy of the Aryan Race?

              The White American man. Jews, Negroes, mestizos, race-mixers, militant queers, women libbers, liberal liars, neo-con tyrants and all the natural-born misfits driving our people toward extinction are powerless in themselves. On their own or even combined they would have never amounted to a hill of beans, unless the White Man had already lost his self-respect. But by skillfully stimulating his baser instincts for self-interest and apathy, Jewish propagandists have subtly confused and diluted his powers of racial awareness, rendering him gradually incapable of defending his own existence.

              He is like a 21st Century Gulliver overwhelmed and fettered by anti-White Lilliputians. The results of his psychological programming are increasingly worthless generations of self-indulgent Americans, as most graphically expressed in their truly historic levels of morbid obesity. But a people are only as good as they are led. Given the U.S.A.’s utterly Jewized leadership, especially since World War Two, their present depravity should be no cause for surprise.

              Despite the White American man’s deplorable degeneration into a self-hating, apologetic wimp, so long as his blood is still unpolluted by the poison of race-mixing, his deeper instincts for self-preservation and revolutionary change still exist. Therein lays his future revival and National Socialism’s ultimate triumph.

              What happened on October 29th?

              On that day in 1922, Benito Mussolini’s March on Rome freed Italy from Communist chaos and the rule of money. But his victory meant far more than the happy liberation of a single land. 1922’s March on Rome signaled the awakening of a new awareness that spread far across Italian borders, around the world and into the future, down to our time, and beyond. Although his ideology was not originally racialist, its Roman conception struck at the fundamental meaning of Western Civilization, itself the result of every Aryan people, and therefore appealed to them all. That, in fact, is Fascism’s most succinct definition: It is the universal impulse that created organized society, the spiritual heart of Western man.

              If not initially proclaimed, White pride was implicit in Fascism from its beginning. A contemporary Adolf Hitler would articulate that racial consciousness from the primal yearning first expressed by Mussolini. Fascism is the Third Alternative to Communist terror and Capitalist tyranny. 1922’s March on Rome proved that White people could snatch back control of their own destiny from both of these plagues, and enter upon a high road to civilized greatness never before traveled. It was never meant to be an easy path, nor a short one, but is the only way open to our survival as a White Race.

              Holocaust aficionados commemorate every November 9th as The Night of Broken Glass, because, in 1938, Hitlers Stormtroopers rampaged through city streets, smashing the store windows of innocent Jewish shopkeepers. How do you answer the charge that the Nazis were cowardly bullies and mindless vandals?

              November 9th is yet another example of how the Jews twist everything to their own advantage at the expense of the hated goyim. It is among the most sacred dates in the National Socialist calendar, because on that day in 1923, sixteen National Socialists were gunned down in the streets of Munich by reactionary Conservatives determined to maintain the status quo of Jewish power in Germany. Ever since, November 9th has become a time to honor the millions of comrades who have sacrificed themselves for their race over the last 84 years.

              This high holy day of the White Race has been hijacked by the Jews for their own “Holocaust Remembrance Day” used now to flog the world’s Gentiles into cringing submission with artificial self-guilt. But more than five years after Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor, even his worst enemies concede that German Jews were not generally molested. They claim their real persecution in the Third Reich did not begin until the night of November 9th, 1938, known to them as Kristallnacht.

              What they invariably refrain from indicating, however, was any cause for the violence that smashed store windows (but killed no one, nor landed any Jew in a concentration camp). At most, they blame the riot on “mindless bigotry” against pitifully innocent and really very lovable small business owners, who just wanted to live in peace. They deliberately fail to mention that the German people had shown exemplary self-restraint in quietly enduring more than five years of non-stop lies spewed by journalists like Walter Winchell (real name, Walter Lipschitz), and constant threats of military conquest from Samuel B. Untermeyer (see the author’s Hitler at War [from the NSDAP-AO] for information on this international agitator).

              On the eve of the 15th anniversary of Munich Martyrs Day, the Secretary of the German Embassy in Paris was shot in the back by Herschel Grynspan, a queer as much enraged by the Third Reich’s pro-family policies as its exposure of Jewish perfidy. His cowardly murder of Ernst vom Rath was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back of the Germans’ forbearance. They did indeed vent their understandable fury against every manifestation of Jewry.

              For early 21th Century Americans looking down their noses at such behavior from a perceived moral high-ground, one wonders how they themselves might react in an analogous situation. How, for example, might Moslem Americans fare today were, for example, some Iranian to assassinate a high-ranking American official just in time for July 4th, Independence Day?

              The Jews claim to have suffered unspeakable horrors after 9 November 1938. Actually, their plight was largely no different than that of killer Grynszpan himself. Rather than being holocausted out the chimney at Auschwitz, he was merely detained in a concentration camp until 1945, “returned to Paris,” according to the anti-Nazi historian, H.W. Koch, “and later emigrated to Israel, where, during the mid-1970s, he was still very much alive in Tel Aviv” (In the Name of the Volk, NY: Barnes & Noble, 1989, pp. 109, 110).

              Today part of Holocaust delirium, every November 9th will someday be restored to its original meaning – the blood-sacrifice of White men and women who fought to the death so that their race might live.

              Kapos were Jews who willingly cooperated with the German authorities as concentration camp officers, but did any blacks ever side with the Nazis?

              The kosher masters of public information often showcase Negro soldiers in the U.S. armed forces during World War Two as heroes against racism, but suppress all information about the numerous Africans who fought for Adolf Hitler. Most blacks volunteered in the “Free Arabian” Legion, because they were Moslems fighting Zionism.

              After 1940’s fall of France, many of that country’s colored troops enlisted in the German Wehrmacht to end colonialism by overthrowing the British Empire. They were particularly impressed by the Fuehrer’s anti-imperialist stance, and his belief in the natural right of every people to preserve their racial distinctiveness. After his crusade against the Soviet Union opened in June, 1941, more French blacks joined the invasion of Russia, some of them dying in the snows before Moscow later that year.

              Among their leaders was Louis Joachim Eugene, who had previously served on the staff of the Legion Volontaire Franзaise, the French Fascist organization. In 1942, he turned forty years of age, and was demobilized from the Eastern Front, returning to France, where he volunteered in the Organization Todt, the Third Reich’s public works institution. Eugene served for the rest of the war as a Truppenfuehrer (Sergeant) in the O.T., supervising black workers.

              His comrade in the LVF was another black leader and Eastern Front veteran, Norbert Desire, who was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen, or “Wounded Medal”, by the Wehrmacht. Even though his application to join the French Waffen-SS was turned down on racial grounds, his heart was in the right place, and he volunteered to work at a German arms factory, where he was again honored with awards and extra rations, this time by the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labor Front) for exemplary service. After the war, Desire was arrested by the DeGaul government, and sentenced to life imprisonment in a slave-labor camp, but was released eighteen years later when he seemed on the verge of death. He recovered slightly, however, and tried to make a living as a dockhand at a French port, but died in May, 1969, aged prematurely at 59 years.

              Another outstanding black volunteer was an anonymous operative trained by Otto Skorzeny’s SS Suedwest Jagdkommando (“Southwest Commandos”), who, during late 1944, parachuted into “liberated” France, where he relayed Allied troop movements to the Abwehr (or German Military Intelligence), before being shot by the Americans as a spy the following year. Yet another black volunteer was an armed Gestapo agent executed by the Allies after the war. During the North African Campaign, a black private who served the British before his capture became General Erwin Rommel’s orderly, and was later hung by his colonial masters, because he refused to denounce the renowned “Desert Fox”, who had treated him with exceptional kindness.

              Blacks fought and gave their lives for Axis victory because they were treated with dignity, and their hard work and sacrifices honored with equal respect by the Germans. Meanwhile, blacks in the U.S. Army were subjected to lethal experiments by “scientists” who injected them with syphilis. The Big Lie depicting National Socialists as demented bigots is debunked by historical facts, which confirm that the proponents of our ideology have always stood for racial self-awareness in all peoples as the natural foundation of harmonious relations, not the unnatural poison of forced integration.

              You allege that Blacks were victims of deadly experiments inflicted on them by the U.S. government, but what proof do you have for such a claim?

