The Way Ahead, part 3/7 – UNITY: ILLUSION AND REALITY

Colin Jordan



The right people for the Vanguard for victory, it has previously been stressed, have to be people capable of an all-embracing, holistic contemplation and comprehension of life, taking account of all aspects of decay and disintegration in interaction. Nothing less complete can suffice. The attainment of this breadth and depth of insight carries with it the realization that we are faced with an all-pervasive, spiritual sickness which is the heart of the trouble, so that tackling it is the heart of the remedy. Thereby we are unavoidably brought to grips with religion.

Conventional nationalist and National-Socialist organizations, even if they do not avow Christianity, the nominally predominant religion of the White people, and evangelize for it, claim a marked merit in avoiding the subject of religion, saying that they are simply and purely concerned with “politics”, which for them definitively excludes spiritual matters and thus the mainspring of life. To depart from this exclusion, they say, is disastrously divisive, so they proclaim the subject out-of-bounds, leaving religion to the individual’s choice. In so doing they implicitly, if not explicitly, declare themselves to be certainly not in conflict with Christianity, whether this is from personal conviction of its value or only because of the dictates of expediency.

Since religion, Christianity specifically, is already evident in its influence throughout the entire picture of life, as one might expect of such a naturally pervasive force, the declaration of exclusion is only one-sided in effect, incapacitating those concerned from dealing with a present and dominant element in the situation. It is thus a disabling illusion comparable to that of “unity” by dissimilar amalgamation, dealt with earlier on. Consequently and similarly it reflects not some vital wisdom in the emergency confronting the Aryan Folk, but a disqualifying inadequacy.


Perceptive observation of the cosmos reveals the universal interplay of cause and effect, and with response to factors of balance and compensation; all this flux operating as an everlasting process of selection whereby the fitter forms of both animation and inanimation survive and prosper through a state of constant conflict. Nature’s aim thus revealed is not some static equality, embodying some enervating pity for the weak, defective and inferior. Instead it is a remorseless preference for the success of the superior. For human beings the driving urge, reflective of the whole process of Nature, has to be, firstly, survival, but not that alone. Through that and beyond that it has to be a continuation upwards, towards the sun of excellence, and thereby the attainment of superhumanity.

Now how far does Christianity, the White world’s purported spiritual staff of life, conform to or contradict Nature’s purpose: the struggle for survival and superiority? How far does it measure up as the energizing force for the revival and advancement of the Aryan Folk, being the breed which has so far most excelled in the course of mankind, and shown the greatest capacity for evolution to superman?

Before proceeding to examine these crucial questions – and, as will transpire, to a condemnation of Christianity as completely failing against these criteria – the writer is concerned to put on record that he is keenly mindful of the many, otherwise commendable people who sincerely and deeply believe in Christianity and its power to put things right. Most of all he is sorry to have to conflict with those who somehow manage, beyond his understanding, to reconcile National-Socialism and Christianity to their satisfaction. Yet, overriding all resultant hesitation, he believes the primacy of the issue and the exigency of the times requires him to speak his mind.


Christianity’s supposed creator was one in a succession of Jewish christs or prophets and preachers perambulating Palestine two thousand and more years ago, and forming sects. As to who he was and what he did and said, we are dependent on accounts composed long after his reputed time which no reputable court of law would accept as reliable evidence. At the best the material is the outcome of a long succession of hearsay with all the inherent and cumulative disposition to distortion that this entails, and at worst deliberate embellishment or even complete fabrication. Take your choice!

The first part of Christianity’s eventually constructed bible, incorporated as being its Jewish background, is the Old Testament. This is a tedious and nauseating collection of tribal tales, transmitted from story-teller to story-teller down through the ages, gathering fanciful and figurative additions all along the way. It supposedly chronicles the doings of the Jews from the beginning of the world, but can hardly be relied on as anything remotely close to true history. What it does present beyond dispute throughout its narrations, thereby perhaps providing their prime justification, is the pivotal claim that the Jews have been selected by their tribal god, Jehovah, as a superior people, a real Herrenvolk of Chosen Ones, entitled and destined to rule the world.

In it this Jewish Jehovah – supposedly the father of the Jesus Christ presented to us in the bible’s second testament as “Our Saviour” is seen as a vicious and vindictive, bloodthirsty tyrant without mercy for the youngest and most innocent of babes. Far from this Old Testament being of the slightest spiritual benefit to Aryans, it is absolutely appalling that for centuries since the Christian Conquest the followers of the son of the Jehovah of the Jews have steeped themselves in this repulsive conglomeration, relying on it as the truth of the origin of the universe and the emergence of man, and inflicting on their children Jewish forenames in token of their servitude.

The beginning of rejection of Jewish ascendancy in the Aryan lands of the world lies in the complete rejection and exclusion of their Old Testament which inspires and justifies it as a matter of divine selection. Embracing and venerating this Old Testament, Christians thereby accept this divine selection, and are therefore unavoidably brought to accept Jewish ascendancy in the world. Here we have the stranglehold exerted through Christianity’s incorporation of the Old Testament, which is so greatly contributory to the success of Jewish ambition.

The second part of Christianity’ bible, the New Testament, is an assortment of material from a variety of sources which was finally put together long after the alleged life of the alleged Jesus. The core of its testimony concerning this “Son of God” is contained in its four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the Epistles of Paul. Various biblical authorities date the Gospels to different periods within the span of approximately 70 to 150 A.D., and the Epistles to around 20 years earlier than the first of these dates. The Gospels, which are presented as eye-witness accounts of the ostensible creator of Christianity and the creed he is supposed to have proclaimed, disagree substantially with one another and also with the Epistles of Paul who only met Jesus in an alleged vision. Furthermore, while Matthew’s account is supposed to have come first in time, it is largely based on that of Mark, traditionally held to be the second in time, while it is generally conceded that the fourth account has probably been credited to John erroneously. What emerges in the New Testament from all the blending from a variety of sources is a composite figure of a Jesus Christ invested with composite ideas and associated with composite events.


Paul of the Epistles was an early example of the popular Jewish practice of name-changing. This is a form of false pretences indulged in by the Jews to facilitate their dealings with non-Jews in the course of their implementation of their divine selection for supremacy by disguising their identity as Chosen Ones. Born Saul of Tarsus, he is supposed to have been a later convert, not a contemporary disciple. Whether the Epistles attributed to him were genuinely his, or whether they were forgeries of a later date in part or whole, Paul has emerged as Christianity’s chief authority for the creed of its Jesus, playing such a key role as for practical purposes to make him more the founder of Christianity than Christ.

Alfred Rosenberg, ideologist of the German National-Socialist Weltanschauung, put it this way: “The Christian movement, disrupting old forms, seemed to the Pharisee Saul to hold great promise of practical usefulness …In spite of all subsequent attempts at reform, his teachings still remain the Jewish spiritual basis, the Talmudic-Oriental aspect of both the Catholic and the Lutheran churches. ” ( “The Myth of the Twentieth Century”, Noontide Press, U.S.A.; English edition, 1982, p. 35.)

In departure from the Jewish doctrinal authority, “The Talmud”, with its vicious race hatred of the Gentiles -terming them “cattle” and accusing them of sexual intercourse with other cattle (see its tractate “Abodah Zarah” 22a and 22b) – Paul, cast as “The Apostle to the Gentiles”, purveys to the Gentiles what amounts to an export version of Judaism distilled in a refinery of allegorical, Gnostic syncretism. This distillation has been a stupendous success in stupefying the Gentile mind, enfeebling the Gentile spirit, and thereby facilitating the ultimate ascendancy of Judaism’s Chosen Ones. The extent of the spiritual capture and enslavement of the Gentiles by means of the synthetic nectar called Christianity has been such that the contemporary Jew Paul Oestreicher – who adopted Christianity like our earlier Paul, and so much so that he became a vicar -has been able to say with certitude: “Was not every Christian, every follower of Jesus of Nazareth, spiritually a Jew by adoption?”


