The Way Ahead, part 7/7

Colin Jordan



The imagined, electoral route to political power, presented, pursued and cherished by those antiquated forms of political organisation, the nationalist parties in Britain, was shown in the previous article in this series to be a catastrophically wasteful illusion, continued indulgence in which will deprive us of our last chance to work and fight on the right lines to achieve ultimate victory. The election results of those parties last year, as in previous years, were an overwhelming confirmation of the correctness of our analysis. The inescapable conclusion, therefore, is that another route to power with another form of organisation appropriate to that route has to be discerned and pursued from now on. It is our purpose here and in later instalments in the series to explore and outline the essential alternative of strategy and structure which we have to adopt forthwith, some aspects of which were just briefly indicated and summarised at the conclusion of the last instalment.

The strategy has to be the result of a full comprehension of the multifariousness of power which has political effect, and within which ambit state power, although rightly seen as the ultimate objective, is also to be seen as achievable not only by successful electioneering – which is now to be recognised as clearly beyond the capacity of the nationalist parties aspiring to it – but also by the compound and cumulative effect of the acquisition of and exercise of power in other forms and in other dimensions. The appropriate, new form of organisation has to be the product of the visualisation of the appropriate, new strategy, reflecting in close fit its requirements.

The obsolete structure and function of a political party, geared to soliciting the masses for members and votes, has to be replaced with a task force, a Vanguard to give it a name, as an elite of workers and fighters freed from the hampering, debilitating, ruinous encumbrance of the camp followers incorporated in parties. These latter, namely all the time – wasting, gossiping hangers-on who are drawn to a political party, and who are in full estimation uneconomic in costing more to attract and to keep content than they are worth in their output, have to be shed; have to be relegated to the role and ranks of a somewhat supportive section of the general public, conceived at the most as external auxiliaries providing some money and supplementary service without entanglement with the workers and fighters of the task force.

The development of a task – efficient Vanguard in place of the doomed folly of a nationalist party, stagnating in its illusions, begins with the quality of the individual: there the revolution starts and the attainment of power commences. Whereas the ordinary member of the ordinary, nationalist party represents in views and habits something very substantially, if not mostly, of the old order, while purporting to uphold the new, the first, indeed the qualifying task of the out-of-the ordinary person fit to be considered a member of the Vanguard is the winning of power within himself or herself for the new order of the future.


This means a thorough purgation in respect of the thought and practice of the death system of Democracy. In order to be truly a forerunner of a redeemed future for our Folk, the aspirant has to set himself or herself to achieve as far as possible a personal and internal liberation from the shackles of servitude to that death system, meaning the thorough expulsion from mind and conduct of ways of thinking and ways of behaving belonging to that system. Mentally this liberation is completely possible: the Vanguarder can and must make of his or her mind an inner island of sanity and salubrity in the foul waters of Democracy with all its insidious vac pours; a bastion and bridgehead of revolt. Behaviourally, despite the enshrouding and coercive restraints and requirements of that system, he or she, given the will, springing from the emancipation of the mind, can substantially if not completely step out of the line of conduct prescribed by Democracy, and must exert the self-discipline and determination to do so as far as possible despite Democracy’s coercion.

This degree of personal liberation by the exercise of power over one’s person is something the ordinary member of the ordinary organisation is never obliged to achieve, and which the vast majority at least lack the quality to achieve. That ordinary member never tires of glibly and continually talking of successfully seeking to recruit and also successfully seeking to solicit the votes of other, poor-quality people in order to gain state power so that the state can do this and that in the way of reform as a great, impersonal provider and rectifier; while conspicuously failing to take power over and within himself or herself, the form of power most immediately within reach. That ordinary member of a nationalist party thus makes his or her politics a creed of escapism from personal responsibility. In contrast the measure of the Vanguarder is the will and the ability to put things in order in his or her own being, seen as a cell of the state, as the prerequisite for any and all extension of power-seeking in any and all further measures of revolution: revolution which has its beginning in you, the individual, with the seizure and exercise of self-power.

