James Battersby

The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler

Ivor Benson

The Immigration Riddle Unwrapped

Richard C. Bentinck

Destructive Immigration
The Descension of Man
The Most Evil Man

Brian Boru

Theological Thinking

Philipp Bouhler

Adolf Hitler: A Short Sketch Of His Life

Martin Brech

A U.S. Prison Guard at One of “Ike’s Death Camps”

Allan Callahan

• A Choice of Plans to Save the White Race (or Part of It) • A Few Lessons from Pakistan • A Kosher-Killing Suggestion • A Negro Solution • A Very Important Fraction • Could the U.S. Break Apart? • “Grantism” and “Shermanism”Ilse Koch and the Double StandardIs There a Black Christ in Your Future? • Julia Pastrana: Deformed Freak or Half-Ape? • Mencken’s Tub Tale and the Holocaust • Notes on Negro Slavery • Notes on Racial Idealism • Notes on Sociobiology • Puzzles for the PiousRace, Rabbits and RealitySeven Freethinking U.S. Presidents • Shiva Naipaul’s African Journey • Should Eisenhower Be Given the “Cromwell Treatment”? Solomon’s (not so) Wonderful Temple • Some Embarrassing Reminders • Some Reasons for Optimism • Street People and the Larger Race Question • Thaddeus and Lydia • The English Language Amendment • The Feminist Movement in Classical Times • The Inquisition in Mexico • The Making of Albert Einstein • The Moses-God Fight • Then and Now • To Please Yahweh, or Astound Him? • “Turning the Bones” on Madagascar • Use Their Own Arguments Against Them • Was Rockwell Wrong? • What Happened to Hitler’s Body? • What the Devil!What True Equality Would Really Mean • What’s Holding Them Back Now?

J. B. Campbell

Our People, The Aryans • Rhodesia • The Cult of the Personality • The Good Guys Wore Black

Nicolas Carter

Christian EnigmasThe Two MessiahsA Rational ReligionMinorityismThe Greek ConnectionThe Counterfeit GospelThe Graeco-Judean ConnectionThe Messianic AgeThe New MessianismThe Triumph of the Christ MythWitch Doctors for ChristHumor and Film From the Perspective of Sammy GlickThe Evolution of Sammy GlickThe Surrealistic Nature of MinorityismApocalypse Soon

Donald V. Clerkin

• Afrocentric “Education” • Aryan Eugenics Breed – Or Perish • Checking the Jews Repatriation of the Negro (from The Talon) •  Has Freya a Complaint?  Injustice at Nuremberg Jack London – Aryan Oligopoly (rule by a wealthy few) • Onward, Aryan Warriors! • The Aryan – A Japanese Opinion The Camp of the Saints Revisited The Death of Patriotism The Plot to Abolish White Racial Heredity  Under Siege • What Is Worrying You? White Isn’t Enough White Racial Nationalism

Guillermo Coletti

• A Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires Alfred Rosenberg and Paganism Another Extravagant Theory on Race Life Magazine 1945: A Call To Vengeance Music and the III Reich Rosenberg at Nuremberg, An Assessment (a fragment) Wagner on Wagner: An Exercise in Germanic Self-Hatred

Stephen Contrado

Civil Rights

Jarah B. Crawford

• Prejudice
The Inquisitorial Church

Robert A. DeMarais

Racial-Nationalist Adoption/Adaption Process

Janet Douglas

Race Transcends All

Dietrich Eckart

 Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin

Fritz Edel

German Labour Service

Louis Even

A Primer of Social Credit
The Money Myth Exploded

F.P. Farrell

An Open Letter to Gentiles

Gottfried Feder

Our Loan-run Economy

Eugen Fischer

Racial Origin and Earliest Racial History of the Hebrews (tr. by C.E. Weber)

N.B. Forrest

A Battle Plan

T.S. Francis


Tenney Frank

Race Mixture in the Roman Empire

Robert Frenz / FAEM

• Black Holes Aren’t Black • Gangs BangingGo Six Yourself • Hamburger Rare • Hate, et cetera • La Raza • Planet of the Gapes • Proving the Premiss Revisionism Is Jewish The Racey Racist

Theodore Fritsch

The Essence and Secrets of Freemasonry

Robert S. Griffin

The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds
An Up-Close Portrait of White Nationalist William Pierce

Derek Holland

The Political Soldier

Carl Hottelet

Patriotism is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

H. B. Isherwood

Race and Politics: The Myth of Racial Equality
Religion and the Racial Controversy

Kenneth Johns

Otto Skorzeny, Soldier of the West

Arthur J. Jones

American Education- Forty Years of Waste, Fraud, and Subversion

Colin Jordan

1945: Capitalist/Communist Victory; 1995: Fiftieth Anniversary of Aryan Defeat
A Train of Thought
Adolf Hitler: Man of the Century
Adolf Hitler: The Man Against Time
Building the Vanguard
Hitler was Right!
Murder at Spandau
National Socialism: A Philosophical Appraisal
National Socialism: World Creed for the Future
National Socialism: Vanguard of the Future (Selected Writings)
• Party Time has Ended: The Case for Politics Beyond the Party
Rudolf Hess: Prisoner of Vengeance
The Diana Daftness
The Enemy Within
The Way Ahea