              In 2006, “Nova,” a public television science show, documented a forty-year-long ordeal suffered by 412 Negro servicemen from rural Alabama deliberately untreated for venereal disease by U.S. government “scientists”. The program revealed that at least 28 of the black guinea-pigs died as a result of the fiendish “experiment”, though the exact number, perhaps many times as much, will never be known.

              Before the “Nova” telecast, Jim Auchmutey, a staff writer for The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, published his detailed exposure of the classified atrocity, “Government is still Living Down Its Infamous Study of Untreated Syphilis” (September 6 1992, p.M/01).

              Known secretly as “The Tuskegee Study”, “the doctors wanted to test a widely held suspicion that the disease affected black people’s cardiovascular systems more than white people’s. “To do so, the researchers wanted to observe progress made by the disease unimpeded by treatment, and so “decided not to give the subjects penicillin when it became available 45 years ago. Working out of a complex of quonset huts in Chamblee,” the indifferent physicians “monitored the subjects and their health. Once a year, a doctor or two would visit Tuskegee to examine the men in what came to be known as ‘roundups’. PHS (Public Health Service) doctors published thirteen articles about Tuskegee in medical journals over the years,” but “learned little from their decades-long investigations.”

              According to Auchmutey, “the government in 1930 launched test treatment programs in six Southern counties with large black populations. One of them was Macon County, Alabama … where an astounding thirty six percent of all black men were infected. State and local health authorities agreed to cooperate. So did the county’s famous black college, Tuskegee Institute, which volunteered office space and the use of its hospital. Handbills promising ‘special free treatment’ went up around the county in the fall of 1932. The only treatment they received was less than half the recommended dosage of mercury and neoarsphenamine, the heavy metal therapies then prescribed for syphilis.

              “The limited treatment stopped. Eventually, the only relief the physicians offered was a little pink pill, aspirin. Penicillin was first tested on humans in 1941. Within three years, the drug was known to kill treponema pallidum, the bacterium that causes syphilis. Doctors administered penicillin to thousands of GIs during World War Two, but they never administered it to the Tuskegee men. In fact, the PHS arranged for almost fifty of the subjects to be exempted from the draft so they wouldn’t receive the new wonder drug.”

              The top secret nature of “The Tuskegee Study” has prevented the full extent of its horror from being disclosed. It is still generally believed among its survivors and their families that at least some of the Blacks were injected with syphilis, although the paper trail leading in that direction has been so thoroughly obscured, documented proof of deliberate inoculation has so far not come to light.

              In any case, “The Tuskegee Study” was an entirely Jewish affair. It was hatched by a grant from the Rosenwald Fund in 1932, and still run by Sidney Olansky and James K. Shafer more than twenty years later. Its last leader was Donald Printz, who admitted that the procedures he and his predecessors undertook was “almost like genocide.” Dr. Olansky, who “oversaw its execution from 1950 to 1955 as head of the PHS’s Venereal Disease Research Laboratory,” was later honored by his colleagues at Emory University, “where the dermatology library was named for him.” In a February, 1992 interview with the nationally telecast “Prime Time Live”, he compared his Black victims “to sheep, saying syphilis isn’t such a bad disease … He found the work fascinating.”

              Since 1945, the world has been told repeatedly that innocent Jews were used as medical experiments by mad doctors of the Third Reich. While no one dares question the sacred character of this comic-book fantasy, the cover-up of Jewish “scientists” experimenting with syphilis on their Black victims for more than forty years receives an infinitesimal fraction of the coverage devoted to lies about National Socialism. Here, as in so many similar examples, the Jews have shifted their guilt onto others for their own crimes against humanity.

              What is the National Socialist position on environmentalism?

              The impassable gulf separating our ideology from the times in which we live are opposing views of man’s relationship with Nature. Civilization in the early 21st Century is most characterized by its filthiness. Every city has its non-White slum, often on a vast scale of blight expanding with burgeoning populations to whom basic hygiene is antithetical. America’s cities were once beautiful and livable. Now, they are swiftly becoming crime-infested garbage dumps.

              A case in point is Montrose Beach, on Chicago’s north side. For decades, it was an especially attractive mecca for middle and upper class families, who enjoyed the lake shore. Today, Montrose Beach is an uninhabitable debris-field of taco wrappers, dirty diapers, and assorted refuse so vast, municipal authorities are unable to pick up after the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans who continuously trash the formerly lovely park. It becomes, after sunset, an arena for contending gangs and an outdoor market for drug dealers. But Montrose Beach is just a microcosm for not only the United States, but the rest of the formerly civilized world. As non-Whites proliferate and are welcomed anywhere, catastrophic results are always the same.

              The Jews’ and liberals’ love affair with dirt is at the core of their inter-racial psychoses. They are personally repelled by all forms of cleanliness. Hence, their revulsion of White racial integrity. It is their abhorrence for cleanliness from which today’s political correctness, with its loathing for White racial hygiene, springs. This abhorrence consequently extends to the Earth that brought mankind into existence.

              A Jewish mind-set of unlimited exploitation is transforming the entire planet into a global Montrose Beach. The steady reduction of our natural environment is a form of species suicide generated by an unnatural thinking that brooks no contradiction. That is why ours is the most hated ideology: It affirms life at a time when a majority aims at death.

              The physical repugnance for all colored persons normal, healthy White men and women feel is a survival reflex, part of our natural instinct for racial self-preservation. Throughout Nature, whenever any animals are no longer conscious of their identity, they become extinct. We are not exempt from the same iron law that applies to every other living creature. Yet, it is precisely this instinct for our own continued existence that the Jews and their liberal dupes have anathematized as “the worst evil” and “unfair” to the darksome dregs of the so-called “Third World”.

              As a consequence, Western Civilization is experiencing diseases from which it was previously immune, thanks to the wholesale immigration of dirty denizens from Mexico, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Viruses and infestations long eradicated by Aryan science are being re-introduced with dung-colored waves of unclean low-life. Even the humble bed-bug, extinct in North America for half-a-century, is today staging a comeback, as it rides on the infected coat-tails of wet-backs and rag-heads. For these subhumans, filth is their culture, their way of life for thousands of years, so they’re not likely to give it up anytime soon.

              As for liberal apologists who claim lavishing money on Mud People is all that is necessary for some simple hygiene, anyone who has visited a hotel or medical clinic run by Hindus or Mexicans knows different. No, the non-Whites are not leaving their squalid behavior behind, but are instead spreading it around America. They are not cleaning themselves up, but rather it is our country which is becoming dirty. Sooner or later, we must choose between a predominately colored, thoroughly trashed society, stinking with uncollectible waste and incurable diseases, or an all-White world where we can breathe the fresh air of health and cleanliness.

              “National Socialism” is the political name of a view that might be fundamentally known as “Naturalism”, because it seeks to apply the laws of Nature to human society. 21st Century civilization has become unnatural – actually, anti-Nature. Hence, the unbridgeable chasm between National Socialists and these times. The essential instinct in their worldview from which its entire ideology flows outward is the placement of Aryan man in accord with Nature. As such, National Socialism means life, because it is rooted in nature itself. Modern democracy means death, because it works against Nature in all its forms, with all-too-obvious results in the rapid deterioration of Earth’s climate, the growing decay of our cities, and the racial degeneration of our people. National Socialism means the preservation of Aryan man, the continuation of his evolutionary destiny, and salvation of our planet itself from the Jews’ corrupting lust for universal impurity.

              At stake is nothing less than Life-or-Death for the continued existence of all life on Earth. The hurricanes and climate deterioration currently experienced are only foreshadows of the real natural catastrophes to come. They are the physical effects of too much Jewocracy, too much liberalism, and the final judgment handed down by much-abused Nature on a debased humanity.

              National Socialism – being a kind of ideological Naturalism – is alone capable of offering our people escape from that condemnation, because today’s political correctness is fixated on the mistreatment of Nature in all its forms, the pollution of our environmental, as well as our racial existence. National Socialism promises life in harmony with Nature. Based on the present condition of civilization, one shudders to think of the future consequences set in motion by today’s democracy.

              Isnt it right to feed the hungry, regardless of their race?