The self-liberation and self-empowerment of each and every individual member of the Vanguard as the primary stage of the revolution encompasses first and foremost the self-improvement resulting from the systematic pursuit of greater knowledge of the nature of the problems besetting our Folk, their causes, consequences and remedies; and of all the means of gaining power in all its forms to deal with these problems, and to apply those remedies, and with knowledge of the means and methods of the enemy in opposing us. The raw material of power lies in this knowledge, the possession and correct use of which, under the impulse of will, is absolutely essential for successful action towards our ultimate objectives. Thus there can be no such thing as a Vanguarder full of energy, full of desire, full of courage, but empty of knowledge needed as well, without which action is blind. A Vanguarder worthy of the name has to be already, or has to discipline himself or herself to become a student, a methodical and systematic student not shy of the name, and not a mere dabbler, in order to be effective as a fighter and worker, a missionary and an exemplar; all of which functions and attributes go to make up the necessary nature of a genuine Vanguarder.

Endowed with the will for self-control and self-improvement, and thereby fulfilling the role of a student, the Vanguarder has next to ensure that, before going on to action beyond himself or herself affecting others and other things, his or her conduct in his or her personal life is appropriate to that of someone representing the new order in rejection of the old, not sullied and contaminated by the life style of the latter. One cannot thoroughly think as a rebel, and yet act in any way as a conformist. To do this is to be absurdly inconsistent to the extent of decisive disqualification. Making this point are the following resolutions of right conduct for the individual Vanguarder.


Personal tidiness and methodical habits are the proof and the benefit of inner discipline. Master yourself first in order to be able to gain mastery elsewhere! Safeguarding and improving your own health with a wholesome diet, natural remedies and sufficient exercise, avoiding harmful additives and medications and carcinogenic substances, is highly important as a personal contribution to a finer Folk, and essential to your best functioning as a worker and fighter. Smokers and heavy drinkers and drug addicts have no place in the Vanguard, since they are clearly and importantly incapable of achieving self-power.

Don’t dress like a Democrat, making yourself look like one of the enemy, while reckoning to fight the degeneracy which is the nature of Democracy! Jeans and ‘trainers’ have become the authentic uniform of the slovenly, slack, sickly conformists of the present system, keen to display their membership of the “casual’ society alien to the Vanguard of National-Socialism. Say ‘No” to Democracy in all it stands for and appears in, including dress and habits as much as in thoughts!

Cut the cackle! Let the ordinary parties and organisations cater for the ‘gas bags’, wasting untold hours in empty talk. Time is too short and the task too big for the tongue wagging which is a main activity of the majority of party members.

Don’t go along with the poisonous language of Democracy! For instance, call the perverts what they are, queers, instead of acquiescing in their imposition of their disguising misnomer of ‘gay’.

Don’t tolerate defeatist talk: the lament that it is ‘too late’ for victory and the measures needed for it, and that the enemy is now too strong! We can most cetainly win, if only we here and now abandon the fanciful and futile party game with its foolish striving to induct the masses in order to solicit the votes of sufficiently more of those masses to acquire the government. Have and exude unbeatable confidence in ultimate victory, this for the Vanguard being no question of ‘if’, but of ‘when’ and ‘how’

Resolve, if unattached, to select and breed with a mate of high-racial quality, not allowing mere lust to transcend racial responsibility! Consciousness of ancestry, concern for the continuation of racial lineage, is an essential characteristic of the Vanguard, so every Vanguard member needs to research his or her family history, taking pride in the Aryan blood-line, thereby strengthening his or her commitment to the struggle. Said cicero some 2,000 years ago: ‘Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history.’

If you have a child, the education and training of that child is emphatically your business: your personal responsibility as a member of the Vanguard. It is for you, as a condition of membership, to ensure that the child grows up to become a Vanguarder, not a pitiable deformity belonging to Democracy and its definitive degeneracy, and thus becoming one of the enemy under your own roof while bearing your own name. Take power over your child’s upbringing as part of the seizure of the future!


With this last resolution we have opened up a field of tremendous importance for the Vanguard as the fighting force for the future of our Folk. Today, under Democracy, our schools are in the hands of our enemies for the teaching profession is predominantly in the hands of those who are communistic in their aim of moulding our children to multiracialism, rejection of racial awareness and pride, miscegenation, deracinated internationalism, and acquiescence in homosexuality. Our children are thus in the clutches of those who are body snatchers and child molesters, stealing the next generation from us in an appalling crime of defilement worse than that of paedophiles, since these teachers are raping the mind and soul of their victims.