Jost (Joseph Turner)

National Socialism: Adolf Hitler’s Revelations of the Eternal Laws of Nature for Family and Folk
“The Victim of His Generals”

William Joyce

National Socialism Now

Gerhard Hauptmann

Caucasian Genocide

Frithjof Hallman

Houston Stewart Chamberlain: Writer-Historian-Critic

Ronald S. Hand

The Real Jesus

James Harting

• “Aryan” Is the Correct and Proper Name of Our Race! • Adolf Hitler, National-Socialism and the Laws of Nature • Barbarians, Savages and the Perils of Civilization • Hitler and the Slavs in Historical Perspective • In Practical Terms, Who Is White?It’s Okay to Be White – Or Is It? • National-Socialism for Newcomers • Νο, We Do Not Need Another “New Approach” • Racial Terrorism Is NOT the Road to White Victory • The Hitler Faith: Its First 100 Years • The Myth of Hitler’s Survival • The New American Anglo-Jewish Ruling Class • Why We Continue to Tell the Truth about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany

Heinz A. Heinz

Germany’s Hitler

Adolf Hitler

My Struggle (Mein Kampf) [The Stalag Edition, 1940]
The Words of Hitler (as compiled by the NEW ORDER)

Martin Kerr

• Building the Future National Socialist State: Outline; Folk Community
Hitler as the Exemplar of Indo-European Ideology
Matt Koehl’s Unique Contribution to National Socialist Thought:
Forward to a New Aryan Dawn
The History of American National Socialism
• White Flight and White FIGHT

✡ Jakob Klatzkin ✡

Jewish Ethos

Matt Koehl

A New Folk
Adolf Hitler – German nationalist or Aryan racialist?
Faith of the Future
Selfless Action
The Revolutionary Nature of National Socialism
To Have – or to Be

Ben Kriegh

Germany After WW I
More on the Einstein Myth
• Some Revisionist Viewpoints on World War II

David Lane

• It Is the Law!
Race or Religion?
Speech to Aryan Nations Youth Conference (voiced by Katja Lane)

L. Lee Layton

• Why Are Jobs Scarce? Shortage of Capital!

The Liberty Bell anonymous and pseudonymous essays

Aryan Press


 R.G., Texas

• What Is A “National Socialist?”

Gray Fox

Honest Abe’s True Colors


We Must Know Our Racial Past


How the British Play Gulf


• America Is Dying

Gen. R. Never

The USA – A Melting Pot?

A.N. Outsider

A Short, Irreverent History of the World

Our London Correspondent’

Random Thoughts

J.P., New York State

A Brooklyn Boy Is Exposed to the Fuehrer

The Prof

A Few Thoughts Concerning Genuine Love of Nation A Look at What Breeds in a Stagnant Pond A Tale of White Heroism Angry White Men Congoid of the Month and Related Stirring Old Friends and Enemies The Fallacy of Inherited Racism The Plot Against Suspicion The Racial Message of the Bible… and Other False Dilemmas. A Personal Outcry The Virtue of “Tolerance”


Another Extravagant Theory on Race: So What!
Omnium-Gatherum: Egalitarianism and Christendom;

G.S., New Mexico

The Triangle

H.S., Wisconsin

Fimbulvetr is Here

Speak Out

• The Coming Religious Revolution

Charles Lindbergh

AVIATION: A Product of the White Man’s Genius

James A. Malcolm

Origins of the Balfour Declaration

David McCalden

The Rewriting of American History

Kenneth Mckilliam

Causes and Effects of the First World War

Savitri Devi Mukherji

Gold in the Furnace ▼PDF
The Lightning and the SunPDF

Thomas G. Mysiewicz

Neo-Conservatives: Bolsheviks of Tomorrow?

New Nation

• The Iron Guard (interview)

The New Order

The Jewish War Against Germany
• The Multiverse: A One-Act Play

The Nordic/Northern Press

A Bitter Harvest • A Commie Shows the Route to Success • A Prophecy • AIDS Is Our Issue! Purity of the Blood Protects from AIDS • Aryan Victory in Supreme Court Decision • Coming Glory? • Democracy or Aryan Spirit? • Don’t Draw Fire! • Hitler Had It Easy! • Judaeo-Christian-Islamic? • Nature Sets the Monarch’s Course • Needed: A United Racial Front • Our Coolie Society • Race And Resources – The Essence of Our Struggle • The Aryan Family Is Our Most Formidable Weapon for Survival • The First Step • The Political Battle for Victory • The Tarnished Emblem • The Will to Victory! • Why National Socialism?

Lee Norris

The People of Thule

The N.S.W.P.P.

The Political Program of the N.S.W.P.P.