              By feeding the colored races, we have ensured our own famine and risk extinction. On 18 December 2007, a symposium of economists, climatologists and agriculturalists from seven nations reported over the British Broadcasting System that the coming food crisis will far out-strip any worse-case scenario that might be envisioned for an oil shortage. They were unanimous in pointing out that hundreds of millions of hungry mouths in China, Africa and India are consuming more cereal crops than Earth has the capacity to produce.

              A fundamental economic law states that the price of any commodity rises in proportion to its scarcity and demand. As more and more of the over-populating masses of the colored Third World clamor for food from the White World and its superior agriculture, the cost of eating climbs proportionately. Compounding their insatiable hunger is a growing preference for our cuisine, because traditional meals are no longer preferential.

              Western grains are in growing demand, thereby exerting additional pressures on supplies and capacities.

              This imbalance is further exacerbated by skyrocketing gas prices, which inflate food transportation costs, and global climate deterioration, which is steadily shrinking croplands. Agricultural productivity around the world is expected to continue its current decline in the foreseeable future, regardless of new emergency technologies designed to compensate the loss of harvests hedged in by drought-like conditions.

              The BBC symposium of experts calculated that the relatively moderate rises in food prices presently experienced in the West herald major increases anticipated for the next three to six years. Eating costs will be so extravagant that restaurants will no longer be able to function and go out of business, sending new shock-waves throughout the economies of Europe and America. Far worse, the basic availability of sustenance will be severely compromised by Chinese, Indian and African demands gleefully met by equally rapacious billionaire race-traitors more than happy to sell increasingly scarce food at enormous profits to themselves.

              The day is coming soon when the cost of eating will rise just as the price of oil is rising today. But consequences will be far worse than not being able to drive one’s car. The impending food crisis must generate levels of inflation so beyond control they will push us into a depression the likes of which compare with nothing in the past. Resulting famine is the inevitable consequence of sacrificing White people on the altar of racial equality.

              How do your opponents envision Americas destiny?

              The future is determined by forces set in motion during the past, unless they are diverted by present opposition. In a nutshell, Adolf Hitler’s struggle was fundamentally an attempt to transmute civilization’s centuries-long decay. His death in 1945 opened a final chapter in the Decline of the West, wherein American extinction is plainly written.

              That’s just fine for liberals, who embrace every form of cultural rot as “progress” toward their old goal of “One World, One Race, One Government”. They are pleased with our country’s present drift in that direction. For them, race-mixing is the True Faith they embrace with all the intolerance of religious fanatics. Persons so much as hinting a lack of enthusiasm for their inter-racial piety must be shamed and ostracized. Racism is the worst of all sins, far more serious than murder, meriting the most dire punishment, because it stands in the way of a future where all nations are dissolved by a single government authority, like the United Nations (except, of course, the term “nations” will no longer be politically correct). All other armies having fulfilled the Old Testament admonition to break their swords into plow-sharers, legions of blue-helmeted police will make sure that laws against all variations of racism are strictly enforced.

              Concurrently, behavior-modification in schools, the entertainment industry and news media will use advanced technologies to psychologically program on-going generations against any inflection of racial self-awareness, thereby enabling interbreeding on a global scale. Once accomplished, and all ethnic identities have been blended into an inter-racial souffle, we may dispense with any kind of government whatsoever, because the human differences that formerly caused crime and unhappiness will no longer exist. Mankind (“Personkind” will be more “gender-friendly” then) will achieve its ultimate destiny, what it was meant to become, wherein everyone will look, act and think the same. There will be no differences of opinion, nor of any other kind.

              Along with race, religion, politics and sexual behavior will be all alike and indistinguishable. People will be sensitive to the feelings of all others at a time when no one will risk offending anyone else; hence, the abolition of separate notions of any kind, except any that are socially acceptable. Those lucky Americans will be able to do whatever they please, so long as they do not hurt the feelings of others, regardless of any consequences, because a god-like technology will continually clean up after them.

              Of course, such a future can exist only in the heads of demented liberals, and must culminate in circumstances entirely unlike their utopian fantasies. If present trends continue, America approaches her racial Rubicon around the middle of this century, when her majority population will no longer be White. Thereafter – again, given any serious opposition – White Americans’ minority status will dwindle at an accelerating pace, until colored immigration and inter-breeding will have shoved them into extinction sometime in the following century.

              Long before then, the burden of supporting national economic life will have become too great for America to bear, because it was sustained by White labor, now in shorter supply. And since the same kind of people who originally created a constitutional republic will no longer possess majority status, it will be replaced by a totalitarian government of power-freaks more interested in enforcing liberal agendas than up-holding obsolete notions of liberty.

              In short, the liberals’ inter-racial dream is devolving into a world of political tyranny, economic misery and White death. As a measure of their sick mentality, they would prefer even those consequences to a world where people were conscious of their racial identities.

              You mention a dire future for the world without National Socialism. What can we expect?

              Unchecked, the forces of decline gaining momentum since the last century will climax in this century. Given the continuous and accelerating inundation of Europe and the United States by waves of immigrants from Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East, the White populations of both continents will have slipped to minority status by 2050. By then, our race will have become so polluted through inter-breeding with sub-humans, its identity will be progressively marginalized until it no longer exists. The only relatively “pure” race surviving into the 22nd Century will be the Jews.

              Their triumph will be short-lived, however, because an utterly debased humanity makes for far less productive slaves, unable to create the wealth and luxuries to which the Chosen Ones are accustomed. With a drastically diminished economic existence, the kosher blood-suckers, like all parasites in Nature, will themselves die off for lack of hosts. The mid-21st Century will also witness America’s inevitable economic conquest by Red China and India, the very countries presidents Canton and Bush were so anxious to assist. Our standard of living will plummet to levels comparable with Mexico or Peru, most companies and businesses here will be Asian-owned, and Americans will have to work for mostly colored bosses.

              The U.S. dollar will eventually become so weak, it must be replaced by some international currency. With health-care largely in the hands of physicians from Pakistan or the Philippines, medical help will be rendered virtually useless, and certainly unable to keep pace with too many viral strains introduced by the endless deluge of colored immigrants.

              As in any fundamental social dislocation, a tsunami of criminal bloodshed will sweep across North America and Europe. Since White people by then will have been disarmed, their spirit of resistance diluted by decades of instilled self-hatred, and all police forces predominantly black and brown, the pale-faced victims can expect no protection. They will suffer the same kind of massacre carried out in the past against our people by Indian savages on the American plain, or Jewish commissars in Russia. Their survivors can look forward to the ecological dissolution of their planet.

              Even today, climatologists know that if environmental abuse is not checked within the next ten years, global warming will have become irreversible. With steadily rising world temperatures, massive coastal flooding resulting from rising sea-levels will liquidate hundreds of thousands, force millions more to flee in-land, thereby overburdening already declining economic and demographic woes. Super-storms – hurricanes and tornadoes of unprecedented violence – will afflict the planet, their depravations compounded by killer heat waves. Depleted ozone will spawn cancer epidemics to ravage mankind. The very air itself will become hard to breathe. Fed up with this failed species, Mother Earth will consign race-mixed humanity to the same graveyard occupied by the dinosaurs and dodo-birds.

              Taken altogether, the forces climaxing in this century should reach their apogee in the next. Within the next 200 years, only ruins and garbage will still exist to show that the world was once inhabited by temporarily civilized, but ultimately self-destructive creatures.

              While the self-evidence of this doomsday scenario is all too apparent, it is inevitable only if we allow it to happen. Aryan man has narrowly avoided extinction in the past, and could still avert the worst for our race and planet by taking up his last hope when all else fails. As National Socialism is the only ideology diametrically opposing the present condition of civilization, so it alone can transform death into life.

              Americans enter the Age of Extinction

              “The White inhabitant of North America, who has remained racially pure and unmixed, rose to be master of his continent. He will remain the master as long as he does not fall victim to defilement of the blood.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. I, Chapter 10

              Imagine being the only White person living in an over-crowded urban neighborhood of blacks, mestizos, Asians, mulattos and other racially unidentifiable humanoids. You live in constant fear that some day or night your colored neighbors will break into your apartment. It happens around you all the time.