Yet we find such a preponderance of members of the racial-nationalist parties babling about the wonderful Britain they are going to bring about through the ballot box, while seen to be quite incapable of even bringing up their own children properly in correction of the evil influence of the school in particular and the environment in general. For the Vanguard the new Britain begins not in the bravado of beer talk, but in what its member does in reformative action now, importantly including what that individual does regarding children which is an activity vastly more valuable than ambling round the houses, stuffing leaflets through doors and canvassing for votes.

Taking a first aspect of educational action, and leaving a second aspect to a later and more appropriate context, your home has to be seen as and daily used as a successful competitor to the school. The liberalistic notion that children should be left to make up their minds for themselves is one of Democracy ‘ s pretences, conceived to cloak the,reality that children are influenced by adults one way or another, and right now are most definitely being indoctrinated in school by our enemies in charge there, so it is simply a question of who wins the battle for the minds of our children, our enemies or us. The old parties of nationalism are most certainly a most outstanding failure in this battle, measured by their pathetic, jeans – clad, ‘trainer’shod, ‘rock’ – vibrating, slovenly offsprings.

The superiority of thought and conduct incumbent on the Vanguarder befits that person to be a teacher and trainer in his or her own home, capable of providing a model for children, the father functioning not as some, offputting pedagogue on a pedestal, but as a genial while masterly companion dispensing a mixture of discipline and affection, and securing attention and respect as leader of the household state. Training in personal tidiness and smartness, self-reliance, withstanding hardship and pain, sharpening the power of observation, appreciation of the beauty of Nature, capacity for hard work physical as well as mental, physical culture, recognition of good music, the importance of integrity and of worthwhile aims in life, development of the sense of justice: all this in the way of character building, health promotion and spiritual development is not only as important but far more important than stuffing the mind with masses of information which can be obtained in a reference library, if and when the need for any of it arises. We have far too many weak-chinned, walking encyclopaedias, representative of Democracy’s values.

Every evening the Vanguard parent should obey the responsibility to find out from the child exactly what the enemy has in the way of indoctrination tried to put over that day through whatever subject and activity allows it, and that parent should then skilfully seek to administer the antidote to the poison. It should be done deftly and subtly, spotlighting contradictions and irrationalities and falsities; undermining confidence in the teachers, nourishing resistance to their teachings, poking fun at their scruffy appearance and life style, stimulating a feeling of superiority in the child to sheepish pupils. This is the way to make the home of the Vanguarder triumph over the school of Democracy in defence of the child. The young person has a ready capacity for rebelliousness. Our enemies exploit it for degeneracy. We can with care and persistence bring young people to see that what is put to them as bright and exciting revolt against an oppressive, parental way of life is in truth an enforced conformity to the faceless authoritarianism of the manipulators of Democracy. In other words we can turn the revolt of youth against its present misleaders.


At this juncture it is of the utmost importance that the Vanguarder makes a permanent decision whether he or she is going to proceed along the overt or along the covert way of action. Those who once become known to the enemy authorities for activities which, at least at present, can be pursued openly without incapacitating penalty and restriction will be marked down by those authorities, and also by other enemy bodies, and be liable to be subject to some surveillance, and in consequence rendered unfit to engage in activities which have to be kept secret. In considering this vital question and reaching a decision, one has to try to estimate and take into account the likelihood that the contemplated, overt activities, while feasible at present, will before long or at least eventually be prevented in practice by impediments, if not prohibited by law.

Just as those who choose open activities cannot later change to secret activities, the converse is true with equal certainty: those who choose the secret or ‘underground’ way cannot at any time whatsoever indulge in open activities without sacrificing their secrecy. Thus emerges the golden rule that the two types of activity and the two types of person involved cannot be mixed at any time. They have to be kept now and always entirely and strictly separate and self-contained. Having said that, there are and always will be targets which can be aimed at and hit by open-road Vanguarders either identifiably or anonymously, providing that those activities in which they are identifiable or risk becoming so are not seriously illegal so that they are acting in violation of the golden rule stated above.