This interpretation of Christianity as a Jewish product for the Gentiles was amplified with boastful candour by the Jewish author, Marcus Eli Ravage, in articles which appeared in 1928 in the January and February issues of The Century Magazine in the U.S.A. from which the following extracts are taken:

“Nineteen hundred years ago you were an innocent, carefree, pagan race. —Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone. But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia. And we did it all without armies, without bullets, without blood or turmoil, without force of any kind. We did it solely by the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda.

“Our tribal customs have become the core of your moral code. —Our legends and our folk tales are the sacred lore which you croon to your infants. —Our national literature is your Holy Bible. —Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints. —A Jewish maiden is your ideal of motherhood and womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. —Nearly two thousand years ago, in far-off Palestine, our religion had fallen into decay and materialism. —Then a young patriot-idealist arose and went about the land calling for a revival of faith. —This brought him into conflict with the established order and its supporting pillars. The Roman authorities who were in occupation of the country, fearing his revolutionary agitation as a political effort to oust them, arrested him, tried him and condemned him to death by crucifixion, a common form of execution at that time”.

Osiris of Egypt underwent resurrection annually, mirroring the solar year. Dionysus of Greece (identified with Bacchus of the Romans) experienced resurrection. Adonis of Greece was likewise resurrected.

The notion of a “Last Supper” came from Persian Mithraism. The idea behind the Christian Eucharist – namely the partaking of sacramental bread and wine as an act of transubstantiation whereby the body and blood of Christ is consumed – was widely prevalent long before Christianity. It occurred in Persian Mithraism and in the worship of Attis of Phrygia. The practice would appear to connect with such very ancient and widespread customs as the eating of new corn as embodying the Corn Spirit.

As for the nimbus or halo of Christianity, this was yet another adoption from elsewhere. All of the long-preceding sun-gods had this appropriate feature. In an extension of this wholesale pilfering of beliefs, Christianity systematically appropriated pagan festivals and locations in order to facilitate its imposition. For instance, the winter solstice festival – yule to the ancient Germanic peoples -was turned into Christmas with December 25 as the putative date of the birthday of Jesus Christ in the absence of any precise knowledge of the actual date. The pagan festival of spring rebirth, named after the fertility goddess Ostara, and symbolized by Easter eggs, was similarly taken over to become the Christian festival of Christ’s resurrection. The old heathen festival of the dead was made into that of “All Souls”. Churches were deliberately built on pagan sacred sites in the great and baleful misappropriation which was the coming of Christianity.


Steeped in plagiary and misappropriation from its inception, the predatory religion which has purported to be the world’s greatest repository of virtue lost no time in beginning to establish its conspicuously black record of suppression and slaughter, exploitation and corruption which it has continued down through the centuries to the present, and which has included numerous real holocausts. An early achievement in its constant campaign of obscurantist repression was a gigantic burning of books in 415 A.D. The great library at Alexandra in Egypt contained no less than 900,000 hand-written scrolls, a fabulous accumulation of ancient records. Christian Archbishop Cyril of Alexandra in all his zeal to eradicate anything and everything of pagan significance competitive to the new faith managed, in a spectacular display of bringing light to the world by means of fire, to destroy this whole treasure house in but one day.

The banning and burning went on and on. Nicholas Copernicus in 1543 published his findings that the earth revolved round the sun. The Catholic Church banned them for centuries. In 1559 Pope Paul IV even produced an Index of forbidden books as a guide for further book burning. In 1572, in a brilliant display of the perpetual brotherly love between rival bands of Christians, Catholics in France slaughtered some 70,000 Huguenots (Protestants); while in the Thirty Years War between 1618 and 1648 the same Christian ardour succeeded in reducing the population of Germany from 30 to 7 million. Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher, was treated on earth to a preview of the Christian fires of hell by being roasted to death at the stake for holding disapproved views.

Sir Francis Galton, the English scientist, in his “Hereditary Genius” estimated that between 1471 and 1781 the Catholic Inquisition burnt 32,000 alleged “heretics” and imprisoned or otherwise punished 291,000 people. In the Protestant lands fire was equally an instrument of faith. Persons alleged to be witches, meaning practising pagans, were commonly and enthusiastically burned alive by those inflamed with Christianity. Killing and maiming and material destruction condoned if not positively inspired by Christianity has gone on up to the present day. In Northern Ireland and even in the most recent decades we have had the appalling sectarian violence wherein Aryan has zealously and diabolically murdered and mutilated Aryan over Christianity. Alongside the fratricidal Christian conflict within the countries we have had all the inter-Aryan wars between one Christian country and another with the clergy on both sides earnestly blessing the slaughter and destruction. Thus has Christianity proved to be a gigantically divisive and destructive anti-Aryan force resulting in tremendous Aryan bloodshed catastrophically weakening to our racial resources.

Alongside this vast damage from bloodstained conflict in its name or for the niceties of its creed, Christianity has added a further vast damage from chronic corruption. Avarice and aggrandizement have continually been the practice among its privileged priesthood, while piously preaching contentment with penury for its spellbound masses. Lands and treasure have been amassed by any and every means. Pocket money in plenty has come from a handy trade in fake relics of saints and like trumpery. Far greater gain has been derived from the big business of “indulgences”, the purification of sins for a price. For example, Pope Boniface VIII was a real entrepreneur in the business. He invented “The Holy Year”, and the first one in the series worked so well as a sales promotion that the “indulgences” sold during it brought in 15 million golden gulden from the fools of the faithful. This was no haphazard extortion racket: the embodiment of Christ’s voice on earth had things properly organized with a full tariff covering the whole range of crimes for which remission could be obtained at a fixed price. And there was much more to the money-making than just this.

To a substantial extent organized Christianity has thus functioned as a facade of altruism and supernatural sanction to fool the people at large so as to permit their rank exploitation by the ecclesiastical wielders of spiritual power. Alfred Rosenberg’s comment was this: “The very worst despots of the earth have not been more greedy than ‘representatives-r of the man whose kingdom is not of this world.” (“The Myth of the Twentieth Century”, Noontide Press English edition, p.98)


What is the content of this creed of Christianity which has conquered the Aryan Folk?

The doctrine is a synthesized conglomeration of ideas from earlier religions and philosophies. It drew on Orphism, the mystic religion of Ancient Greece, and the Stoic school of philosophy of that land and time; and the ancient religions of Egypt, Babylonia and Persia. In combination with that, it prominently embraced material from the religious system of Manichaeism, founded by Mani in Mesopotamia, which posited an absolute dichotomy between the good of the spirit and the bad of the body as a form of matter, a dualism separating the visible world or Nature, which is eternally evil, from the realm of the soul, which is divine. According to this creed, man’s body is a prison for the soul, and release and redemption is only to be found in death. In keeping with this outlook of rejection of life, sex – as productive of life – was condemned and celibacy extolled. The influence of this Manichaeism is most clearly, powerfully and malignantly evident in Christianity, being most noticeably absorbed and propagated by the early Christian sect known as the Gnostics who viewed all Nature as corrupt and foul, procreation as a matter of more sparks of the spirit being trapped in a world of rottenness and tears; and faith not knowledge as leading to god and liberation.