              Evil-smelling garbage is part of your city-scape, and walls are covered with graffiti. Local kids are gang members engaged in the brutal business of shaking down victims and slaughtering each other. There is excessive noise everywhere, all the time – blaring rap-music and Hispanic racket from ghetto-blasters in passing cars, or toted by brain-dead pedestrians. The whole area is fetid with the pervasive stench of human excrement and general rot.

              Most shops are abandoned, boarded over or fire-gutted – now the domiciles of vagrants and rats, depositories for murder victims. The grimy groceries look positive unsanitary. A few more businesses – mostly liquor stores and rib-shacks – are crowded by loudmouthed, smelly customers slobbering over themselves with catfish bits and bar-b-que sauce. These primitive creatures are the debased caricatures of human beings. See that horribly obese black mamma over there surrounded by a dozen screaming mudlets. There’s that Latino with the perpetual sneer on his greasy mouth. What makes them all so much more dreadful than their repellent physical appearance is the certain knowledge that each one of them carries a blade or pistol. And they all have their own sense of racial identity. In other words, to them, all others are The Enemy.

              After sundown, things get worse. You often hear gunfire at night, or screams and the unmistakable sounds of someone being beaten to death not far away. You don’t dare go out after hours, but urgently slam the safety bolts on all the doors and windows. Every now and then, the air becomes acrid with the scent of fire wafted on the breeze from some conflagration you hope is not too close.

              Silence does not exist. The radios, televisions and boom-boxes of your fellow tenants are at full-volume, round-the-clock, their incessant noise punctuated only by the ear-splitting sirens of speeding police cars or fire engines against the sporadic gunfire of metropolitan crime.

              During the day, when you have to go out, you still run the risk of confrontation with black thugs convinced all Whites should be killed, or mestizo gang-bangers who see Anglos like you as potential victims. To these traditional elements of America’s insolvable crime wave has been added the arrogant Asian punk (Cambodian, Korean, Laotian, etc., etc., ad nauseum) ambitious to prove to his rivals in the street that he can be even more blood-stained than they.

              The multi-colored gangs are now so numerous, their membership billowing into the hundreds of thousands, that they represent the real power in your community. Certainly not the police, who are understandably reluctant to “serve and protect” anybody in this “bad neighborhood”. Swarms of well-armed cretins roam the streets and alley-ways among uncollectible, burgeoning mounds of redolent garbage like the vicious packs of infected rats and wild dogs with whom they share the night.

              You sit in your room, aware of being overwhelmingly outnumbered by a hostile population of non-Whites who instinctively despise you, even though you have never done them any harm. The moment you walk out that door, you risk your life in a world that has become alien to everything you used to know. Your skin color identifies you as an enemy and/or patsy. Even your own language makes you circumspect in a neighborhood where English is no longer universally spoken. Welcome to the multi-cultural society of interracial justice and equality promised by your government and entertainment media! It is the end of living and the beginning of survival. At best, your future can only be more of the same, a hopeless dead end.

              The above description is no exaggeration. It is a realistic portrayal of existence today for thousands of White people, usually poor and elderly, left behind and trapped in formerly civilized neighborhoods since taken over by blacks, Latinos and Asians in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. But what those unfortunate individuals are currently suffering on an urban scale is a microcosm of America’s national society evolving in the 21st Century.

              No less an authority on our country’s future than President Bill Clinton declared in his most famous speech before graduating seniors at Oregon’s Portland State University on 13 June 1998, that “in little more than fifty years, there will be no majority race in the United States.” In other words, White people are scheduled to become a minority in their own country by the time children born today have reached middle age.

              “Today, largely because of immigration,” Clinton continued, “ there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California.” He might have added south Florida and all of New Mexico to his list of states where Whites are already a minority. In Nebraska, Hispanics became the state majority shortly after the beginning of the 21st Century.

              The President’s remarks were based on contemporary disclosures of the U.S. Census Bureau, which showed that around the year 2040 White Americans will belong to a minority population. This projection was based on three key factors: immigration (mostly from Mexico, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Red China), a continuing rise in the non-White birth-rate with a concurrent decline in the White birth-rate. Before 1965, 90% of U.S. citizens were White. Before the end of the 20th Century, that figure fell to 72.9% and continued to decline steeply into the first years of the next century.

              1965 was a pivotal year in the internal destruction of America, because that was the year when our country’s one hundred seventy five-year-old immigration policy was abandoned by President Lyndon Johnson. Until then, the first laws governing naturalization of immigrants, passed by Congress in 1790, required that all new citizens must be of White European descent. The U.S. Constitution itself specified that that resident negroes were considered only “three-fifth’s of a person”.

              Demographers at the Bureau depicted a grim portrait of America in the 21st Century. For example, before 2010, more than two-thirds of California’s school children will be mestizo, Asian or black. Twenty years later, total U.S. population will have risen by fifty million persons, more than half of them non-White.

              Yet, even these estimates are too moderate. They fail to take into account America’s sky-rocketing numbers of racially mixed progeny and other non-Aryans, including Jews (erroneously categorized as a “religion”), and Gypsies (mongrels originally from the Indian sub-continent, where they were expelled as something worse than “untouchables”). U.S. populations for both of these groups have already received additional infusions of immigrants from the Balkans, the source for most Gypsies, and the defunct Soviet Union, where Jews were its dethroned leaders. Because of immemorial strife among the quarreling remnants of the former Yugoslavia and the rise of popular anti-Semitism in Russia, arrivals from these unfortunate lands will continue to tilt our country’s racial imbalance against its White inhabitants.

              Of course, immigration plays a leading role in America’s dissolution. Non-White immigration will account for 40% of the fifty million new people in the U.S. during the first decades of the 21st Century, averaging 1.1 million newcomers each year. In that same time period, our country will by deluged by 280,000 illegal aliens, supplemented by another 820,000 legal immigrants. Most of them will be Hispanics, whose population here will more than double over the next 25 years. In only six years, they will constitute the single largest “minority” north of the Rio Grande River. In 1996, 1.3 million immigrants – mostly from Asia and Latin America – applied for U.S. citizenship. Just two years later, that number jumped by an additional two million.

              A break-down of the half-dozen states most effected by immigration in 1995 affords some appreciation of the magnitude of the disaster. In that year alone, Illinois received 42,517 colored immigrants; New Jersey, 63,333; Florida, 79,461; Texas, 83,385; New York, 154,095; and California, 201,529. These few states absorbed almost 70% of America’s immigration for that year. Figures for the numbers of non-White immigrants since then surpass each other with every successive year.

              William Branigin, a reporter for The Washington Post, conducted a newspaper survey demonstrating the degree of assimilation by Hispanic immigrants to the U.S. He found that all the mestizos he queried came to America solely to enjoy a higher standard of living than they knew in their homelands. They had little or no understanding of, interest in or sympathy for American norms. Indeed, they generally expressed dislike and distrust of what Latinos refer to as gueros, a term of contempt on a par with “nigger”, for Whites in general. Nor do they consider themselves Americans, even after becoming citizens. To them, citizenship is just a means to an end, a kind of permit allowing them to make more money.

              Typical was Maria Jacinto, who told Branigin, “I think I’m still Mexican. When my skin turns white and my hair turns blond,” she said cynically, “then I’ll be an American. It’s important for our children not to be influenced too much by the gueros.” Branigin concluded at the end of his survey, “There is a sense that, especially as immigrant populations reach a critical mass in many communities, it is no longer the melting pot that is transforming them, but they who are transforming American society.”

              Mrs. Jacinto epitomizes something most White Americans fail to realize. Namely, that the mestizos, blacks, Jews, Asians and all the rest do not think of themselves as “Americans”, and inwardly resist every attempt to “Americanize” them. They are keenly aware of their own particular racial identities, which are invariably foremost. As such, they see these differences far more clearly than Whites, and think consistently in terms of their own “ethnic” agendas. Far from grateful for the comparatively luxurious life-styles they enjoy here (care of the U.S. government), they despise especially White liberals and all Whites on principle.

              A White man or woman who has had no real contact with colored persons and their genuine feelings cannot imagine the depths of their smoldering hatred for America, which they regard as something to be exploited. That resentment is measured in the latest Uniform Crime Reports of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which show that blacks commit 38% of all aggravated assaults in the U.S.; 42% of its rapes; 54% of its murders; and 59% of its robberies – all this, even though only 12.3% of the American population is black.