Here are just a few examples of those many fields of combat in which in keeping with the above differentiations and stipulations direct action can and should be taken either by overt Vanguarders, acting identifiably or anonymously, or instead by covert Vanguarders, acting secretly, which category of Vanguarder depending on the nature of the action. In the first place there is the need to combat the race mixers in every way possible. To this end, bring your enmity ceaselessly to bear on all those who indulge in the racial perversion of marriage or cohabitation with persons of alien race! Vent your hosti1ity on a1l those firms which act as agencies of introduction for Negroes and Asians seeking white mates, or patronise race mixture, or indulge in multiracial advertising, or specialise in conducting courses against ‘racial prejudice’ (more than 50 of these are to be found in the Local Government Management Board’s ‘Directory of Equal opportunities Trainers and Consultants’ to be found in many public reference libraries)

As the next example, confront and damage all those many bodies forever holding out the begging bowl for Coloureds the world over! Consume their ‘freepost’ facilities in registering your disgust! Thirdly, whether you have a child of your own or not, target and mi1itant1y oppose and harass and hinder, and put every pressure you can on all those schoolteachers who are polluting and corrupting children in their care by deliberate indoctrination contrary to the survival and welfare of our race!

AS a final example, combat with both denunciation and hindrance the queers who proselytise and propagate; and all others who explicitely tolerate and promote them!

Direct action such as this has brought us into Stage 2 of the revolution, which is the pursuit of power in all its many forms short of state power, after Stage 1, which is the winning of power over and within one’s self Stage 3 being the attainment of state power, followed finally by Stage 4 which is the use of state power to transform society and its way of 1ife. Such elementary, direct action as above can be taken by the Vanguarder on his or her own as a single and basic unit of the task force, and every Vanguarder should be capable of so acting alone, although generally action is most effective when taken jointly with others. Small though the punch here considered may be, the value lies not just in the estimation of an act in isolation, but in appreciation of the effect in aggregate of all such acts over a long time, and in conjunction with all the other action open to the Vanguard in wearing down and disrupting and demoralising and damaging and destroying the enemy in all its formations and followings.

Yet, however much a Vanguarder must be capable, if needs be, of acting on his or her own, working and fighting as a self-sustainable unit in the struggle, it is most desirable indeed for all Vanguarders to be in touch with others of their kind, and so to constitute some kind of community within the task force. The basic kind of community is that of loose linkage. A more involved kind is that of proximity. The most involved is that of an integrated settlement. The contact with others is not only a big benefit to morale through the comradeship of both political work and relaxation, including the possibility of holidaying together, but a1so a big aid to the home training of children in allowing those of one Vanguard family to mix with those of another, so that they are not isolated and obliged to find companionship with the children of households of Democracy. Beyond that, contact is necessary for all forms of joint action and team work. Thus we come to the need to make contact, and the problem of doing so, where the individual is not already sufficient1y in touch with others.

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For the remainder of this instalment take a look at the kinds o activities open to Vanguarders who decide on an overt role, beyond what already been indicated. To begin with, there is a vast scope for reseach teams working not only for the purposes of contemporary propaganda, but also for the far distant but ultimate day when we are able to seize state power, and when, because of all the time beforehand, we will have no excuse for being unprepared in any respect.


We need study groups to formulate the framework of policies for the salvation and the rejuvenation of this and other Aryan countries and communities, but not to seek prematurely to lay down fine details of these policies which depend on the circumstances at the time of implementation, and thus have to await determination that much later. In this vital work the study groups concerned can function – modestly, not grandiosely and hence ridiculously as something akin to ministries in miniature, each concerned with a particular department of policy. A central field for study is that of the best structure of government, both national and local, for our purposes, selected from the considerable range of possibilities.

We need study groups to investigate and report on an immensity of other subjects, providing the Vanguard with a needed fund of collective knowedgel and argument for all its purposes, including self-improvement, policy formulation, and propaganda. What, for example, can be said to be the nature of true freedom as distinct from the bogus liberty of Democracy? In this context how far, given state power, could we go in allowing systematic expression of views fundamentally hostile to and injurious to National-Socilism? Assuming our possession, given state power, of a mass media at present denied to us, and resulting then in our ability to put our views powerfully and persuasively into every home in the country, would we still need to and have the justification to place any prohibitions on the then comparatively feeble ability of opponents to propagate even the strongest opposition to all we stand for? And, if we allowed the expression of ideas destructive of the National-Socialist order, would it be reasonable never less to prohibit and repress the activities of those upholding such ideas and seeking the overthrow of the National-Socialist state?