It is against this background that we can put in place the pronouncements of Paul, the “Apostle of the Gentiles”, the first great Christian missionary and theologian. This paramount propagandist proclaimed all human urges to be sinful and the world of Nature to belong to Satan. To quote him, “For I know that in me, that is, in my flesh, there dwelleth no good thing.” (Romans VII, Verse 18) In the context of this anti-Nature, anti-life outlook from the East, all the gloomy sexual prudery of Christianity, as essential expression of its theme of self-renunciation, becomes thoroughly understandable, and in contrast to the shameless joyfulness of flesh and spirit in unison of experience expressed in the pagan pro-Nature, pro-life outlook suited to Aryan welfare. With his life-rejective material from Manichaeism, Paul certainly did a good job of incubating the bacillus for a disease of the spirit to debilitate eventually to the state of cattle the Aryan peoples of the world.


The Christianized Jehovah is presented to us as an anthropomorphic male who created our world at a particular moment in time who is not only omniscient and omnipotent but also benevolent. This last characteristic utterly conflicts with the never-ending, everyday experience of the most innocent of children and the most worthy of adults suffering hideously and being killed prematurely through no fault of their own, while vile wrong-doers live on and prosper. This pretence of benevolence is furthermore flatly contradicted by the Christian dogma of original sin, derived from the Manichean and Gnostic dualism just examined, whereby every newborn babe is seen as entering this world with the stigma of inherent wickedness. Exponents and defenders of Christianity, when cornered with this conundrum regarding benevolence, try to escape by means of the excuse that we mere mortals cannot expect to understand the ways of the Almighty. Well, if this deity is beyond our comprehension, it is curious that his upholders are so readily able to proclaim their certain knowledge of his existence, his superlative qualities, and his wonderful provision of a beatific life after death for us, if we behave ourselves according to his dictates.

Christians are enjoined to get down on their knees -an abasement as typical as the parsonical whine resorted to by the clergy in their accompanying supplications -and pray to this unfathomable deity as though, despite his omniscience, he needs to be told our thoughts. They are led to believe that through this ritual he is accessible to personal requests of all kinds, or so believe those like the vicar in the north of England who, in a radio interview a while ago, after describing himself as an ardent fan of his local football team, confided that he always prays that his team will win. Just imagine this anthropomorphic arbiter in the clouds besieged at his telepathic telephone exchange by all the conflicting calls for a win made by all the similarly pious football fans on both sides of each and every game! In the same realm of absurdity you can reasonably presume that there are Christians in plenty in the U.K. praying at this moment for success in the National Lottery.


What is the actual message Jehovah’s son Jesus is supposed to have brought with him and communicated to mankind on his miraculous visit to earth, and on which basis has been founded the creed which has conquered the Aryans? Characteristic of it, decisively and summarily, are the following sentiments he is supposed to have expressed in his Sermon on the Mount as contained in the Gospel attributed to Matthew:
“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. ” -Matthew V:3.
“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” -Matthew V:5 “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on they right cheek, turn to him the other also.” -Matthew V:39.
“But I say unto you. Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.” -Matthew V: 44.

It is not honour or courage or competitive and industrious effort and achievement which are upheld here or elsewhere for the Aryans and other Gentiles. Whereas the Jews in their “Talmud” and “Torah” are enjoined to outwit and deceive and exploit and dominate non-Jews, the non-Jews are enjoined in the New Testament to be humble and self-renunciatory, and not to face up to and fight enemies seeking to overthrow them. What really counts, the Christians are told, is not striving to live to the full in this life on this earth, but pursuing detachment from worldly things, focusing attention on death and its blessed release to the hereafter where, if deserving, they will be rewarded by becoming eternal wraiths in some heaven beyond the clouds, and, if undeserving, will deep-fry in hell for evermore.

Who can find in the above message of submission the makings of a fighting creed for Aryan survival and advancement, and thus see in the messenger a “saviour” for us in this life struggle?
Appropriate to this abject creed of submission, its symbol is no warrior’s sword but a cross of sacrificial crucifixion. Equally appropriately its believers are told “The Lord is thy shepherd”, casting them in the role of docile sheep. Thus we have here in essence a doctrine for our downfall through self-induced debility of mind and spirit.


In earlier times the Aryans survived and prospered not because of Christianity, but despite it: not through any strict conformity to its enfeebling doctrine, but through general departure from it, practising the semblance but ignoring the substance. In awful aberration, they even opposed, curbed and assailed the progenitors of their religion, the Jews. Things have now much changed. Nowadays the creed has been developed to express all the inherent implications of its essence as contained in such pronouncements attributed to its Jesus Christ as the sections of his sermon on the Mount just quoted; and with insistence on the implementation of all those implications. Christianity has in other words now come to full flowering fruition.

In the forefront today of the forces working for our racial downfall, at least in effect, if not also in intention -and it makes no practical difference which – are the priests and promoters of the Christian religion, and there is no gainsaying or excusing this fact. Everywhere they are to be found engaged in anti-Aryan activity as the enactment of their creed. Championship of Coloured immigration into Britain, enthusiasm for racial integration here and everywhere else, joyful patronage of miscegenation, denunciation of racial feeling, agitation for more and more overseas aid for Coloureds: any and every aspect of racial jeopardy to our Aryan Folk, you name it, and the gentleman of the cross are there, making it the crusading sign of Aryan racial ruin.

A declaration of war on racial patriotism came from England’s Archbishop of Canterbury on 17 September 1993 in the words “Every human being is equally precious in the sight of God. Christian people should condemn and resist racism by all lawful means.” In other words, you just cannot want to keep Britain a White man’s country, if you are a Christian. Instead, you have to be in favour of and work for a multiracial and eventually mongrelized Britain in a race-mixed world.

America’s globe-trotting, Christian revivalist preacher, Billy Graham, has voiced the same, anti-Aryan, Christian objective: “Integration is the only solution. We’ve got to be totally integrated – in our homes, in our worship services, even in marriage.” – (Sun News U.S.A., 2 November 1994)


The harmfulness today of the Christianity of its leaders, with their frontally developed insistence on its fundamental principle that all human beings are equally precious in the sight of its “Lord”, lies not only in that form of egalitarianism which rejects differentiation between races, and instead promotes race mixture. It lies also in that other form of egalitarianism which rejects evaluation within the race, and instead opposes any and all eugenical proposals for the betterment of the breed. For ardent Christians such use of intelligence in the direction of procreation is horrific, an intolerance usurpation of the authority of their awesome Jehovah. To them it is as though, contrary to their own premise as to man’s creation and endowment, this colour-blind and quality-blind ruler did not grant them intelligence in the first place with which to procreate wisely instead of copulating blindly.

With the same leave-it-to-god illogicality, those same, ardent Christians passionately and tyrannically oppose any benign measure of euthanasia, not merely for themselves but also for everyone else not agreeing with them. Consequently, for example, in Boise, Idaho, U.S.A., they have fought to keep alive, permanently, on a respirator in the St. Luke’s Regional Medical Centre a child born with 85% of its brain missing, and thus on the presumption that dear old Jehovah intended it this way, short-supplying the child with only 15% of a brain while nevertheless endowing others with the full cerebral capacity whereby to invent and operate the respirator, unless it is that the latter accomplishment is to be seen as usurpation of his authority also, in any and all its application. Whatever the interpretation, it looks as though Jehovah saw fit to invest the child with an extra large dose of original sin in place of the ability to do anything redemptive about it, which only goes to show how right the Christians are in declaring that their deity moves in mysterious ways.