              Contrary to disinformation dramatized for gullible television viewers, 89% of interracial crime, according to the F.B.I., is black-on-White. For 1994 alone, the U.S. Justice Department reported 1.54 million such crimes. Such violence will be an even more characteristic feature of American society in the mid-21st Century, when blacks will make up 15% of the U.S. population, and White inhabitants will have slipped to official minority status.

              While the flood-gates of immigration from Africa and Latin America, beyond to Asia, have burst open under the strain of an unprecedented population explosion, a colored takeover of the United States has been bolstered by spiraling increases in the birth-rates of all non-White races around the globe. Contributing still further to this sub-human inundation are plunging birth-rates among the White peoples of the world. The New York Times’ Michael Spector reported, “Never before – except in times of plague, war and deep economic depression – have birth-rates fallen so low, so long. There is no longer a single country in Europe where people are having enough children to replace themselves when they die. Italy recently became the first nation in history where there are more people older than sixty years of age than there are younger than twenty. This year (1998), Germany, Greece and Spain will probably all cross the same, eerie divide.” Nationally, Italian women currently give birth to an average of fewer than 1.2 children, “the lowest figure ever recorded among humans.”

              In the same article, the director of research at France’s National Institute for the Study of Demography, Jean-Claude Chesnais, is quoted as saying, “Europe is old and rigid. So, it is fading. You can see that as the natural cycle of civilization, perhaps something inevitable.” Spector understood the director’s conclusion by citing “current trends in a world where populations of color – from Africa, India, Asia – are still growing, while their own (White European) is struggling to keep from shrinking.” Although the birth-rate in America among White citizens is not yet as suicidal as Italy’s, it is nonetheless low (two children per mother) and declining, as colored populations continue to mushroom.

              President Clinton was right in his Oregon speech, when he said, “No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude, over so short a time.” But White Americans have already been pushed aside economically and academically. Asians edged us out as long ago as 1997 to make the nation’s highest household income at $43,300 against our $38,800. 42% of them graduate from college to our 25%. 1998’s freshman class at California-Irvine was more than 60% Asian. Clearly, White people are losing control of their country.

              By 2025, they will be a clear minority west of the Rocky Mountains and in much of the South. By then, they will make up about half the populations in Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, both Carolinas, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Maryland. By mid-century, they will have fallen to minority status in these same states. During the years immediately thereafter, they will be rapidly subsumed by colored majorities. Remaining states, mostly in the North, can expect truly dramatic boosts of their own non-White populations, particularly in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. There, mostly black and mestizo masses will over-flow from the industrial cities of Cleveland, Gary and Detroit like backed-up toilets.

              But no states in the U.S., not even those still falsely perceived as relatively remote havens of refuge for besieged Whites, can hold out for long against the colored deluge. Traditional White retreats in the northern Central Plains and Upper Middle West will become more increasingly untenable, as Indian gambling syndicates, like those in South Dakota, quite literally buy up the state acre by acre. In self-evident revenge, they are forcing Whites off the same lands our pioneer forefathers won through epic courage, labor and sacrifice.

              Minneapolis-St-Paul is home for the nation’s largest Asian population after San Francisco, but second to none in the accelerating birth-rate of its Oriental residents. They are spilling into the small, hitherto all-Nordic towns of rural Minnesota.

              Southern Wisconsin is merging racially with Chicago and northern Illinois, as Madison and Milwaukee continue to attract and swell with wave after wave of colored low-life, particularly the parasitic mestizos from south of the border. Clearly, there will be no more states left in the “Union” (if it can even be called that anymore) for White people. They will come to know first-hand what “life” is like as a minority under a colored majority – a majority not of equality, but nurturing age-old grudges against all Whites. The filth and violence generated by blacks and other racial vermin today represent hardly more than a prelude to the 21st Century-scale decay and savagery in store for us and our children.

              America’s racial landslide is even now picking up speed, so much so, the renowned Kiplinger Washington Newsletter confidently predicts the installment of a colored U.S. president before 2050. Indeed, the Hollywood Jews are already psychologically conditioning the American masses to expect and welcome a black president in popular feature films like Deep Impact, where a negro actor, Morgan Freeman, portrayed a future Chief of State. That ultimate insult to the integrity of our nation will be the death-rattle of White America.

              Past civilizations ruled by colored leaders invariably collapsed soon thereafter. Cases in point included Ancient Egypt, whose last “pharaoh” was black, and Rome’s late emperor, Carcella, a psychotic mulatto. Having extended Roman citizenship to anyone who paid a small fee, he was the Italian forerunner of U.S. President Lyndon Johnson. Speaking for the National Alliance, John Strom stated, “In South Africa, many Whites trusted the system, they trusted the ‘democratic process’, and are now dead and dying, their civilization in ruins and their children condemned to live in horror. In 1994, they believed the blandishments of the Jewish media there, and they voted for a new constitution giving control of their society to blacks. With the Jews orchestrating international pressure on the former White government there, virtually the same thing happened in nearby Zimbabwe. Now South African Whites live in daily fear of death, White farmers are brutally murdered with impunity by roving gangs of blacks, all kinds of crimes are totally out of control, the AIDS infection rate is skyrocketing, and recently that sad country has earned the dubious distinction of being the ‘child rape capital of the world’.”

              America is not immune from the same forces of internal decay which killed off these formerly resplendent societies. Indeed, we can expect a fate at least as bloody as theirs, if we allow such appalling statistical forecasts to materialize.

              The combined forces of immigration, White flight, and rising colored birth-rates contrasted by declining White birth-rates will reach a stage of critical mass in the next fifty years. Around the middle of the century, America’s racial population will gather inertia very quickly, similar to water entering the holds of the Titanic. Similarly, the U.S. Ship-of-State will eventually take on too much sub-human bilge for her to stay afloat any longer. She’ll suddenly plunge to the bottom of history, and lie among the other wrecks of lost civilizations.

              Nothing less than a miracle can save our country from inevitable catastrophe. But miracles sometimes happen. After terrorizing the world for more than seventy years, the apparently permanent Soviet Union came crashing down of its own rottenness – something no one believed possible.

              Germany, after World War One, was a land bereft of a future. Her destitute people were enslaved by exorbitant reparations demanded by their conquerors; their cities occupied by black troops from French West Africa; their youth lost in drugs, crime and perversion; their thousand-year-old culture thrown in the mud; their endemically corrupt government without power or respect. Germans no longer believed in themselves. Indeed, prospects for their mutilated country did not look good.

              Yet, in spite of this apparently hopeless situation, one man arose who gave voice to their need, and, in a few short years, restored their self-esteem and prosperity. Adolf Hitler’s rescue of his much-abused people was an unforeseen miracle that arrived in the niche of time. So too, the forces he set in motion are still moving through the world. In the early part of the 20th Century, he warned the civilized nations of what he called the “blood sin” of false equality with non-Whites. If Europeans and Americans kept themselves free from it, they could count on limitless greatness and happiness. But if they ever succumbed to it, they doomed themselves to destruction.

              Hitler’s warning found earlier echoes in President Abraham Lincoln, who said that America would never be defeated by any outside threat, but that she could perish through internal discord. The disconcerting information presented here underscores the admonitions of these two great men.

              Children born today will grow up to live amid a rapidly deteriorating society where they will be less than second class citizens. They will be victims, and must answer the question of our era: Will America be rescued in time from the tidal-waves of colored sub-humanity smothering her to death? All other issues of economics, republican or democrat politics, abortion, taxes, and every, other form of relative pettiness is swept aside by the far vaster concern for our physical survival as a people. It is the most ferocious challenge that has ever threatened us. Upon its outcome depends the existence or extinction of our entire race and civilization. Absolutely nothing else begins to compare with the magnitude of the crisis facing the survival of our country.

              When the 21st Century rang in the New Year, did it sound the death-knell of White America? Or the beginning of the Millennium for our people?

              Can America survive the 21st Century?

              “We’re leaving, now!,” Laura McCarthy impatiently instructed her 5-year-old son intently playing with a toy airplane. Her voice was a mix of reluctance and urgency, as she ushered her other two children, both older girls, from the house that had been their home for generations.