For another question in the same field of general enquiry to illustrate its scope, how did Christianity succeed in ousting Odinism, and why is Christianity now in decline in the West, and how can we best go about replacing it in the future? For another, how are our enemies so successful in captivating our youth, rendering them degenerate and turning them against us and our ideas; thus how best can we confront and counteract them in this subversion of our Folk’s future? We need great investigation and great debate on all matters of importance to improve our thinking, that is our power of the mind, and thereby our capacity to convert, along with our ability to sustain our strength from belief, and to act most effectively in the pursuit of power wherever it lies.

The Vanguard needs those who will apply themselves to becoming experts, not dilettantes, in a wide variety of fields ranging from telephonic surveillance, other police and security service surveillance, methods of infiltration by these forces and other elements of the enemy, police methods in general, the law, the television transmission and relay system, video production, production and operation of radio transmitters, computers and the Internet, microwaves in their relation to surveillance and to mind control.

As part of this huge business of equipping the mind for the high-grade pursuit of power, the overt arm of the Vanguard also needs teams devoted to the analysis of enemy propaganda, and thereupon the preparation of the most effective answers to that enemy propaganda, and the incorporation of those answers in contra-propaganda to the public which is aimed not at soliciting mass voting in our favour through contemporary electioneering, but at

(a) Attracting recruits for the overt formations of the Vanguard -subject to the most stringent scrutiny and evaluation before acceptance, this for the sake not only of security but also quality control

(b) Discrediting and disrupting the present system,

(c) Laying foundations of agreement within the public at large which, built on as time goes on, can become a solid base of approval and sympathy for an eventual seizure of state power when the time is ripe by virtue of the workings of Democracy’s inherent disposition to dissolution and breakdown, powerfully assisted by the continual and cumulative workings of the Vanguard to bring on this dissolution and breakdown.


Such favourite and winning trigger-words of the enemy as ‘hate’, ‘discrimination’, ‘prejudice’, ‘tolerance’, ‘extremist’, ‘nazi’, must be spotlighted by the contra – propaganda teams for analysis and devastating reply. Similarly the enemy’s deceitful pretences of propaganda, such as the contention that racial difference is only skin deep, nothing more than a matter of pigmentation, must be carefully considered, leading to the perfection of an answer. The governing motivation in this field has to be scientific treatment in place of the haphazard, ill considered, impromptu, unsynchronised, inconsistent utterances of the past which have proved so severely ineffective, with our side habitually on the defensive if not on the run, and the other side regularly scoring. This has to cease by methodically uplifting our propaganda from its primitive condition.

In the well-thought-out, streamlined, psychological warfare devised and conducted by our specialists in place of the present outpourings of amateurs with all their crudity and deficiency, “Democracy’ has to be seen and treated as the prime target it deserves to be, without any feeble contortion and posturing to appear to go along with it as is being manifested by the electioneering, party-game players here and abroad. You cannot do the job of cleansing and conquering through disabling compromise. ‘Democracy’, hailed as the acme of progress and civilised attainment, the finest form of government there can possibly be, the very flower of freedom, must be cleverly, ceaselessly, convincingly shown to be The Great Pretence: an utter fraud, a disastrous deception and despoilment of the people for the benefit of the politicians and their masters, the ultimate rulers behind the scenes.

Another crucial and related issue, the Jews, has to be tackled, not evaded, but with that shrewdness which is not another word for cowardly compromise. Despite all the repressive legislation here, they can still be tackled effectively here, if it is done in the right way. The right way is not frontally and bluntly and broadly and vaguely to denounce them and abuse them, which plays into their hands, arousing sympathy for them in the silly public, and giving the authorities responsive to them excuse and opportunity for coming to their aid with raids, seizures, prosecutions and imprisonments.

The right way is through calm and careful consideration of weak spots of vulnerability in Jewry’s corporate anatomy to develop clever propaganda concentrating on those weak spots, their Achilles heels. One such weak spot is their cruelty to animals involved in their antiquated, ritual slaughter of animals. Another is their Talmud, their gargantuan guide to living for the select tribe, replete with injunctions of hateful enmity towards non-Jews. A warning in this connection! Make sure of your material by going to the source and inspecting the tractates which comprise this huge treatise! Over the years and over the world there have been so many faulty presentations which have been repeated from one publication to another, and which have enabled Jewry not only to deny material in particular and thereby discredit criticism of The Talmud in general, but to bring about successful, legal proceedings.