The Odinist

• Christian Obscurantism • Church & Capital • The Wisdom of Jean Meslier • Worship?

Revilo P. Oliver

Christianity – A Religion for Sheep
Germany at her Best
Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?
‘Populism’ and ‘Élitism’
Spirit Is Where You Find It
The Yellow Peril
Who are the Russians?

George T. Parker

Dresden: A REAL Holocaust

Roger Pearson

Early Civilizations of the Nordic Peoples
Eugenics and Race

 Peter H. Peel

British Public Opinon and the Wars of German Unificatioin 1864-1871 (fragment)
The “Naked Communist Thesis”

William Pierce

Background to Treason: A Brief History of U.S. Policy in the Middle East)PDF
George Lincoln Rockwell: A National Socialist Life
Our Cause
The Measure of Greatness
• The Men of the Alamo
The Radicalizing of an American
The Roots of Civilization
Who We Are (A Series of Articles on the History of the White Race) ▼PDF

George Pittam

• America’s Decline
• An Appeal to Sanity

Joseph D. Pryce

• Bagatelles
Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Nationalist, Philosopher, Economist
The Empire of the Gothic Night (fragment)

Z. Ragosin

Russian Jews and Gentiles

Marcus Eli Ravage

A Real Case Against the Jews
Comissary to the Gentiles

Charley Reese

Here’s How to Control People

Povl Riis-Knudsen

National Socialism – A Left-Wing Movement
National Socialism: The Biological Worldview

Fritz von Radow-Hube

• The Hell of Bari

George Lincoln Rockwell

Battle Song
From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall: On the Art of Propaganda
How to Get Out or Stay Out of an Insane Asylum
In Hoc Signo Vinces
• Playboy Interview, 1966
• Speech at Brown University, November 30, 1966
• The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens
This Time the World
What We Stand For
• White Power
White Self-Hate: Master-Stroke of the Enemy

Manfred Roeder

• On May 8, 1945 We Germans Were “Liberated” – And Then?

Hector Rodgers

Their Capitalism and Ours

A.V. Schaerffenberg

America’s SS: The Silver Shirts
Modern Music: Where Have All The White Men Gone?
Music in the Third Reich – Then and Now
Nazi Questions and Answers
Who was George Lincoln Rockwell?

Erich Schinnerer

German Law and Legislation

Hans Schroeder

Funny Money

Wayland D. Smith

• Gas Mask

Winston Smith

On Revisionism
The Shape of Things to Come

Scott Spencer

The History and Significance of the New World Order

Ian Stewart

Arthur’s Sword Shall Sing Again!

Friedrich Stieve

What the World Rejected

Dick Sutphen

The Battle for Your Mind

Viktor Suvorov

Who was Planning to Attack Whom in June 1941, Hitler or Stalin

David C. Tate

• Government = Prison

Arthur Nicholas Taylor

• Civilization and Barbarism

Jim Taylor

The Murder of Eichmann

Wulstan Tedder

A Brief Look at the Einstein Myth

Eric Thomson

Environmentalism versus Immigration • Here Comes the Revolution – Ready or Not! • Mestizo America • Must We Despair? • Oil: The Pretext for U.S. Mischief in the Middle East • (Paul Norris and Eric Thomson) Poland and the Lies of the Allies Race-Mixing: The Key to World Peace?Race, Religion & Samisdat • Reply to an Identity Cultist • The Awakening • The Responsibility of Government in Farm and Other Crises• The Strategy of Target-Selection • Who Are The True Jews?

J.W. Travis

So You Still Opt for Christianity?

Tyler C. Turner

This is Your Brain on Television

John Tyndall

‘Anti-Semitism’: How to Get Rid of It
Must We Be For Ever Inferior?
The Twentieth Century: An Historical Aberration
They Call It ‘Democracy’; We Call It a Racket

Katrina Vanderpool

Verbal Ammunition for White Nationalists

Otmar von Verschuer

Racial Biology of the Jews (tr. by C.E. Weber)
What Can the Historian, the Genealogist and the Statistician Contribute to the Investigation of the Biological Aspect of the Jewish Problem (tr. by C.E. Weber)

C. Lester Walker

Secrets by the Thousands

 John P. Wardle

Vandalism – The Big Lie

Charles E. Weber

D-Day — 6 June 1944 • (transl.) Die Judenschul Germany 1945-1948: Recollections and Reflections of an American Veteran • Higher Education and Aryan Survival in the United States • It was the Law in a Saner Time • (transl.) Lüge und Wahrheit • Problematic Terminology • Should We Use the Word “Aryan”? • (transl.) The Bromberg Bloody Sunday • (transl.) The Final Communiqué of the German Armed Forces • The Jewish Problem and Aryan Survival in The United States • Was the Second World War a “Good War” for Aryans?

Mark Weber

• President Roosevelt’s Campaign to Incite War in Europe

Norman White

Manfred Roeder: Hero of our Time

Max Wundt

Nathan the Wise or The Age of Enlightenment and Jews (tr. by C.E. Weber)

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