              “My great-grandfather built this place (a restored Victorian mansion) after coming to America with $5.00 in his pocket. It’s sad, real sad, but we can’t live here anymore,” she said with a side glance at half a dozen mestizo gang members impassively watching her and her children from the sidewalk. Stuffing the last of her family belongings into the over-burdened trunk of a rented car, Mrs. McCarthy refused to look back at the old house. “If I do,”I’ll start crying again and won’t be able to drive,” she said in a broken voice. “Everybody’s leaving, the whole neighborhood. We’re no different.”

              But she was leaving more than familiar property behind. Tom, Mrs. McCarthy’s husband of eighteen years and a well-known graphic arts designer, was stabbed to death Christmas Eve after leaving a nearby convenience store. “We’re going to live with my Mom and Dad in Montana,” she explained to a reporter from The Los Angeles Times. “We’re virtually abandoning the place, because nobody will give us anything for it. Property values around here have dropped out of sight. I suppose the gangs will turn it into a crack house. Good! I hope they all over-dose!”

              She was leaving, she said, not only because of her husband’s murder. “That was the climax of all our tears. Tom and I were already planning to get out. We were saving for a place of our own in Oregon. I had been working since 1991 as a computer programmer, making $52,000 a year. One day, without warning I was fired, because the company hired a man from India who was willing to do my job for less than half my salary. Ever since, I’ve had to free lance cleaning other people’s houses whenever I could find the opportunity, because I never found full-time employment again.

              “A neighbor I worked with at the same company got fired shortly after I left. She felt lucky to get a $6.50-an-hour job as a hotel janitor, swabbing out toilets. Last week, she was replaced by a Mexican immigrant who doesn’t speak a word of English but is doing the same work for $4.35 an hour. Both the company we used to work for and her former hotel went out of business this year, because mostly only colored people were left. They stole so much from their employers and performed their jobs so poorly, both establishments – the big computer firm and the little hotel – went bankrupt.

              “I can’t believe it now, but when the neighborhood started changing, just three years ago, we actually set up welcoming parties for the Hispanics moving in. Soon after, just trying to live here became intolerable. Nobody was able to sleep because of the noise from their radios, day and night. You couldn’t think straight. The police were over there all the time, the loud Mexican music would go off, but then they’d turn it back up again, after the officers left. It was torture. We never got a full night’s sleep. Tom’s work began to fall off, everybody in the family was irritable.

              “Abandoned cars appeared on our street and the houses around ours began to fall apart. Just look. There’s unrepaired fire damage, sofas left outside in the rain, broken windows. The whole neighborhood’s a wreck. There’s so many horrible smells in the air all the time now. Something’s always burning or rotting. It used to be such a nice area for as long as anybody can remember. We pulled our girls out of school and started teaching them at home. That was added burden for Tom and me, but there was nothing else we could do.

              “One of Carol’s sophomore friends was kidnapped and raped for three days last year and died giving birth in a mental institution. I can’t let Tommy outdoors anymore, ever since some Latin teenagers broke his nose. They were always threatening him and shot at our house a few times, so we couldn’t use the rooms facing the street anymore.

              “It’s even dangerous going to the supermarket in the afternoon. Mrs. Moody, the seventy-year-old lady who used to live next door, was knocked down and her groceries stolen. She just barely survived on social security.

              “We can’t live like this any longer. Our situation is no different than anybody else’s. Everybody is leaving.”

              “You mean all the whites are leaving?,” the Latino reporter from the L.A. Times asked with an intimidating inflection.

              “Yes,” Mrs. McCarthy said. “ Your people have ruined my life! They’ve taken almost everything I have – my husband, my home, my hopes for the future. All I’ve got left are my children. And I’m taking them as far away from your people as I can. I don’t care what you or your newspaper call me. We made this neighborhood and stupidly welcomed your Latinos into it. My family and I stayed as long as we could. Longer than just about anybody else. We’re among the last to leave. We’ve been forced out. All of us.”

              Laura McCarthy’s tragedy is not unique, but increasingly typical of the dilemma besetting White Americans in a “multi-cultural” nightmare. Her sad life is a microcosm of not only California’s collapse, but an unavoidable catastrophe spreading across the entire United States. As civilized society on the West Coast capsizes, rolls over to expose the underside of non-White urban disaster, Americans are witnessing the immediate future of their country. Their neighborhoods are awash in a deluge of colored immigration, forcing White residents to flee for their lives to higher ground in other states.

              As Wayne Lutton, the Canadian editor of The Social Contract, writes, “What our press disapprovingly calls ‘white flight’ is called ethnic cleansing elsewhere. People would never leave their homes and communities if they felt they had any real choice.”

              Prom 1990 to 1996, 1.3 million White people fled Los Angeles, the same number that evacuated New York City. 303,000 left San Francisco, and 329,000 abandoned Chicago. The inevitable result of such racial imbalance is the transformation of California’s population into a colored majority by 2001. Just forty years later, the state’s population will exceed 58 million, of which only 30% will be White. Hispanics will then comprise 48%. But even these projections are conservative, because they are based on the assumption that present growth rates will remain constant.

              More likely, increasing illegal immigration, race-mixed progeny (which are never figured into official statistics) and increased White flight will make Latinos the single majority race in California around 2028. 54% of all non-White immigrants flock to California, with New York, Florida and Texas close behind. As these states turn predominantly colored, their majority populations over-flow to flood neighboring states and, eventually, the rest of the country in fifty years.

              Even before then, America’s Hispanic population alone will double. And soon after the middle of the next century, Whites will be a minority in the country they primarily built and raised to greatness. Texas is poised to become our next predominantly non-White state in three or four years. Colored majorities already exist in Hawaii and New Mexico, where Hispanics will themselves become the actual majority in the next seven years. The hour of doom for the deep South will strike by mid-century, when blacks achieve majority race status in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana.

              The loss of Mrs. McCarthy’s husband to Latino murderers is hardly surprising, when we learn that there are three times as many California Hispanics incarcerated for violent crimes than attend secondary schools. In fact, more than a quarter of all inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens largely from Mexico, the rest mostly from other Central and South American countries. The economic burden these burgeoning numbers of colored criminals imposes on society is becoming increasingly difficult to bear.

              U.S. tax-payers spend over $1.3 billion each year, just on state and federal incarceration of these felons. Even a state enjoying relatively lower levels of crime “has increased spending on corrections nearly five-fold since the mid-1980s,” said Joann Griffin of Wisconsin’s Task Force on Money, Education and Prisons. In exact correlation to the rising numbers of blacks and Latinos entering the state, Wisconsin is experiencing one of the fastest growing incarceration rates, in which “the disproportionate number of African Americans and Hispanics behind bars” is costing tax-payers $24,000 annually per inmate (Wisconsin State Journal, September 30, 1998). When state and federal prisoners are combined, the number of incarcerated people in Wisconsin grew 13% in 1997 – more than double the national average, or a 19% jump from the previous year.

              Although blacks make up less than 10% of the state’s population, they comprise 48% of the inmates in state prisons. 51% of prisoners incarcerated for assault are black. But overcrowding is so problematical, prison officials are shortening sentences even for murderous felons, turning them loose on society again, to make room for new convicts.

              The rosy picture of multi-racial peace and harmony constantly depicted on television is at odds with the reality. Contrasting this manufactured idyll are the ninety four million crimes committed daily in the United States, a rate that has tripled over the last thirty years. A source for much of American crime is found in Mexican gangs, who control the drug trade in our country.

              According to Clifford Kiracofe, a Virginia journalist and staffer for the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations from 1987 to 1992, “By June, 1997, the threat from the ‘Mexican Foundation,’ a group of several large drug trafficking organizations-had reached such proportions that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) informed Congress it had superseded the Colombian-based Cali Cartel as a national security threat. The Mexican drug mafia now has a close working relationship with violent alien ‘street gangs’ operating in the United States, law enforcement officials say. Today, Mexico is the transit station for 70% of the cocaine, a quarter of the heroin, 80% of the marijuana and 90% of the ephedrine used to make methamphetamine in the United States. U.S. cocaine traffic accounts for more money than is spent in the entire U.S. criminal justice system.”