Another area of vulnerability is their monstrously vainglorious conception of themselves as a god-chosen, master race destined to dominate the world. This is not a matter of risking repression by blackguarding them as the world’s worst, but of refusing to recognise that they are, as they claim, the world’s divine superiors.

Some Vanguarders may be attracted to the work of forming and operating a support body for National-Socialist prisoners and their dependants. Since the Vanguard is imbued with awareness that our struggle is a worldwide one against a worldwide enemy with racial unity transcending geographical nationalism, such a support body must reflect this by caring for racial and ideological comrades, wherever in the world they are, in a spirit of worldwide comradeship.

Task force communities in the lowest form, that of loose linkage, can be brought into existence even where those concerned live at a distance too great for other than occasional visits and communication by correspondence. Providing this severely restricted contact is regularly maintained, and is not spasmodic and haphazard, it is much preferable to, because much more productive and sustaining, those individuals living and acting in isolation. A step above that is the greater contact resulting when Vanguard members already live or can manage to come to live in the same immediate area. Then, in a community of proximity, the interaction will be much greater, and thus more productive and sustaining. This will be for most people the maximum in togetherness that they can aim at and achieve.


This type of community of higher interaction because of residential proximity, while not absolutely essential for team work, is certainly very conducive to it. Among other things, it facilitates two things of great importance for the future; two areas of power seizure which the ballot-box balmy, nationalist parties sadly neglect in their excitement over vote – chasing. These are our own schools and our own youth movement.

While the conscientious, imaginative, persevering parent can and must do so very much in the home and out of it to counter the foul influence of the conventional school outside, which his or her children attend, those children can be protected and properly trained that much more when, in addition, the conventional school is replaced entirely by home schooling or an external, alternative school. As the law now stands in Britain, home schooling by parents in place of attendance at conventional schools is definitely permissible, subject to requirements as to the quality and extent of the home teaching which can quite easily be fulfilled, providing a parent has the time and the knowledge and the ability to impart it. Furthermore, it seems that this permissible schooling in the home is not necessarily limited to the children whose home it is, but can extend to the children of friends.

Setting up a school outside the home and for children from a number of homes is a much different and more complicated and closely regulated matter, though not beyond the scope of thoroughly competent Vanguarders. However, even where for whatever reason schooling in the home or an alternative school outside the home cannot replace the conventional school, as a second – best provision a Vanguard school of a kind can be set up alongside the conventional school, countering it though not replacing it for the children concerned, operating outside the hours of that conventional school. Thus one way or another, to one extent or another, men and women of the Vanguard can succeed in rescuing their children from the clutches of the enemy’s educational system, and in this exercise of power, withdrawing to this extent from the enemy’s domain.

In the U.S.A. at the moment over a million children are being educated at home or in alternative schools because their parents have opted out of the conventional system. In Britain home schooling is now going on in at least 10,000 homes according to the estimate of the main, home-schooling organisation in this country, named ‘Education Otherwise’. For a list of its publications, send a request for this, accompanied by a large, stamped and addressed envelope, to its Publications Dept., Badgers Holt, Birchwood, Storridge, Malvern, WR13 5HA.


Supplementary to the liberation and protection of the Vanguard’s children from the corrupting influences of the conventional school and the rest of the degenerate influences in the rest of the environment of Democracy, there needs to be a youth movement of the Vanguard to fill the void in the out-of-school life of school children and also in the life of young people after leaving school. At a time when the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movement – apart from its limitations from the start – has capitulated to ‘political correctness’ and its central multiracialism, and the nationalist parties are too busy seeking votes for salvation in the future to bother with youth salvation now, it is of the utmost importance that the Vanguard applies itself to the care of young people as a matter of winning the future here and now.

Through such a youth movement our youngsters have to be won over to a strength of body and mind in the service of the Folk. They have to be nurtured in pride in race through an aroused awareness of identity, endowed with our folk traditions and festivals from the Mayday of the maypole to the yule log of the winter solstice as contributory to this, bonded and galvanised by the camaraderie of camps, enthused by songs of struggle as were the magnificent Hitler Youth.