These followers of Jehovah and his alleged male offspring fiercely seek to deny terminally ill people a merciful escape from degradation and prolonged suffering on the same self-contradictory reasoning that only the deity can sanction and bring about an ending of a misery which in all his benevolence he must have been responsible for in the first place: a line of argument which by extension would support the contention that all medical knowledge and practice should be eschewed as interference with god’s will. As against this pernicious mental warp of Christianity, it may well be argued that, subject to due safeguards against abuse at the hands of and to the benefit of others, it should be everyone’s right in a truly free society to secure, if and when desired by lasting decision, a painless exit from this present life in the flux of Nature. While so habitually intolerant in the above respects, our ardent Christians have a far different attitude with regard to homosexuals, vicious criminals, drug addicts and carriers of AIDS, the disease of such addicts and queers. Here their passionate plea is all for understanding and tolerance.


Christianity’s harmfulness today extends far beyond just the agitations of its contemporary leaders and the attitude of its churchgoing flock or even all professed Christians. In its modern development and promotion of poisonous principles present from the start, Christianity has vaporized from the pulpit to percolate everywhere, permeating the whole atmosphere of society, providing the moral and metaphysical underlay for the generality of thought and action in the Democracies of the White peoples. At the bottom of and behind and throughout the whole drift and drive to Aryan downfall in all its aspects, being the biggest single and most fundamental reason for it, the spirit and notions of Christianity amount to the Zeitgeist of this oncoming Age of Aryan Ruin.

With its emergent emphasis on equality, racial mixture, environmental instead of hereditary factors, and its espousal of virtually all other Leftist concerns, Christianity today demonstrates its affinity with Communism. Just as Communism has seemingly and nominally withdrawn precisely because it is being absorbed and better advanced within Democracy, as the successive vehicle for its purposes, so too its counterpart, Christianity, may deceptively appear to be on the wane in Aryan countries because of reduced church attendance, whereas in reality – and with all the benefit of the mind-moulding media of television (Judahvision) for the diffusion of the Zeitgeist its fruition has in fact now arrived in the ascendancy of its social and political influence under Democracy at the conclusion of the present century.

As in this way providing the spiritual inspiration for the fast-succeeding cause of the Untermenschen against superhumanity, Christianity carries on where Communism, in metamorphosing politically into Democracy, left off. Thus, under Democracy today Christianity, Communism and Capitalism all coalesce as the distinguishing feature of the dawning new age at the turn of the century.

His society imbued with the Christian ethos, worldwide the White man is on the run, heading by way of decline and surrender to submergence and extinction. The sickness of the spirit, which is Christianity in its maturity, explains the White surrender in Rhodesia some years ago, and the White surrender in South Africa just recently. In South Africa, beyond whatever sustenance for apartheid the Afrikaners derived from the Old Testament’s admonishments for Jewish segregation -which may well have had much to do with the power allowed to the Jews there, and the close ties between that country and Israel – ultimately the overriding message of the New Testament for the Gentiles transcended and triumphed, sapping and overcoming their will to preserve their supremacy. The A.W.B. organization there has indulged in a lot of gun-waving battle-talk, but South African White resistance to Black take over has been vitiated and etiolated through saturation in the precepts of contemporary Christianity.

In Britain today the same spiritual sickness permeating the public at large regardless of whether individuals go to church or not, or declare themselves Christian or not -is the prime reason for the ghastly situation here. The Christian ethos is the basic explanation why a once great, fighting people, valiant and victorious in war after war, has now succumbed to a peacetime invasion by vast numbers of every kind of racial alien; not only allowed them in but, figuratively speaking, got off the pavement into the gutter to make way for them, lavishing their resources on accommodating them, lauding them as carriers of culture, contriving advantages for them over their own folk, restyling their language so as not to offend them, gaoling their own people if they speak out too strongly against them, and so on. Exactly the same spiritual climate is responsible for the degeneration taking over our youth, the jeopardy of our elderly from the soft treatment of crime, the symptomatic ugliness of modern art, architecture and music: the whole vortex of decadence.


Christianity, in its modern maturation as the spirit of society under Democracy, plays a crucial part in providing the Jews with their place of special prominence in that society in keeping with their tribal aspirations. Not only professing Christians, sensitive to their creed’s Jewish nexus, but as well the whole television public subjected to the leaven of Christian softness and submission -variously known as “tolerance”, “permissiveness”, “compassion” and “humanitarianism” – along with the constant and intensive Jewish and pro-Jewish political propaganda are indoctrinated with deference to the Chosen Ones, even to the point of abject veneration. In the resultant state of stupefaction they not only now themselves abstain from any solid criticism at all of the Chosen ones, but approve punitive prohibition of the same for others as an offence coming close to profanity. This induced “political correctness” has reached a high point in the unquestioning acceptance of the Jewish holocaust legend as a cardinal article of Christian belief and jointly a dogma of Democracy, illustrating the concordance between the two in present society.

An example of the inhibitive effect of Jewish-derived Christianity, even decades ago, preventing any proper treatment of the Jewish Problem, and leading to the present paralysis in this respect, is the attitude of the Catholic Hillaire Belloc who wrote a book of severely restricted comment on the Chosen Ones entitled ” The Jews ”, early this century. The secretary to whom he dictated it was a Jewess, the Jew Maurice Baring was his lifelong friend, and because Hitler broke the Jewish power in Germany in favour of his own people, he approved the carnage of a world war to punish Hitler and restore that power, writing as follows in “The Catholic and the War” in 1940.
“The Third Reich has treated its Jewish subjects with a contempt for justice which even if there had been no other action of the kind in other departments would be sufficient warranty for determining its elimination from Europe.”


What accounts for the continued, explicit acceptance of or implicit conformity to this now fully fashioned, anti-Aryan religion by the majority of Aryans today? The phenomenon is not mostly to be accounted for by any deep acquaintance with, comprehension of and conviction concerning its precise doctrine, but instead by separable, supportive factors as follows.

Firstly, there is the most powerful, considerably subconscious sway of habit-forming, childhood indoctrination and practice. Coupled to this is a predisposition to wishful, albeit irrational thinking: the desire to have an easy answer to the complexities of the universe and life within it, and the comforting assurance of some wonderful continuation beyond the span of human existence on earth, helped on by a degree of gullibility which grasps at superstitions and loves miracles. Then there is the emotive power of solemn music in a church setting of grandeur with moving rituals with reverential robes. Then there is the image of benevolence, the attraction of doing good, which taps the pre-Christian proclivity of the Aryans for fair play, just dealing, straightforwardness, and good neighbourliness: conduct which Christianity has typically taken up and declared to be peculiarly its own. Finally, there is the factor of social acceptability and prestige through conformity at least to the extent of some show of perfunctory adherence.

Whatever the religion and its content, such props to belief, although they are separable and not peculiar to any particular system of belief, are most powerful contributory factors to adherence to any system of belief. They thus have to be fully taken into account in assessing the influence of Christianity today, and providing for its replacement.

The efficacy of such props to religion was well explained by Prof. H. Leuba in an article in the American Journal of Phsychology (1895, 7: p. 345), quoted by William James in his “Varieties of Religious Experience”. “The ground of the specific assurance in religious dogmas is then an effective (emotional) experience. The objects of faith may even be preposterous; the effective stream will float them along, and invest them with unshakeable certitude. The more startling the effective experience, the less explicable it seems, the easier it is to make it the carrier of unsubstantiated notions.” With Christian zealots the props of their religious practice can be so highly effective as to induce a state of fantasy ranging from the mild form of an impression of contact with the god, through hearing his voice speak to them, to a condition of entrancement in which the subject believes he or she is experiencing possession by the “Holy Ghost”.