              He was seconded by Michael Horn, DEA’s chief of international operations, in his testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: “To put things into perspective, the most conservative estimate of the annual U.S. market of cocaine is $55 billion. Now, our annual budget for the entire U.S. criminal justice system is $45 billion. Today, we have shipments of four thousand and five thousand pounds of cocaine being brought into our country from Mexico and warehoused here. Although Colombians still control and facilitate significant portions of the drug trafficking, the sophisticated, organized criminal groups from Mexico have eclipsed the drug-trafficking criminals from Cali and Medellin, Colombia, as the greatest law enforcement threat facing the United States.”

              While Mexicans are winning the Drug War in the U.S., blacks are America’s most violence-prone race. On a per capita basis, a black person is 12.3 times more likely to commit murder than a White, even though negroes make up less than 14% of the national population. These figures expand to portray a horrifying portrait of our society painted in the blood of White victims. For example, more than one thousand, six hundred White people (most of them children, women and elderly) are murdered by blacks each year. (Numbers for Whites killed by Latinos and other colored murderers are not available, but estimates place them at about half the black murder rate.) In 1992 alone, blacks murdered robbed, assaulted and raped one million White Americans.

              Blacks under eighteen years of age are more than twelve times more likely to be arrested for murder than Whites the same age. Blacks commit seven-and-a-half times more violent inter-racial crimes than Whites, although they make up only one-seventh of America’s White population. On a per capita basis, blacks commit fifty times more violent crimes than Whites. Of all blacks, regardless of sex or age, 60.5% are armed with some kind of weapon at all times.

              Recently publicized crime statistics from several U.S. cities and states show marked decreases in crime, but they do not jibe with other government agency figures. The reason is clear: In fall, 1998, the Associated Press reported that a number of mayoral and governor’s officials were dismissed after they were found to have falsified crime statistics by deliberately lowering them. By tampering with the facts, they hoped people would no longer be frightened away from their cities and states. Revision of the doctored figures has already revealed that nation-wide crime continues its rise, as reflected in the statistics for prison over-crowding, cited above. But as awful as the facts demonstrate it to be, crime in America is even worse than portrayed by our figures, because only 37% of all crimes are reported to the police (Time, p. 25, 11 January 1999).

              As a telling comment on our times, 45,000 White Americans were victims of inter-racial murder between 1964 and 1994 – 7,000 more than the 38,000 American combat soldiers who died in the Korean War! Clearly, a deadlier, unknown war is being waged in our own country.

              If these figures outlined racial reality in the last years of the 20th Century, what do they augur for the next one hundred years?

              The 1990s brought an additional 13 million non-Whites to the U.S. That is 50% more than in any previous decade. Illegal immigration accounts for millions more, so much so, that the U.S. immigrant population is at an all-time high: over twenty six million and rapidly growing. According to Donald L. Huddle, professor emeritus of economics at Rice University (Houston), eight hundred ten thousand legal and three hundred thousand illegal immigrants – 1.1 million altogether – annually enter the U.S. Leon Bouvier, Tulane University demographer, projected as many as 2.3 million legal and illegal immigrants will be flooding into the U.S. throughout the first decade of the 21st Century (The Wall Street Journal, 6 June 1994).

              Even at the present rate of colored immigration, America’s White population shrinks by 1% each year. In other words, 3,000 White people demographically “vanish” every day because they are “replaced” by three thousand colored immigrants. Exacerbating America’s population shift in favor of coming colored majorities is the appallingly low level of White births. The present White birth rate has plummeted below 2.5 children per family. Particularly shocking is that this birth rate is just under the required figure to simply maintain a zero population-growth! In sharp contrast, birth rates among all non-Whites, particularly blacks and Latinos, are ballooning. The illegitimate birth rate alone for Mexicans is 40%; Central Americans, 44%; and Puerto Ricans, a remarkable 60%, higher even than blacks.

              According to The Houston Chronicle (3 October 1998), in excess of 25% of non-Mexican illegals (Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Ecuadorans, etc.) caught in south Texas are not arrested or returned, because the U.S. Border Patrol agents no longer have space in their over-crowded facilities to detain them. Of the 12,000, 84 non-Mexican Latino illegals captured from 1 October 1997 to 31 August 1998, 3,122 were simply released into Texas. Border patrol officers are being overwhelmed by the growing magnitude of illegal immigration, and predict the inevitable break-down of their whole system under accumulating population pressures from Mexico.

              Mrs. McCarthy had to pull her daughters from public high school after incidents like the rape and death of their friend at the hands of colored gang members. Los Angeles County public school enrollment jumped by fifteen thousand, five hundred ninety two Latinos in 1998 for a total enrollment of 697,097. Los Angeles schools will grow by another 80,000 colored students before 2010. As the numbers of blacks, Hispanics and other racial lowlife inundate America’s schools, our children are at grave personal risk. But the crisis is not confined to California. In Washington state alone, the number of non-White students increased 51%, for a total of 481,280 coloreds, in the 1997-1998 scholastic year.

              Laura and her fatherless family left Los Angeles, where there are more Mexicans than in any other metropolitan area, expect Mexico City; more Koreans than in any city, except Seoul; and more Druze than anyplace but Lebanon. But no Latino is about to share anything with these other non-Whites. Leaders of powerful Hispanic organizations, like Cinco de Mayo and La Raza (“The Race”), declared their intention of combining Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah into their own country, after Whites have been reduced to minorities in those states.

              Called Azteclan, the Jewish-run Hasting’s super-stores are selling thousands of tee-shirts emblazoned with the name of their proposed, independent nation. Another racist Hispanic organization, the San Fernando Valley Consortium on Valley Secession, collected two hundred five thousand signatures last December on petitions to place separation on the California ballot. Collectively, these groups demonstrate the hatred Latinos nurture for White Americans.

              A particularly chilling consequence of the rising tide of color is its influence on America’s armed forces. Already by 1996, U.S. Army enlistment was 40% colored. By 2050, when Whites will no longer be the majority in our country, 80% of the Army will be black and brown. In other words, for every White soldier there will be two blacks and two Latinos in uniform. White fools who still hope or expect that a predominantly non-White U.S. military will be patriotic enough to save them from any colored up-risings are in for a rude awakening.

              Whites considering a move to some other part of the world where they can escape the colored deluge are sure to be disappointed. Projections for Germany’s racial future are almost as grim as America’s, with Chancellor Schroeder promising his fellow countrymen that they can look forward to becoming a minority in their Fatherland by 2070.

              The future in France and Britain is darker still, with cities like Marseilles and Manchester already predominantly colored. Britons are expected to become a minority in London around 2020. Whole sections of the nation’s capital have been overwhelmingly black and Pakistani for the last ten years or more. Adding insult to injury, English taxpayers are funding their own destruction, currently doling out nearly $4 billion annually to accommodate immigrants from Africa, India and the Middle East.

              Michael Walsh, British correspondent for The New Order, cites a reports in his country’s mainstream newspapers describing White flight from the “United” Kingdom: “Today for the first time in history over a million retired Britons chose to live anywhere but England, and most but not all choose mainland Europe. It is estimated that two hundred forty thousand U.K. citizens of all ages are now burning their boats and turning their backs on the United Kingdom every single year. One newspaper alone, the Friday edition of The Daily Mail, carries nearly sixty advertisements for companies cashing in on The evacuation’. These include details of 36 ‘escape centre’ exhibitions in England alone where England’s refugees can seek assistance in relocating abroad.

              “At these exhibitions, some of them multi-stand, visitors in their thousands que to learn about the attractions of life outside their own beleaguered country. Although the doors to the exhibition were not scheduled to be open until 10:00 a.m., by a little after 9:00 a.m. two queues, each a hundred metres long, had formed. In each one, desperate and depressed Britons chose to stand in the rain, each with a pre-taxed entrance fee of Ј3, to get the chance of seeking a new life abroad.”

              Many of the British expatriates are making for the Greek isles, where the crime rate is just 6% that of multi-cultural England’s. “Crime being out of control,” Walsh continues, “Britain’s drug culture, the cost of living, the state of the health ‘service’, and a general feeling that England has had its chips makes up the general consensus. As one astute American put it, ‘Britain today is like the Titanic. And they are not even hanging around to watch the bubbles.’