Passing for a moment from the start of life with the young person, and the role of the Vanguard there, to the end of that life form in the transformation known as ‘death’, the role of the Vanguard does not end there, but continues in the custodianship of our dead. In place of the final ignominy of relegation to some Christian graveyard or the ash – disposal area of some civic crematorium, something far more fitting can be achieved. Although not generally realised, anyone with ground where a hazard to public health, specifically pollution of a watercourse, cannot be said to result can have a burial there, and that can be even a mere back garden. Given sufficient ground, you can even have friends and relatives buried there. No planning permission is required because private graves do not constitute a change of land use or an engineering project under Town & Country Planning Regulations.

This means that anyone or any group having or acquiring a suitable plot of ground in the country, and having the inclination to do so, could look into the possibility of creating a graveyard and crematory-ash reserve for Vanguarders who want not only to work and fight together during life, but at its end to remain together in death. (Green Burial: the DIY Guide to Law and Practice is an informative publication on its subject ‘Green’ denoting biodegradable practices, including trees as memorials instead of stones. It is available at £9.85 post free from the Natural Death Centre, 20 Heber Road, London, NW2 6AA.)

The proximity community of the Vanguard offers opportunities, greater than when members are left in comparative isolation, for them to opt out of the Democratic community in a variety of ways, and the more they can do this, the more they are seizing and exercising forms of power, placing implants of the new order of the future within the old order of the present. This process of penetration and replacement is also urged by the enlightened people associated with the Final Conflict magazine as their alternative to electioneering, and designated ‘Counter Power’ by them.

It can mean such things as members for their livelihood banding together in business ventures to run on co-operative, profit-sharing lines. It can mean operating allotments and small-holdings for the organic cultivation of their own, chemically-free vegetables and fruit, and other, wholesome food from such as bees, poultry, rabbits and goats, thus freeing their bodies from the harmful products of Democracy’s drug-dependent agriculture and commerce, alongside freeing their minds from its narcotic thought. It can mean support systems for members in need, social centres for their recreation including the arrangement of joint excursions and holidays, and much more.


The third and more advanced form of community, beyond that of loose linkage in the first place and residential proximity in the second place, is that of a settlement, where people come to live together on common or adjoining ground, aiming at a high degree of self-sufficiency, the highest degree possible, in all aspects of life, and thereby creating something which is substantially a state within the state. This conception has an immediate and powerful allure, touching and arousing an idealistic strain in most people, and has indeed high potentialities as a means of introducing something of the new order now instead of leaving reform until, if ever, state power is attained by the ballot box. However, its offer of high rewards is matched by its imposition of high demands, so that it can very easily prove an all-absorbing impracticability, and over the years the rate of failure has been very high.

Thus anyone and everyone attracted to the idea should think long and hard to the necessary depth, realistically assessing what it takes to make the dream come true, and how far he or she measures up to what it takes. For instance, town dwellers need to be sure that they can adapt to the quiet of the countryside and the lack of urban facilities. There is the need here, as with every kind of project open to us, for a study group specialising in the subject, and analysing the reasons for past failures.

The last century saw many attempts to found Utopian colonies in the Americas. One of them was the attempt by anti-Jewish Bernhard Forster and his wife, Elisabeth, sister of the philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, to establish the colony of Nueva Germania in Paraguay, described unsympathetically by a Ben Macintyre in his book, Forgotten Fatherland (Macmillan, 1992). This colony has persisted in a forlorn fashion up to now, but as a lingering relic has now to be pronounced yet another failure.

In contrast to this folkish experiment, what have proved enduring have been settlements inspired by a Christian or other, religious communalism, such as that of the Amish. So a lesson here seems to be that an ethnic bond, even some extent of ideological bond, is not enough of an adhesive force permanently to withstand the strains of the situation with its hardships and deprivations. There has to be a sufficiently powerful, religious motivation present. This is where the Vanguard with its ideology of race transmuted to the extent of a religion has the necessary power of adhesion

. A quite recent attempt has been that of the NS Kindred at Volksberg in the U.S.A. which was set up in 1989 on 80 acres on a secluded, mountain ridge in California. It was not planned as a commune – which, although one form of community of high integration, is certainly not the only form but as having, along with central accommodation for staff, a collection of separate homesteads with people going out to work in the surrounding locality. and an overflow even residing outside in that locality.