Finally, in addition to the props already described, and particularly accounting for the subjection to Christian thinking – including reverence for the Jews and abstention from criticism of them – shown by those who would flatly deny being Christian, there is all the tremendously formative and compelling influence of a whole social atmosphere saturated with Christian notions and connotations. This saturation is perfected by means of a media which daily transmits directly or suggestively a socio-political message which coincides with that resulting from Christianity’s modern progression to maturity of expression.


The short answer is that, having seen Christianity in all its harmfulness as primarily responsible for the present peril of the Aryan peoples, we have to apply ourselves to its overthrow as our most primary necessity, and this by replacing it with a religion which serves our race for its survival, recovery and advancement.

There must be no shirking this conclusion: this most fundamental and essential of tasks. For twenty centuries this mind-bemusing obfuscation has stolen the attention of our people, holding their minds in thrall, consuming countless hours and resources beyond computation which could have made a real Garden of Eden for us on this planet. Having wreaked untold harm all along the way, it now threatens to destroy us, so it has to go.

Something, however, has to come in its place, for it is not enough only to remove it and so create a vacuum: man has to have a religion, a statement of purpose in life, elevating and distinguishing him beyond the bodily requirements and satisfactions he shares with the animals. The Jews have the enormous benefit of a religion of their own, serving them alone, and exalting them alone as select. Today, if we are to win, we too must have a religion of our race. We will be left hopelessly at a disadvantage unless we have a Weltanschauung – meaning an interpretation of the cosmos and life within it in its entirety – given the power of command and the disposition and impetus to action of a real religion and nothing less.

Our National-Socialism provides the basis for this development, indeed implies this development, if we cease to see it superficially in merely political terms, and come to understand and implement its innate implications. In its essence of potentiality it embraces Nature’s purpose as distinguished at the outset of this section on religion. In so doing it provides germinally a complete interpretation of life and its environment, and so measures up to the dimension and hence the definition of a religion, making the higher evolution henceforward of the Aryan stock a religious imperative in conformity to Nature and in contrast to Christianity.


It will be objected by some National-Socialists, as ground for disagreement with this proposed progression of ideology, that Hitler and the NSDAP in Germany accepted and defended Christianity. These critics will cite Point 24 of the NSDAP Programme, proclaimed in 1920, namely: “We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, in so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the moral sense of the German race. The Party, as such, stands for a positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession.”

Regarding the term “positive Christianity”, Alfred Rosenberg, leading ideologist of the NSDAP, had this to say in his book “The Myth of the Twentieth Century”, first published in 1930 and of which more than a million copies were printed and distributed: “Negative and positive Christianity were locked in conflict from the beginning and that conflict is today being waged with ever more bitterness. The negative type emphasizes its Levantine-Etruscan tradition, its abstract dogmas and hoary old customs; the positive consciously calls upon the Nordic blood to awaken, just as in their simple innocence the first Teutons did when they pressed into Italy bringing renewed vigour to that sick land.” – (English edition, Noontide Press, p. 38)

The first point to make here is that Adolf Hitler and his colleagues, including Alfred Rosenberg, were faced with a vastly different situation than that which faces us today. In the political atmosphere which then prevailed in Germany Hitler was encouraged and justified in seeking to attract a mass following as the means to a ballot box attainment of power, and thus to consider and cater for the Christian prejudices of the masses, because of the strength of patriotic and racial feeling, receptive to his message, then present in those masses, despite and alongside Christianity which had not then come to the fruition it has attained today. Furthermore, this was the pre-television age with all the vast difference that meant for an unorthodox, new party and its electioneering. It was as reasonable then as unreasonable now to follow that course of initial concurrence with and solicitation of the masses.

The second point to make is that, after succeeding in gaining power by the vote of the masses, Hitler was allowed only a few years in power in which to achieve a second revolution in the sense of the changes he aspired to bring about, some of which, including the most important, would take a long time to bring about. In the earliest of those few years his hold on power could easily have been jeopardized by premature changes, and in the later few years the requirements of the conduct of the engulfing war predominated.

The third point to make is that from all available indications from his private conversations within his inner and confidential circle of colleagues Adolf Hitler always perceived the fundamental conflict between National-Socialism and Christianity, whatever the arguments for temporary tolerance. Here are two items in support of this contention. Firstly, Walther Darre Reichminister of Agriculture and Reich Farm Leader, himself a thorough pagan, recorded witnessing Hitler in front of a select NSDAP gathering “openly describing Christianity for what it is – a religion for Untermenschen.” – (“Blood and Soil” by Anna Bramwell, Kensall Press, 1985, p. 61) Secondly, Rudolf Hess, while imprisoned in England, told one of his guarding officers that Christianity was alien to the racial understanding of the German people, and talked of Hitler’s determination to replace it with a new religion. – (“Hess” by David Irving, Macmillan, 1987, p. 160)

It is thus reasonable to suppose that, if National-Socialism had continued in Germany, it would gradually, subtly, indirectly as is the way it should be done – but nevertheless deliberately and inevitably have eroded Christianity away in the course of its revolutionary reform. The SS was the vanguard of this second revolution, and, while it is true that it did not either before or during the short span of Hitler’s power prohibit or penalize Christian belief and practice in its ranks, it is no less true that Himmler and all his higher leaders were firmly anti-Christian, and that the whole atmosphere of the SS was strongly inclined to, suggestive of and even expressive of paganism.

Returning to Point 24 for a further comment for those who consider it an inflexible condition for all times and places, it bears remarking that the religious tolerance there laid down carries a qualification excluding denominations which are a danger to the State. Is there any National-Socialist critic prepared to say that Christianity today is no danger to a National-Socialist State? If we take up Rosenberg’s definition of “positive Christianity” as vitalizing the impulse of race, it has to be said that it is a phenomenon having no connection with and utterly in conflict with what Christianity has come to stand for today.


Our situation today is a vastly different one from that of the National Socialists of Germany long ago, and our response has to be fittingly different. No longer are the masses in Britain and the other nominally White countries still predominantly swayed by patriotism, and thus readily receptive to our message. Expanded Christianity has worked its damaging effect for ensuing decades. The immensely influential, mind-shaping force of television, entirely in the hands of our bitter enemies, has come to dominate the scene, manipulating the electorate. Because of all this difference, seeking to gain power today through mass recruitment to a conventional political party in a battle of the ballot box is a dead end exercise doomed to failure, as will be examined and full exhibited in a later part of this primer.

In consequence, considering and catering for the Christian prejudices of the masses is not now a matter of any importance to us for the period of the struggle for power before us. Instead, our proper concern is to take up, undeterred, what is true and right and vital for Aryan resurgence, regardless of all misconceptions of the media-drugged masses. In the clarity of this calculus what must guide us is not preoccupation with what was or was not done and intended in the radically different milieu of the early decades of this century, but what the authentic principles of National-Socialism in unfettered elaboration pronounce with reference to the elaborated Christianity of today; and thus decree as our message in the present milieu at the end of the century. This is the final point to be made to those who derive an eternal and unalterable law of the cohabitation of Christianity and National-Socialism from the record of temporary tolerance in Germany half a century ago.


A stage onward in error than contending a consanguinity between Christianity and National-Socialism is that of imagining that a way ahead, out of the grievous difficulty of disrepute, lies in fashioning something of the new religion within Christianity itself, conjuring from it some Aryan significance, and imparting to it in return some Aryan flavour. These contortionists are known as “British Israelites” in this country and “Identity Christians” in the U.S.A.