              “A visitor returning from a recent trip to southern Spain says he often chats with expatriates. They cannot bring themselves to believe what has happened to their country. One pensioner when asked if she ever returned home to England, or if she missed England at all, vehemently replied that she didn’t, and anyway she couldn’t afford to return. Fleeing Britons are also outraged by the depressingly predictable sleaze in politics, degrading material being shown on television, and the poorest educational opportunities in Europe. ‘Britain is one stinking sink estate, riddled with crime, vandalism and despair,’ said one exhibition visitor.

              “One exhibitor who didn’t wish to be named said, ‘How much longer can any country take it? The equivalent of a fair-sized city is now leaving every year. They are taking their wealth, their experience, and their way of life abroad. In the meantime, similar numbers of incoming refugees, who have no means of support, people who have no home, no skills, who aren’t able to contribute in any way, are replacing them. People who furthermore have a cultural background wholly alien to that of the indigenous population. It is frightening,’ he concluded. The refugees in similar numbers are flooding in to take advantage of huge hand-outs funded by the escapees (through exorbitant taxes) before they join ‘the chicken run’ to southern Europe.”

              According to Homes Overseas magazine, “up to two million families will move into the Costa Blanca region over the next five years.” Just as the impetus behind colored immigration in the U.S. is largely Jewish, so the immigration of non-Whites into the U.K. is led by the Jewish statesman, Jack Straw.

              Social conditions are deteriorating in the Scandinavian countries, where racially suicidal politicians enforce strict laws against any criticism of their open-door immigration policies, with deplorable consequences. Denmark’s Copenhagen, for example, features a squalid colored ghetto growing more populous and dangerous with every new arrival from the Third World. Greedy for more, the Indonesian Prime Minister, Mahathir bin Mohammed, told cheering crowds at the May, 1997 Inter-African Conference in Botswana, “If the Third World is not offered its rightful share of global wealth, it should use ‘people mobility’ as the ultimate weapon. We should migrate north in the millions, legally or illegally. Masses of Asians and Africans should inundate Europe and America.”

              Nor can our Canadian neighbor give us sanctuary. The Spotlight reports (12 October 1998) that recent tidal waves of immigration have poured into Toronto, reducing White residents to minority status around the turn of the coming century. “Currently, half of the country’s blacks and over 40% of the nation’s other various ethnic groups reside in the city.” Since World War Two, liberal Canada has been a Mecca for colored immigrants from the Middle East, India and Asia.

              How could this, the worst crisis ever faced by civilized mankind, have come about? Is the passing of the White Race just a natural consequence of historical events, like the extinction of the dinosaurs? Do White Americans eagerly look forward to their new status as a minority? Or has someone managed and engineered our displacement?

              1998’s Roper News poll determined that 77% of the American people want immigration drastically reduced; more than half (55%) want it immediately stopped altogether. Since not only Whites were questioned, we may assume the colored persons asked favored immigration. If so, even higher percentages of White Americans are opposed to the admission of more Third Worlders. In any case, it is clear that the majority of our people want to bar the door against further sub-human intrusions.

              But if the American people themselves are against immigration, who continues to open its flood-gates?

              Jack Kemp, a leading Republican, described his political organization on N.B.C.’s David Brinkley program by saying, “This is a tax-cut party and not the anti-immigration party. We want to recruit the immigrants into the GOP.”

              A 1998 poll conducted by Amnesty International showed that 75% of the residents of Haiti intend migrating to the U.S. Some forty thousand Haitians illegally entered our country and are being detained by authorities in Miami, Florida, where Republicans and Democrats recently joined forces to vote for the Haitians’ amnesty in a final bill passed by the 105th Congress.

              An ultra-liberal Jewish senator, Spencer Abraham, expanded the infamous H-1b program, which allows high-tech companies, like the one Mrs. McCarthy was fired from, to recruit Third World employees at a fraction of wages paid to skilled White workers. The Jewish senator from Michigan had previous quotas of sixty five thousand such immigrants raised to 95,000 annually. They come from India, Taiwan and the Philippines.

              Abraham was able to pass his expansion of H-1b by a two-to-one margin, because he had the backing of corporate owners. They reap handsome profits by paying Third Worlders less than half the wages otherwise earned by White Americans.

              In 1990, immigration lawyers forced passage of an amendment to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act, which increased the flow of foreigners from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and particularly Latin America by 40%. Since then, our country is legally taking in more than a million non-Whites each year. Just six years after the new amendment, nine hundred fifteen thousand, nine hundred immigrants were allowed across the border, an increase of 27%.

              The House in October, 1998, gave a green light by a vote of two hundred sixty eight to one hundred fifty three to a controversial immigration program that allows illegal aliens seeking permanent legal status to remain in the U.S. by simply paying a nominal fine.

              The Wall Street Journal (22 April 1998) reported that Latino voters carried the election for Clinton during the last presidential contest in California, Arizona and Florida. At that time, 70% of Hispanics voted for Mr. Bill, up 10% from the previous election. Saying what he was put in office to say, Slick Willie told a Springfield, Oregon (June 13, 1998) that any opposition to immigration “is not only wrong, it’s un-American.” He said that some persons had “wrongheaded fears that the America they know and love is becoming a foreign land.”

              Clinton went on to extol Third World immigrants as “the most restless, the most adventurous, the most innovative and the most industrious people.” Numerous crime statistics clearly show that colored immigrants might indeed be described as “restless,” “adventurous,” and “innovative.” But their inordinately high unemployment rates hardly typify them as “industrious.”

              Putting his mouth where our money is, Clinton also sponsored a bill to increase resettlement in the U.S. of African blacks under the generous Refugee Program from three thousand, five hundred to ten thousand immigrants, annually. The Program provides each new arrival with $7,000 in “resettlement expenses” and automatic welfare benefits for their first three years here.

              Immigrant Welfare Rights Coalition chairman, Bill Bernstein, hailed passage of President Clinton’s bill for welfare benefits to colored immigrants. It restored aid to half a million non-citizens. They now receive $484 a month for singles, and $726 per couple, not counting food stamps, housing allowances and Medicard health insurance, all courtesy of U.S. tax-payers, of course.

              Clearly, the persons promoting Third World immigration and the racial disenfranchisement of White Americans are both Democrat and Republican politicians. This is because their new power-bases are among the swelling colored masses (which are easily herded by promises of additional hand-outs) into electoral blocks guaranteed to “bring in the vote” far more cohesively than Whites, who vote less often.

              The political careers of these senators and congressmen are themselves funded by corporate investors anxious to increase their own profits by hiring more Third World employees. Pakistanis, Philippinos and other assorted genetic riff-raff work cheap, so the more skilled White American who demands a higher salary for quality work is out the door.

              Combined, the politicians and their big business bedfellows are motivated exclusively by money and power. These are the only values they know. But between them, they have doomed the United States.

              Absolutely nothing can be done to prevent the worldwide catastrophe looming just ahead. Our country and civilization will collapse, just as the Soviet Union did, only the consequences of our fall will be far more thorough. A maelstrom of colored violence will sweep across our continent, as America splinters into hostile, autonomous regions like a glass bottle crashing on a cement floor. Our country will enter a process of Balkanization reflected in the petty, irreconcilable states tearing at one another today in the former Yugoslavia. In the 21st Century, people will then speak similarly of “the former United States.”

              Too long blissfully isolated from economic distress in other parts of the world, our economy will utterly collapse beyond repair, because the White people who were its mainstay will no longer be in the majority. Out of unprecedented social upheaval, starvation will come to Americans for the first time since the Great Depression of the 1930s, because interstate transport will no longer be able to function. Then Democracy will throw off its liberal disguise, revealing itself as a naked tyranny wielding an armed forces of colored soldiers over the bowed heads of our grown children and grandchildren.

              This dread though credible scenario is easy to envision. It is, after all, only a logical projection of forces currently incubating in our society like deadly cancers. If detected in time, cancer can be cured. But the disease has spread too far throughout the ailing body-politic of America and the West for the most skilled surgeon to cure. The patient is doomed. As the poet, E.E. Cummings, wrote, “We doctors know a hopeless case when we see one.”


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