It created a ‘Wotan School’ for the children of its participants, and outlined its activity as follows: ‘The first hours of the morning (before breakfast) are dedicated to physical and spiritual training. The children begin the day with discussion of their spiritual heritage, Folk consciousness, and their own purpose in the service of the Folk —The children begin their training with some difficult concentration exercises which develop and strengthen their nervous systems and mental and intuitional abilities. Next, they do a series of exercises designed to stretch, massage, and rejuvenate all of the joints, and especially the spinal column ( also included are inverted exercises, which, using the law of gravity, flood the brain with blood, enriching it with oxygen and nutrients). After this, there are exercises for strength —Finally the children jog and run to build their physical endurance —After breakfast, the children begin their intellectual studies, which, besides reading, writing, mathematics, and other basics, includes German, music (singing and instruments), and survival training. This continues until mid-afternoon. The school day closes with additional physical and spiritual training.’


Volksberg, after showing much promise for several years, has now sadly collapsed. It did not lack some measure of religious inspiration, though evidently not enough to compensate for the mistaken admission of persons with personality problems, including some of those posturing playboys to be described as ‘Hollywood Nazis’. The disruption these misfits caused seems to have been the main, if not the sole reason for its failure. This experience underlines the supreme importance of selectivity respecting participants.

Another recent project, seemingly still continuing, has been the Cosmotheist Community of Dr William L. Pierce in the U.S.A. This was established in 1984 with the purchase of a 360-acre site on a mountain side in West Virginia, U.S.A., envisaging homes, a community centre and a school. It has a firm, non-Christian, religious content.

Looking ahead, some may be superficially attracted to the idea of the extreme isolation from contemporary contamination offered by, for instance, some tiny Scottish island – such as Texa, one mile long, two miles from Islay, which came on the market in 1995 for £80,000 (around what it probably cost the BNP to contest the last General Election). If so, they need fully to understand how great are the difficulties of living in such a location, greater than the large ones respecting a settlement in a less remote and isolated situation. Moreover, extreme isolation is unlikely to allow, if needed, money-providing employment to be found outside the community. It does not conveniently allow unattached Vanguarders to visit for activities they cannot engage in on their own, and so have the benefit of a base there, and it does not conveniently allow those from other communities of the Vanguard to visit for liaison and co-operative purposes. Thirdly, it does not allow the community to generate by good behaviour useful goodwill in the immediate society outside.

Expanding on the last consideration, while certainly the purpose of the settlement is to facilitate detachment from the environment of Democracy as far as this benefits us, it is not to facilitate indulgence in any kind of silly behaviour which serves to alienate ordinary outsiders unnecessarily. Instead we have to be sensitive to the fact that, in practising the good order needed for the internal success of the settlement, we can be making successful propaganda to outsiders by the power of example, capable of eliciting at least respect, which is the basis for good relations useful to us now, and for some future development of useful sympathy.

With either a community of proximity or a settlement, and the concentration of persons that they provide, it is possible for participants to seek power in the outside society in the way of attaining positions of influence in the neighbouring locality, through the provision of and staffing of services of many kinds. This amounts to some extent of piecemeal take-over at grass roots now, based on the Vanguard community, and is a field of activity to be explored and pursued with imagination and enterprise.

Enough has been said in this article on overt activity, prior to a later one on covert activity, to refute the argument of the electioneering addicts that we have no practical alternative to their party game. In the immensity of its scope the task force has a proper place for everyone of quality prepared to work hard and fight hard for the salvation of our race. Even those too old or disabled to be active workers and fighters are not precluded, providing they are prepared to do whatever it is they can, as regularly as they can, to help active workers and fighters, including contributing money for their work and combat. Every passing day those of the task force need to stop and check how much they have done during the past 24 hours. Doing so, they fulfil the fact that membership of the VanGuard is not as with the ordinary, political organisations just a matter of signifying support on a form, and paying a petty subscription, and then remaining free to be as inactive as desired. To the contrary, Vanguard membership means solid service. It begins with solid service and It ceases without solid service.

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