In their enthusiasm to reconcile the irreconcilable, and thus to give to their beliefs the supposed benefit of Christianity’s acceptability as a shield, they put forward the intriguing if bewildering proposition that we Aryans of today are the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel, the other two of the original twelve being the Jews of today (except for the Khazar influx), and that accordingly we, lucky we, are the real chosen ones of “Yahweh”, their name for Jehovah.

The historical background to this theory is that the kingdom of David in ancient Palestine broke up after the death of his son Solomon, the population splitting into two parts, a larger one comprising ten tribes and a smaller one comprising the remaining two tribes. Eventually, Sargon II of Assyria carried off the ten tribes who then vanished from history, evidently being distributed among and assimilated by other peoples. That instead they ended up in Britain and North America, as our historical contortionists contend, is no more than fanciful conjecture by means of that wealth of amenable ambiguity and figurative adaptability which that book of tricks, the Christian bible, provides for those with sufficient urge for feats of purported decipherment, whereby almost anyone can eventually prove almost everything, and spend the rest of his or her life doing so. The beginning and ending of this deflecting and unenviable rivalry with the Jews for the favour of Jehovah/Yahweh is the fact that you cannot revise Judaic Christianity to accord with National-Socialism without abandoning either the Christianity or the National-Socialism.


In seeking to summon the great power of a religion of our race to our side as a prime necessity for victory, we have carefully to avoid resorting to some stultifying attempt to breathe life into some dead form of past paganism. It cannot suffice to attempt to inspire the fighters of today with some taxidermic resurrection from long ago, reducing them to perform in some pageant of the past.

This does not mean that we should not draw suitably on elements in our pagan heritage, establishing a judicious continuity where warranted, but it does mean that overall we have to call forth something new in that it arises organically from and related to this present world and time. Let us indeed look at the pre-Christian religions of our ancestors. That is an essential part of the acquisition of essential knowledge of our heritage. Yet let us do so with an equal zeal both to detect and adopt what is persistently valid, and to reject what is seen today to be unjustified or outmoded, either in belief itself or associated ritual. Throughout this matter our measuring rod has to be National-Socialism in all the profundity of its implications for today and for the future.

Reverence for the sun occupied a high place in the religious life of the early Aryans, and, bearing in mind our comprehension today of the indispensability of the solar force for life on earth, this worship was far more justifiable than that of the monstrous Jehovah of the Jews. Moreover, there is a special National-Socialist connection here, spanning the ages, in that our symbol, the ancient and glorious swastika -for which another name in old English usage was “fylfot”, from whence incidentally derived the name of a village not far from my home: Follifoot – came about as a solar symbol, an equal-armed cross (nothing of a crucifix) representing the earliest method of making fire (bringing the sun to earth thereby) by rubbing two sticks together crosswise. Legs were added to the cross to represent the movement of the sun, clockwise, as seen in the Northern Hemisphere.


By all means, therefore, let the sun stand in our freshly articulated religion as representative of the physical forces of the cosmos affecting our lives; its symbol, the swastika, indicative of its effulgent light and life-enabling warmth which is reflected in our creed of conformity to Nature. Hence, let the solar occasions of the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinox be observed and celebrated as fitting for our purpose, and in contrast to the alien festivals of Christianity. There are other, ancient, Aryan festivals of Nature to be taken up and reorientated within our new religion.

Yet the last thing this incorporation must mean is that we dote on such as the solar power to a loss of balance whereby we invest this agency of Nature with some self-contained divinity of its own, and maybe at the worst end up in sun-yellow robes bowing down to the rising sun in prayer and incantation. This would be sheer clownishness on a par with the genuflecting antics of the worship of the Jehovah of the Christians. Our new religion has to be the coming forth of the clear sunlight of spiritualized rationality, not some daft descent into the darkness of some new arrangement of ancient superstition.

Britain and the rest of Europe abound in sites of pagan significance ranging from the great stone circles such as Stonehenge to Die Externsteine rock formation in the Teutoburger Wald in Germany, and they and the lore concerning them can to some useful extent be made use of for our new religion of today as background. Always, however, any and all temptation to bring background into foreground in some exercise of artificial emulation of dead form must be sternly resisted and firmly prevented. Encouragement for this discipline will come from remembrance that those pagan religions extant at the time of the advent of Christianity failed to withstand its impact, evidently because of some inner insufficiency resulting in conversion, as a factor apart from and in addition to persecution, suppression and slaughter.

Indicative of a growing realization today of at least some lack and contradiction in contemporary Christianity, interest in paganism is noticeably increasing, along with though distinct from a large and increasing resort to stargazing divination and all manner of other superstitious tomfoolery. An all-embracing, non-political (and certainly not National-Socialist) Pagan Federation exists in this country (BM Box 7097, London, WC1N 3XX) which conceivably can be made some use of by us.


A particularly noticeable revival of Odinism, the old Teutonic religion of Odin and his pantheon of accompanying gods and goddesses, is taking place, represented by a number of associations and periodicals within and outside this country. In contrast to Christianity, which both doctrinally outbid and fiercely suppressed it, Odinism had a great many wholesome features strongly reflective of the Aryan mind and spirit. Nevertheless, and while it certainly can be selectively drawn on to provide important elements for our new religion, Odinism most definitely cannot of itself alone supply the needed Aryan religion for today.

The reason is that Odinism is engrossed and consumed in the ancient and fanciful fables of its array of gods and goddesses. Thereby rationality, the differentiation of man from animal, and the reality which rationality proclaims, is ousted by make-believe.

Accounting for this in the original development of Odinism, and doing so apart from and in addition to recognition of the great part played by great ignorance and commensurate gullibility in causing the entrapment in a massive morass of superstition, there was the problem facing the “wise men” who formulated the religion of making abstract ideas understandable and acceptable to the very simple people of those very simple times. The answer was found in dramatizing those ideas in stories about heroes and gods and goddesses. Sometimes the gods were originally real people, heroes on earth, made retrospectively into gods with all sorts of embellishments. Commonly the process worked so that several heroes and even several gods were merged into one unified personality.

The result, though, of what was initially intended as figurative simplification was a subsequently engulfing complication of literality, especially in accumulative consequence of transmission down through the years galore from storyteller to storyteller. Stories made up to exhibit and explain the natural forces of the universe – like the explanation of thunder as being the hammering of the god Thor, the thunderer, with a hammer as his symbol – passed quickly from figurative to literal, being accepted as actual happenings involving actual deities.

This was no terrible thing then, where the ideas clothed in fable were beneficial ones in a form fitting the times. However it is a different and definitely bad thing now, if and where the fables are taken up as to any extent literally true, and treated as sufficient of a religion in themselves in a much different age with much different tempo and temperament, and convulsed with much different problems. To do that means a woefully mistaken and doomed attempt to revitalize the religious form of a long gone age, and at the expense of failing to present instead a religion coherently and explicitly National-Socialist and as such with close and compelling reference to the character of our present age and its precise problems.

So, taken and treated simply and strictly as fables, decoratively and illustrative of the cosmic forces and human behaviour in response to their impact, the stuff of Odinism is thoroughly and gladly acceptable in a peripheral role; but we should go no further with it, and beyond this rely on our own intrinsically National-Socialist, religious formulation.

A different attempt to promote an Aryan racial religion in opposition to Christianity was made in recent years by a Benjamin Klassen in the U.S.A., known as “Creativity” and disseminated by a “Church of the Creator”. In its bible, entitled “Nature’s Eternal Religion”, Klassen unquestionably made his case against Christianity as conflicting with Nature and Reason.


Folkism – National-Socialism become a religion – has to unfold a complete philosophical system infused with motivating sense of purpose, if it is to achieve the status of a religion, exceeding plain politics, and thus to supply the spiritual requirement for victory over the enemy. Its starting point has to be the depiction of man as at one with the entirety of Nature. This means recognition of his place as part of the constant flux which is Nature, whereby energy passes ceaselessly from one form of matter to another, so that with human beings as with everything else there is no such thing as an absolute beginning in “birth” and a real finality in “death”, but instead one tiny transitory phase in the immeasurable enormousness of metamorphosis which makes up Nature.

In this conception there is no place for the philosophical dualism which separates spirit from matter, and as between virtuous and base, a division central to Christianity, posing life on earth as a conspicuously sordid prelude to the liberation of the spirit from its bodily encumbrance in the ethereal splendour of the life hereafter in Jehovah’s heaven. This urge to free the spirit or “soul” from the body is typically an Eastern one, resulting in its parental regions in all manner of masochistic practices to subdue the flesh and so to approach Nirvana. Instead, spirit and matter, body and soul are to be seen as essentially and inseparably correlated as but different aspects of one and the same thing.

We come to “birth” from untold antecedents of past life-forms. We live, and this by a consumption of food which is itself a transformation into bone and tissue of living material which itself has untold antecedents of past life-forms. All around us in Nature is the residue of our ancestors living on in other forms of animation. From our observation of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth elsewhere in Nature we have a mirror beforehand of our own fate. We “die”, as the saying goes, to live on in the different life-forms nourished by the decomposition in the soil of our passing frame, or the discharge into the atmosphere of the results of cremation. Our friends and relatives are understandably sorry to see us leave our human frame, and the more so if they do not comprehend the purposeful cycle of Nature, but in reality we live on within the ever-changing integration which is Nature, and this can be seen as a kind of reincarnation.

This Folkism – or National-Socialism become a religion – is thus a pantheistic conception of the world and life. According to it, divinity can be said to exist in, but only in the sense of the causal power of the processes of the cosmos in all the entirety of their energy and form which is in the magnitude of infinity. Thereby god or the divine force is everywhere in everything in Nature, and everything in Nature is an expression of that divine force. This means that spirit or soul is the energy.anct form of material Nature seen in causal relationship. Everything in Nature has something of spirit or soul by permeation, as part of the entirety of Nature which is the totality of that spirit or soul, which is the only plausible form of god.


This gladsome conception of conscious integration in Nature automatically means that we have to be careful -full of care that is -for all other manifestations of Nature for their recognizable role in Nature, whether living creatures and plants and trees; or rivers and seas and hills and plains all of which have an animation of their own when perceived through the lens of cosmic appreciation. True and complete National-Socialists, that is to say those who are Folkist in their understanding of all its implications, were among the first and have today to be the foremost conservationists, the most profound protectors of the environment. They are the real “Greens”, distinct from the partial and hybrid ones who claim this title, and who are spurious in that they seek to join some concern for Nature to Liberal and Leftist race mixing and “permissive” ideas and practices at variance with Nature, and threatening to the Aryan species, a species the protection of which does not concern them in the slightest, and which instead they work to endanger.

Alongside conservation or environmental protection as an expression of our creed of Nature goes equally logically a concern for animal welfare. This does not necessarily mean that we all have to become vegetarians overnight. Man can still allow himself primacy as the highest order of life, and avail himself of lower orders of life, while honestly respecting his correspondingly high duty to exercise that superiority in careful treatment of those lower orders. What this does mean is that we have to take up and champion the protection of animals from all unnecessary cruelty as a cardinal concern of our religion.

The record of humanity at large, including the subjects of Democracy and the populations identified as Christian, has been truly atrocious regarding animals. The most abominable neglect at best and the most fiendish cruelty at worst has been common practice, continuing today, with only petty punishment meted out to culprits caught. Just one typical instance from the current files of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals in the U.K. is that of a kitten bought by a man in his twenties from a pet shop specifically to be used as a punch bag; while a newspaper reports a man roasting a cat alive in an oven, and being merely put on probation for a year and obliged to pay compensation to the cat’s owner.

If creatures are to be kept and confined for food and material for the benefit of man, this must be done with the total eradication of all unnecessary cruelty. This means a stop to keeping hens closely cooped up in batteries,’ forcibly feeding geese to produce pate de foie gras for plutocrats from their distended livers, rearing calves in hellish darkness, imprisoned in crates to produce pale, soft veal attractive to the jaded palates of overfed and under-sensitive humans, and then transporting the calves in torturous conditions to slaughter.

It also means the prohibition of Jewish and Mohammedan ritual cattle slaughter, conducted in the U.K. with outrageous special exemption from the law applying to the native Aryans which requires pre-stunning. If for the Jews it is a matter of their religion requiring them to indulge in this abomination, then let it be an obligation of ours to fight it and stop it! Comparable to the “Greens”, the self-styled “Animal Rights” people are hypocritical hybrids too, joining all manner of Leftist concerns to their purported concern for animals, but significantly never denouncing the ritual slaughter indulged in by their Jewish and Asian friends. However, disgust a t the connotations of the “Greens ” and “Animal Rights ” fraternity must not cause us to avoid the justifiable causes they espouse, and which in the fullness of their natural context rightly belong to us.


Our conscious integration in Nature in recognition of our true identity means that we must be concerned to live life to the full as a pursuit of fulfilment of our present form of being. This fulfilment means neither the sole or overriding pursuit of sensual pleasure and the crude “happiness of crass materialism as exalted by the consumer society of Democracy’s Commu-Capitalism; nor the out-of-this-world rapture of Christian, self-renunciatory illusion. What it does mean instead is a conception of entelechy: the conscious and constant endeavour to actualize all our endowed potentialities to the highest possible extent through struggle, conceived as the very pulse of life, and thus the driving urge of our National-Socialist religion.

This striving for superhumanity -meaning more absorption of the divinity, which pervades and makes up Nature, and thus occurs in man as an element, within Nature -was conveyed by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his dramatic poem “Faust”. Of the author and his work Alfred Rosenberg said in his: “Myth of the Twentieth Century” (Noontide Press edition, p.155) “The greatest hymn to human activity is his Faust. After the exploration and penetration of all science, of all love and suffering, Faust is liberated ” through the deed, i.e., action.”

It is a striving expressed by Friedrich Nietzsche in his various books with their rejection of what he deemed the slave morality of Christianity. It has, however, to be bound by and bonded within the contextual entity of the Folk, being the extension of the individual in the form of the racial community of which he is organically a member; and not left as with Nietzsche as a matter of the individual as an illusory, self-contained entity having a capacity of life completely apart from the community of which he is an inescapable part and which inevitably is, in part, within him. In short, only through his conscious integration in his Folk can man by his striving attain his greater and his greatest heights.

It is a striving summed up by Adolf Hitler in the following words in his “Mein Kampf” (James Murphy edition, p. 163): – “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist ” It is a lifelong struggle to be engaged in joyously as the very assertion of purposeful self, and with, as it were, the song of the happy warrior on one’s lips. When the “death” of our present form of being comes, it is to be marked not by the wailing and whining and funereal dirge of Christian fashion as befits some failure in life ending in some finality of extinction – and this despite the contradictory theme of purported passage to blissful heaven. Instead of the ghastly business Christianity makes of “death”, for us it should be the occasion for fitting tribute to a fight well fought, and a good sendoff to the fighter in transition to other forms within Nature.

In pursuit of this National-Socialist religion of Nature, wherein those of the Vanguard function as a fusion of warrior, worker and worshipper (of the divinity which is Nature), we have to be on our guard against falling into the pitfall of gravitating to the unnecessary and harmful complexities of yet another institutionalized religion where fancy dress, trappings, and a priestly hierarchy come to intrude on, overshadow and displace effective purity of spiritual content. First of all, we need plain but regular meditation on the conduct of our lives in conformity with our purpose, this practised in quiet privacy either in our own home or outdoors in communion with Nature. Secondly, we require simple gatherings with other believers of the Vanguard, and without any artificially contrived, fancy officiating; which again can be either indoors at someone’s home, or outdoors in some secluded garden or woodland glade or high place or indeed anywhere else providing privacy and facilitating communion with Nature.


In respect of communion with Nature, there is relevance in this passage by the Roman historian Tacitus in his work “The Germania” concerning the religious practice of our ancient Aryan Folk. “The Germans do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine gods within walls or to portray them in the likeness of any human countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves, and they apply the names of deities to the presence which is seen only by the eye of reverence.” To this may be added the mention that our pagan ancestors were sensitive to a spirit permeating place and thing whereby trees, for example, were imbued with this quality of Nature, and out of reverence for which arose our saying of “touch wood” as an invocation of the spirit of the tree.

Appropriate to the communal celebrations as generating spiritual strength for the struggle to victory are remembrances of our heroes and their great achievements, with Adolf Hitler in the forefront as the leading superman of our cause but not some manufactured deity; quotations from the great works of our cause; avowals of dedication to the service of our Folk; commemoration of solar and folk festivals and National-Socialist events of high distinction; and consecrations of significant places, occasions and objects. An Aryan child-naming ceremony, reviving the lovely old names of our Folk like Edgar and Edwin and Bertha and Gudrun, must replace Christian baptism with its repulsive bestowal of Hebrew names from the bible of the Christians like David and John and Sarah and Mary. A list of suggested Aryan names for revival will be included later in this primer.

We must devise our own ceremony of dedication to replace the Christian ritual of “confirmation” for older children; our own ceremony of betrothal and of wedlock free of Christian taint; and our own ” passing on ” ceremony when we say goodbye to a good fighter but not to his or her memory, without the sickly blackness of Christian moaning and mourning. In this latter connection it may be remarked that private burial, outside churchyards and public cemeteries, remains legally permissible in the U.K., subject to certain environmental stipulations by local government authorities. Throughout this practice of our religion our constant, governing consideration must be its benefit to action in the fight for victory by propelling belief into deed.

In respect of the incorporation of Aryan folklore in our religious practice, consistent with our purpose of pure pantheism devoid of distracting and defeating entanglement in dark superstition in conflict with the sunlight of rationality, it is to be noted that National-Socialist Germany fostered the study and incorporation of folklore to an extent unique in the history of states, as indicated in the hostile study “Folklore and Fascism” by Hannjost Lixfeld (Indiana University Press, U.S.A., 1994).

At a time ahead, when state power is ours through revolutionary seizure of it, there will of course be the need in provision for the public at large to go beyond the simplicity of religious practice here outlined as not only suitable and sufficient but also immediately available to the Vanguard as an elite force. Then, in supplying that public at large with the same spiritual sustenance of belief from our National-Socialist religion of Nature as now and always to be provided for the Vanguard, which will then become the leadership of the state, there will be the need to employ more elaborate means of purveyance. In necessarily supplying that public with all the explanations, satisfactions and consolations it desires and which presently and so harmfully it derives from Christianity, the enemy religion, we will need to use to maximum effect that aural and visual capacity of radio and television for the implantation of ideas; and in so doing to bring in all the reinforcements some ordinary person requires, craves for and responds to, and which are to be gained from solemnity of music, grandeur of architecture, and some pomp of ceremony.

Now, towards the close of this section of our primer, we come to a vital encapsulation of our creed which every day and throughout our religious practice should be kept in a controlling position in our minds. This encapsulation in Ten Commandments must replace the Christian ones as the sacred and supreme law of our lives.


The Ten Commandments as allegedly given personally to the Jew Moses by the Jews’ Jehovah, and hence so venerated by the Christians as their divine code of life, are confined to prohibiting killing, stealing, adultery, false witness against a neighbour, coveting a neighbour’s wife or house or servants or property; enjoining the honouring of parents and the observing of a “sabbath ” day; plus three other dictates concerned with assuring Jehovah’s exclusive authority, namely ordering no other gods to be worshipped, no graven images or idols to be set up in competition, and no taking of his name “in vain”.

All in all, these so-venerated Commandments are inadequate as a code of life for any people, anywhere, any time. For Aryans today in the direst jeopardy they are ridiculously insufficient. In their place let us put the following as our Ten Commandments of Folkism, enshrining the summarizing articles of our National-Socialist religion.

(1) Know and respect Nature and your place in it, caring as dutiful custodian for its beauty, its resources and its creatures! From Nature you came and to Nature you will return.

(2) Treasure the racial identity entrusted to you by your ancestors to pass on to your descendants! Do not marry or mate with those of alien race for the greatest crime of all is miscegenation which is auto-genocide!

(3) Do not procreate with those of hereditary defect or gross inferiority within your race for this is an offence against its betterment!

(4) Cherish and defend the attachment of blood to soil! Fight against the settlement of the racial alien in your homeland, and his acquisition there of property, citizenship and power rightly belonging to your Folk alone!

(5) Respect, care for, nourish and train your body and mind for the good fight in the struggle against adversities, and for the development of your potentialities; putting service to the cause above pleasure and profit!

(6) Prize your honour at all costs! With it you give quality to your life, and earn remembrance after it has ended!

(7) Courage, determination, tenacity, rationality, integrity, loyalty: these are the qualities to acclaim, not docility and abnegation, tolerance and compromise which are the signs of weakness and failure.

(8) Fellow believers of your Folk are your racial, political and religious kindred. Your bond with them transcends national boundaries and the lesser allegiance of contemporary nationalism. Give loyalty to them always!

(9) You are everything within your Folk and nothing outside it. Hence make your rule: All for the Folk and the Folk for All; showing kindness to all of your own kind, including the young, the old, and those deprived and disabled through no fault of their own!

(10) In these principles lies the Higher Law of Aryan Life: the whole measure of right and wrong, good and evil, for you. To them your allegiance is due, beyond any and all contrary laws and commandments. In conformity to them lies your true freedom, and the only way to victory for your race and for yourself.


There can be no hope at all of a way ahead to victory in our present situation with all our enormous disadvantages, unless we summon to our side all the compensating advantage obtainable by the innovatory transformation of our politics into a politicized religion, along with all the other measures to our advantage dealt with in this primer. The Vanguard, as an elite of the right sort of people following the right sort of methods and activities with the right sort of organization, will become an indomitable and irresistible force for victory, if and when supercharged in motive power by the fervour of its embracement of the Aryan racial religion here outlined, and summarized in the Ten Commandments just presented.

The renegade Whites comprising the non-Jewish enemy have not and cannot have from their Christianity any comparable energizing power, creative of the will to win. They will be as hollow husks in comparison to us. The advantage will be all ours. As for the Jews, they always have had the enormous advantage of their own special religion designed for their sole ascendancy. The difference henceforth will be that we, as well, will have that advantage, matching them. The whole enemy will be obliged not merely to fight on a political front, but as well to face and fight against a religion, and in so doing in conflict with the purported and vaunted protection to religion inscribed in the Council of Europe’s “Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms”, Article 9, which Christians and Jews support as seen by them to be in their favour. Thus a seriously sensitive and harassing impediment will be imposed on them.

Armed now with a superb spiritual sword and shield, we can and do declare Holy War on the enemies of our Aryan Folk in a life or death struggle for the survival and revival of the Aryan Folk.

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